The Boys Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

The Boys, the dark and twisted superhero series from Amazon Prime Video, has captivated audiences since its debut in 2019. With its unique take on the superhero genre, The Boys has garnered a massive following and critical acclaim. Throughout the explosive eight episodes of season 3, viewers were exposed to intense and gruesome moments, including some mind-boggling scenes in “Herogasm,” among other things. Now, fans eagerly anticipate the return of the Prime Video series with its fourth season.

Indeed, Season 4 of The Boys has been officially confirmed, with the news breaking in June 2022, shortly after the premiere of Season 3. Prime Video wasted no time in renewing this immensely popular show, widely regarded as one of the finest original series on the platform. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that anticipation for The Boys Season 4 is running high. If you’re like me, eagerly speculating about what lies ahead, here’s what we currently know about the upcoming season.

 The Boys Season 4 Release Date: When Can We Expect It?

While an official release date for The Boys Season 4 has not been announced yet, fans can take solace in the fact that the season is officially happening. Prime Video renewed the show shortly after the Season 3 premiere, indicating their confidence in the series. The previous seasons of The Boys were typically released in the summer months, with Season 1 premiering in July and Season 3 in June. Based on this pattern, it is reasonable to expect that The Boys Season 4 will likely debut in the summer of 2024.

The Boys Season 4 Filming Is Finished: Karl Urban Shares Excitement for Season 4

Fans of the hit superhero series, The Boys, can rejoice as filming for the highly anticipated Season 4 has finally come to an end. Karl Urban, who portrays the iconic character Billy Butcher, shared the exciting news during an interview with Collider. According to Urban, production was expected to commence in late 2022, specifically around the end of August.

“Yeah, we’re starting, I think August 22nd. We’re going to be starting Season 4. So, I’m getting back, getting my Butcher back on, and I can’t wait,” Urban enthusiastically revealed.

Shortly after Urban’s announcement, confirmation of the filming and production commencement came from various stars of the show via Instagram posts. The cast members expressed their enthusiasm and shared their excitement for the upcoming season. One notable post featured Karl Urban and co-star Jack Quaid toasting to the start of Season 4, showcasing their camaraderie both on and off-screen.

In April 2022, the official The Boys Twitter page delighted fans with a picture celebrating the completion of filming. The post mentioned that the production had managed to capture some of the craziest scenes that could “legally” be shown on television. This update provided fans with a glimpse into the wild and unpredictable content that awaits them in the upcoming season.

With filming wrapped up, post-production and editing will now take place, bringing the much-anticipated Season 4 closer to our screens. While an official release date has yet to be announced, the completion of filming signifies significant progress towards the return of this critically acclaimed and fan-favorite series.

The Boys Season 4 Cast: New Casting and Who Will Return?

The ensemble cast of The Boys has been one of the show’s greatest strengths, and fans can expect most of the main characters to return for Season 4. 

Karl Urban will reprise his role as the charismatic and vengeful Billy Butcher, while Jack Quaid will continue to portray the lovable underdog, Hughie Campbell. Erin Moriarty will grace the screen as the morally upright Starlight, and Antony Starr will bring his chilling intensity to the role of the unstable Homelander.

Jensen Ackles, who made his debut in Season 3 as Soldier Boy, will also be back for Season 4. The addition of Ackles to the cast was met with great excitement, and his character’s storyline is sure to be a significant part of the upcoming season. Laz Alonso, Tomer Capon, Karen Fukuhara, Chace Crawford, Jessie T. Usher, and Colby Minifie are among the other cast members expected to return. 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Joins “The Boys Season 4” as Recurring Guest Star

In an exciting announcement that left fans thrilled, it has been confirmed that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be joining the cast of “The Boys” for its upcoming fourth season. The news was revealed by Deadline, stating that Morgan will take on a recurring guest star role in the popular series, although his specific character has not yet been disclosed.

This collaboration between Morgan and “The Boys” showrunner, Eric Kripke, marks a reunion of the two talented individuals who previously worked together on the hit CW show, “Supernatural.” In that series, Morgan acted alongside Jensen Ackles, who portrays Soldier Boy in “The Boys.” Ackles himself has hinted at a potential return to the show, expressing his enthusiasm on Instagram by saying, “Love these peeps. Can’t wait to throw the suit back on. That’s my Christmas wish,” in December 2022.

