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Mike Vitar: What You Should Know About This American Actor

Historically, the television and film industry has seen emerging child actors thrill their fans with adorable performances that the audience loves. Unfortunately, not all these child actors succeed in movie roles as adults in the acting world but turn to other ways of livelihood. The American fireman and former actor Michael Anthony Vitar are one who, in the early 90s, made the buzz, starred in various TV series and movies with amazing talent that dazzled audiences and the era high talked about child star. 

At the age of 12, he began acting after a casting director noticed him waiting in line for a ride at a school fair. In the professional acting line, he played Luis Mendoza in the final two Mighty Ducks movies and Benjamin Franklin “Benny the Jet” Rodriguez in the notable, The Sandlot. However, his retirement from acting came shortly in 1997, after which he focused on other things beyond the screen. Read on for some amazing details about this former actor.

Mike Vitar’s Personal Life

The entertainer, Mike, was born on 21 December 1987 and grew up in los angeles, California. The star’s zodiac is Sagittarius, and he holds American and Cuban identities, although not much information is available about his parents. The 46-year old former actor has a well-built physique, weighs about 136.4 lbs (62kgs) and is quite tall, approximately 1.84m (6 feet).

 He attended and graduated from St. Francis High School in La Cañada in 1997 alongside his brother Pablo, who also featured in The Sandlot and passed away after a colon cancer diagnosis in 2008 on January 29. In addition, he has a sister, Elizabeth, the only surviving sibling with whom he moved his family to Los Angeles, where they currently reside.

mike vitar

Mike Vitar Professional Life

When Mike Vitar was just 12 years old, he started his career as an entertainer. Many people regularly know him as Benny “The Jet” Rodrigues, which made this youngster appear to be fabricating the dynamite film business and profession. He made his acting debut as Anthony Gambuzza in the series premiere of Brooklyn Bridge in 1991 and went on to play Arturo in the movie Diplomatic Immunity that same year. The next year, this movie earned him a Young Artist Award for Outstanding Youth Ensemble in Motion Picture.

Additionally, he portrayed Luis Mendoza in D2: The Mighty Ducks that very year. He reprised the role in D3: The Mighty Ducks, the third instalment in the series, three years later, in 1996. He started working for Gerber Ambulance in Torrance that same year. Additionally, he made an appearance as a teenager in the Girl Talk scene from NYPD Blue. He performed as Carlo Lunes in the series’ opening sequences of Chicago Hope in 1997, the same year he announced his retirement from acting.

And after playing multiple captivating characters, he rapidly left the film universe and began his career as a firefighter in 1996 by working for Gerber Ambulance in Torrance, which served as a stepping stone into the EMS industry. He has worked for the Los Angeles Fire Department as a fireman since joining in June 2002, as he currently resides in Los Angeles. Vitar is still working there at the moment as a fireman. And after playing multiple captivating characters, he rapidly left the films universe and

Mike Vitar’s spouse

Mike Vitar got married to Kym Allen 2006, who is a homemaker and a professional photographer. The specifics of how the couple met, how long they dated, and when they wed in 2006 are still unknown. Vitar’s career as a professional actor had long since ended at the time of their wedding; therefore, it would presumably make sense that no well-known celebrities attended.

The couple has three kids, a daughter, Norah Paige, and two sons, Wesley and Eli Vitar. All three of Mike’s children were born when he married Kym, the woman he has been with for over ten years. Eli was born to the couple on March 21, 2007, Wesley was welcomed into the world on April 30, 2009, a little more than two years later, and on January 31, 2013, their only daughter, Norah, was born almost four years later. 

The family lives together in Long Angles, where he is equally employed as the retired entertainer and actor at the beginning of 2020, was alleged to be worth $300,000 from his fundamental source of income. Again, during his acting career, he raked some money from the TV roles he featured before becoming a firefighter.

According to relatives and friends, Mike Vitar has dedicated his life to his family and to being a firefighter. But for those who enjoy reliving the past, Mike Vitar starred in The Sandlot, one of today’s most popular movies, which also starred James Earl Jones as Darth Vader, where he had a promising acting career, but for some reason, he abandoned it.

Mike Vitar Acting career

Most importantly, even at the young age of 12, he showed a huge zeal for acting in The Sandlot, a 1962 drama centers on a fifth grader Scott Smalls (Tom Guiry), who moves with his stepfather (Denis Leary) and mother (Karen Allen) into a Los Angeles neighborhood. Smalls’ mother forces him outdoors to make friends with some of the neighborhood youngsters to overcome his introverted personality. Smalls finds himself at the baseball diamond where a group of youngsters are training but are short of one, and therefore persuade Smalls to join in to make up the difference.

In keeping with this, he made his acting debut in the Brooklyn Bridge TV series’ pilot episode in 1991 as Anthony Gambuzza. He also went on to play Arturo in the movie Diplomatic Immunity the same year, and from that point, in 1993, he took on the role of a child in the movie Sunset Grill. In addition, he appeared in the movie The Sandlot that same year, playing Benjamin Franklin, a role that earned him the Young Artist Award for an Outstanding Youth Ensemble in a Movie for his great performance. 

