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What Is Remembered of Magda Vasallo? The Disappeared Ex-Wife to Legendary Actor, Raul Julia 

Failing to enjoy part of someone’s good life is not fault. Sometimes the natural world can deny us this access. What happened to Magda Vasallo is a true case of nature. Learn more about what Magda Vasallo was never part of in this article.

Part of Life Magda Vasallo Walked Away from Without Leaving Trace

But first, come to think of it. Who is Magda Vasallo? Like any other married woman would legally be attached to her husband. The war in people’s lives may lead to separation. Magda Vasallo is an example of a broken marriage

How can you recall this woman? Magda Vasallo Molinelli is the first wife who had been married the legendary actor, Raul Julia. The couple moved in together in the year 1965 but later separated. Both had a short-lasting union that never lasted for more than four years. Raul Julia and Magda Vasallo divorced in the year 1969.

Below are the events of life Magda Vasallo at no occasion took part.

  • Off the Divorce to Family Man: Magda Vasallo Ex-Husband, Raul Julia Other Marriage

Like a normal person would do after separation. Magda Vasallo’s husband, Raul met his other wife a year after the divorce. What unfolded next was a true test of a man and a woman’s compatibility. Raul dated her current fiancé for more than 6 years. 

Something which signified that Raul had ended his marriage with Magda Vasallo for good. The couple got married on 28 October 1976 after an extensive courtship. Who is this wife to Magda Vasallo’s former husband? Raul Julia’s other wife is known as Merel Boloway

Covering the television screens is what she does best. Merel Boloway is a mum, an actress, and the popular wife to the famous actor, Raul Julia. Born from a Jewish family, Merel Boloway met her husband while in action. She used to be a dancer and an actress as well.

Here is the lady who took Magda Vasallo former place, as Raul Julia’s wife. 

Raul Julia’s wife, Merel Boloway during the 52nd Golden Global Awards in 1995
Raul Julia’s wife, Merel Boloway during the 52nd Golden Global Awards in 1995

She graced the Broadway theatres in the early 1970s. Her breakthrough role was in 1983 when she played as Katz in the drama, Baby Its You! Followed by American Masters in 1985 and the Emmy Awards of 1995. Raul Julia described his wife to be the real him while acting. He said to see his wife as him in performance even though she wore different attires. 

Furthermore, he said this was the core thing that attracted him to Merel Boloway. The famous couple got married on June 28, 1976, in a Hindi wedding. Why did the former husband of Magda Vasallo consider the Hindu wedding? As Raul Julia and his current wife came from different cultures, they thought it wise not to cause trouble.

Raul Julia was a multiracial guy born in Puerto Rico to a Dominican mum and a Jewish father while Merel Boloway was white. Due to this, the couple decided to have their wedding in a new culture. And in the presence of Hindu gurus, this couple made their vows in the Catskill Mountains in Southeastern, New York. A ceremony officiated by the renowned Hindu guru, Swami Muktananda.

This marked the start of Magda Vasallo’s ex-husband’s journey to another marriage.

Have a look at the famous couple.

magda vasallo
magda vasallo
  • From Broken Marriage to Step-Children: Magda Vassallo Step-kid’s Age and Career

Talking of marriage. Both Magda Vassallo’s ex-husband Raul and wife Merey Boloway were gifted with two children. Raul Sigmund Julia and Benjamin Rafael Julia. Raul Sigmund is the eldest seconded by Benjamin who is the youngest man in the family.

The precise date and location of birth for the two boys is not known. However, the eras are known since Raul was born in 1983 while Benjamin followed next in 1987. Both boys are popular due to their parents’ fame. Apart from this, the boys never had the chance to meet their uncles and aunts.

The Porto-Rican family was said to be large. The grandparents to Raul Sigmund and Benjamin Rafael had other children. Apart from Raul Julia, Magda Vasallo’s ex-husband had three sisters and four brothers. He also had an ancestral aunt who was great at music. Her name was Maria Gonzalez. 

Little is known about them though Raul Julia attests to her aunt’s career as one of his inspirations. It was through her that Raul Julia got ignited into acting. However, he lost one of his brothers, Raffa Julia in an accident. At this time Raul Julia was 19 years old. 

Here are Magada Vasallo’s step-kids together with their biological mum.

Magada Vasallo's step-kids
Magada Vasallo’s step-kids

Where are the step-kids to Magda Vasallo Mollinelli now? The eldest son likes being in shows like his father. As the saying goes, “The apple does not fall far from a tree”. This 40-year-old gentleman has similar characteristics as his dad. Raul Sigmund walks behind his father’s footsteps.