Kripke had previously mentioned Morgan’s fondness for “The Boys” in an interview with E! News, revealing that they were exploring opportunities to bring him on board for the fourth season.

“Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a superfan of the show, so he and I are talking. We’re trying to figure out something for season four. Nothing finalized yet, but he and I are chatting and e-mailing and seeing if we can make it work with his busy schedule. So, stay tuned on that,” Kripke had shared.

Morgan himself expressed his excitement about the role on Twitter, further fueling the anticipation among fans.

While Morgan has been prominently known for his portrayal of Negan in “The Walking Dead” series, where he plans to reprise the character in a spinoff called “Dead City” after the original show concludes in November 2022, his involvement in another thrilling and action-packed series like “The Boys” is highly anticipated. In March 2023, Morgan even shared a selfie on Twitter from the set of “The Boys,” captioning it, “At work.”

Other new cast members

It was announced in December 2022 that Rob Benedict, another alumnus of “Supernatural,” would also be joining the cast of “The Boys,” though his role has been shrouded in secrecy. The possibility of seeing both Benedict and Morgan sharing the screen together has sparked excitement among fans, reminiscent of their time together on “Supernatural.”

With Ackles hinting that Soldier Boy is “not dead” in Season 4, speculations about the potential for an ultimate “Supernatural” reunion continue to swirl. Only time will reveal the full extent of what fans can expect in this highly anticipated season of “The Boys.”

Additionally, new cast members Susan Heyward (as Firecracker), Valorie Curry (as Sister Sage), Rosemarie DeWitt, and Elliot Knight have been confirmed for undisclosed roles, adding to the intrigue of the upcoming season.

Hughie’s Parents Join the Cast of The Boys

The beloved character Hughie, will be reunited with his parents in the upcoming Season 4. The latest revelation, shared by Prime Video via Collider, has revealed the casting choices for these significant roles. Returning to the series is the talented Simon Pegg, who will reprise his role as Hughie’s father, while introducing a fresh face to The Boys is none other than the esteemed Rosemarie Dewitt, who will portray Hughie’s mother.

Simon Pegg, known for his remarkable acting prowess and his previous appearance as Hughie’s father, will once again grace the screen with his presence. Pegg’s portrayal of the caring and supportive father figure brought depth and emotional resonance to the character of Hughie, and fans can look forward to witnessing his return.

Joining the esteemed cast is the highly regarded Rosemarie Dewitt, who steps into the role of Hughie’s mother, injecting a new dynamic into the series. Dewitt’s impressive range as an actress and her ability to embody multifaceted characters make her a perfect fit for the intricate world of The Boys. As a newcomer to the show, her performance is sure to captivate audiences and add layers of intrigue to Hughie’s backstory.

The Boys Season 4 Story Details: What Can We Expect?

The explosive events of The Boys Season 3 have set the stage for a thrilling and pivotal Season 4. The season finale left fans with numerous cliffhangers and plot developments that will undoubtedly be explored in the upcoming season. 

Black Noir Is Set to Undergo a Significant Transformation

After witnessing the brutal demise of Nathan Mitchell’s character, Black Noir, at the hands of Homelander in the intense season 3 finale, many fans believed that they had bid farewell to the enigmatic hero for good. However, showrunner Eric Kripke, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, shed light on the character’s fate, affirming that the specific incarnation of Black Noir had indeed met his end, but also hinting at an intriguing twist. 

In an interview with Deadline, Kripke disclosed that while the current iteration of Black Noir had perished, Vought, the powerful corporation behind the supes, had the ability to recast the role. He slyly noted, “Here’s what I’ll say without spoiling anything, which is that particular individual who is Black Noir is dead. His organs are out all over the place, but when you have a completely silent, completely masked-clad hero, they’re reasonably easy to recast.”

