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Tee Morant Bio/Wiki


Finer Details
Full real name Temetrius Jamel Morant
Famous Name Tee Morant
Date of Birth 1978
Age(As of 2023) 45 years
Place of birth The United States of America
Current residence Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Profession Basketball player, Celebrity Family Member, Entrepreneur, Athlete and a Media Face.
Net Worth $2-3 million(Approximately)
Zodiac Sign Will be updated soon
Education Graduate 
School/College Claflin University


Also known as Temetrius Jamel Morant, Tee Morant is a man who wears many hats. To start with, he is a renowned basketball player who resides in the United States. Besides this, he is known to be an athlete, media personality and a businessman. Apart from being a professional in those area, he is a father of the famous Ja Morant. The latter is his son and is also a popular basketball player for the Memphis Grizzlies of the NBA. When it comes to Tee Morant bio, one parameter that we shall explore at length is his age. In fact, Tee Morant age has had a positive impact on his son’s prowess in the field of playing basketball. To learn more about Tee Morant age and other related details, read this article and you will be all set!

Tee Morant Age

For us to know Tee Morant age, there is a need for you to know when he was born. Tee Morant was born on August 26th 1974. As of 2023, Tee Morant is aged 48 years. This basketball player was born in Sumter, South Carolina in the U.S.As we speak, Tee Morant resides in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. 

Unlike other basketball players, his ethnicity is mixed. To put this into perspective, it is African-American. On the other hand, his nationality is American. When it comes to religion, it is crucial to note that he is a staunch Christian.

Tee Morant’s Early Life, Biography and Education

When it comes to the early life of Tee Morant, very little is known about him. However, his father is known as Mr. Morant while his mum is known as Sandra E. Tee Morant was not raised alone as he had a brother. 

However, the details about his brother still remain scanty. Both of them were raised in Memphis, Tennessee, in the United States. Tee Morant’s father used to be a businessman or entrepreneur while his mother used to work at Prisma Health Tuomey Hospital.

As far as his education is concerned, Tee Morant used to be a scholar. While his primary school life details are unknown, he went managed to attend a local high school that is located in Tennessee. After completing his high school studies successfully, he proceeded to Clafin University so that he could pursue his tertiary education.

Tee Morant

During his high school days, Tee Morant used not only to focus on his studies but also on co-curricular activities such as playing basketball. In fact, he was greatly immersed in that sport to the extent of representing his school in a number of events. This attribute made him not only to become famous but also to win a number of accolades.

Tee Morant’s basketball career

From the onset, Tee Morant has been a champion in basketball. This was not only witnessed in his high school days but also during his university days. However, his basketball career did not advance by much as he used to do it locally.

In most cases, if he was not performing locally, he used to represent his high school in various places within his locality. His failure to make it to the big league was occasioned by the circumstances that he was going through at that moment.

Once he completed school, Tee Morant choose to play basketball overseas and try his luck from that end. Here, he was able to play for several local teams and won different awards. Although this went on for a while, it never lasted for long as his wife got pregnant and thus had to leave the basketball career so that he could support his wife.

After stopping his basketball career, he had to look for other alternative means of raising money for his young family. After all, his wife was pregnant and needed his attention and financial support. To achieve this objective, Tee Morant started working as a barber. Thankfully, his mother was able to support him as well so that he could fed for his family and keep them comfortable.

Tee Morant’s Wife and Children

Besides being an active basketball player, Tee Morant is married to one wife. His wife is known as Jamie Morant and both of them have enjoyed a cordial relationship since the days they were dating. It is imperative to note that Jamie Morant used to play softball during the yester years. In fact, he used to serve as a college softball player and a point guard during her high school days.

On August 10, 1999, the couple welcomed their first born, commonly known as Ja Morant. As we speak, Ja Morant is one of the reputable players who plays for Memphis Grizzlies in the National Basketball Association. 

