Choosing The Right Online Magazine Subscription Strategy

The online magazine subscription model can be an excellent way to generate revenue and expand your readership, but it’s essential that you select the right strategy.

The ideal route for you depends on a variety of factors, including budget, marketing strategy and business model. Additionally, it should take into account who your target audience is.


Subscriptions are a business revenue model in which businesses charge a recurring fee to access products or services. This enables them to accurately forecast their income and focus on building customer relationships.

Magazine subscriptions are an example of a subscription-based business model. Instead of selling print magazines as individual items, magazines offer subscribers either monthly or weekly deliveries of the magazine.

People subscribe to magazine subscriptions for many reasons. They may enjoy the physical sensation of holding a magazine, can’t locate it at their local bookstore, or just want to save money and have it delivered directly. Whatever the case may be, subscribing can be beneficial!

Digital magazines are becoming more common due to their accessibility across a range of devices and ability to be downloaded offline for offline reading. Furthermore, many include features like bookmarking and page numbers which make navigating articles much simpler.



Freemium subscriptions are a popular model in print publications. Websites and apps that follow this model typically provide some free content, while those who want access to more will need to pay.

When implementing this strategy, conducting market research is essential so you know the minimum features your customers require and the add-ons they are willing to pay for. Furthermore, understanding how your customer lifetime value (CLV) compares to your customer acquisition cost (CAC) is critical.

Though the advantages of freemium are abundant, businesses may struggle to generate enough recurring revenue using this model. One common obstacle is customer conversion rate–the percentage of free users who upgrade to paid plans. If this number is low, it could indicate that your product or service does not provide sufficient value for users or they don’t understand or value the premium features you are providing them with.

Native Apps

Publishing digital magazines is possible through various apps. Some are free, while others charge a fee. They make for an ideal alternative for those who don’t wish to invest in creating their own app.

These apps enable readers to create an account and access various digital issues on their smartphones, making them a great way to increase readership.

One of the most popular magazine subscription apps is Amazon’s Kindle Newsstand. Zinio, Texture, Magzter and Readly are other available options.

Native apps are applications built specifically for an operating system (Android, iOS, Windows) using a platform-specific programming language. This ensures they adhere to the design guidelines of each platform, leading to an enhanced user experience.

Progressive web apps are often preferred over these applications due to their intuitive nature and security. Unfortunately, they can be costly to develop and maintain; as such, these tools should only be utilized by large publishing houses with high-quality issues distributed with reliable subscriptions.



Online magazine publishers are businesses, nonprofit organizations or trade associations that create content and sell advertising. They typically collaborate with a team of writers to craft captivating articles that engage their target audience.

Online magazines offer readers a cost-effective alternative to traditional print publications, since they eliminate printing and mailing expenses. Furthermore, these digital publications give readers access to essential information on their computers or mobile devices.

Publishers often monetize their e-zines through subscriptions. This business model allows readers to receive valuable content without being distracted by ads.

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