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Toby Igler: The Wife of Frank Spencer Sutton

Toby Igler is known as the wife of Frank Sutton. Frank Sutton, Toby’s husband is an American actor. He is best known for his role as Gunnery Sergeant Vince Carter. His role was telecasted on the CBS television series Gomer Pyle USMC. 

Who is Toby Igler?

Let us discuss some highlights of Toby Igler.

Toby Igler is a celebrity personality in the USA. She was born in Chicago situated in the United States. She was born on 5 September 1923. However, she is not yet alive. Her death of day is not available in the public domain. Toby Igler came to the spotlight when she got married to Frank Spencer Sutton also known as Frank Sutton. She was famous as the wife of Frank Sutton. 

She got married in the year 1949 to Frank. She had two children Joe Sutton and Amanda Lee. In the year 1974, Toby Igler lost her husband. He passed away due to a heart attack.

Toby Igler Childhood

Toby Igler was born in Chicago, United States. She belonged to a middle-class family in the USA. She spent her entire childhood with her parents. After her marriage with Frank Sutton, Toby Igler came into the spotlight. 

Toby Igler Short Bio

Let us discuss some quick facts about Toby Igler

  • Her real and full name is Tob Igler
  • Her parents used to call her by her nickname Toby.
  • She was born on September 5, 1923.
  • As of 2023, she is likely to be 100 years. However, she is not alive.
  • Chicago, United States is her birthplace. 
  • He was 55 kg when she died. 
  • Her body measurement was 34-26-36
  • Her net worth as of 2023 stands at $500k. 
toby igler
toby igler

Toby Igler Personal Life and Family

Let us discuss some facts about her personal life and family.

  • Jeseph Igler is known as the father of Toby Igler
  • Clara Shapiro was her mother.
  • She was married to Frand Sutton.
  • Acting, modelling and photography were her hobbies. 

Toby Igler Education

Let us discuss her educational background.

Toby Igler completed her primary education at a public high school. However, her college or university from where she graduated is not available in the public domain

Frank Sutton and Toby Igler Meeting

Let us discuss how the couple got to meet.

Frank met his wife Toby Igler at the University of Columbia. Toby said in her interview that when she saw Frank for the first time, he was reading a monologue. She further said that she never expected to be impressed by a young actor. She stated, “The first time I saw him he was reading a monologue from Hamlet… I never expected to be so impressed by a young actor.”

Frank and Toby got married in the year 1949. Post-marriage, they were blessed with two children. The first child was their son who was born in the year 1954. Their son’s name is Joseph David. Later in 1964, they were blessed with a daughter, Amanda Lee. Frank lost his father during his adolescence. However, he was a loving father of his children. He used to be a dedicated dad to his children. He further used to allot time to his children during his acting career.

toby igler
toby igler

Frank Sutton, Toby Igler’s Husband

There is not much information available with regard to the place and date of birth of Toby Igler. However, her husband, Frank Sutton’s biography has been made public. Frank Sutton, Toby Igler’s husband was born in Clarksville which is situated in Tennessee. He was born on 23, October 1923. Frank was a typical Chile. He liked to play outdoor games. He used to enjoy playing outside of his house. In addition, he usually used to come home with dirt on his clothes. 

Frank always wanted to be an actor. His father gave him some grease paint. Frank used to apply the paint on his face. Later, he put the paint on his face to give a theatrical performance to his family. Later, he explained to his family that he wanted to be an actor. However, none believe him until he became an American actor. 

While studying at the University of Columbia, he was cast in two videos. Captain Video and His Video Ranger. This is how he got launched in the acting stream. Frank got a larger break in the year 1955. In that year, he was offered a big role in a film named Marty. The movie won four Oscars and one Academy Award. Later, he was offered several movies for his performances in the film named Marty. This includes Four Boy, The Satan Bug, Town Without Pity, A Gun, and The Satan Bug. Frank got appeared in an episode of The Twilight Zone which was released in the year 1962.

