“Roblox Project Slayers Codes – August 2023 | Unlock Rewards and Power-ups in the Demon Slayer-inspired Game Mode”

Roblox project slayers:

Millions of people enjoy Roblox. a sandbox game that allows you to collaborate, play, and create with players from across the globe. Participate in any of the community activities, or use discount codes to access cool content. The Roblox game Project Slayers was developed in 2020 by user Ouw0pp and is based on the anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. As they slash through ominous mountains and forests, either alone or with company, players can decide whether to play as a human or a demon. 

Players can use coupons to receive rewards for their characters in the game, including free spins and other bonuses. You should come back frequently to see which Project Slayers codes are active and which ones have already expired because these codes are frequently reset.

Uses for the Project Slayers Codes

Codes for Project Slayers can be used to access helpful game features like race restarts and free spins. Players can use the aforementioned codes to earn useful gifts. The game’s developer provides new codes frequently, but they don’t live forever, so it’s worth checking this page frequently to locate fresh ones. 

 Textual codes known as Project Slayer gives players with free clan spins, demon art spins, and XP. 

How can you redeem a Project Slayer Codes:

Redeeming a Project Slayers codes is incredibly simple and will provide you everything you need to enjoy your game. Open the menu after entering the game and select the tiny book symbol. Codes for Project Slayer are frequently made available as a result of player milestones, updates, or as an expression of regret for issues and server outages. So keep an eye out for additional codes dropping as the Project Slayers game developers decide how to use them. 

You can enter the code here and choose “Redeem” by clicking the box.

Check our list again if the code doesn’t work properly because that indicates that it’s possibly expired. Enjoy. 

The major 1.5 update for Project Slayers was released on May 19th. Along with two new Breathing Styles, Sound and Snow, there were other new places, enemies, and weapons. The precise timing of the upcoming update is still being decided, but it is most likely going to be in three to four months.

Finding the project slayers’ code

The official Project Slayers Discord server frequently has new codes posted there because it receives daily updates.

However, letting us do the work for you and returning to this website frequently is the simplest method to find more Project Slayers coupons. 

Project Slayers doesn’t have any active codes right now. To honor the Roblox anniversary, the most recent round of Project Slayers codes were made available. Despite the game reaching one million favorites and the 1millfavs code, such codes are no longer valid.

project slayers codes
project slayers codes

These are the current active codes: 

  • Race reset with 1millfavracereset 
  • breath reset using 1millfavs.
  • 100 spins, 30 bda spins, and more for 1millfavs
  • ThxFor400MVisits – Ample free spins, including daily, clan, and art spins

Keep close eye on capital letters, numerals, and other characters, as these codes must be typed exactly as they are listed above.

Codes that are no longer valid include:

  • 5 art spins, 35 clan spins, and 1 daily spin thanks to ThxFor650KVotes
  • 25 art spins from Update309ArtSpins
  • Breathing reset with update 309
  • Race reset, Update309RaceReset
  • ThanksForLikes600K: five art spins, fifteen clan spins, and one daily spin
  • 5 art spins, 10 clan spins, and 1 daily spin with the code “ThanksForLikes600K2”
  • Free spins with the Upd295MiniCode
  • 5 art spins, 25 clan spins, and 1 daily spin with NewAntiExploit
  • 15 art spins, 75 clan spins, and 5 daily spins with Thx4300MNOuwohanalBacks
  • Race reset: Thx4300MNOuwohanaIsBack
  • breathing reset: Thx4300MNOuwohanaIsBackBreathReset
  • SorryForIssuesToday – 9 art spin, 25 clan spins and 1 daily spin
  • Miniupdate1.5 – 35 clan spins
  • SorryForDataIssues – 75 clan spins
  • Ic38dA! – Free daily, demon and regular spins
  • EastaBreathingR3S3T – breath spin
  • 3AsTeRRaceReset – race spin
  • H@pPY3AsTeR – 2 daily spin, free demon and clan spin
  • SorryForDelay! – Spins demon art and more
  • ThanksFor200milVisitsRace – spins and reset
  • ThanksFor500kVotes – spins and reset
  • Roblox@ItAgainBreathingReset – breathing reset
  • Roblox@ItAgainRaceRese – race reset
  • ProjectShutdown – spins  
  • Roblox@ItAgain – spins 
  • ProjectShutdownBreathing – breathing reset
  • ProjectShutdownRace – race reset
  • 450KupvBreathingReset – breath reset
  • 450KupvRaceReset – race reset
  • 450Kupv – spins 
  • HappyNewYears! – bunch of free spins
  • HappyUpdateYears! – race reset
  • 2023BreathingReset – breath reset
  • MerryChristmas2022BreathingReset – breath reset
  • MerryChristmas2022RaceReset – race reset
  • MerryChristmas2022 – spins 
  • IncreasedDropsRaceReset – race reset
  • IncreasedDropsBreathReset – breath reset
  • Upd@te1B1gCodE – clan spins, demon spins and daily spins
  • MUGENTRAINFINALLY – breath spin
  • AkazagoBRR – race spin
  • 400Klikes – spins, demon art spins and daily spins
  • 400Klikesracereset – reset your race
  • 400Klikesbreathingreset – spins 
  • FlAm3!Shawcas31- race reset
  • miniupd2breathreset – breath reset
  • Miniupdate3breathingreset – breath reset
  • Miniupdate3 – spins 
  • Twittaspins – 30 spins
  • sCyth3Showcase – 15 spins
  • 350Kupvotes!Breathing – breath reset
  • 350Kupvotes! – 15 spins
  • Anotherdayanothershutdown – 15 spins
  • Lastcode?lol – 15 spins

