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Tyler1 Height: How tall is Tyler 1?

Tyler1 is a popular League of Legends streamer on Twitch. However, Tyler1’s height has been a topic of discussion among his fans most people wondering how tall is Tyler1.  He has claimed to be 6 foot and 5 inches tall but this has been confirmed to be untrue.  In this article, we shall reveal Tayler1’s actual height and why there have been a lot of speculations about this topic. 

Who is Tyler1?

Tyler1 or T1 whose real name is Tyler Steinkamp is an American internet personality and Twitch streamer.  Steinkamp was born in March 1995 in New London, Missouri.  He attended Central Methodist University in Fayette, Missouri where he studied computer science.  After graduating from college, he started streaming League of Legends on Twitch. He quickly gained a massive following due to his unique personality and his high level of gameplay.

Overview of his career and achievements

In April 2016, Tyler1 was banned from playing League of Legends by Riot Games due to his disruptive behavior. He had been accused of feeding, trolling and verbally abusing other players intentionally. He was nicknamed “The Most Toxic Player in North America”. He tried to appeal for the ban but it was upheld. He remained banned for two years and in January 2018, Riot Games announced that Steinkamp’s ban had been lifted. 

His first League of Legend Streams after he was reinstated reached over 382,000 viewers on Twitch. This figure was noted as the website’s largest non-tournament concurrent viewership at that time. Currently, he has over 5 million followers on Twitch meaning that he is among the most popular League of Legends online personalities.

Apart from streaming League of Legends, Steinkamp also streams other games like Fortnite and Just Chatting. He has appeared in many YouTube videos and he even released his line of merchandise. Steinkamp is known for his over-the-top personality and his willingness to speak what is on his mind even if it means offending people.  

What is the League of Legends game?

League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game where two teams of five players battle against each other to destroy the other team’s base. This game was developed and published by Riot Games and it is free to play.

Tyler1’s rise to fame and popularity in the streaming community

Tyler1 whose real name is Tyler Steinkamp rose to popularity as a League of Legends streamer in Twitch. He is known for his high-level gameplay, his toxic behaviors’ and his entertaining personality.  His popularity began to grow in 2015 when he started streaming League of Legends on Twitch. He quickly gained a huge following due to his aggressive play style and his willingness to trash-talk his opponents. His streams were also known for being highly entertaining, thanks to his dry humor and ability to create drama.

He was banned for 2 years in 2016 but this boosted his popularity even more because people were curious what he was up to next.  He continued to stream on Twitch and he even started a YouTube channel. His videos and streams were often viewed millions of times. 

After he was reinstated in 2018, his popularity grew again and he became among the best streamers on Twitch. He even started to compete in professional League of Legends tournaments. 

Tyler1 Height: How tall is Tyler 1?

Tyler1 height has been the subject of discussion and memes in the League of Legends community. This is because he has been making exaggerated comments about his height.  For instance, he once claimed to be 6 feet and 5 inches tall. However, these claims have been disproven by multiple sources. In one video, he was standing next to another streamer who is 6 foot and 2 inches tall and he was shorter than him.  In another video, Tyler 1 was measured by a doctor and he was found to be 5 feet and 6 inches tall.  This is below average for men in the United States where the median height is 5 foot and 9 inches. 

tyler1 height

 Some people are concerned about Tyler1’s height because they believe that it makes him a target for bullying. They argue that his height makes him look physically weaker than other players which could make him more likely to be a target by toxic players. Additionally, they argue that his height could make him feel insecure which could lead to him acting out in negative ways. 

Other people do not believe that Tyler1’s height is a cause for concern. They argue that his height is irrelevant to his skills as a League of Legends player.  They also think that he is confident and secure which means that his height does not affect his personality. 

Despite the memes and discussions, Tyler1’s height does not seem to have a significant impact on his popularity. 

The actual height of Tyler 1 after research

Tyler1’s actual height is 5 feet and 5 inches tall or 167.64 cm. He has previously claimed to be 6 feet and 5 inches or 195.58 cm but this has been disproven by different sources.  There have been some calculations based on objects around his surroundings as well as photos and videos of him standing next to other people.  All of these sources point to his actual height as being 5 feet and 6 inches tall. 

Does Tyler1 have a contract with Twitch?

