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Is Jenna Ortega a Lesbian

Jenna Ortega is one of the most popular actresses in America.  She was born on 27Th September 2002 in Coachella Valley. Jenna started her acting career at a very young age where she appeared in many commercials and guest appearances on various TV shows. Recently, there have been rumors about her sexuality many of her fans wondering whether Jenna Ortega is a lesbian or not.  In this guide, we shall be answering this question in detail. Is Jenna Ortega a lesbian? Let’s see.

Who is Jenna Ortega family and where is Jenna Ortega’s family from?

Ortega was born on September 27th, 2002 in Coachella Valley. Her father Edward Ortega was a businessman of Mexican descent while her mother Natalie Ortega was a nurse.  She is the fourth born out of six children. Her older siblings are Isaac, Mariah and Micah while the two younger siblings are twins. Their names are Marcus and Alia. Jenna’s parents supported her desire to become an actress although she struggled a lot to find roles

Where is Jenna Ortega’s family from?

Her family is from Mexico and Puerto Rico. Her father Edward Ortega is of Mexican descent while her mother Natalie Ortega is of Mexican and Puerto Rico ancestry. Jenna Ortega was born and raised in Coachella Valley, California. 

Her Rise to Fame: When did Jenna Ortega start acting?

Jenna Ortega’s acting career started in 2012 when she appeared in the TV series known as Rob. This show was aired on CBS and Rob Schneider was the star. It focused on his life as a successful comedian. In this series, Ortega played the character of Maria which marked her introduction to the television industry. She started acting when she was 9-10 years old.

After her debut, she continued building her acting career where she landed different roles in both television and film projects. She gained popularity for her performance in notable TV shows like “Jane the Virgin” where she played the character of Young Jane.  She also featured in the “Stuck in the Middle” film where she played the lead role of Harley Diaz.

Jenna Ortega

Apart from her television work, Jenna Ortega has also been featured in many other films. For instance, she appeared in the horror-comedy movie “Insidious: Chapter 2” in 2013. In this film, she played the role of Annie. She also starred in the independent drama film “Saving Flora” in 2018 where she played the character of Dawn. 

Over the years, this lady has gained significant popularity and recognition for her excellent acting skills.  Due to her talent and versatility, she has been able to explore different from comedy to dramas where she has been brilliant as a young actress. 

What has Jenna Ortega acted in or what are her achievements?

Ortega is a rising star in Hollywood and she has already achieved a lot despite her young age. Here are some of her achievements as I write this in 2023.

  • 2023 -Nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Television Series.  She was nominated for this series due to her performance on Wednesday. She is the youngest actress ever to be nominated in this category. 
  • In 2022, her Instagram following skyrocketed where she gained over 26 million followers on Instagram after the premiere of Wednesday. Currently, she is among the most popular young actresses on social media. 
  • 2021- Critical acclaim for her performance on The Fallout – This was a teen drama that portrayed the aftermath of a school shooting. Ortega’s performance in this drama was singled out as the best. Due to her exceptional performance, she was nominated for several awards including the Golden Globe Award and the Screen Actors Guild Award. 
  • 2022- Won the Critic’s Choice Super Award for Best Actress in a Horror Series- Ortega, won this award for her performance as Wednesday Addams in the Netflix series Wednesday.  The series is a dark comedy about Wednesday’s years as a student at Nevermore Academy.  
  •  (2016-2018) Won an Imagen Award for Best Young Actor for her role as Harley Diaz in Stuck in the Middle.  This was her breakthrough role which earned her critical acclaim. 
  • (2019) Starred in the second season of the thriller series You as Ellie Alves- This role increased her visibility further. She received a lot of positive reviews for her great performance.
  • Ortega starred in the slasher films Scream (2022) and X (2022) – These films achieved a lot of commercial success and they helped to solidify Ortega’s status as a scream queen.
  • Voiced Princess Isabel in the Disney animated series Elena of Avalor (2016-2020) – This role was a major created a major opportunity for Ortega and she brought a lot of energy plus charisma to the role. 
  • (2017) She starred in the music video for Jacob Sartorius’s “ Chapstick”- This video was a major hit and it helped her to reach a wider audience.

Is Jenna Ortega lesbian?

