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Jimmy Garoppolo Wife

Meta Description: Despite a long dating history, wedding bells are yet to ring for the former star quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, now with the Las Vegas Raiders, Jimmy Garoppolo. With a past itinerary of high-profile dates and secret liaisons, matrimony has eluded this football Adonis with his on-field and financial successes, charming good looks, and chiseled chin.

Is Jimmy Garoppolo Married?

James Richard Garoppolo, also nicknamed Jimmy G, Baby Brady, or Jim, is one the NFL’s most eligible bachelors, and he has kept the rumor mills astir with guesswork. The Illinois native previously played for the San Francesco 49ers, with which he spent an illustrious six years before his contract ended in March 2023.

Currently, with the Las Vegas Raiders, Jimmy leads a private life, and little is known about his dating life, which has resulted in numerous gossip and runaway speculation. He isn’t married and never has been, contrary to the claims of certain publications, but a string of past relationships have in the past begged scrutiny.

But given past denials, we can’t take his word that he’s single and happy seriously. Unsubstantiated gossip claims that Jimmy’s most recent fling is with a sports agent named Giuliana Milan, but the couple hasn’t made any confirmation.

His most publicized relationship was with model Alexandra King, with whom he was for three years, but the flames of that romance fizzled out eventually. Jimmy has also dated animal rights advocate and model Madison Tate, according to 2020 reports, but details of their union remain closely guarded.

Who is Jimmy Garoppolo?

Jimmy Garoppolo plays quarterback in American football and has cultivated fame and fortune playing for the San Francisco 49ers. He was born on the 2nd of November 2, 1991, in Arlington Heights, Illinois, to his father, Tony Garoppolo Senior, and his mother, Denise Garoppolo.

The 31-year-old grew up in the company of three siblings, all boys, Mike, Billy, and Tony Garoppolo Jr., along with his electrician dad and homemaker mom. Jimmy spent his early years in Arlington Heights and later attended Rolling Meadows High School before enrolling at Eastern Illinois University.

Jimmy Garoppolo

In an interview, his mother, Denise, described Jimmy as a level-headed child, unlike his boisterous brothers. He was a sporty boy, playing baseball and participating in track and field events. But he decided early in his junior year of high school that point guard and quarterback positions in football were to be his main focus.

He entered into a football scholarship at Eastern Illinois University, thanks to the critical efforts of Jeff Christensen, his private coach, who recognized his potential. According to Jimmy’s best friend and teammate at EIU, Jorn Wurm, there’s little to no detail of a relationship in college, and his dating life remains obscure.

Jimmy Garoppolo’s Professional Football Career

As a starter in his freshman year, Jimmy Garoppolo’s game was characterized by exceptional ball control and passing skills. He kept up a stellar performance, from winning the All-Ohio Valley Conference Newcomer Team award to his finals when he broke the record for over 5,000 passing yards within a season.

Jimmy clinched honors that included the 2013 FCS National Quarterback of the Year, 2013–14 OVC Male Athlete of the Year, and the Walter Payton Award. The latter was a designation for the most outstanding offensive player in the division, and after college, he was drafted in the 2014 NFL 2nd round by the New England Patriots.

At the Patriots, Jimmy served as the backup quarterback for Tom Brady for four seasons before being traded to the San Francisco 49ers during the 2017 season. He extended the contract by signing a $137.5 million, five-year deal  and distinguished himself as an elite quarterback by leading the team to their first 8-0 start since 1990.

The San Franciscans saw great successes with Jimmy on the team, and despite sitting out several games in the 2020 season due to a knee injury, he’d already established his imperativeness. He returned to become 12-3 and made franchise history with 10,000 passing yards in 43 games.

Besides helping the 4Niners on a playoff run, Jimmy Garoppolo assisted them to the finals of Super Bowl LIV, but unfortunately, they lost to the Kansas City Chiefs. He shone throughout the 2022 season and proved he was MVP material with multiple touchdowns and pass records as his contract ended in March 2023.

Jimmy Garoppolo’s Net Worth

After spending six years with the San Francisco 49ers, Garoppolo agreed to a $72 million contract with the Las Vegas Raiders. The football player’s net worth is $130 million, averaging roughly $24 million annually.

Fans are overjoyed to hear more news regarding the quarterback’s mystery girlfriend as one of the NFL’s most eligible bachelors. Details about Jimmy Garoppolo’s marriage or girlfriend are currently unknown because he has not officially acknowledged any of the rumors surrounding them.