Besides Ja Morant, the couple have a daughter known as Teniya Morant. Since her tender age, she has been playing basketball. Both Ja Morant and Teniya Morant have been playing basketball in various places, including their home’s backyard. As we speak, Ja Morant’s sister plays Dalzell’s Hillcrest Middle School.

What does Tee Morant do for a living now?

Back in the day, Tee Morant used to be an avid basketball player. However, after his wife got pregnant, he worked as a barber for quite some time, while receiving supplemental support from her mother so that he could feed his family. 

Currently, he is an entrepreneur, sportsperson and a basketball coach. Although he no longer plays basketball, he coaches his son to become his best when it comes to basketball performance. In fact, he has been offering the much-needed insights to his son whenever he is on and off the basketball pitch. Any time Ja Morant makes a mistake when playing basketball, Tee Morant is there to correct him so that he can improve his overall basketball performance in the coming competitions.

Tee Morant’s physical appearance

Tee Morant is 5 feet tall and 11 inches tall. Besides this, his weight is 81Kg.As far as his hair and eyes are concerned, you should note that they are all black in colour.

Tee Morant’s Networth

Although nothing much is known about the relative networth of Tee Morant, it is estimated that he is worth $ 2-3 million. However, there are some sources that claim that he is worth $5 million. Considering the fact that he has been famous in playing basketball for many years his fortunes are bound to have doubled or even tripled over the years. This has made him to lead a comfortable life with his family in the United States.

Tee Morant’s son Networth

Tee Morant’s son, Ja Morant is slightly richer than his dad. This is because he is estimated to be worth more than $80 million. While this figure seems humongous on the eyes of many, his networth might be correct, thanks to the fact that earns more than $11 million on a yearly basis.

His assets are estimated to be worth $27 million or thereabout. Besides playing basketball in the Bathe earns an extra income by working as a brand ambassador for different companies within the United States.

Tee Morant’s relationship with his son

Tee Morant is a strong believer in his son’s performance in basketball sport. To put this into perspective, he has always supported his son’s activities whenever he is on the basketball pitch and away.

Whenever his son is playing basketball, Tee Morant keeps a closer look at his performance. If he performs well, Tee Morant goes ahead and commends him. However, if he makes mistakes, he is not hesitate to call his son out so that he can correct his mistakes.

How old is Ja Morant dad

This has made his son to become a star in National Basketball Association as a basketball player of all times. His criticism during playoffs have made Tee Morant to become a social media influencer and even a celebrity. This is because the media has always covered him during such events.

As a result, he not only acts Ja Morant’s father but also doubles up as first trainer for his son. In fact, there was a moment that he made a bad comment about his son’s performance. This made the son’s fan perplexed and confused whether he still has the best interest of his son at heart.

However, his criticism has always been aimed at bettering Ja Morant’s performance at the basketball pitch. Tee Morant’s criticism has also made Ja Morant grow some balls of steel as he no longer gets angry whenever his haters criticize him. He is accustomed to taking criticism positively to his benefit.

Besides keeping an eye on his son’s performance at the pitch, Tee Morant has bought tractor tires so that his son could practice jumping and enjoy a soft landing during the basketball coaching sessions. Thankfully, he is able to coach his son on his own so that he can improve his overall basketball skill.

Does Tee Morant enjoy a good relationship with his wife?

Yes. Both of them have been married for many years. In fact, their relationship dates back when they were in college. Subsequently, they have been blessed with 2 kids, namely Ja Morant and Teniya Morant. Currently, they both live in love and support their kids in a number of ways.

Tee Morant Wife’s occupation

When it comes to the occupation of Tee Morant’s wife, very little is known about it. However, she is a Georgia native who graduated in 1999 from Claflin University with Bachelor of Science in Biology. Soon after graduating, she gave birth to her son, Ja Morant. Currently, she has been taking good care of her family over the years. Also, she has played a fundamental role in shaping the future of her children.

In fact, she describes herself as her son’s most ardent admirer. She has been a pillar of strength for his son in a number of ways. For instance, she has been seen severally, spectating the games her son play every now and then. Also, she offers the much-needed moral support to her son every now and then. This has made it possible for the son to soar to greater heights in his basketball career.