Yes, Tyler1 has a contract with Twitch. He is a partnered streamer on the platform meaning that he has a special relationship with Twitch that gives him access to some benefits. These privileges include;

  • Higher streaming quality
  • Exclusive emotes
  • Share of revenue from subscriptions and ads

The terms of his contract with Twitch are not public but it is estimated he makes around $40,000 to $60,000 per month from his Twitch streams.  In 2020, he signed a sponsorship deal with the South Korean esports organization T1. The deal had a clause that required him to stream exclusively on Twitch. However, Tyler1 and T1 parted ways in 2022 meaning that he is now free to stream on any platform he chooses. 

Why did Tyler1 leave T1 or why did Tyler1 left T1?

Tyler1 left TI in January 2022 after a partnership than lasted for only 14 months.  The reasons for his departure were not disclosed officially but there are some possible explanations such as;

  • Brand risk- Tyler1 is known for his toxic behavior which TI might have feared that it could damage their brand. 
  • Creative differences- Tyler1 has said that he wanted to do more creative content with T1 such as producing music videos and short films. However, it is possible than T1 was not interested with the idea or maybe they didn’t have the required resources to produce them. 
  • Business opportunities – Tyler1 is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch and he also has a large following on social media.  It is possible that he decided that he could be more successful on his own without limitations of being under a contract with T1. 

Irrespective of the reasons, his departure was a major loss for the organization However; T1 has since signed several other popular streamers including Gumayusi and Faker. 

Was Tyler 1 a pro?

Tyler1 was never officially a pro player in League of Legends. He was banned from the game due to his toxic behavior. Even after the ban was lifted, he never tried out for a professional team. However, he is one of the leading League of Legends streamers throughout the world. 

How much money is Tyler 1 worth?

Overall, Tyler1’s worth is estimated to be $2 to $8 million as of July 2023. His main sources of income are Twitch subscriptions, ad revenue, his YouTube channel as well as merchandise sales. He also ears money from tournament winnings and sponsorships. Below is a breakdown of Tyler1’s earnings that contributes to his networth.

  • Twitch subscriptions: Tyler1 has an average of 139,000 subscribers on Twitch which generates him around $150,000 annually.
  • YouTube channel – His YouTube channel has more than 2.5 million subscribers and most of his videos get over 300,000 views. This generates him around $1.8k-$26.11k per month. 
  • Tournament winnings- He has won more than $22,000 in tournament prizes mainly from Twitch Rivals events. 
  • Sponsorships- Tyler1 has sponsorship deals with many companies such as G Fuel, Razer and HyperX. 
  • Merchandise sales- He has a merchandise site where he sells clothing, accessories plus other fashion items.  This is another business that gives him a significant amount. 

Is height a very important attribute for celebrities?

It is important to understand that height is just one physical attribute. Many other factors contribute to a person’s overall attractiveness and success.  Tyler1 is a talented League of Legends player and he has a charismatic personality.  These qualities are more important than his height. 

 There are other popular League of Legends streamers who are also short in stature. For example, Dyrus is 5 feet and 7 inches tall and he is also popular just like Tyler1. 

About this matter, Tyler1 himself has talked about it and he said that he does not let it bother him. He also said that he believes that his height has made him a stronger person. 

Tyler1 height memes and controversies 

Tyler1 height has been a source of memes and controversy for many years.  He has claimed to be 5’6” tall but evidence suggests that he is much shorter.  People often make jokes about Tyler1’s height or how short he is. There are several photoshops that make him look even shorter.  The height controversy has also led to some drama. In 2018, he was involved in a feud with another streamer, Dr. Disrespect over their respective heights. Dr. Disrespect is 6 feet and 8 inches tall. He made several jokes about Tyler1’s height and Tyler1 was not happy about this. He had called Dr Disrespect a “manlet”.

Height controversies surrounding Tyer1 have continued to this date June 2023 and are likely to continue for many years to come.  Tyler1 height is a sensitive topic for him but it is also a source of humor for many people. Below are some of the popular memes about Tyler 1’s height.

