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Julianna Rose Mauriello: Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Personal Life.

Profile Summary of Juliana Rose Mauriello

Full Name Julianna Rose Mauriello 
Nickname ‘Pinky’, ‘SportaStephanie
Date of birth 26th May 1991 
Age 32 years (as of 2023)
Place of birth Irvington, New York, USA 
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
Zodiac sign Gemini
    • 58kg (in kilogrames)
  • 130 lbs (in pounds)
  • 5’ 5’’ (in feet and inches)
  • 165 cm (in centimeters)
Education Middlebury college
Profession Actor,dancer and singer
Networth $2 million.

Who is Julianna Rose Mauriello, and what happened to her?

You most likely watched one or two episodes of the show LazyTown if your children watched Nick Jr. at any point starting in 2004. Julianna Rose Mauriello portrayed Stephanie, a bright young woman who adored pink. She may also be known to you from Wendy’s or Volvo advertisements, but LazyTown is where she made her name.

Julianna developed a strong affinity for the performing arts at a young age after being moved by the roles played by her elder siblings in school plays and theatrical productions. She enrolled at The Professional Performing Arts School, where she continued to improve her acting and dance abilities.

Julianna has worked in both traditional and contemporary theatre, demonstrating her flexibility. She has graced illustrious venues and made memorable cameos in commercials for prestigious companies like Volvo, Wendy’s, and Disney Entertainment. But what made her famous was her lively portrayal of Stephanie in the young adult Nickelodeon comedy “Lazy Town.”

Julianna decided to leave the program as Stephanie as she grew into the role over time. She was nominated for a “Daytime Emmy Award” in the category of “Outstanding Performer in a Children’s Series” for her work on “Lazy Town” because of her outstanding performance. Julianna Rose Mauriello has decided to leave the spotlight behind and devote herself to furthering her degree full-time.

Julianna and her siblings succeeded on stage as a child, and she knew she wanted to do the same. She decided to try acting and went to the Professional Performing Arts School in New York City.

Before landing her first on-screen job, Julianna spent much of her early years performing on stage in theatrical shows. She is a skilled dancer who has studied Irish step dancing, jazz, ballet, and tap.

The life story of Julianna Rose Mauriello

Mauriello grew up immersed in the performing arts because she was born into a family with strong roots in the field. She was inspired to start this artistic career after seeing her older brothers’ mesmerizing performances in school plays and theatre productions. This article explores her upbringing, educational history, professional path, net worth, and other fascinating facts to spark your curiosity.

Acting Career

Julianna Rose Mauriello began her acting career at age 5, and at fourteen, she had her Broadway debut, which was a huge accomplishment. She debuted 2002 as Lil Titch in the well-known Rodgers & Hammerstein musical “Oklahoma.”

Julianna Rose Mauriello

She then got a part in “Gypsy: A Musical Fable” with the great Bernadette Peters, thanks to her continued love of musical theatre. Julianna’s big break came when she was cast as Stephanie, a smart and enthusiastic teenager, in the Nickelodeon young adult comedy “Lazy Town.”

Julianna, who was just eight years old, played a young girl who moved to LazyTown with her mayor uncle and found a place where people were lazy and ate poorly. After realizing the need for change, Stephanie encouraged the inhabitants to adopt better lifestyles.

Julianna played Stephanie in the first series from 2004 through 2007, and she made a comeback in the 2008 follow-up, “Lazy Town Extra.” Eventually, she has outgrown the part, and a different young performer played Stephanie.

Julianna had her final on-screen appearance in 2014’s “The Doc Files,” a Disney spinoff of the well-liked series “Doc McStuffins.”

TV programs/ Films Period
The Doc Files 2013
LazyTown Extra as Stephanie 2008
LazyTown as Stephanie 2004 to 2007
Maya & Miguel as Julianna 2005
Max & Ruby as Ruby Films 2002 to 2004
Bonne Nuit as Trixie Bottom 1999

After her last playing role, Julianna decided to leave the entertainment business and concentrate on her studies. She put much effort into her studies and earned her occupational therapy certification.

Even while there is potential for a future comeback in the film business, Julianna is currently concentrating on her career as an occupational therapist.

 TV programs

  • The Doc Files, 2013
  • LazyTown Extra as Stephanie in 2008
  • LazyTown as Stephanie from 2004 to 2007
  • Maya & Miguel as Julianna in 2005
  • Max & Ruby as Ruby Films from 2002 to 2004


  • Bonne Nuit as Trixie Bottom in 1999

Midori’s Nintendoland Bakery

In 2003, Julianna voiced ThreeJune in the first season of Midori’s animated comedy series Nintendoland Bakery. That same year, she also voiced ThreeJune in the film adaptation of Midori’s Nintendoland Bakery: A Recipe in Time.

Lazy Town

Nick Jr.’s LazyTown is a huge hit in family programming. LazyTown breathed new life into Nick Jr.’s family lineup by teaching kids about healthy lifestyle choices such as eating correctly and exercising.

When the original Stephanie actress chose to drop out, Ms Mauriello stepped in. Stephanie, her energetic, high-energy character, is Milford Meanswell, the mayor of LazyTown. When she finds that everyone in town is quite unhealthy, she gets everyone on board with becoming more health-conscious in her new city.

Ulianna portrayed Stephanie in 52 episodes of the LazyTown TV series’ seasons one and two from 2004 to 2007. She recorded additional 26 episodes for the LazyTown Extra series in 2008. What a busy child!

Julianna Rose Mauriello

Lazy Town Extra

LazyTown was such a success that it generated a spinoff show, LazyTown Extra, which accompanied Stephanie to the United Kingdom to continue teaching the value of healthy habits. The crew performed humorous sketches to urge their UK pals to get more active and healthier in a more comedy-style presentation.