Together with his wife, Betsy Lippitt participated in the play, Unum by Will Eno. Both met at Flea Theatre one of New York’s neighborhoods, in TriBeCa. Having found each other in the same craft as well as sharing the same passion, they felt connected to each other. And on 31 August 2013, this acting pair had their wedding.

Take a look at Magda Vasallo’s step-son, Raul Sigmund and his wife Betsy Lippitt.

wife Betsy Lippitt
wife Betsy Lippitt

He has been in significant events like Latino Media Festival on September 3, 2019, at AMC Century City 15 Theatre located in Los Angeles, California. Still the same year on February 15, he also had been spotted in the town of Los Angeles. The other step – kid to Magda Vasallo, Benjamin Rafael likes to keep a low profile, unlike his other brother. 

Raul Sigmund Julia prefers to live his life out of scrutiny and attention. On the other hand, Benjamin Rafael maintains privacy and never exposes himself to the limelight. He seems to differentiate himself from other family members whose lives were most on camera. Though he was once spotted in the premiere event of his father’s documentary, Raul Julia: The World Is a Stage.

On the left side is Raul Sigmund Julia, followed by his fellow acting colleague, their mum Merel Boloway and Benjamin Rafael Julia
On the left side is Raul Sigmund Julia, followed by his fellow acting colleague, their mum Merel Boloway and Benjamin Rafael Julia

Why this documentary, Raul Julia: The World Is a Stage? The documentary was purposely produced to showcase Raul Julia’s journey to fame. It highlights his expeditions of best performances and how he cared for other people. It was mainly created to act as a historical record of the legend.

Here is a preview of the documentary, Raul Julia: The World Is a Stage

The World Is a Stage
The World Is a Stage

And could this be the reason Benjamin Rafael was seen in public? Yes, it is. Having attended the event was a way to show memory to their dad. Therefore, together with his brother and their mum, Merel Boloway graced the event. The ceremony was held on September 9, 2019, in Tapia Theatres, situated in Old San Juan.

On the other hand, Raul Sigmund seems to be committed to the family as a husband. This is contrary to his brother as no one is ever known to have been engaged or married to Benjamin Rafael. 

  • In Pursuit of Fame: Journey of Magda Vasallo Ex-Spouse to Recognition

Like many parents would do. Magda Vasallo’s ex-husband Raul Julia got enrolled in school by his parents, Olga Arcelay Julia and Raul Julia. His parents lived a cozy life in the suburbs of San Juan. His dad worked as a restaurant manager while his mum was a stay-at-home wife.

As the finances of the family were not bad, Raul Julia got registered in a grammar school run by American nuns. The school had been founded by the Roman Catholics who gave students early exposure to the English language. Being one of the students in the school never gave him a chance to escape the English lessons. An exposure that eventually led him to realize his talent at the age of five. 

He enrolled in play groups when in first grade and was actively involved. Raul Julia exhibited his talent with his first role as the devil in one of the school’s plays. On the stage, he brought his character’s story without errors. Raul Julia continued his acting still in senior schools.

He proceeded to San Ignacio de Loyola High School just at the right time. It was then in 1954 the institution dramatized most of William Shakespeare’s plays. He learned and popped up in every play that the school presented. Something he fully enjoyed for four years.

Afterward, Magda Vasallo’s ex-husband proceeded to the University of Puerto Rico. Here, he undertook a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts while still showcasing his passion. He would go for singing jams and acting shows in town. Lounges, local playhouses, and nightclubs were his places of small artistic work. Raul Julia later graduated in 1962.

However, after graduation, Raul Julia had a strong sense of purpose. He refused to acknowledge his parent’s wish to pursue a career in law. Rather he decided to chase his interests and began his theatre career. It was in San Juan town while still staging out his hotel shows that Raul Julia got noticed by the renowned American performing artist, Orson Bean.

He was advised by the actor to follow him to New York if he wanted to advance his acting career. Raul Julia agreed to this and later in 1964, he relocated to New York. This was the place he met his ex-wife, Magda Vasallo. And due to fear of not wanting to be alone, Raul Julia married Magda Vasallo the following year (1965).

Still participating in workshop classes with his theatre coach, Wynn Handman. Life was not smooth in New York. As a newlywed would do, Raul Julia engaged in odd jobs and worked as a Spanish tutor to make ends meet. He would sometimes also rely upon his parents’ financial support.

Soon after in 1965, Raul Julia acquired his New York debut role in a Spanish staged play, La vida es sueño (Life Is a Dream). Next followed his role as Conrad Birdie in the opera Bye Bye Birdie. At this time, Raul Julia was working with Phoebe Brand’s Theater on the streets where he executed English and Spanish plays with high quality. 