Jimmy Garoppolo’s Romantic Life

There’s no information regarding who Jimmy Garoppolo is dating, and the Las Vegas Raiders quarterback is presumed single. In the past, however, he has been linked to a string of girlfriends, with the most publicized relationship being with model Alexandra Rose King.

Jimmy Garoppolo and Alexandra King

Although Jimmy prefers to downplay all publicity of his private affairs, it’s known that he started dating Alexandra in 2017 while still with the New England Patriots. While it’s unknown exactly when or what the circumstances brought the couple together, their relationship ended in late 2018.

Jimmy didn’t want their relationship to be public, even when dating. However, Alexandra posted on Valentine’s Day of February 2018 that he was her ‘valentine,’ speculating further rumors that he has rejected on occasion.

Alexandra Rose King is an Instagram model, is a social media celebrity; she was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on the 27th of May, 1995. She attended the University of Massachusetts and majored in Arts and Design, intending to pursue a career in modeling and performance.

Her parents are Martin and Stacy King, and she has two older brothers, Trevor and Timothy, while she is their only sister and the youngest. Alexandra is white, an American, and appears in promotional commercials for many companies and products.

Jimmy Garoppolo

Alexandra King’s Parents and Siblings

Martin and Stacey welcomed Alexandra into the world on the 27th of May 1995 in Boston, the state capital of Massachusetts. Her two elder brothers are Trevor, two years older than her, and Timothy, six years older than her.

Alexandra’s horoscope indicates that she is compatible with the signs of Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra. She also has a sharp mind and is laid-back and gregarious. Her other personality traits include friendliness, intense playfulness, and free-spiritedness.

Regarding her schooling, Alexandra attended the University of Massachusetts after completing high school and majored in Arts and Design.

Alexandra King Career 

After graduating from the School of Art and Design, Alexandra King wished to pursue a career in modeling and performance. She has also created a solid modeling career and has a lovely appearance.

She, however, was unable to contact or scout the leading brands, but she still has a promising future in front of her. Alexandra also has a YouTube account, where she posts various vlogs and tutorials or instructions for doing makeup.

When Did Alexandra and Jimmy Start Dating?

Jimmy Garoppolo agreed to a five-year, $137.5 million contract with the 49ers in 2017. The quarterback’s relationship with the glitzy model Alexandra was another major topic in the sports media at the same time.

It was reported that he had an affair with Alexandra King, but they had been dating for a long time before the revelation. Later, in February 2018, the model shared a photo with Garoppolo on social media on Valentine’s Day, referring to him as her “Valentine.”

Similarly, a month later, they were spotted having fun together at Disneyland. They were holding hands, kissing, and traveling together. But Jimmy emphasized that the connection was merely a casual pal in an interview.

Jimmy found it tough to keep his relationship with the Instagram model a secret from the public, and he didn’t share any pictures of them on social media either.

Jimmy and Alexandra’s Break Up

In 2018, Jimmy Garoppolo attended a candlelit supper in the company of Kiara Mia, an actress in pornographic films. Hence, there was little hope of Alexandra and Jimmy reconciling after their instant breakup.

Alexandra consequently deleted all their pictures from her Instagram account, prompting many people to think the two had split up. Later that year, Jimmy sustained an ACL injury that ended his season. King posted a piece simultaneously with the text “Karma” that was critical of him.

She might have been implying that the NFL star received his just desserts for leaving her for another woman, and it must hurt if Jimmy saw this post. In contrast, he said it was news to him that they had ever been dating when pressed to elaborate in an interview. Whatever transpired, it has not gone well between the couple.

Jimmy Garoppolo and Kiara Mia

According to reports, Jimmy started dating Kiara Mia in mid-2018 while he was still with Alexandra King. Kiara is a model, actress, and star of pornographic movies who resides in Los Angeles, California.

Jimmy was seen in a photo having dinner with the porn star Kiara Mia in Los Angeles following the ESPY Awards in July 2018. Fans were speculating whether or not the two were dating as they joined arms as they left a restaurant.

After the meal, Kiara said that she and Jimmy had a fantastic dinner, that he treated her with such respect and class, and that they were friends. But Garoppolo claimed that even though the night was ultimately just a fling, it taught him a lot about being in the spotlight.

I’ve never been big on social media in my life. I’m not active on social media. I’m not involved, but I see my life differently. It’s a beneficial learning opportunity.