In addition, he believed the same thing and took up the role of Luis Mendoza in The Mighty Ducks about the same period. The actress then took on a similar role in the third section of the movie three years later and appeared in other TV programs. For instance, he appeared as a teenager in the scene “Young Lady Talk” from NYPD Blue and later featured as Carlo Lunes in the well-known Mother, May I? episode of the Chicago Hope series 1997, which only had a few scenes. 

After all these outstanding performances, he said goodbye to his acting career in June 2002 and changed his profession to join the Los Angeles Fire Department as a fireman, where he currently works as a fireman there. Mike Vitar has moved his family to Los Angeles, where they currently reside with the children and his wife. Despite the fact that he ended his performing career a long time ago, people still hold his films in high regard.

Mike Vitar left their acting career for no known reason, though he likely did so to start another endeavor as a firefighter. His work as an EMT sent him directly to the Los Angeles Fire Department, where he has remained for a significant portion of his career as a firefighter, performing brave acts despite being ordinary. This continued up until Halloween 2015 when he experienced a terrifying night.

mike vitar

Mike Vitar’s conspiracy involvement

In 1997, Mike Vitar announced the end of his acting career, and he largely disappeared from the public eye. However, the gradual vanish changed in 2015 when he was charged with assault and many accounts. While off the clock, Mike and two other firefighters confronted Samuel Chang, 22, who was giving out candy to Halloween revelers in their neighborhood and falsely accused him of giving out drug-laced candies. As such, the youngster walked around Chatsworth near his grandmother’s neighborhood, handing out Halloween candy to other kids.

The former Sandlot star found himself in the public eye on October 31, 2015, because of the incident that got him arrested for an assault. Mike was charged with attacking the young man at a Halloween party in November 2015. Chang was put in a choke grip by one of the firefighters shortly after they chased rending him unconscious to the ground and got attacked by the two other firefighters. Consequently, Chang eventually passed out from the attack but survived thanks to the CPR intervention  Mike and his coworkers performed until the paramedics arrived. However, he recovered after spending weeks in the hospital.

The investigator claimed that Eric Carpenter and Thomas Molnar, two other firemen, and the performer attacked Samuel Chang. According to the court documents, the victim seemed severely beaten too many times, causing a brain injury. Because of the incident, Woodworker pictured serving up to seven years in prison but was apprehended on November 17, 2015. That meant being released after securing a $60,000 bond or else would spend four years among other firefighters on December 3, 2015. After being released after each person posted a $30,000 bail and managed to make their getaway without being imprisoned. 

In addition, Woodworker was sentenced to 135 days in local area administration and three years of probation, while Mike and Thomas were sentenced to three years and 90 days of local government oversight. Chang’s attorney learned that the casualty would receive $7.4 million in claim settlement in 2019 after Mike attacked the youngster and his firefighter colleagues while away from work. The victim was severely assaulted and suffered a brain injury at a party for giving out candy on Halloween night. 

The Los Angeles Fire Department has placed Mike Vitar on leave until the matter is resolved due to such an incident, and he was sent on unpaid leave while the investigations on the case still proceed. Vitar and his associates were subsequently detained and convicted of felony assault in November. Still, Chang was permitted to leave with a no-contest plea to a lesser accusation of misdemeanour battery against his family’s wishes. His only significant repercussion was a six-month suspension from work without pay, and he resides with his family in Los Angeles, California, after he resumed performing his full-time duties with the LA Fire Department.

Will Mike Vitar opt to perform again in the future? 

The response has thus far been a courteous “no.” Patrick Renna, who portrayed Ham Porter in the first iteration of The Sandlot, gathered the entire cast for a virtual reunion back in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. all actors were present, excluding Mike Vitar.

Even though Vitar rejected Renna another time, he claims that they are still close friends and communicate frequently. Additionally, every time they do something after reaching out and asking him, but choose to step back despite being always very cool with everything. Nevertheless, Vitar will always have the door open should he choose this career path again. 

Although being out of the performing field for eleven years, mike would preferes to meet everybody and everyone who has helped him. This sentiment shows that he has nothing but love and respect for every one of the fans, and who knows he could one day think about performing a second time. Mike Vitar reportedly wrote and posted such remarks to his existing Myspace profile.

However, Mike is not actively found on any social media platforms and even the Myspace profile disappeared shortly thereafter, meaning there is no way to know whether the existing Mike Vitar Instagram page is indeed his genuine account, given that it includes three photos. Since not much has been said about the television series The Sandlot, as a result, it remains unknown when its production will begin, and Mike Vitar is quiet, so it is uncertain whether he will be involved. 


In addition to being a well-known entertainer, Mike Vitar, also known as Michael Anthony Vitar, is a firefighter and a former movie star. Most people know him from his role as Benjamin Frankin, or “Benny the Jet,” Rodriguez in “The Sandlot.” In addition to his fame from childhood, he has taken on a few more roles that have helped him become well-known and appreciated by his fans. 

In light of the above, this charismatic entertainer’s current situation and profession outside acting shows how he left a lasting impression on his audience as one of the stirring entertainers of his day. Whatever the case, after announcing his retirement from acting, he never allowed his passion for acting to go away for very long. 

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