On the streets, he started networking with a film manager known as Joseph Papps. It was no sooner than Raul Julia got recruited in the Papp’s New York Shakespeare Festival in 1966. Showcasing his wits in the role, he played Macduff in the Spanish-aired movie Macbeth. In 1967, this same producer during the festivals of Delacorte Theatre in Central Park gave Raul another role.

At this time, he was to play Demetrius in Titus Andronicus. An outdoor event that brought out his star to the light. Below is Raul Julia as Macbeth in the William Shakespeare’s masterpiece showcased in the late 1960s.

  • Broadway to Hollywood: Magada Vasallo Ex-husband Career Stardom

Despite the Latino actors not getting the lucky side of climbing up the ladder in Hollywood, all was not easy on Raul’s side. His Spanish accent at some point made people especially the media not recognize him as an actor in New York. This never broke his heart. Raul still forged his way up through his admired talent from dramas to comedies. 

His entrance to Broadway was short lived but what followed next is more than meets the eye. First, he was given a debut role in the drama The Cuban Thing by Jack Gelber. Though the play was short-lived this lad seemed to be lucky. Fortunately, Raul landed another brief role in the crime drama Stiletto of 1969. 

It was then that Raul divorced his ex-wife, Magda Vasallo. Why? The answer to this question is still not known up to date. What happened after Raul Divorced? The guy continued with what he did best making records in the entertainment industry. 

He landed other roles in series like Mc Cloud, Love of Life, and Sesame Street where he was named as Rafael the Fix-It-Man. Other shows that Raul took part in the early 1970s included: Othello, Indians, and The Castro Complex of 1970. Raul Julia had his breakthrough in the year 1972.

This was the time his film producer Joseph Papps had changed his roles in making films from New York Shakespeare Festival to Broadway. Raul later became one of Papp’s productions’ best actors. He had his reckoning in his best drama of the year, The Taming of the Shrew where he had the privilege to share the stage with the best actress of all time, Meryl Streep

Again, having been featured in the thrilling drama, The Two Gentlemen of Verona. Raul made his way to the top. He was nominated for the Tony Awards four consecutive times. First, via his role in the drama The Two Gentlemen of Verona as Proteus in 1971. A character he described to have saved his acting career.

He said that he could now explicitly play roles in a new civilized way rather than the traditional character he used to be. Secondly, he garnered the Tony award in his title role as Charlie in the musical play, Where is Charlie? by Frank Loesser. This time again via this character in 1974, his high-octane performance received lots of praise. 

Actor Raul Julia, Magda Vasallo’s ex-husband portraying his charisma together with his fellow actor, Jerry Lanning in one of the scene’s Where is Charlie?

Thirdly, Magda Vasallo’s ex-husband Raul Julia was recommended for the Tony Award for playing Mack the Knife in the Bertolt Brecht play, The Threepenny Opera in 1976. Yet again, he awoke and galvanized the audience with his impressive and exciting performance. His last Tony award was in 1982 when the Nine’s production film Fellini by Federico Fellini was staged. 

It was not in less than five years, that Magda Vasallo’’s ex-husband, Raul Julia acting stars became exceptional. He took another paramount role in the play Eyes of Laura Mars in 1978. Not forgetting his record-breaking achievement in the movie, Kiss of the Spider Woman in 1985. Together with the acclaimed American actor William Hurt, Raul showed his power in acting.

Here are Raul and William Hurt, in one of the scenes in Kiss of the Spider Woman.

The duo got awarded as the best actors of the year by the National Board of Review. What came to scenes next were his other great roles in films like:

  • Compromising Positions (1985)
  • The Morning After (1986)
  • Trading Hearts (1987)
  • Mussolini: The Untold Story (1985)
  • Moon Over Parador (1988)
  • Tequila Sunrise (1988)
  • Romero (1989)
  • Onassis: The Richest Man in the World (1988)
  • Presumed Innocent (1990)

His best acting years seemed to have happened in the early 1970s. Moreso, Raul continued making good moves in the coming years in roles like Addams in the movie The Addams Family (1991), Don Quixote in Man of La Mancha (1992), and the television series, The Burning Season (1994) where he played as Chico Mendes.

With this debut role as Chico Mendes, Magda Vasallo’s ex-spouse scooped other more trophies. He was presented with the Golden Globe Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, Cable Ace Award, and the Emmys Award. Having achieved the accolades, Raul Julia became a living legend in the world of entertainment. His greatness spread worldwide and preserved memories of his prowess in acting.

His last role was in the movie Street Fighter during his toughest days when he was experiencing serious health complications. To date, Raul Julia’s acting legacy still lives on.

