Tips to Shopping for Spanish Bags & Top Spanish Bag Brands

The world of bags is exciting and confusing as well. Purchasing your first designer bag can be challenging if you are unaware of the tips and tricks to make the best choice. A bag can easily change your look from glam to casual. There over hundreds of bag types to choose from, such as crossbody, clutches, boho bags, backpacks, and tote bags. 

Spanish bags are known for their craftsmanship, timeless designs, and durability. With so many bags in the market, shopping for a Spanish bag can be overwhelming. The wrong choice of bag can draw attention from your fabulous outfit. Below are tips to keep in mind when shopping for Spanish bags


Most Spanish bags are made of leather, while others are designed of canvas, woven raffia, and straw. If you intend to use your bag frequently or expose it to harsh weather conditions, you should go for leather because it is durable and more resistant to wear and tear. Leather is commonly used in making luxury handbags because of its high-quality finish that adds a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

Jute is another famous material used to make Spanish bags. It is eco-friendly and gives your bag a rustic look. Jute bags are ideal for casual outings like beach trips or weekend errands. The material you choose will affect your bag’s appearance, durability, purpose, and functionality.


Size is an essential factor when shopping for a bag. The right size makes your bag more functional and practical for everyday use. A medium-sized crossbody or shoulder bag can be appropriate if you are looking for an everyday bag to carry essentials like a wallet, phone, and keys. Tote or messenger bags can be ideal if you need a larger capacity to accommodate your laptop or tablet.

Additionally, consider your body time when shopping for Spanish bags. If you are petite, avoid oversized bags because they can appear overwhelming. On the other hand, smaller bags may not suit taller individuals as they may look disproportionate on them.


The overall structure of a bag is important, especially if you need one with forms that will stay upright when empty. A bag’s structure affects its functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Check for a structured shape when shopping for Spanish bags, as it provides more stability. A bag with a sturdy bottom panel can be ideal as it provides a stable base that keeps the bag upright on surfaces.

If you want a bag that is a more relaxed and casual style, Tote Spanish bags will be the best choice. Briefcases would be perfect for offices or businesses as they help maintain a professional look. Crossbody bags can be suitable if you want a hands-free option. A well-structured bag not only looks good but also serves its purpose effectively.

Spanish Bags


Spanish bags are available in many designs, colors, and styles. There are many designs to suit everyone’s taste. You can get classic, modern, minimalist, and embellished options. The design you choose will be based on your style, the purpose of your bag, the occasion, and where you will use it. 

Some individuals opt for classic designs that never go out of style, while others prefer designs that reflect current fashion trends. There are a variety of designs to choose from when shopping for Spanish bags, even based on your material of choice. Ensure you choose a design that suits your preference and style.


There are many Spanish bag brands. They are known for their high craftsmanship and unique designs. Each brand has its craftsmanship, designs, personality, and style. You can consult the brand you are considering before buying, get referrals from friends, or read reviews from other customers. 

Loewe, Adolfo Dominguez, Tous, Carolina Herrera, and Camper are examples of bag brands with a rich history and legacy in bag-making in Spain. You can always recognize quality brands from good craftsmanship, durability, and style. Each Spanish bag brand has its unique identity with different preferences, including design aesthetic, functionality, and price.


Spanish bags can come with a hefty price tag. Ensure you set a budget and stick to it when shopping for Spanish bags. The cost of a bag may depend on the material used to make it, the brand, and the overall design. High-end Spanish bags may have higher prices but usually come with a longer warranty and better-quality materials. Cheaper bags are available, but they may not be durable or maintain the same quality standards. 

If you want a bag that you will use frequently or carry heavy items inside, invest in a more durable material that may be worth the extra cost. Look for a bag that balances quality and pricing. Also, ensure you do not overpay for a poorly crafted bag. 