Jenna has not yet publicly declared her sexuality so it is not clear whether it is true she is a lesbian or not. However, there have been some speculations and rumors about her sexuality in different media. Some of these speculations started back in 2018 when she featured in a popular film known as” The Miseducation of Cameron Post”. In this film, she acts as a teenage girl and she is sent to a conversion therapy camp. This was after she was caught kissing another girl. Due to her role in this film, many people believe that she might be a lesbian.

Again, she has been open about her support for the LGBTQ community on various occasions. She has also attended LGBTQ events and fundraisers. As a result, many people still believe that she may be a member of the community herself.  Jenna has also been spotted with other women in suggestive photos. Those who have seen the photos believe that she is truly a lesbian. 

It is important to mention that Jenna has not yet confirmed or denied those rumors. She has maintained to keep her life private and that’s the reason why she has not spoken about the issue in public.

Evidence that Ortega may be lesbian

There is no concrete evidence that Jenna Ortega is lesbian. However, there have been some hints that suggest that she might be a lesbian.  For example, she did an interview in 2019 with Seventeen where she said that she is still figuring out her sexuality.  She also said that she is attracted to all types of people.

Besides that, she has been seen wearing rainbow accessories and attending LGBTQ events. In 2018, she was spotted wearing a rainbow bracelet at the GLAAD Media Awards. In 2019, she attended the Los Angeles Pride Parade.

In December 2022, Ortega was seen at Brazil’s 2022 Comic Con Experience pointing at a lesbian flag and then herself.  This led to speculation among her fans that she might be identifying as a lesbian. 

 Below are other additional details that may suggest Ortega is a lesbian.

  • In a 2019 interview with a Hollywood reporter, she said that she is not opposed to dating a girl.
  • In a 2020 interview with Variety, she said that she is not sure what her label is.
  • She has liked several tweets about the importance of LGBTQ representation
  • She has followed several LGBTQ celebrities on social media.

 These are just hints and it is possible that Ortega is not a lesbian.  However, the fact that she has not openly denied being a lesbian suggests that she may be open to the possibility 

Who is Jenna Ortega in a relationship with?

As of July 2023, Jenna Ortega is not dating anyone, she has been linked to some actors in the past but there is no confirmation that she is currently in a relationship.  In a recent interview, she revealed that she is not yet ready to date since she is mainly focusing on her career.

Is Jenna Ortega married or not?

No, she is not married. Currently, she is single and has not publicly dated anyone since 2019. She has been linked to several actors in the past but none of the rumors have been confirmed to be true.

Is Jenna Ortega in a relationship?

  • In 2018, Jena was linked to fellow actor Asher Angel after both attended Just Jared’s Halloween Party together.
  • She was also romantically linked to singer Jacob Sartorius after she appeared in his “Chapstick” music video where they shared a kiss. 
  • In 2023, there were rumors that she was dating NBA star Devin Booker but these rumors were quickly debunked.

  • There were also rumors that Ortega was dating her former co-star in the film Stuck in the Middle, Isaak Presley. However, Persly considers himself just like Ortega’s elder brother meaning that it would be strange if it was true they were dating.  After the rumors had gone viral, Presly posted a video on YouTube where he said that there were times he had feelings for Ortega when they worked together in the Stuck in the Middle film but he went on to call Jenna his best friend. 

Jenna Ortega’s Own words

Even though Jenna Ortega has never addressed her sexuality in an interview or through a public statement, she has spoken about her love life, in general, a few times.  In an interview with The Aermchair Podcast in 2023, she revealed that she had been in a long-term relationship that ended due to her workaholic traits.  In the same podcast, she disclosed that she is not ready to be in a relationship because she is not comfortable being so vulnerable with someone.

She also appeared in another interview with Hyperbae in 2022 where she said that she is not “void of love” and that she has had crushes on both men and women.  She continued to say that she doesn’t feel the need to label her sexuality and that she is just “trying to figure it out”.

Role of Jenna Ortega in LGBTQ Activities

Jenna Ortega has been a very vocal advocate for the LGBTQ community. In the Netflix series Wednesday, she plays a titular character who is often seen as a queer icon. Ortega has said that she believes Wednesday is a “badass” who embraces her differences and “Isn’t out to please anybody”. This portrayal of Wednesday has been praised by many LGBTQ+ fans that see her as a role model.

