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Hugh O’Leary:  He is the spouse of Liz Truss. Who is he, and what does he do?

Hugh O’Leary, Liz Truss’ husband, who had mainly avoided the spotlight before and since, grinned at the successful Tory leadership candidate when Liz Truss learned of her impending appointment to No. 10 on September 6, 2022.

Although his career with the Conservatives started on a different path than his wife’s, the accountant has his own political story. Mr. O’Leary, born in 1974, reportedly grew up in Allerton, Liverpool, before enrolling in the London School of Economics.

Hugh O’Leary is the son of Susan, a nurse, and John O’Leary, a former college lecturer who is now a lawyer. The eldest of three siblings, hestudied econometrics and mathematical economics at the London School of Economics before beginning a career as an accountant. Like his wife, O’Leary has political aspirations and has made several unsuccessful runs for municipal office on behalf of the Conservative Party. His most recent attempt was in the Greenwich elections 2006, when his wife was elected to represent Eltham South as a councilor. She served in that capacity until 2010.

Hugh O’Leary Bio
Real Name Hugh O’Leary
Year of birth 1974
Birth Place Allerton, Liverpool.
Nationality British
Marital Status Married
Education London School of Economics
Profession Tax Accountant
Spouse Name Liz Truss
Children Two  (Frances &Liberty)
Instagram hugholeary
Hugh O’Leary Physical Appearance
  • in feet inches – 5’ 7”
  • in Centimeters – 170 cm
  • in Pounds –  171 lbs
  • in Kilograms – 78 kg  –  
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown

Hugh O’Leary Politics

Despite his background as an accountant, Mr. O’Leary has previously attempted to enter politics. According to The Times, he ran for local council in 2002 but was defeated.

Despite the loss, he still participates in party activities and frequently canvasses for the Tories in Greenwich. He was observed door-knocking in 2022 and sent a message expressing sympathy to a councilor who had lost his seat.

But aside from that, Mr. O’Leary has remained quiet throughout the Tory leadership race and frequently leaves politics to his wife.

Hugh O’Leary Personal life

Hugh O’Leary is married to Mary Elizabeth Truss, a well-known British politician. They went ice skating when they met at the Tory Party Conference in the late 1990s. ‘I invited him ice skating, and he sprained his ankle,’ she said in an interview with You magazine. After that, they dated for about three years before marrying in 2000. They have two daughters, Liberty and Frances, who are kept from the media. Liz Truss is a former Prime Minister of England who Rishi Sunak succeeded.

Hugh O’Leary Accountant

O’Leary has kept his professional life private, and his LinkedIn profile contains no information about his previous or current employers.

According to information obtained by this website, O’Leary was previously the chief financial officer of Affinity Global Real Estate, a property investment firm. He worked at the company from 2015 to 2017, and before that, he was the financial controller at shopping giant Westfield UK. O’Leary worked as the finance director for Allied Commercials from 2007 to 2015.

O’Leary is described as an “experienced finance director” whose key role at Affinity Global Real Estate was to “enhance the company’s financial performance and strategic position” in his company bio, which is no longer available online.

It is unknown where O’Leary has worked since 2017. Arrakis Investments’ only UK-registered company linked to it on Companies House with more than one employee is its similarly named subsidiary, Arrakis Commercial Enterprises, which has had two since 2020 – three years after Truss’ initial declaration. On the other hand, Arrakis Commercial had only one employee in 2017, Jonathan Raymond.

The Networth Of Hugh O’ Leary

Hugh O’Leary’s earnings have dramatically expanded his base as a well-known expense bookkeeper. His income from his calling is the source of his estimated 1.4 million dollars in total assets.

Data at random A British duty bookkeeper named Hugh. He is married to Liz Truss, a well-known British lawmaker. 1995 Hugh received his diploma from the London School of Business and Economic Science. He resides in Norfolk, Great Britain. His certificate is in BSC, even though he is a bookkeeper. (Econ)

Who is Hugh O’Leary’s wife, Liz Truss

Mary Elizabeth Truss, iz Truss’s real name, was born in Oxford, UK, on July 26, 1975. Her full name is Mary Elizabeth Liz Truss, and her father, John Kenneth, was a math professor at the University of Leeds in England. Her mother, Priscilla Marie Truss, worked as a nurse. Liz Truss’s family relocated from Oxford to Scotland when she was four.

She received her primary and secondary studies here. Liz Truss was elected as the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, defeating Indian-origin Rishi Sunak. Liz Truss was elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom by members of her Conservative Party.

Liz Truss’s Education

The British Prime Minister Liz Truss lived in Scotland until 1985, when she attended West Primary School and Leeds Roundhay School. She afterward relocated to Canada. She continued her studies at Marton College in Oxford, earning bachelor’s degrees in philosophy, political science, and economics in 1996.