Recently, sustainability and ethical practices have become crucial aspects when shopping. By purchasing a sustainable bag, you are reducing waste and protecting our planet. Most Spanish bag brands prioritize sustainability and ethical practices when creating and designing their products. The brands typically use natural materials like cotton, hemp, or jute, which are biodegradable and eco-friendly. Sustainable production techniques also ensure workers are treated and paid fairly for their work, which helps support local communities. 


Comfort is also a crucial aspect to consider when shopping for Spanish bags. Choose a comfortable bag, especially if you will be using it frequently or carrying heavy items. Look for a bag with comfortable straps or handles, adjustable straps, or padded back support. A bag may look fantastic, but you may end up discarding or not using it if it causes discomfort or pain when you wear it. 

If you carry many items daily, choose larger bags with broad straps that distribute weight evenly on your shoulders. Small bags are suitable for lighter loads, and you can comfortably carry them in one hand or over the arm. Also, choose a material that feels soft against your skin and does not cause irritation. 


Functionality is another crucial factor to consider when shopping for Spanish bags. Aspects like size, occasion, and material can affect the functionality of your bag. Your bag should match the occasion it is intended for. A spacious tote or satchel may be perfect if you need a bag for everyday use. Clutch and shoulder bags can be more appropriate for formal events.

Moreover, the size of your bag can affect functionality. Small bags can be suitable for carrying essentials like wallets and phones, while laptops or books may need larger bags. Also, choose bags made with high-quality materials if you need a durable bag.


Seasonality is another essential factor when purchasing a Spanish bag. Leather bags may not be suitable during summer or are too heavy, while canvas or woven bags may not offer the protection you need in the winter. Straw bags can be perfect for summer or beach wear. The bags are lightweight and spacious enough to carry all your beach essentials. 

During spring and summer, vibrant colors and lightweight bags dominate the Spanish market. You will mostly find people going for bright hues like coral, turquoise and yellow, along with lighter fabrics such as straw and canvas. Crossbody, tote and beach bags are the commonly used during spring and summer. 


It is crucial you consider maintenance when shopping for Spanish bags. How you take care of your bag plays a significant role in its longevity and durability. Some leather bags require special cleaning and conditioning techniques, while others need machine washing. Canvas or nylon bags are easier to wipe with a damp cloth. 

Also, how you store your bag is a major factor in maintaining your Spanish bag. Storing your bag in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight can help prevent discoloration or warping of the material. Choose a bag you can easily maintain that suits your lifestyle and needs. 


A versatile bag can suit various occasions and purposes. Consider a versatile bag that you can dress up or down, casual or formal. For example, you can use a tote bag with a removable strap as a shoulder bag for everyday use and with its strap for work or travel. When shopping for Spanish bags, choose neutral colors like black, brown, or beige. These colors easily blend with different outfits and can transition seamlessly from daytime to nighttime. 


Spanish bags are famous for their quality and craftsmanship. Be aware of fake bags that might look similar to authentic ones but are made of substandard materials. Ensure you purchase from a reputable brand or seller and check for authenticity tags or certificates. There are many counterfeit Spanish bags available in the market that can fool even the most regular shoppers. Check whether your brand of choice has an online store or only operates through retailers. 


Also, consider the purpose of a bag when purchasing. You will require more elegant designs if you want a bag for formal occasions. Traveling bags may need a more robust and functional design. For example, a spacious tote or crossbody bag can be perfect if you need one for everyday use, like commuting to work and running errands in town. A sleek clutch or shoulder bag can be ideal if you want something to complement an elegant outfit for special occasions like weddings or evening galas. 


Some Spanish bag brands offer personalization services like monogramming or engraving. Personalization can add a unique touch to your bag. With so many people carrying the same designer bags, customizing yours will set you apart. You can also personalize a bag to be a great gift. A monogrammed bag shows thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and a practical and stylish present.


