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Who is John Basil Hunt? Meet Patricia Heaton and David Hunt’s Son

Uncovering Patricia Keaton’s Son

Bio Summary

Full Name: John Basil Hunt

Age: 28 years old as of 2023

Date of Birth: May 15, 1995

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Height: Average

Parents: David Chase Hunt and Paticia Heaton

Grandparents: Chuck Heaton and Patricia Hurd


John Basil Hunt was born on 15th May 1995. He was born in Los Angeles, California in the United States of America. His parents are David Hunt and Patricia Heaton. His maternal grandparents are Chuck Heaton and Patricia Hurd. John Basil Hunt is a celebrity kid as both his parents are famous. He has grown up in the limelight thanks to his celebrity parents who are in the entertainment industry. John is the second child of David Hunt and Patricia Heaton

John Basil Hunt is one of the four sons of David Hunt and Patricia Heaton. His siblings are Samuel David Hunt, Daniel Patrick Hunt, and Joseph Charles Hunt. His ethnicity is a mix of English, German, and Irish.

John Basil Hunt and his brothers have blonde hair and their eyes are light brown. His Height and weight are that of an average person. He is not married and he has managed to keep his dating life very private.

He has been drawn to the public eye due to his parents’ celebrity status and is mostly seen with his parents on the red carpet and movie premiers. His social media handles are not open to the public but his mother posts pictures of him and his brothers.

His Celebrity Parents

john basil hunt
john basil hunt

John Basil Hunt’s parents are famous in the field of entertainment. Patricia Heaton is an American actress and comedian. She has appeared in many films and sitcoms. His David Hunt dad too is involved in the production of films and has featured in different movies himself.

His parents met in Manhattan New York as Patricia had sub-rented her living space to David Hunt. After falling in love, the couple moved to Los Angeles, California. The couple got married in 1990 and they have stayed happily married ever since. Patricia Heaton and David Hunt have been married for over three decades.

John Basil Hunt’s parents have set up a production company called FourBoys Entertainment. The production company is dedicated to their children- their four boys Joseph, Samuel, Daniel, and John. 

Patricia Heaton

Patricia Heaton
Patricia Heaton

Patricia Helen Heaton was born on November 4th ,1958 in Ohio, United States. She will be 64 years old as of 2023. Patricia Heaton has four siblings Alice Heaton, Frances Heaton, Sharon Heaton, and Michael Heaton. She is an actress and a comedian popularly known for her role as Debra Barone in Everybody Hates Raymond and Frankie in The Middle.

Patricia Heaton began acting on Broadway and later started acting in sitcoms. Her breakthrough into the world of entertainment came when she landed the role of Debra Barone in the CBS sitcom Everybody Hates Raymond which ran from 1996 to 2005. The sitcom was a success and Patricia Heaton and her costar Ray Romano were a beloved TV couple.

Patricia Heaton had previously featured in other sitcoms before breaking out. Before landing the role of Debra Barone, she was in sitcoms such as Room for Two, Someone Like Me, and Woman of the House.

Patricia Heaton won three Emmy Awards for playing the role of Debra Barone in the TV hit comedy Everybody Hates Raymond. Patricia Heaton has been involved in other films such as The Middle where she played the lead character of Frances Heck “Frankie” in the ABC sitcom that ran from 2009 to 2018. She also featured in Dr. Ditty Kenney in Song’s Second Demonstration in 2019-2020.

Patricia Heaton played the lead role in Carol’s Second Act, a comedy series that was produced by her production company FourBoys Entertainment. The comedy portrayed her character as a retired teacher who went back to graduate school to become a doctor. She was also involved in the production of the comedy movie Moms’ Night Out in 2014.

Patricia Heaton has made several Guest appearances in King of Queens, Alien Nation, Matlock, Party of Five, Danny Phantom, Beethoven, and The New Age of Space Jam to name a few. She was also the host of her eponymous culinary show Patricia Heaton Parties.