Is Tee Morant a grandfather now?

Yes. Since Ja Morant and his girlfriend, KK Dixon were blessed with a bouncing baby girl in 7th August 2019, Tee Morant became a grandfather. His granddaughter is known as Kaari Jaidyn. As of 2023, Kaari is almost 4 years.

Interesting facts about Tee Morant

Besides the facts that we have discussed about Tee Morant, there are other interesting facts about Tee Morant that you should know:

1. At some point he stopped playing basketball when his wife became pregnant

After college, Tee Morant had the chance to advance his basketball career overseas and continue shining but things took a different turn when his wife called and said that she was pregnant. Those news were a game changer as he had to quit playing basketball and start taking care of her.

In fact, Ja Morant says that the kind gesture his father showed to his mom during her early days of pregnancy motivates him to become a better player by the day. Due to the kind gestures and love, Ja Morant has always been living both his dream and that of his father at the moment. 

2. Tee Morant used to be teammates with Ray Allen

Ray Allen is known to be a legendary basketball player. Interestingly, Tee Morant used to play together with him on the same team while in high school. However, after high school, they both parted ways. Thankfully, Tee Morant continued to play basketball even in college, where he used to compete in National Basketball Association camp with Dallas.

It is imperative to note that the camp was a tryout for free agent. Teams here sought players that measured 6 feet and 8 inches tall. Unfortunately, Tee Morant was shorter than that. However, this did not stop him from playing basketball as he used to do it semi-professionally. Thereafter, he got a maiden chance to play basketball in the overseas countries.

3. Tee Morant used to engage his son in intense training sessions back at home

Since Tee Morant ceased played basketball, he went ahead to ensure that his son became a better player than him. To achieve this, he used to coach his son at their home’s backyard. Outside their house, Tee Morant set up big tractor tires for his son. 

How old is Ja Morant dad

The main purpose of these tires was to enable his son to jump to the highest height possible when playing basketball. Besides coaching his son how to jump high, he taught him on how to use his left hand for shooting, dribbling and passing the ball to the next player within his team.

Additionally, he set up plastic chairs around their pitch at home so that other people could watch his son play. Although his son was a youngster by then, his teammates would come to their home and then join him as he gets trained by his dad. This continued until they joined high school. By then, the basketball court had extended and could accommodate more people.

4. Tee Morant’s daughter used to join his brother in the backyard and practice basketball

Like we mentioned above, Ja Morant had a sister known as Teniya Morant. She used to join her brother and father at their home’s backyard and practiced playing basketball. Just like her brother, she gained a number of skills that made her shine in this amazing sport.

Currently, she is a senior at Houston High School that is close to Memphis. Here, she plays as a point guard. However, at the beginning of this year, she was offered a scholarship at Division 1 School Mississippi Valley State University.

5. Although Tee Morant is no longer playing basketball, his is still a celebrity 

Currently, Tee Morant is no longer playing basketball. However, he never left it in entirety. He is still very much into the game as he take part in various match analysis and banters. Unlike other veteran players, his analysis is always controversial. This quality has made him more popular among basketball enthusiasts.

For instance, during the 2022 NBA playoffs, he gained more relevancy when he made a bet with the father of Karl Antony during the Grizz 1st round match against the Timberwolves. They had an agreement that the loser of that series would have to wear the jersey of the other gambler’s son. This actually caught the attention of the media as this footage was captured well on camera. Once the match came to the end, Memphis took the lead and as a result, Tee Morant won his bet.

6. He is very close to his family

His love for his family was first seen when he stopped playing basketball overseas in order to keep an eye on his pregnant wife. This shows that he valued his family and was ready to go to any extreme in order to ensure that they are comfortable.

Besides this, he has always been a basketball couch for his son in a bid to make him a better player in the near future. This further illustrated that he loves his son and wants the best for him all the time. In fact, although he ceased playing basketball, his legacy lives on, thanks to his son’s expertise in playing basketball.