Her family was not involved in active politics. Still, Truss’s family joined nuclear disarmament protests when previous Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher approved the installation of American nuclear weapons at RAF Greenham Common, west of London.

Liz Truss Career

Liz Truss worked as an accountant for Shell from 1996 to 2000 after graduating from college, and she also served as the economic director for the UK telecommunications company Cable and Wireless. Liz Truss left her job and joined Full Time Politics in 2005.

She ran unsuccessfully in the Greenwich London Borough Council elections in 1998 and 2002. Liz was elected councilor for the first time in 2006 and was elected MP for the first time in 2010. After becoming an MP, she was appointed Minister of Education in 2012 and Environment Secretary in 2014.

hugh o'leary

Why Liz Truss resigned as UK’S Prime minister after 45 days in office.

Throughout British history, dozens of leaders have passed through the doors of 10 Downing Street. But maybe no party has done so more frequently or quickly in recent years than Britain’s Conservatives. David Cameron made way for Theresa May, who made way for Boris Johnson, who in turn made way for Liz Truss, each with a seemingly shorter span of survival than before. In the end, Liz Truss’ tenure as Prime Minister lasted only six weeks, which was less than the length of the leadership election that elected her in the first place. Truss is on track to become the Prime Minister with the shortest tenure in history.

“We set out a vision for a low-tax, high-growth economy that would take advantage of the freedoms afforded by Brexit,” Truss said in a brief statement outside Downing Street on Thursday, barely 44 days after delivering her debut. “I recognize, however, that given the circumstances, I cannot fulfill the mandate for which the Conservative Party elected me.” As a result, I have informed His Majesty the King that I am retiring as Conservative Party leader.”

How did this happen? The simplest explanation is that Truss, who ran on a platform of “growth, growth, growth,” delivered exactly the reverse. Her landmark package of unfunded tax cuts worth £45 billion ($50.6 billion) that disproportionately rewarded the country’s wealthiest only succeeded in collapsing the pound, spooking markets, and eroding Britain’s credibility worldwide. Rather than assuaging many Britons’ anxieties about increasing inflation and skyrocketing energy costs, Truss’ administration handed them, even more to worry about, including rising mortgage rates and a faltering economy.

Truss admitted in the days preceding her departure that she had gone “too far and too fast” with her economic reforms. The biggest blunder Truss made was presuming that growth was the primary concern of Britons. Indeed, the cost of living crisis and the economy are the most pressing worries, followed by climate change, the NHS, and immigration. After six years of uncertainty, exacerbated in part by Brexit and exacerbated further by the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the British people truly require a sense of security. That remains to be seen in Truss’s political ascent and fall.

If there is one certainty, it is that Britain’s next Prime Minister—the country’s fifth in six years—will not be subjected to a months-long election campaign, as was the case last time. Instead, Truss stated that the Conservative leadership election would be held within the next week—a process that does not appear to be open to grassroots Conservative Party members, as is typical. Instead, the decision will most likely be left to Conservative Party MPs, who will look for a unity candidate who can bring the party back together after a contentious six weeks and boost its polling position, all while addressing the litany of issues Truss leaves behind.

“The Conservative Party is correct to limit this leadership election to MPs,” says Chatham House director Bronwen Maddox. “If the party is unable to produce a candidate capable of uniting the party, the path will lead to a general election.”

It’s a difficult task; some former candidates have already ruled themselves out. Rishi Sunak, a former leadership rival, and current cabinet ministers Penny Mordant and Ben Wallace are among the favorites to succeed Truss. Others, like former Prime Ministers Johnson and May, have urged for more experienced candidates.

Hugh O’Leary’s relationship with Liz Truss?

After a fairly unpleasant first date, Ms. Truss and Hugh O’Leary were married in 2000 and have two children together. The two met at a Conservative Party Conference in 1997.

However, Ms. Truss became involved in a scandal in 2006 when it was revealed that she had Mark Field, a former Conservative MP. 

She entered politics for the first time at the age of 25 by running for office in West Yorkshire’s Hemsworth, where she reduced the Labour majority from 24,000 to less than 16,000 votes.

The Shadow Minister for London, Mr. Field, was appointed as her political mentor after the Conservative party was impressed. It was done to increase her chances of winning a seat in the future. Up to June 2005, the relationship lasted roughly 18 months.

However, Ms. Truss and Mr. O’Leary’s friendship endured, and when the Daily Mail questioned Mr. O’Leary about the affair, he replied, “I don’t want to talk about it.” The scandal that led to Mr. Field’s 12-year marriage failing and ending in divorce was reported in the Daily Mail in 2006.

hugh o'leary

When asked about the turbulent period her affair became public in a 2019 interview with You Magazine, Ms. Truss was equally elusive, but she emphasized: “I am really happily married.”