Spanish bags are available in various colors, ranging from traditional brown and black to vibrant hues. Your color of choice depends on your style, the occasion, and the colors in your wardrobe. Black is a popular color for Spanish bags. The color is versatile, timeless and goes with almost any outfit. Black can be a perfect color if you are looking for a classical touch to your style. 

Brown is also a classic color that looks good on leather bags. The shade may vary from light to dark brown, giving you a range of options to choose from. Red or blue can be perfect if you want something more playful and colorful. These bright hues are suitable if you want to add a pop color to your monochromatic outfits. 


Bag hardware includes zippers, buckles, clasps, and closures. Hardware can enhance or downgrade the overall appearance of your bag. Get a bag with a high-quality zipper to ensure your belongings are secure. Also, well-made zippers last longer and do not break easily. Handles and strap attachments should be sturdy enough to carry the weight of items inside your bag. Choose a bag with sturdy and durable hardware and ensure they match your bag’s overall style and design. 


The packaging of a bag is also important. Look for bag brands with beautiful, high-quality packaging that adds to the overall experience. How a bag is packed tells you a lot about the brand and product quality. Most Spanish brands package products with high-quality materials like sturdy boxes or reusable cloth bags. This packaging protects your bag during shipping and adds value to the product by providing a reusable storage option. If you are eco-conscious, consider a brand that uses sustainable materials like recycled paper or biodegradable plastics. 

Artistic appeal

Consider a bag with artistic appeal, unique, and stands out from others. Spanish bags are known for their unique designs that reflect the country’s cultural heritage and contemporary fashion trends. Check out features like intricate patterns, vibrant colors, and high-quality materials to help you choose the best artistic appeal. Look for a Spanish bag with unique art or designs that speak to you. 

Spanish bags are popular for their craftsmanship, unique designs, and durability. There are a variety of Spanish bag brands with different types and designs you can choose from. When shopping for Spanish bags, consider the aspects of the material, design, brand, functionality, color, durability, purpose, sustainability, versatility, artistic appeal, packaging, and personalization. These factors will help you choose a practical and beautiful Spanish bag that suits your needs and style. 

Top Spanish Bag Brands:

Every person should own at least one fabulous bag in their life. A bag that is useful, practical, and makes you feel great and stylish every time you carry it. Spain is one of the continents in the fashion world known to produce high-quality and classy bags. Style mavens identify Spain as the headquarters of major fashion brands worldwide. Spain is renowned for producing fine leather bags and other accessories. 

Spanish bag brands are famous worldwide for their exceptional craftsmanship, exquisite designs, and high-quality materials. The brands combine traditional techniques and contemporary styles to develop a unique blend of classic and modern aesthetics. Spanish bag brands have gained global popularity for their attention to detail and timeless elegance. The brands offer multiple benefits, including luxury, functionality, and style, suiting every taste and occasion. Below are the top Spanish bag brands. 


Loewe is a Spanish bag design company that was founded in the1846. The company designs luxury bags that come in different materials and unique styles. Enrique Loewe is the founder of the Loewe brand. He joined other leather artisans and devised a design no one else had ever imagined. Queen Ena became one of Enrique’s craftsmen, and the group became the Purveyor of the Royal Household of Spain. Since then, the company has had its fair share of the rich and famous, including Ernest Hemingway and Sophia Loren. The company now has high-end clients purchasing their bags.

Loewe is currently one of the most famous brands in Spain. It is an old fashion luxury store that is still thriving today. The brand sources its materials from around the globe and takes style inspiration from local designers worldwide, resulting in high-quality bags and unique designs. This approach makes Loewe outstand from many other brands that cannot evoke the same sensibility in their bags. Loewe’s creativity makes it a significant choice for individuals who appreciate fashion. 

Top pick bag from Loewe

XL Flamenco bag

XL Flamenco is one of the top bags from Loewe. It has a vintage khaki made from calfskin leather with a cotton canvas lining. The bag has a cinch drawstring to close, and you can carry it by hand or over your shoulder. XL Flamenco is a bit expensive, costing $ 3,600.