Expanding on this revelation, Kripke divulged further details to Entertainment Weekly, unveiling an exciting plan for the character’s return. He confirmed that Nathan Mitchell, the actor who portrayed the fallen Black Noir, would indeed reappear in the series but in a completely different capacity. Mitchell would embody an entirely new character who would don the iconic Black Noir suit. Kripke elaborated, stating, “He will play a different character who wears the Black Noir suit. It’s definitely not the last we’ve seen of Black Noir as a hero. It’s just that the guy who was inside (the Noir suit) in season 3, he’s gone. But we have Nathan playing a really interesting and hilarious character who wears the suit next season.”

With this revelation, fans can now anticipate a thrilling twist in the upcoming season 4 as Nathan Mitchell breathes new life into the Black Noir legacy, taking on a fresh persona within the enigmatic superhero universe. The prospect of witnessing a different side of Black Noir, accompanied by Mitchell’s talent and humor, promises to deliver an engaging and memorable addition to the show’s captivating roster of characters.

Butcher’s Life is a “Ticking Time Clock

In the last episode of The Boys Season 3, Butcher, played by Karl Urban, finds himself facing a pressing time constraint. A doctor reveals to him that he only has approximately 12 to 18 months left to live due to the effects of Temp V in his system. This revelation adds urgency to his situation as he now has unfinished business to attend to, including making amends and attempting to rescue Ryan from the clutches of Homelander. However, after an explosive altercation between Butcher and Ryan in Episode 3, the young boy has become distant and untrusting towards him.

Eric Kripke, the show’s creator, discussed Butcher’s storyline in The Boys Season 4 during an interview with Variety. He described Butcher’s life as a “ticking time clock,” emphasizing the limited time he has left and the need to rectify his past actions before it’s too late.

Viewers can expect to witness the thrilling race against time that Butcher embarks upon. He is burdened with an overwhelming list of tasks that he has yet to accomplish, and his previous attempts at solving problems have ended catastrophically. 

The exploration of Butcher’s self-awareness is an intriguing aspect of the show. Delving into the question of whether Butcher is conscious enough of his own actions to realize that he is the architect of his own misfortune. Is he capable of recognizing the need for change and taking steps to alter his fate? These are some of the captivating discussions and narrative arcs being developed for Season 4.

Given the grim future that awaits Butcher, it remains uncertain if he will be able to turn his life around. Perhaps, against all odds, he might find a way to survive the challenges ahead. However, considering the high mortality rate within The Boys’ universe, it wouldn’t be surprising if the show ultimately concludes with Butcher’s demise.

Starlight to Pursue A different Way to Seek Justice

In the climactic finale of The Boys Season 3, Starlight, portrayed by Erin Moriarty, underwent a profound transformation both physically and mentally. The pivotal moment arrived as Starlight made a resolute decision to discard her iconic uniform, symbolically severing ties with The Seven. Instead, she embraced a new path to seek justice by aligning herself with The Boys, a group determined to expose and combat the corrupt superhero organization from the outside.

Reflecting on this significant turning point, Erin Moriarty shared her insights during an interview with Newsweek. She expressed her admiration for the symbolic act of discarding her cape down a trash chute, viewing it as a powerful gesture of renouncing her superhero identity. Moriarty explained that Starlight had come to the realization that concealing herself behind a mask was not the most effective approach to achieving justice and fighting crime—the very essence of her aspirations.

The actress conveyed her excitement for the character’s evolution, emphasizing that this act of shedding the mask and costume would play a central role in defining Starlight’s future trajectory. The release of this facade and the abandonment of her former superhero persona were anticipated to be immensely transformative and empowering for the character.

With great anticipation, fans eagerly await the next chapter of Starlight’s journey. We hope to witness her further mastery of her extraordinary powers, hinted at in the closing moments of Season 3, as she soars to new heights alongside her newfound allies in The Boys.

The Ryan Plotline: A Fusion of “Kramer vs. Kramer” and “Avengers: Endgame,” Unveiling Apocalyptic Stakes

Eric Kripke, the creator of the hit series, recently revealed that the trajectory of the Ryan plotline will resemble a fusion between the iconic film “Kramer vs. Kramer” and the superhero epic “Avengers: Endgame.” This revelation hints at the dramatic conflicts and intense character dynamics that lie ahead. With Ryan, the biological son of the formidable Homelander, caught in the middle, the future holds immense importance for the interplay between Homelander, Butcher, and Ryan.