Toby Igler’s Husband Frank Sutton’s Filmography

Frank Sutton, husband of Toby Igler was launched with a TV series Captain Video and His Video Rangers in the year 1949.

Later, he was cast in a TV series The Ford Theatre Hour in the Year 1950 in which he was seen in episode one. 

Similarly, in a TV series named Nash Aerolite Theatre, he was seen in one episode in the year 1950.

Let us see the other list of his TV serials which substantiated his acting skills.

  • The Goldbergs (1950)
  • Goodyear Playhouse (1951-1952)
  • Jimmy Hughes, Rookie Cop (1953)
  • The Plainclothesman (1953)
  • The Secret Storm (1954)
  • Inner Sanctum (1954)
  • The Philco Television Playhouse (1950-1955)
  • Producers’ Showcase (1955)
  • I Spy (1955- 1956)
  • Robert Montgomery Presents (1956)
  • Omnibus (1957)
  • Four Boys and a Gun (1957)
  • Studio One (1956- 1957)
  • The Edge of Night (1957)
  • The Alcoa Hour (1957)
  • The Kaiser Aluminium Hour (1957)

His last TV movie was Hurricane which release in 1974. In the same year, he died and could not dedicate himself to his acting career. However, he was a famous actor in the USA. He had a great fan following all over the world. Most of his movie has been a great success at the box office. Moreover, his TV series was famous among households. He always has the support of his wife Toby Igler.

Sergeant Vince Carter played by Toby Igler’s husband is a well-known and the most celebrated character. This character appeared in Gommer Pyle USMC. The show was aired on TV in the year 1964 and ended in the year 1969. Frank Sutton and Jim Nabors determined to cancel this series after five years. 

Toby Igler’s husband, Frank Sutton died due to a heart attack. He died at the age of 50 years on 28, June 1974. Frank was buried in his hometown, Clarksville with his mother and father.

toby igler
toby igler

Interesting Facts about Toby Igler

Let us discuss some interesting facts about Toby Igler.

  • Toby Igler was born in the year 1923. She is not alive today.
  • She was 5 ft 6 inches or 167 cm long. 
  • She held an American nationality as she was born in Chicago, a city in the United States.
  • Her Zodiac sign was Libra.
  • Toby Igler was a graduated woman. 
  • Toby Igler was a soap opera writer. She has always been supportive of her husband. In fact, Toby Igler was the backbone of her husband Frank Sutton. 
  • Toby Igler was a charismatic personality. She was also a kind-hearted woman.

Toby Igler Personal Life

Let us discuss the personal life of Tob Igler and her relationship with her husband.

Toby Igler was a soap opera writer. She got married in the year 1946 to Frank Sutton. Toby has an incredible and lovely chemistry with her husband Frank Sutton. Toby Igler and her husband Frank Sutton, both had a passion for the entertainment stream. The couple belonged to the entertainment industry. 

Toby enjoyed an incredible life with her husband Frank Sutton. The couple had written several acts together. They both used to perform the acts at their home. While Frank was acting with Toby, his performance really got improved. Toby helped her husband Frank Sutton in order to improve his acting skills. 

Toby Igler and Frank Sutton lived together for three decades. They had a great moment and memorable life together. However, everything changed in the year 1974 when Frank died due to a heart attack. 

It was not easy for Toby Igler to bear his demise. Toby’s life changed all of a sudden after her husband passed away. The couple shared great moments together. Their legacy was continued by their children Amanda Lee and Joe Sutton.

Toby Igler’s Net Worth

Toby Igler was a soap opera writer and author. The writing was the main source of revenue for Toby Igler. She was a talented and genius writer and author. She has always been writing uniquely. She always chose a unique plot to write. Her passion for writing soon became her profession. She became a professional writer. 

Gradually, her profession became the primary source of income for Toby Igler. She with her husband always lived a financially stable lifestyle. She never faced any financial crisis. Her husband, Frank Sutton was also earning well from his acting career. Toby Igler’s net worth is $500k.

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