Below is a clip of the family play, The Addams featuring Raul as Gomez Addams and Anjelica Huston as Morticia Adams.

  • From Shows to Changing Lives: Magda Vasallo’s Ex-Spouse Campaigns for Change

Ultimately, Raul Julia’s strong advocacy for change still lives on. Raul had the desire for positive change. Something that his friends talk about. He was a philanthropist who had a love for life. Magda Vassallo’s ex-husband ran campaigns to end poverty and world hunger.

At a certain time, Raul teamed up with Werner Erhard the executive director of The Hunger Project. Together they steered the organization, The Hunger Project, and fought for change. From this, Raul extended his activisms by playing groundbreaking roles in films like In Romero where he played Oscar Romero in 1989. He condemned the violent acts of government and officials dominating the poor through his character.

In addition, he showcased his acts of empathy by taking the sacrificial role of a martyr in the movie, The Burning Season in 1994. In the film, Raul premiered as Chico Mendes and revealed the best of life when someone sacrifices all he has to advocate for justice and freedom. His other cravings for philanthropy got showcased in other four movies which included:

  • Betrayal (1980)
  • Arms and the Man (1985)
  • Eyes of Laura Mars (1978)
  • One from the Heart (1982)

As a result, the Hunger Project was later changed to Raul Julia’s Hunger Project. It was a way to show tribute and commemorate his humanitarian contributions and sacrifices.

  • Not A Smooth Road While in Action: Magda Vasallo Ex-husband Unbelievable Moments

During the shooting of the film, The Addams Family, Raul’s eyeball fell off. Funny but true. After staging out his character as Gomez Adams Raul went to relax as any other person would do after work. While sited down with friends, Raul started rubbing his eyes an incident that caused one of his eyeballs to pop out.

It sounds weird but this was true. What then did Raul do? Humorous as it seems, Raul quickly grabbed the eyeball and placed it back in its actual position. Something that was seen as shocking and extraordinary at the same time. Why did his eyeball fall off? According to Raul’s fellow actors, they attest to the actor having been suffering from an eye infection which may have caused the eyeball to fall off.

This never ended at the spot but his fellow actors went ahead teasing him about the incident. One day one of his fellow actors, Anjelica Huston who played the role of Adamm’s wife as Morticia Addams showed her antics. As a customer and a seller would behave during a sale. Anjelica went ahead and pretended to have bought an eyeball from the shop.

In the next scene, Raul found all of his acting colleagues wearing fake eyeballs on set. His eyes looked so red and bloody and Raul seemed to be in so much pain. However, Raul continued to stage his role but due to the incident he was later given some days off to regain himself. 

  • Inevitable Phase of Life Magda Vasallo Was Never Part Of: Raul Julia’s Death

It was in New York where Raul and his wife, Merel Boloway were attending the show, Metropolitan Opera. Raul complained of stomach discomfort which deteriorated leading to him being taken to hospital. At Northshore University Hospital in Manhattan, Long Island, Raul seemed not to worry about his condition.

Why? At the hospital, Raul evaluated his script for the upcoming role he was playing as Bucho in the Desperado show. A role that he was later replaced. Why did this happen? After four days, Raul’s condition got worse. 

Raul suffered a stroke and went into a coma. A situation that made his life to be fully on a life support machine. After four days, Magda Vasallo’s ex-spouse breathed his last. Raul Julia died on October 24, 1994, at the age of 54 years. However, Raul had previously dictated what was to be done after his death.

Therefore, his body was transferred back to Puerto Rico, and after three days a ceremonial funeral was held at the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture in San Juan. His native land where he was part and parcel of the Puerto Rican Independence Movement. Raul was in full support of his country’s freedom before his death.

His funeral ceremony was attended by renowned film producers, actors, and many Puerto Rican citizens. Not only was the ceremony held in his hometown, San Juan but also was colorfully associated with Puerto Rican plena like La Borinqueña led by Lucecita Benítez. A plena recognized singer in Puerto Rico. His coffin was lowered down with honor as the mass yelled out Viva Puerto Rico Libre!

He was laid to rest at Buxeda Cemetery on October 27, 1994. It signified the endpoint of Magda Vasallo’s ex-spouse Raul Julia. Though, his legacy still lives on and is remembered with iconic moments in the showbiz industry. 

Where Is Magda Vasallo?

After her divorce from her ex-husband, Raul Julia. Magda Vasallo till now her whereabouts is never known. Neither her place of living nor her situation has been identified. Up to this point, her reasons for going missing are not known. Possibly she was not a public person and maybe due to this, Magda Vasallo decided to keep her life private. Together with her ex-husband, Raul Julia had no children.

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