The Lacambra brand was created in 2011 by Christina Alvarez Lacambra. She crafts most of the designs herself and gets help with a few. In the same year of foundation, Lacambra launched its online store. Later in 2017, the company extended its sales points and brought its products closer to the public, opening a store in Malasana. Lacambra is popular because of its craftsmanship, skill, and ability to offer incredible detail in each product they design. 

The brand makes all its bags in Spain. The bags come in different colors of soft cowhide leather, something many brands cannot provide. Most of Lacambra’s products are made of leather, and others are from canvas, a combination of cotton and recycled polyester. Lacambra is also famous because it offers free personalization on its bags and sells them at an affordable price. The brand’s bags are of high quality and excellent value for money.  

Top pick

Hobo crossbody bag

The hobo crossbody bag is made from cowhide leather. There are various colors to choose from, including fuchsia. The bag has a zipper closure and two straps, so it can be carried like a clutch or over the shoulder. 


Zara was founded in 1975 in Spain by Amancio Ortego and Rosalia Mera. The two founders primarily aimed at re-creating high-end designs and fashion bags made by hand that are affordable and publicly accessible. After a while, Zara became popular, and the company had to put a new plan in place to meet the high demand from customers. The new plan included producing the company’s products with advanced technology and employing many employees. 

In 2021, Zara was the largest apparel company in the Inditex group, famous for being the world’s most prominent fast fashion group. The brand designs excellent products at affordable prices, allowing people to own a Spanish bag that makes them feel good. No matter your taste or personal aesthetic, you can always find niche bags that fit your style from the Zara brand. 

Top pick

Crotchet maxi bucket bag

Crotchet maxi bucket bag uses cotton and polyester material. It is an excellent choice when taking a trip to the beach or if you want to carry all your essentials over your shoulder.

La Portegna

La Portegna brand was founded by Jose Urrutia. Jose Urrutia is famous for his subtle views on life, stating nothing is better when rushed. All La Portegna bags are handmade in Spain from the finest materials. The brand uses leather hand-dyed from vegetable dyes to give each product a unique color. La Portegna treats all of its leather with Spanish olive oil to soften and strengthen it. The leather fabrics are durable yet flexible. 

Urrutia designed these bags believing each bag should eventually tell a story. The leather used should wrinkle, change colors and get softer over time as you wear it, signifying the life it lived. La Portegna has no stiff or rough bags. The brand offers a personalization service, making it an ideal gift idea for many people. 

Top pick

Lucia mustard

Lucia mustard is a small yellow bag that is very vibrant and bold. It is small enough to keep discrete but big enough to hold most of your essentials while out and about. It is made of leather outside and suede inside, providing a hidden card pocket on the interior wall. 

Lupo Barcelona

Lupo, a luxury brand in Barcelona, Spain, makes handcrafted purses and bags. It was founded in the 1920s and is famous for its suitcases and high-quality travel bags. Lupo has gone through three generations, and the family still owns it. Lupo stands out among other companies because of its quality products and is successful because of its craftsmanship, leather, and designs. 

Lupo purses have become a staple in the high-end fashion retail world, and the brand is currently a leading seller of its handmade bags and leather goods. Lupo bags are relatively expensive but provide an array of high-end fashion of the best quality. Some of the brand’s most unique designs are in the exotic line of bags. 

Top pick

Donna python PM

Donna Python PM is an exotic purse with a gorgeous design and has some of the most unique colors and textures you have ever seen on a bag. It is made from Bovine leather and Python leather, with a push-lock fastener and a detachable crossbody strap.


Mohel brand uses leather to design luxury-style bags at affordable prices. It uses a combination of Bovine leathers and other materials like jute, wool, cotton, and raffia to design unique and brilliant bags. Mohel cares about the environment, so it uses the most eco-friendly products and dyes. The company makes its bags in an old fashion way and is designed in an artisan shop in Ubrique, Spain. Mohel bags are embroidered with floral patterns, smooth textured leathers, and styles to suit everyone. 