In addition to her work on Wednesday, Ortega has also spoken out about the importance of LGBTQ+ representation in the media, saying that she wants to see more LGBTQ+ characters in film and television. Below are other ways Ortega has supported the LGBTQ+ community.

  • She has attended many LGBTQ+ events
  • She has donated to LGBTQ charities
  • She has spoken out against homophobia and transphobia
  • She has used her platform to raise awareness of LGBTQ issues

Jenna Ortega’s Positive Influence

Jenna Ortega is a role model for young fans particularly those who are;

  • Latina- Ortega is a proud Latina and she has even spoken about the importance of their representation in the media. She said that she wants to be a role model for young Latinas who may not see themselves represented on TV or in movies.
  • People of color – Jenna is a person of color and she has severally spoken about the need for diversity in the media.  She has said that she wants to be a role model for young people of color who are not well-represented on television or in movies.
  • Women – Ortega is a strong independent woman who does not shy about speaking her mind. She has spoken about important issues such as body positivity and mental health.  She is also a role model to young women who want to be strong and confident.

 Below are some of her inspirational quotes;

  • “Be patient with a broken heart”.
  • “Faith is unique to each person but it provides a great connection to the world and universe around us. Faith is not necessarily the same as religion even though they are frequently used interchangeably”.
  • “Never give up on your dreams. No matter how hard things get, keep fighting for what you want”.
  • “Be kind to yourself. You are your own worst critic, so be sure to give yourself some grace”. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Jenna Ortega’s real name?

Jenna Ortega’s real name is Jenna Marie Ortega. 

  • How tall is Jenna Ortega in inches?

She is 5 feet and 1 inch tall which is equivalent to 1.5 meters or 61 inches.  She is the shortest among her cast mates but she says that she is proud of her height and that it has given her a special talent for running in heels.

  • How tall is the lady on Wednesday?

Gwendoline Christie who plays Larissa Women in the Netflix show “Wednesday “ is 6 feet and 3 inches tall.  This is quite tall for a woman and her height is evident when she is standing next to her co-stars who are much shorter than her. For example, Jenna Ortega who plays Wednesday Addams is only 5 feet and 1 inch tall which makes the height difference between these two ladies easy to notice. 

  • How many years old is Jenna Ortega?

She was born on September 27th, 2002 which means that as I write this on July 13th, 2023, she is 20 years old. 

  • Does Jenna Ortega have a twin sister in real life?

No, she doesn’t have a twin sister. She has 5 siblings including 2 brothers and 3 sisters. Her brothers are Isaac and Markus while her sisters are Aaliyah, Mia and Mariah.  The only twins in their family are Markus and Aaliyah who were born in 2004 while Jenna was born in 2002.

  • What is Jenna Ortega’s mom’s name or who is the mother of Jenna Ortega?

Jenna Ortega’s mom is Natalie Ortega who is a nurse and a stay-at-home mother. She is very supportive of Jenna’s career and is often seen at her events.  She is also very active on social media and she has a large following on Instagram. 

  • Are Jenna Ortega and Natalie Ortega related?

Yes, Natalie Ortega is Jenna Ortega’s biological mother. 

  • Who is Jenna Ortega’s mom and dad?

Jenna Ortega’s parents are Natalie Ortega and Edward A. Ortega. Natalie Ortega is a full-time emergency room nurse while Edward Ortega is a businessman. They have 6 children including Jenna.

  • Where are Jenna Ortega’s parents from?

Her mother is of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent while her father is of Mexican descent. They are both from Coachella Valley in California.  The two have been married for more than 20 years. 

Conclusion: Is Jenna Ortega lesbian?

It is not easy to tell exactly whether Jenna Ortega is a lesbian or not. Despite various pieces of evidence and her involvement with LGBTQ+ activities, no one can confirm if it is true she is a lesbian.  Again, she has never talked about her sexuality in public meaning that she has never denied or approved the rumors.  She remains to be among the best young actresses due to her success in the industry. Her achievements are massive making her a role model to the young generation aspiring to be great actors. It is also not important to focus on her sexuality since this is a personal choice. 

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