3 Things Women Should Consider Before Buying a Rolex

Rolex makes a variety of beautiful timepieces just for women. Before you make the purchase, check out these tips on how to find a women’s Rolex that can define your style of living.

1. Budget

It’s no secret that a stunning watch is an investment, so it’s important to know if you can afford the piece and how much you’re willing to spend on it. Unlike a car, the good news is that an expensive watch doesn’t depreciate. In fact, it’s a luxury asset that can be worn every day and still often be sold at a profit.

There is also the idea of self-purchase. As time has gone on, more and more women have begun buying their own jewelry and changing the industry’s marketing angle. Women aren’t waiting for a man to “put a ring on it”; instead, they want to be able to express their personality and status, choosing luxury brands to do so. If they can afford it, they’re going for it and not waiting for jewelry given solely as a gift.


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Self-purchase is a trend, and research shows that women are doing plenty of it online when it comes to shoes, purses and jewelry. Buying a gorgeous watch has become a justifiable indulgence. Even within the sphere of luxury goods, price points can vary, so women aren’t as limited in their options as they might have been previously.

2. Lifestyle

Before buying a lovely pre-owned women’s Rolex, it’s essential to consider your lifestyle and climate. In other words, are you working in an area where weather conditions are severe? Does your schedule involve an overly active routine? Both of these scenarios would call for choosing a rugged timepiece.

Maybe you prefer to only wear your watch for special events or formal occasions. Not only do Rolex designers focus on ultimate precision, but they also create timepieces for women that are beautiful and stylish. An excellent example of this would be the sophisticated Rolex Lady Datejust. This feminine timepiece is all about graceful refinement — it features precise automatic movement, a date display window and a waterproof case. This gorgeous model has many faces for the discerning buyer. Would you prefer simple or gem-set hour markers or even Roman numerals? As far as bezels go, would you opt for fluted, domed or diamond-set? This watch is striking in a two-tone combination of stainless steel and 18K yellow gold and comes in a variety of sizes. It’s no wonder that the Datejust has become one of Rolex’s most iconic collections.

3. Purpose

There are a number of reasons why you would want to be the owner of a luxury watch such as a Rolex. The purpose of owning one can be multifold. For example, this watch brand enjoys a strong reputation worldwide. A Rolex brings a symbol of power, status and opulence to the wearer. Owning such a timepiece can feel empowering and also bring you a greater sense of self-confidence. The type of Rolex you choose can also help define your unique personality.

You may even decide to purchase a Rolex for its wonderful investment perks. Its special and strong reputation in the industry has allowed these watches to hold their value. These watches can also appreciate in value over time. Owning a Rolex is like treasuring an heirloom. If well taken care of over the years, the watch could be passed down through the generations.

Of course, fashion is another reason to choose a timepiece from the Rolex label. Some women prefer luxury accessories and want to show off their exceptional taste in life’s finer things. Beautiful jewelry pieces make statements on their own, and a Rolex doesn’t need an armful of bangles or pendants to express fabulous style.

Popular Rolex Models for Women and Their Features

Rolex Models
Rolex Models

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Rolex designs their timepieces with careful thought. This famous label has watches that are sporty, classic and uber-luxurious to match your wardrobe and type of lifestyle.

Popular models include the following:

  • The Rolex Day-Date 36 is a stunning uni-sex timepiece known for its simple sophistication. It has understated features, including its iconic Oyster case, fluted bezel and three-piece Presidential bracelet.


  • The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is globally recognized as the No. 1 racing watch. It comes with chronograph functions and a tachymeter scale. It’s a fantastic everyday kind of timepiece (also, unisex) that travels well and is suited for the beach.


  • The Rolex Yacht-Master Midsize is another sophisticated model for ladies who love boating and other water-related activities. It’s a beauty made capable of withstanding depths of up to 100 meters. The durable timepiece also features a waterproof case, a self-winding automatic movement and a unidirectional rotating bezel.


  • The Oyster Perpetual for Ladies is often described as the heart and soul of the brand’s collection of timepieces. Its lovely minimal design is perfect for everyday wear. The watch is available in a number of variations with different face colors and band lengths. Each version is designed with a stainless steel casing.


  • The Rolex Pearlmaster is all about softly curved lines, rich dials and lavish gem settings such as diamonds, sapphires or rubies. The watch is exclusively made in 18K yellow, white and Everose gold. The Pearlmaster holds a special place in the Oyster collection.

Go Big or Go Home, Ladies!

Personal style is unique; you know what you like and what you’ll wear. Jewelry is also one of those beautiful possessions that can instantly elevate your wardrobe and even make you feel more confident. By purchasing a Rolex, you’re making an investment and choosing to own one of the finest jewelry items ever crafted worldwide.

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