Top pick

Mariana Ambra

Mariana Ambra is a handbag that is beautifully colored with great details. It is simple but elegant, with leather straps and an inner leather pocket. Mariana Ambra is lightweight, soft, and smooth, making it ideal if you are looking for a bag that is quick to grab on the go. 


Canussa brand is located in Spain and uses eco-friendly vegan and durable materials to make its bags. Maria Canon founded the company. She was passionate about creating stylish, practical, high-quality products while respecting people, nature, and animals. Therefore, the company makes all its bags from vegan leather comprising recycled PET, maize, and new PU. Canussa does not use any animal materials. 

Canussa emphasizes creating multi-functional bags that will always stay in style. It makes bags that are practical, durable, not bulky, and affordable. You can find the right bag for work and leisure from the Canussa collection. The brand has timeless designs that are easy to match with any outfit and simple designs for party and office use. Whichever budget you have, you can own a great bag with a fancy look. 

Top pick

Trotto blue crossbody vegan bag

Trotto blue crossbody vegan bag provides plenty of space for all your things. It has a hand strap or a crossbody strap for easy transport. The bag has a phenomenal color.

Beatriz Furest

Beatriz Furest bags are hundred percent made in Spain. The first bag was designed and introduced into the market in 1996 by Beatriz Furest. She was later joined by her sister, and their family has a history of art and fashion. Beatriz Furest bags are created in some of the best factories in Barcelona, Spain. The bags are sewn together through hand-manufacturing and made from high-quality lamb and cow leathers, fine cotton, and other materials.

Beatriz believes bags should be long-lasting, emphasizing that a good bag should grow old with you. Beatriz and her sister accomplished their goal with these Furest bags and are renowned in today’s fashion and design world. You can get these stylish Beatriz Furest bags at a fair price.

Top pick

Japan canvas

Japan canvas is made of one hundred percent cotton and comes in various colors. It is a modern and contemporary bag if you are looking for a reliable purse for your wallet, keys, and phone. 


Mango was founded in Barcelona, Spain, by two brothers, Isak Andic and Nahman Andic, in 1984. The company created its first website in 1995 and developed an online store five years later. In September 2020, Mango launched its teen line through the TikTok market platform, and after a few months, it launched a new Mediterranean store-style design to increase sustainability. Currently, the brand has hundreds of stores across four continents, offering bags and other fashionable products at affordable prices. 

Mango offers various bag styles, including totes, clutches, shoulders, and backpacks. The brand uses high-quality materials and pays attention to detail when creating its bags, making them suitable for individuals with different tastes and preferences. Mango bags are stylish, modern, and versatile, so you can get a bag of your choice whether attending a casual or formal occasion. 

Top pick

Raffia handmade bag

Raffia handmade bag is one hundred percent made of raffia, with a lining made of cotton. The bag has a large, strong handle and a removable crossbody strap, making it great for everyday use. Raffia bag is perfect for any occasion and comfortable to carry throughout the day. 

Mint & Rose

Mint and Rose is a brand in Spain created in 2012 by Monti G. Benavides. The primary goal of Monti for her brand was to give it a Mediterranean-inspired look, which she has achieved with her fabulous designs. Monti is passionate about her creations and believes perfection is achieved in a calm atmosphere. Mint and Rose brand is located in Madrid, but it has an online store that ships internationally.

Mint and Rose’s bags are handmade artisan creations, and designs are developed from traditional techniques that are centuries old. The company uses the best materials to create durable and fabulous bags. Mint and Rose’s bags have a conventional and chic design making them versatile and diverse. The bags look suitable for office wear or with jeans at the weekends. The bags are relatively affordable. 

Top pick

Calvia black

Calvia Black is a medium-sized leather composition tote bag. It has a smooth and semi-rigid texture and a sleek black design. The purse is the little black dress of handbags, and every woman should have one.