The evolving relationship between Ryan, Homelander’s son, and Butcher, the relentless anti-superhero activist, has become a focal point of the narrative. Following the tragic demise of Ryan’s mother, Butcher’s initial reaction pushed the young boy away. However, recent developments suggest that Ryan is forming a bond with Homelander, diverting his allegiance from Butcher. 

Eric Kripke, in an interview with Variety, emphasized the significance of Butcher regaining Ryan’s trust, as this could potentially be their most potent weapon against Homelander. Conversely, if Homelander manages to win Ryan over completely, the consequences would be catastrophic, for it would result in the existence of two Homelanders. Thus, the stage is set for a gripping child drama with apocalyptic stakes, akin to the narrative amalgamation of “Kramer vs. Kramer” and “Avengers: Endgame.”

Ryan, being half Becca and half Homelander, holds immense narrative weight in the unfolding drama. Butcher’s quest to reestablish a connection with his estranged son becomes paramount, as Ryan possesses a unique blend of genetics that can potentially tip the scales against Homelander. If Butcher can reconcile his inner conflicts and successfully bring Ryan back into his fold, their united front could pose a significant threat to Homelander’s dominance. On the other hand, if Homelander manages to sway Ryan to his side entirely, the ramifications would be dire, ushering in the terror of dual Homelanders. This precarious balance between two influential figures and the fate of humanity sets the stage for a deeply layered and emotionally charged story in the seasons to come.

Considering the grave implications of having two Homelanders, Kripke ardently implores Butcher to gather his resolve and find redemption in Season 4. The repercussions of failing to do so would mean facing a twisted version of the most formidable superhero imaginable. The audience is left anxiously awaiting Butcher’s next steps, hoping that he can summon the strength and clarity necessary to navigate the intricate web of power dynamics and familial bonds, ensuring the preservation of a world hanging precariously on the precipice of apocalyptic disaster.

The Boys Spinoffs: Exploring the Expanded Universe

According to a report from Variety, the spinoff series of The Boys, originally titled The Boys Presents: Varsity, has been officially renamed as The Boys: Gen V. While there is already an anthology spinoff called The Boys Presents: Diabolical, which is an adult animated series meant for comedic purposes, The Boys: Gen V will have a more significant impact on the main series.

 In an interview with Deadline, the showrunner mentioned that there will be tie-ins between The Boys: Gen V and The Boys Season 4, even though the spinoff was initially announced under its original title.

The showrunner revealed that there will be a crossover between the two shows, and efforts are being made to create a shared universe where certain issues and storylines from Season 3 of The Boys will transition into the first season of The Boys: Gen V. Notably, there will be a presidential campaign taking place in the background of the spinoff season, as well as events happening at the school that directly react to the events of Season 3. Characters like Soldier Boy will appear, alongside new storylines that will carry over into Season 4 of the main show.

For those unfamiliar with The Boys: Gen V, it is a college-based spinoff that focuses on young Supes and will feature cameos from characters of The Boys, as reported by CBR. The fact that plot points from Gen V will carry over into Season 4 of The Boys has generated excitement among fans.

The Boys Season 4 is Not the Final Season

Showrunner Eric Kripke recently assured fans via a tweet that Season 4 of The Boys will not be the end of the series. Although they are currently preparing for the Season 4 finale, Kripke emphasized that it will not serve as the “series finale” and hinted at more content to come, keeping fans eagerly anticipating what lies ahead.

The prospect of additional seasons of The Boys is met with excitement, although some wonder how much bloodier the show can get. Regardless, fans eagerly await the upcoming Season 4 and hope to have their burning questions answered. As long as the show veers away from controversial elements like The Deep’s strange bestiality and squids, it’s safe to say that most viewers will be on the same page and eagerly anticipate what’s to come

Stay Tuned for More Updates on The Boys Season 4

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of The Boys Season 4, we can expect more updates and news to emerge. Prime Video has been tight-lipped about specific details, but as production progresses and the release date approaches, we can expect glimpses of the upcoming season. Stay tuned to Prime Video and official social media channels for the latest updates on The Boys Season 4. In the meantime, rewatch the previous seasons, dive into the spinoffs, and prepare for another thrilling and twisted journey into the world of The Boys.

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