  • Photo with Mel Capperino-Garcia- One of the most popular Tyle1 height memes comes from a photo of him with Riot employee Mel Caperrino-Garcia. In this photo, Mel is wearing heels which make her appear even taller than her actual height. On the other hand, Tyler1 looks very short in comparison, this photo has been used as a meme to show how short Tyler1 is or how he is dwarfed by other people.
  • Another common meme involves Tyler1 being compared to objects such as Dorito bags or Door handles. These memes often play on the idea that Tyler1 is so short that he can hardly reach those objects.
  • There is another popular meme that features Tyler1 being carried by his mother with the caption “When your mother still carries you”

These memes are often used in a lighthearted way but they can also be used to make fun of Taylor1’s height.  However, he seems to be aware of these memes and he has even embraced them. In one video, he responded to a viewer who called him a “manlet” by saying “I’m a manlet” but I’m a jacked manlet”.

Responses from Tyler1 and his fans to height –related criticism

Tyler1 has been very open about his height with his fans.  He is 5’5” tall which he said is “not that short”. He also said that he is “not insecure” about it and that he “doesn’t care what people think”

In one stream, he responded to a fan who asked him how tall he is where he said “I’m 5”5”, but I’m not insecure about it.  I don’t care what people think. I’m still a man, I’m still Tyer1 and I’m still going to be the best League of Legends player in the world”.

Tyer1 has also said that he will not allow his height to hold him back and he is determined to achieve his goals irrespective of his height.  His responses to fans about his height have received mixed reactions. Some fans have praised him for being honest about his height while others have criticized him for being insecure.  However, he says that he is not going to allow haters to get to him and he is going to continue being himself no matter what people think. 

How Tyler1 uses his perceived height to his advantage

At 6’5”m Tayler1 is significantly taller than most people and he uses this to his advantage in several ways which include;

  • Physical intimidation- He has said that he uses his height to make himself look more intimidating to his opponents in League of Legends.  He also said that he will often stand up and yell at his opponents when he is winning a game. He believes that this makes him look more intimidating and makes his opponents more likely to give up.
  • He also said that he uses his height to make himself more approachable to his fans. When meeting fans, he said that he will often crouch down so that he is closer to their height. He believes this makes him to be seen more approachable and it also makes his fans feel more comfortable when talking to him.

Examining Tyler1’s transformation

Tyler Steinkemp’s transformation has been remarkable.  He has gone from being one of the most hated players in the League of Legends community to one of the most beloved.  He is now known for his positive attitude and his willingness to help others.  Due to this, he has become a role model to many young gamers.

Below are some of the things that contributed to his transformation.

  • He has matured- Tyler1 is no longer the toxic player people knew some years back.  He has learned to control his emotions and anger which has made him to be respectful to others. 
  • He has found a new purpose- Streaming and playing League of Legends have given him a new sense of purpose in life.  He is now passionate about helping others and making a positive impact on the world.
  • He has surrounded himself with positive people- His family and friends have been a great source of support during his personal transformation journey.  They have helped him to stay focused on his goals and to make positive changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How tall is Dr Tyler1?

Dr. Tyler1 who is also known as Tyler 1 is 5 feet and 6 inches tall. This translates to about 1.67 meters. 

  • What age is Tyler 1 or how old is Tyler1?

Today as I’m writing this it is July 13 2023 and Tyler1 is 28 years old. He was born in March 7, 1995 in Missouri.

  • What nationality is Tyler1?

He is an American national since he was born in New London, Missouri. Again, he is of white heritage.

  • Is Tyler1 still on Twitch?

Yes, as per July 13th of year 2023, Tyler1 is still on Twitch. He has more than 10 million followers which makes him to be one of the most successful League of Legends streamers in the world.  

  • How much money does Tyler1 make on Twitch?

His monthly earnings from Twitch are estimated to be $130,000 to $150,000. This amount is based on different factors such as number of subscribers, viewership and his ad revenue.  

Wrapping Up

Tyler1 the popular League of Legends steamer is 5 feet and 6 inches tall which is below average for men in the United States.  However, he has embraced his height and he even jokes about it on his streams.  He has gone ahead to call himself “Short King” to describe himself and other men who are shorter than average.

Again, his height has not prevented him from achieving success in his career. He has been featured in many esports tournaments and he has even won a few. His height is just one aspect of his personality. He is also known for his fiery temper and his outspokenness. However, these qualities also contributed to his popularity. Overall, he is a great guy and a role model to short men everywhere. He shows that is possible to achieve success regardless of your height. 

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