The Inditex Group, the same parent company as Zara, owns the Stradivarius brand. Stradivarius bags are characterized by a combination of classic elements and unique details. The company may involve a mix of materials when designing the bags, including materials like leather, faux leather, fabric, and accompaniments such as studs and chains. Stradivarius usually uses different colors, patterns, and textures to help develop eye-catching designs that appeal to a youthful and trendy audience. 

Stradivarius is known to create various bags, including handbags, crossbody bags, backpacks, tote bags, and clutch bags. The brand aims at designing stylish bags suitable for young and fashion-forward individuals. Stradivarius usually incorporates current fashion trends, enabling customers to be on top of the latest styles. Stradivarius bags can be best for you if you are a fashion lover who likes to shop on a budget.

Top pick

Soho bag

The Soho bag can be a perfect choice if you are a fashion enthusiast. The Soho bag is famous for its sleek and elegant design, making it ideal for casual outings and formal events. The bag features a structured silhouette with clean lines, giving it a modern and classy appearance. The Soho bag is made from high-quality materials like smooth leather or durable faux leather, promoting its durability. It is available in various colors.

Bimba Y Lola

Bimba y Lola is named after the founders’ dogs. The company opened its first store in 2006 in Bilbao. Currently, Bimba y Lola has other stores across Europe, the Middle East, South America, and Asia. The brand has carved a name for itself in international fashion.

Bimba Y Lola is famous for highlighting the latest design trends, making its apparel noteworthy. The brand may have a different ubiquitous presence from certain companies like Zara, but it has a unique style sense that is usually missing from fast fashion. It can be a brand of choice if you want more unique options like Loewe. 

Top pick

Bowling bag

The bowling bag is one of the top bags from Bimba Y Lola. It offers an excellent blend of elegance and versatility. The bowling bag has a spacious interior with multiple compartments, making it perfect for carrying all your necessities. Its structured shape gives it a classy look, while the bold colors and signature logo add a touch of playfulness. The name bowling may seem contradictory initially because it conjures images of sports or leisure, but it is versatile.


Tous is famous for producing high-quality accessories. The brand was founded in 1920 by Salvador Tous and his wife, Teresa Ponsa, in Manresa, Catalonia, Spain. Tous originally started as a small watch repair store, but over time, he evolved the workshop into a renowned brand famous for its distinctive designs and craftsmanship. Tous is mainly known for its signature bear motif, which is the company’s iconic symbol. The brand incorporates the bear in some of its products, including bags. 

Tous uses high-quality materials like leather to create its products, resulting in stylish and contemporary designs. The brand has a strong online network and stores in numerous countries, allowing customers to purchase their products globally. Tous is a favorite choice among fashion-conscious people who need quality, style, and playfulness when buying bags. 

Top picks

Tous Kaos New Colores Backpack

Kaos new Colores backpack is the latest addition to the Tous backpack collection. The bag is a perfect blend of functionality and fashion, making it an ideal accessory if you are constantly on the go. The Kaos new Colores backpack is available in various colors, from bold reds and blues to playful pinks and purples. The bag’s exterior is made from durable nylon, promoting longevity despite daily wear and tear. This backpack has ample storage space for all your essentials. 

Tous Caine Kaos N Women’s Backpack

Tous caine Kaos N women’s backpack is a stylish and versatile bag that combines functionality with a trendy design, making it ideal for any occasion. It is crafted from high-quality materials, making it durable. Tous caine Kaos N women’s backpack has a spacious interior featuring multiple compartments, allowing easy organization and accommodating all your essentials. Also, the bag has adjustable shoulder straps, ensuring a comfortable fit for every body type. Tous caine Kaos N women’s backpack has an eye-catching aesthetic appeal due to its sleek silhouette and unique textures and finishes.