Roblox Project slayers clans:

Players of Roblox: Project Slayers are all aware of how crucial it is to select the appropriate clan. Clans provide a range of bonuses and advantages. Only a select few gamers are aware of the best clan to join. This guide will explain the benefits of each clan and assist players in choosing the best one for their characters. Let’s take a closer look at how clans impact a player’s gameplay before moving on to the list of clans. Each clan offers distinct benefits that can dramatically boost the players’ skills, just like the codes do. Some clans reward supporters with a double leap and excellent benefits like extremely high HP or stamina levels. Therefore, choosing the right clan becomes crucial to a player’s success in Roblox: Project Slayers.


Due to their talents, the Kamado Kamado clan may provide players a particularly fast speed. A player may debuff foes around them and is also highly quick. Players can discover the following stat boosts below:

Sword: +3 Strength: +3 Weapon: +3 Block Bar: +125 Stamina: +140 Health

project slayers codes
project slayers codes


The finest clan in the game, in my opinion. Players in demon form won’t sustain harm because it has sunlight protection and speeds up breath bar restoration. Additionally, stamina has several additional amazing abilities and regenerates twice as quickly. The list of extra stats it provides is below for fans to peruse:

+1 Sword, +110 Stamina, +125 Health, +1 Block Bar, +2 Strength

A-tier include Tomioka

This clan’s benefit is that members no longer get sluggish when their HP is low, and they may easily debuff players nearby. The following is a list of every bonus statistic:

Strength, Sword, Stamina, and Health are all increased by 3.


Demons that attempt to take the souls of its members would quickly perish, making it stand out from the competition. This clan additionally possesses a double boost and somewhat faster mobility. Additionally, this clan has access to higher prices for a variety of goods as well as lower prices for potions, which, incidentally, he is immune to. The stats that players will provide for selecting this clan are listed below:

+2 Strength, +2 Sword, and +1

B-Tier includes Urokodaki

For players who enjoy looking for other players, the Urokodaki clan is not awful because it provides perks that make it easier to notice their tracks. Players may view this clan’s statistics below:

+2 strength and +40 endurance


This clan has the ability to command greater prices for goods and artifacts and has the ability to determine the power of an opponent’s weaponry, both of which are useful in protracted conflicts. Players may view this clan’s statistics below:

+2 Sword

A C-Tier is:

Suzuki, Todoroki, Toka, Nishimura, Haruno, Bakugo, Izuku, Ando, Onishi, Fukuda, Kurosaki, Saito, Ishida, Sakurai, Fujiwara, and Mori are some of the other names for the group.

How to play roblox project slayers game:

There are 100 levels in Roblox Project Slayers; levels 0 through 10 takes place in the village, which is the first settlement you’ll visit. When you initially start the game, you will have a map with a point on it named Kiribati hamlet. This is the first hamlet you will visit, and you may place your spawn location there. When you are farming in a region with one of these sets, your spawn will be in one of these green objects over here. We will begin by speaking with the young woman in this room who goes by the name of Yomi or Somi. She’ll have you go through three distinct missions, which is my fault.

First quest: Her initial mission will include combat zuko After finishing that mission, you may speak with her again, and she’ll offer you a second, distinct assignment. First objective: You have to destroy five of these enemies.

Second quest: As part of the second quest, you must hold this girl in place and kill two of the bandits’ subordinates while holding her. Then, you must return to Somi, who will turn in the quest once you’ve finished it and ask you to speak to her a third time. 