Why did she quit the show?

Julianna would have liked to play the sweet Stephanie for longer, but she felt she was outgrowing the part. Ms Mauriello was a few years older than her character when she began.

Julianna believed it was time to stand down as Stephanie after a few more years. She departed the role in 2008 after four years of bringing Stephanie to life.

What is she doing now?

After her last playing role, Julianna decided to leave the entertainment business and concentrate on her studies. She put much effort into her studies and earned her occupational therapy certification.

Even while there is potential for a future comeback in the film business, Julianna is currently concentrating on her career as an occupational therapist.

Death of Stefan Karl Stefansson

In 2018, when LazyTown actor Stefan Karl Stefansson passed away, Julianna paid him tribute on social media and said the following:

“Love leaves a memory no one can steal; death leaves a pain no one can cure. I’ll always be dancing next to you. But I know you are not alone; my mother and grandmother are with you. Please keep an eye on me. I’ll work to remain resilient.

A Fix

When a young actor finishes playing the role they are most known as a goody two shoes, they typically take a sharp left and play an entirely different character. Julianna achieved precisely that, and the year LazyTown Extra ended, she transitioned into a more mature part in A Fix.

In a 30-minute short film about teen difficulties like bullying, Julianna portrayed Pyper, the main character.

How did Julianna Rose Mauriello fare?

People react differently to fame; in Julianna’s case, it nearly cost her everything. Many tabloids stated that the reason she was detained on suspicion of prostitution was that an undercover police officer had offered her $900 to perform the well-known role she played in Lazy Town. She was originally detained for “trespassing with criminal intent,” but that turned out to be pure fabrication. Little is known about the incident.

She made the decision to return to school after this and eventually earned her occupational therapy degree from California University.

After acting, what did she do?

In 2014, Julianna fully quit her job in the show business. She concluded that the glamorous life was not for her and continued to complete her undergraduate studies before earning her master’s degree.

Professional Performing Arts School

Julianna attended the Professional Performing Arts School in Manhattan while still aspiring to become an actor. She performed admirably at the institution where Claire Danes, Sarah Hyland, and Alicia Keys were former pupils.

Middlebury College

After enrolling at Middlebury College, Ms Mauriello earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology with majors in French and dance, which she received in 2013. Her unwavering commitment to her work ethic is very astounding.

Columbia University

Julianna earned a Bachelor’s degree with two minors, and as if that weren’t enough, in 2018, she graduated from Columbia University with a Master’s in Occupational Therapy.

Currently, what is Julianna Rose Mauriello doing?

These days, Julianna’s pretty face is only seen when a child needs an occupational therapist. She has a legitimate, albeit unverified, Instagram account but doesn’t follow anyone and hasn’t updated it in about two months. Julianna simply enjoys life while helping others.

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

In California, Julianna’s most recent position was as a full-time pediatric occupational therapist. Her first year with the business, which she began in October 2021has already been commemorated.

Julianna Rose Mauriello


Calvin Fox is the person Julianna is now seeing. In November 2019, the couple made their Instagram romance public. Since then, they have fallen head over heels for one another and proudly display their relationship on Instagram.


On the other hand, Julianna’s sister has determined that acting is a lifetime endeavour. Alex Mauriello, the older sister, began her career with a role in an Unreal episode and has since been in Happy Endings, The Vampire Diaries, and All Wrong.

 As a Casting Assistant with Armstrong Casting in Los Angeles, she also aids in finding the ideal actor for the role.

Social Media Profiles

There is a profile on Instagram with the handle @officialjuliannarosemauriello_ that appears to be the official account for the former actress.

Hello everyone! She has over 30,000 followers and says on her bio. Thanks for visiting my official Instagram page! On LazyTown, I’m the bubbly girl with the pink dress and hair.

The 30-year-old posts pictures of her day-to-day activities, vacations, and interactions with her family, friends, and boyfriend.

She is also on Facebook, where there are a few LazyTown throwbacks.

Height and Age

In 2023, popular American actress and television personality Julianna Rose Mauriello turned 32 years old. On May 26, 1991, she was born in Irvington, New York City, in the United States.

In terms of height, Rose Mauriello is roughly 5 feet 5 inches tall, which is 1.65 meters or 165 centimetres. Her weight is estimated to be around 130 pounds or 59 kilograms. Her claimed body measurements are 34-25-36 inches. Unfortunately, there is presently no information available about additional information about her physical characteristics.

Julianna Rose Mauriello worth

The 32-year-old American stage actress has done well. Julianna Rose Mauriello’s net worth is $2 million. There are many sources that talk about Julianna Rose Mauriello’s net worth, salary, and income, but online estimates of her worth vary. Please note celebrities typically do not reveal their exact net worth.


Why did Julianna Rose Mauriello leave?

In the end, Julianna Rose Mauriello was selected to play Stephanie. She did so for the first two seasons and LazyTown Extra before leaving the role because she had grown too old for it. The most recent actress to portray Stephanie as of 2022 is Chloe Lang, who took over the part for seasons three and four.

What happened to the LazyTown actress?

She left the program when she outgrew the part, and she hasn’t done any acting since. Instead, she has devoted all of her time to her studies. According to reports, Julianna attended Columbia University to study occupational therapy.

How old is Stephanie from LazyTown 2023?

She was born on 26th May 1991, and as of 2023, she is 32 years old.

How old is LazyTown?

Magnus Scheving is the creator of the children’s television program LazyTown in Iceland. Nickelodeon ordered it in 2003, and on August 16, 2004, it debuted. The show is based on a 1991 children’s book that was transformed into two stage productions and a test pilot.

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