Tous leather Backpack

Tous leather backpack has recently become popular due to its epitome of style and functionality. It is made from high-quality leather, making it durable. A tous leather backpack is spacious. It is suitable for daily use or weekend gateways. The bag has multiple compartments, allowing easy organization and keeping all your belongings neat and accessible on the go. The tous leather backpack also has adjustable straps, promoting comfortable wearability. 

Tous backpack White Medium Size

Tous backpack, white medium size, is a practical and elegant bag, making it excellent for any occasion. The white color adds a touch of sophistication, and it effortlessly complements any outfit. It has a minimalistic design, ensuring it never goes out of style. Tous backpack white medium size offers ample storage space, so it can carry all your essentials. The bag is made from high-quality materials, enhancing durability and longevity. This backpack has sturdy zippers and reinforced stitching, ensuring it withstands everyday wear and tear. 

Tous Brunock Chain Backpack

Tous Brunock chain backpack features a sleek, black leather exterior adorned with the brand’s signature gold-toned chain strap. It has a spacious interior and multiple compartments and pockets, providing ample space for your essentials while keeping them organized on the go. The Tous Brunock chain backpack is versatile. It seamlessly transitions from day to night. The backpack also has a timeless design, ensuring it remains a staple in your wardrobe for years. 

Black Tous Sylvia Backpack

The Black Tous Sylvia backpack is crafted from high-quality materials, making it durable. Its black color makes it effortlessly complement various styles. This backpack has a minimalist design, offering functionality and fashion-forward appeal. Black Tous Sylvia backpack has a spacious interior providing ample room for all your essentials, including laptops and tablets.

Black Kaos Dream Backpack-Tous

The black Kaos dream backpack is the latest creation from Tous. It is an ideal backpack for you if you are a modern, fashion-forward individual. The Black Kaos dream backpack is crafted from high-quality materials. The bag has a sleek black design. The monochromatic palette adds a touch of sophistication and effortlessly elevates any outfit. You can easily pair the backpack with casual ensembles or more formal attires. 

Tous Beige Backpack Kaos Pix Soft

Tous beige backpack Kaos pix soft combines style and functionality. It can be a perfect backpack for you if you are a fashion enthusiast and avid traveler. Its neutral beige color effortlessly complements any outfit while adding a touch of elegance. Tous beige backpack Kaos pix is soft but sturdy, ensuring it withstands daily wear and tears without compromising comfort. It has a spacious interior making it easy to carry all your essentials. The backpack also features Tous’ signature bear motif in gold-tone hardware.


The Desigual brand is popular for its colorful and vibrant bag designs. Its bags are usually characterized by bold patterns, vivid colors, and intricate embroidery. Desigual embraces a lively and eclectic style to outstand other brands that focus on more traditional and subdued bag designs. The company combines functionality with artistic flair when creating its bags to ensure they become visually appealing and practical for everyday use. 

Desigual has a wide variety of bags you can choose from, including crossbody bags, shoulder bags, larger totes, and backpacks. The bags are designed in various shapes and sizes, suiting people with different preferences and needs. Whether you are looking for a bag to enhance your outfit or a piece to carry your essentials, Desigual is your brand of choice. 

Spanish bag brands cater to the needs of all individuals. They use high-quality materials, unique craftsmanship, and exceptional styles when designing their products, suiting each individual’s taste and preference. Whether you need a stylish or functional bag, the Desigual Spanish bag brand is your choice. 

Top pick 

Bols Bowling Silvana

Bols Bowling Silvana perfectly captures the essence of Desigual’s aesthetic. The bag is a true head-turner due to its vibrant colors and bold patterns. It has a spacious interior and multiple compartments, making it stylish and practical for everyday use. Bols Bowling Silvana has Desigual’s signature patchwork design, combining different fabrics to create an eclectic but harmonious look. The mix of geometric shapes, flowers, and abstract motifs adds an artist’s touch to this bag.

Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera is a Spanish fashion brand that has existed for over thirty-five years. It was founded by Venezuelan designer Carolina Herrera in 1981. The brand quickly became popular due to its elegant designs that catered to high-end clientele. Carolina Herrera outstands other bag brands due to its unique blend of European sophistication with Latin American flair. 

Carolina Herrera designs its bags with premium materials like leather, suede, and satin. The bags come in various styles, from classic tote bags to trendy crossbody bags. Carolina Herrera bags are considered a symbol of luxury and elegance worldwide. Each bag bears a distinctive hallmark of quality craftsmanship, striking designs, and innovative features.

Top pick 

Insignia bag

Insignia bag displays Carolina Herrera’s signature sophistication and attention to detail. It is crafted from the finest leather materials. The name Insignia captures the essence of Carolina Herrera’s creation. An insignia is a distinguishing mark or symbol representing an individual or company. In this case, it represents the brand Carolina Herrera and the wearer who desires to demonstrate their fashion choice. 


Balenciaga is a Spanish fashion brand with vast popularity for its luxury bags. The brand was founded by Cristobal Balenciaga and has been known for its avant-garde designs and high-end leather bags. The headquarters of Balenciaga is located in Paris, but it identifies itself as a Spanish bag brand.

Cristóbal Balenciaga opened his first boutique in San Sebastian, Spain. Over the years, he gained popularity for his innovative designs and unique style. In 1937, he moved to Paris, and that is when he started creating handbags that eventually became a hallmark of his brand. Balenciaga is today identified as a luxury bag brand. 

Top pick 

Balenciaga City bag

Balenciaga City bag is known for its unique features and distinctive style. The bag first debuted in 2001 under the creative direction of Nicolas Ghesquiere. Its design was inspired by motorcycle culture. It features studs and buckles reminiscent of biker jackets.

Adolfo Dominguez

Adolfo Dominguez is a Spanish brand that was founded in 1973. It offers many products, including accessories and men’s and women’s wear, but bags are one of its most popular products. Adolfo Dominguez designs its bags in a style that caters to the needs of modern-day customers. 

Adolfo Dominguez uses high-quality materials like leather and canvas to create stylish bags that are functional and fashion-forward. Whether you are looking for a handbag or a trendy backpack, Adolfo Dominguez has something for you. The brand has maintained its popularity over the years due to its commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. 

Top pick

Bambu bag

Bambu bag is among the top iconic bags from Adolfo Dominguez. Its name stems from its distinctive design, which features bamboo handles that offer an elegant and nature-inspired touch. The Bambu bag shows Adolfo Dominguez’s commitment to incorporating sustainable materials into his designs. The use of bamboo demonstrates the brand’s dedication to eco-friendly practices. The Bambu bag has a spacious interior, allowing easy storage of essentials. 


Castaner is a Spanish bag brand that boasts unique designs and quality craftsmanship when making its products. The brand designs bags that are functional and fashionable, reflecting the latest trends in fashion. Castaner is the ideal brand for you if you are a fashion-conscious person.

Castaner values sustainability when creating its bags, making them outstanding among other brands. The brand sources raw materials for its products from ethical suppliers and ensures the manufacturing procedures have a minimal environmental impact. Caster bags are not only stylish but also eco-friendly, making them perfect for customers who want to look fashionable and make sustainable choices.

Top pick

Castaner bag

Castaner bag is named after the brand itself. The bag combines functionality with timeless appeal. Castaner bag is made from high-quality materials like natural canvas or luxurious leather. The bag has a spacious interior and multiple pockets, ensuring your necessities keep organized. 

In conclusion, there are a variety of Spanish bag brands available for every taste and occasion. Spanish bag brands use premium materials, attention to detail, and commitment to sustainability, making them stand out in the fashion industry. You can get a bag to your taste from Loewe, Bimba y Lola, Carolina Herrera, Canussa, Stradivarius, Mango, Zara, Lupo, or Desigual brands. Consider purchasing one of these top Spanish bag brands to elevate your wardrobe today.

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