Kiara began working in the porn industry in 2011 when she was in her mid-30s, and she is also recognized for having received numerous AVN Award nominations. Her real name is Deanne Marlene Munoz, and she was born on the 20th of May, 1976.

Kiara is Latin and has American nationality, and she also attended the University of Massachusetts. It’s known that Kiara has a younger brother, and one of her early passions was acting. She was allowed to appear in the 2005 action-crime film Harsh Times, featuring Christian Bale and Eva Longoria in a minor role.

She rose to prominence among MILF porn performers two years later, and at the 2012 Nightmoves Awards, she received a nomination for Best MILF Release. Kiara was also a nominee for the AVN Awards’ Hottest MILF 2015 and MILF Performer of the Year categories.

Kiara Mia Early Years

Deanne Marlene Munoz, often known as Kiara Mia, was born on the 20th of May, 1976, in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. She had an alcoholic father and was raised in a conservative Latino home, and as a result, she had severe anxiety and fear throughout her youth.

According to reports, she has a sibling who is 11 years her junior, and her family was also quite spiritual and practiced Christianity.

Jimmy Garoppolo

Kiara Mia Career

Kiara Mia desired fortune and fame in the big-budget film business, and she enrolled in acting classes when she was just 14. However, she understood early on that she could not support herself and began working as a web designer.

Eventually, she was chosen for the 2006 action-crime film Harsh Times, and Kiara had another opportunity to demonstrate her acting talent in the comedic television program Beach Heat: Miami. She also had 26 appearances for two seasons on the Showtime network, and in 2015, she starred in the comedy Maul Dogs.

Kiara was determined to use every available method to succeed in entertainment. But things did not turn out how she had anticipated, and in their early 20s, many of her pals began working in the adult film industry.

At first, Mia was hesitant because of how society felt about the adult film industry. However, she made her X-rated debut in the middle of 2010. Kiara first entered into a written agreement with Brazzers and, following that, worked with Teagan Summers of Aggressive Retail Dyke Productions.

She also began drawing admiration from admirers all over the world. Kiara has also collaborated with Wicked Pictures and Playboy Productions. She rose to prominence as one of the top MILF porn stars two years later and has appeared in over a hundred pornographic films and won numerous awards.

Jimmy Garoppolo’s Other Rumored Flings

Jimmy Garoppolo allegedly dated a VIP bottle service girl in 2019 that went by the Instagram moniker @shaybaevip. There needs to be more information to confirm whether or not this rumor is accurate because it originated as a tip on a gossip website’s tip box.

But as the suspicions spread, Jimmy stopped following @shaybaevip on social media, and the validity of this romance, whether real or imagined, has never been confirmed.

Jimmy also made headlines in 2019 when a reportedly flirty remark, “Baby, it feels great,” went viral. The San Francisco 49ers quarterback expressed his happiness following the team’s 28-25 victory over the Arizona Cardinals in an interview with co-host of Dancing with the Stars Erin Andrews.

Although neither Erin nor her husband, Jarret Stoll, was offended by the remark, rumors of a possible romance quickly spread among fans. Jimmy defended himself at a press conference to discuss the issue by saying, “I say baby to my teammates and other people roughly 500 times during a game. That wasn’t the case.”

Who is Jimmy Garoppolo Dating Now?

The NFL athlete, Jimmy Garoppolo, allegedly dates Giuliana Milan, a sports agent. Reports indicate that the two had been dating for two years, though the couple has not acknowledged the claims.

Jimmy earned the nickname “Tom Brady’s shadow” while playing for the New England Patriots as the two quarterbacks developed a close rivalry that erred on love and loathing. He obtained veteran dating advice from the NFL legend Brady, which he described as top-secret information, and received nutrition and training advice.

Additionally, Brady and his supermodel ex-wife once set up Garoppolo on a double date with a model friend, but the romance did not last. Jimmy said that Tom and Gisele Bundchen attempted to hook him up with a model buddy while playing for the Patriots at the end of 2018.

The model in question wasn’t identified in the story. Still, due to the incident, Jimmy compared his fame status to that of Adrian Grenier’s character on Entourage, Vinny Chase.

Final Word

When it comes to Jimmy Garoppolo, his attention isn’t just drawn to the action on the field, as people are even more interested in the women he is surrounded by. Most people are curious about the woman he is dating since he is a handsome man, but the player himself is reticent to provide anything about who he is seeing.

Even so, Jimmy Garoppolo has dated a few attractive women, but getting married or settling down for a serious relationship is outside the cards for the gifted athlete.

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