Third quest: She will give you a third set of quests, and in this one you’ll have to battle the zuko boss, the game’s first boss. He has a chance to drop your first real boss drop, a ryaku necklace that gives you, oh, 10 plus health, so this is a pretty good start. You’ll alternate between these three quests up until you reach level 10.

Afterwards we go on to the next area, but before we do, let me give you a little tip: if you want to get some quick cheap money, do this quest. It’s a delivery-type task that requires you to bring this wagon to a designated location location on the map, which yields, I believe, 150+ wins, and if you accomplish this, you’ll be able to easily obtain your first weapon now that we’re level 10.

zapiewara cave is the next place after level 10; I’ll show you guys precisely how to go there without taking any shortcuts; I’m simply going to hurry things up here is the cave right here. You may accept this quest as soon as you reach level 10. The task requires you to enter this cave, so do so as soon as you accept it. Additionally, there is a spawn set over here, so make sure you do that This quest only requires you to kill three demons; once you reach level 12, you can leave to get your breathing style and return to this area; however, if you want to be a demon, you must reach level 15 before you can even speak to Muzon. We are deep inside this cave, so there will be three demons right here. You must kill all three of them in order to set your spawn there.

project slayers codes
project slayers codes

How to get to the slayer exam

To get to the slayer exam so you open up your map and you unlock this final selection point. Once you’ve done either of those things, you can use it to do either when or map points. Once you’ve unlocked this point, you’ll be able to fast travel to that area. Remember that you must be level 15 to complete the last selection before you can teleport there. Once we arrive, you’ll find that there are only level 15 humans there, and the final selection will spawn.

Every four hours, at four pm esd, eleven am est, six am est, and ten pm est.

Here’s a another approach in case you missed the slayers and have to wait. Stay at Zapiewar Cave until level 20, then proceed as I did. Go We’ll go all the way to this NPC. You must be level 20 to accept this task, which requires you to kill a set number of these caden subordinates over here. You will continue to complete this quest until you are either level 25 or level 30. 

It depends on whether you want to stay here any longer. Once you reach level 25, if the slayer exam is still unavailable, we can move on to the next area. In addition, you can enter the booboo cave I just showed you how to enter. You must be level 25 or higher to accept this quest, which requires you to enter this cave and kill three demons. I advise you to farm this until you can take the slayer exam. crow will appear, and occasionally you can unlock these things called crows once you’ve truly become a slayer.

Sometimes these crows will give you a quest, as you can see here: defeat neziko 170 yen and 1050 xp demons work in a similar way, though muzon will give you quests instead of crows. Nevertheless, the basic idea is the same. Since you will only be level 20 at this point, you probably won’t be able to solo bosses, so let’s move on to the next method. If you were successful in the final selection.

Return to the Zombie War Cave and farm there until you reach level 20. After that, let’s move on to the town. At level 20, you’ll do this task here until you reach level 25, at which point you can alternate between it and crow missions until you reach level 40, if you feel up to the challenge. 

You should have few issues at this stage at level 40 + if you farm the abubu cave quest and alternate between this quest and the crow muzon missions. If you’re a slayer, you can solo nearly every boss in the game by farming the nezuko boss, who yields the same number of experience points and is rather easy to solo.

The Nezuko boss is so open your map point and purchase this location that reads “dangerous woods” as harder bosses. You guys will be over here after you get that go to horse man and go to the risky woods spawning right into dangerous woods.

This is really one of the primary bosses; farm her because she’s rather simple and has a tier one chest as far as the crow quests on Nezuko are concerned. proceed over to this left side and proceed down this path.

You should have few issues at this stage at level 40 + if you farm the abubu cave quest and alternate between this quest and the crow muzon missions. If you’re a slayer, you should be able to solo almost every boss in the game, but if you’re a demon, you should be able to solo almost every boss except maybe give now let me give you an example of a demon quest i’m going to do.

Now go to horse guy and ask him to transport me to butterfly mansion for this specific mission. It states right here eradicate 13 mizunodos at the butterfly mansion on map point and you guys can see butterfly matching enabled. 

Complete crows or muzon quests:

 You need to kill 13 of these enemies, but they’re actually quite simple to take out and the quest rewards more than 1,000 experience points. At this point, you should continue to complete crows or muzon quests until you reach level 100, as this is the fastest way for you all to level.

Final Verdict 

In conclusion, Roblox players can enhance their experience in the Demon Slayer-inspired game mode, Project Slayers, by utilizing the active codes for August 2023. By redeeming these codes, players can unlock valuable rewards, power-ups, and exclusive items. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the vast map, battle formidable enemies, and uncover hidden secrets. Jump into the action-packed world of Project Slayers and make the most of these codes to enhance your gameplay.

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