Aside from acting, is a graduate of Ohio State University. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Drama. 

Patricia Heaton was married to Constantine Yankoglu from 1984 up to 1987. She later got married to David Hunt (her current husband) in 1990.

David Hunt

David Hunt
David Hunt

David Hunt was born in 1954. He is 69 years old and resides in Los Angeles, California. He is an English actor, director, and producer. He is best known for his role as Harlan Rock in the film Dead Pool in 1988 and his role in Closing Ranks in the same year. He has also appeared as a guest in Everybody Hates Raymond as Bill Parker the annoying neighbor. 

David Hunt attended Loughborough University in Leicestershire before moving to New York. Together with his wife Patricia Heaton, they founded their production company in 2001. David Hunt has been in Television guest appearing in series such as Monk 2005, Transformers: Robots in Disguise 2015, Numbers 2005, Sonny Spoon 1988, The Client 1995, Castle, 24 2011, Mad Men 2012, and Everybody Loves Raymond 1998-2002.

David Hunt has appeared in the movies such as Nasty Boys, The Black Velvet Gown, Just Like a Woman, Murder on the Orient Express, Amazing Grace, Justice League: The New Frontier, and Moms’ Night Out just to name a few.

Net Worth

John Basil Hunt’s net worth is not known as his occupation still remains “a celebrity kid”. Little is known about his schooling or professional and educational credentials. His parents’ net worth however is known as they continue making films and appearing in them. Patricia Heaton is worth approximately $ 40 million and David Hunt is valued at around $15 million in assets and shares.


A script writer by the name of Broti Gupta accused David Hunt of sexual harassment in 2019. It is alleged that Hunt had inappropriate physical contact with the said creative writer. Although Hunt and his lawyer denied the claim, David Hunt had to undergo a work harassment training. Allegedly, Gupta apparently left the television show writer’s room for Carol’s Second Act. Patricia Heaton was playing the lead role in Carol’s Second Act while her husband was producing and directing it.

Frequently Asked Questions About John Basil Hunt?

Is John Basil Hunt Married

Little is known about John Basil Hunt’s dating life but he is not married yet. He is enjoying single life while keeping a low profile. His sexual orientation has been documented as” straight”.

What do Patricia Heaton’s sons do?

The four boys have managed to keep their personal life out of the media, occasionally appearing on their mother’s social media pages where she shares pictures of the quad.

How many times has Patricia Heaton been married?

Patricia Heaton has been married twice. She was married to Constatine Yankoglu in 1984 and she later got married to David Hunt in 1990. She is currently still married to David Hunt for the last three decades.

Who is Patricia Heaton married to?

Patricia Heaton is married to David Hunt and together they have four children including John Basil Hunt.

How many siblings does John Basil Hunt have?

John Basil Hunt has three siblings- all brothers. They are Daniel Patrick Hunt, Joseph Charles Hunt, and Samuel David Hunt.

Facts About John Basil Hunt

  • She attended the University of Birmingham and pursued a degree in Business Administration.
  • His hair is blonde.
  • He has light brown eyes.
  • His mother might have been pregnant with him while acting in Everybody Loves Raymond.

John Basil Hunt is the second child of Patricia Heaton and David Hunt. He lives a low-key life away from the cameras and the limelight. His career path is not well known and whether he will follow in either of his celebrity parents’ footsteps and become an actor or a producer we are yet to know. 

Little is known about his educational background, his personal life, or his involvement in the entertainment industry. Growing up under his celebrity parents’ status has put a spotlight on his life. John Basil Hunt’s life is subject to getting attention from the media and his parents’ fans. Most celebrity children feel the pressure exerted on them to follow in their parent’s footsteps. The expectations projected to them to be greater than their parents are even worse. Due to this fact most, parents tend to protect their children from the public eye by keeping their life very personal. However, according to comments from his mother Patricia Heaton, it seems that John Basil has grown up to achieve most milestones that are expected of him. His mother shows nothing but love and awe of his children including John Basil Hunt.

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