7. He believes that his son is better than Zion Williamson

Ja Morant had an opportunity to play alongside Zion Williamson. Unlike other conventional players, Zion Williamson is a skilled American basketball player. Tee Morant had a chance to witness his son play on a similar league with Zion Williamson.

Although many would allude that Zion Williamson can outshine Ja Morant, Tee Morant thinks otherwise. Instead, he says that his son outsmarted Zion Williamson in that league. This signifies that his son can do better in the forthcoming National Basketball Association games.

Vital lessons to learn from Tee Morant

Some of the essential lessons to learn from this legendary basketball player include:

  • Support your child’s talent. For many years, Tee Morant has always supported Ja Morant’s talent in playing basketball. From commending him to criticizing him whenever he is wrong, there are many ways that Tee Morant has nurtured his son’s talent in the basketball sport. This has not only made him famous but has also make his son to outshine his peer basketball players in the United States.
  • Be close to your family. As they say, family is everything. One incidence that keeps Ja Morant motivated is when his father stopped playing basketball in order to take care of his mother who was pregnant by that time. It was a show of love and commitment to one’s family.

How old is Ja Morant dad


Who is Tee Morant?

He is a renowned basketball player, athlete and businessman who lives in the United States. He is also known as Ja Morant’s father and husband to Jamie Morant.

How old is Tee Morant?

As of 2023, Tee Morant is 48 years old.

Why is Tee Morant famous?

Tee Morant is famous not only because of playing basketball but also due to his son’s prowess in the same sport. In fact, his son now plays for the NBA and has won a number of accolades.

How rich is Tee Morant?

Tee Morant is worth $2-3 million. His wealth has accumulated over the years thanks to the fact that he has been a basketball player for quite some time. Besides this, he has ventured into the business world and is now earning some significant amount of money.

Who is Tee Morant’s wife?

Tee Morant’s wife is known as Jamie Morant.

What happened between Tee Morant and Shannon Sharpe?

There was an altercation that took place once the halftime buzzer was over. Here, Shannon Sharpe screamed at Ja Morant after the possession of the first half. By sheer luck, Tee Morant was around the court and happened to see what had ensued. He paused and then walked towards the direction where Sharpe was standing. Unfortunately, he never managed to get closer to Sharpe as he could have confronted him right away.

Who is Morant’s gf?

Ja Morant does not have a girlfriend at the moment. However, he used to have one known as KK Dixon. Currently, she is his ex-girlfriend.

How old is Morant?

Since Ja Morant was born on August 10th 1999, he is 23 years old. He will soon turn 24 years.

Why is Ja Morant so rich?

Unlike other basketball players, Ja Morant is very rich. First, it is imperative to not that he earns more than $11 million on a yearly basis. Additionally, his assets are worth $27. Thankfully, many brands now want him to work as their ambassador. As a result, he is able to bag more money through such deals. It is expected that his networth is bound to increase in the coming days.

What is Tee Morant famous for?

One of the things that made Tee Morant to rise to fame is due to the fact that he is known for playing basketball. However, he used to play basketball in his yesteryears. Besides being an avid basketball player, he is a social media personality, basketball coach and also an entrepreneur.

Did Ja Morant get married?

No. However, he used to have a girlfriend known as Kadre ‘KK’ Dixon. Since these two parted ways, they are no longer in a relationship. Despite not being in a relationship, these two are currently co-parenting their child.

Who is Davonte Pack?

Davonte Pack is Ja Morant’s best friend.

Who is the youngest player in the NBA?

The youngest player in the National Basketball Association (NBA) is known as Jalen Duren. Currently, he is 19 years as he was born on November 18, 2003.

How old is Desmond Bane?

At the moment, Desmond Michael Bane is 25 years as he was born on 25th June 1998.

How tall is Angel Reese?

Angel Reese’s height stands at 1.91 meters.

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