The same year, she shared a photo of herself and her spouse on social media with the message “Love of my life.”

Ms. Truss met Mr. O’Leary in 1997 at the Tory Party Conference, and they shortly began their first date. 

In an interview with You magazine, she said, “I invited him to go ice skating, and he sprained his ankle.”

Ms. Truss has also said that Mr. O’Leary, an accountant and London School of Economics graduate, is frequently “on hand” to talk about intricate economics.

She claimed there is always someone available for late-night discussions about supply-side reform or econometrics. 

How Hugh O’ Leary Is Supportive Of Her Wife Liz Truss

As Liz Truss won the Tory leadership today and got ready to become the new prime minister of the UK, her husband stood by her side. Hugh O’Leary attended the announcement today in Westminster, which was the couple’s first prominent public outing as a married couple. The 48-year-old chartered accountant, dressed in a suit and boots, offered encouragement as she defeated Rishi Sunak to take possession of Downing Street. On Valentine’s Day three years prior, she referred to her “dry-witted” spouse as the “love of my life.” O’Leary, 48, who was up in Merseyside, studied quantitative economics and econometrics at the London School of Economics (LSE) before becoming a chartered accountant.

The children of Liz Truss and Hugh O’Leary 

Liz Truss Children Details

Frances and Liberty, the couple’s two daughters, were born.

Hugh O’Leary, Liz Truss’ husband, and the couple had two kids together. They still have young girls. She also maintains a rigorous environment for them. The lawmaker revealed that she had placed her daughter’s phone in a box and locked it in April 2018. Ms. Truss wants her kids to be kind and mature. There are no other details about her children. Liz is very enthusiastic about giving every child fundamental math and science abilities. She just allocated money to hire extra math instructors.

Their birthdays have been shared on Truss’ Instagram, though their ages are unknown. Truss was born around 2006 because she shared a birthday cake photo with the message “Frances 14” on Instagram in March 2020. The MP posted a picture of another birthday cake on November 20, 2018, with the words “Liberty 10” written in frosting, indicating that she was born in 2008.

She brings me to places I wouldn’t think much about,” the MP said in a recent interview on her daughter Liberty’s effect on Truss’ sense of style. Truss also claimed in an interview with Pienaar’s Politics that she had locked her daughter’s phone in a box to limit her daughter’s screen time. She said on BBC’s Pienaar’s Politics: “I’m known as the phone jailer in our household.” The best strategy is to lock it away.

In 2022, Truss acknowledged that she had sought the aid of her daughters in her bid for the presidency, with Frances helping out on the social media front.

Liz is one of the most popular government officials on Twitter and a frequent tweeter. She has 125k followers and uses the handle @trussliz when active.

Four facts you should know about Hugh O’Leary and Liz Truss

  • Truss had an affair with fellow Conservative Mark Field in 2006, which led to attempts to have her removed as a candidate at the time.

According to BBC News, Truss had an affair with fellow conservative Mark Field, which was revealed in 2006. According to the news agency, local party authorities attempted to remove her candidacy for the South West Norfolk constituency at the time.

Truss’ marriage and political career, however, both survived.

“I apologize for that. “I made a mistake, and as far as my husband and I are concerned, it’s water under the bridge,” she told the BBC.

She went on to refer to it as “a baptism of fire.”

“It was challenging, but… “I was so determined to stay selected, and I wasn’t going to let… you know, I worked really hard, and I won that election fairly and squarely,” she explained in a 2019 interview. “And even though it was an unpleasant thing to go through, it made me stronger afterward because I had to have that fight.”

When asked if it strengthened her marriage, she replied, “I think that’s a separate thing.” But I’m a really happy wife.”

  • O’Leary ran unsuccessfully for Greenwich Councillor three times.

According to the BBC, O’Leary stood for councilor in Greenwich, south London, three times but failed each time. He ran for office thrice in 1998, 2002, and 2006. Truss was elected to Eltham South council in the year of his final election.

When The Guardian published Truss’ political past in 2009, she was a rising political leader.

“As the deputy director of Reform, Truss has co-authored influential papers on education and economic policy,” reported The Guardian in 2009. “She is also a Greenwich councilor for the Eltham South ward.” Truss, one of David Cameron’s A-list parliamentary candidates, has already run for election in two Yorkshire constituencies: Hemsworth in 2001 and Calder Valley four years later, where she cut the Labour majority in half to 1,367.”

  • On their first date, Truss asked O’Leary out, and he sprained his ankle.

According to You magazine, O’Leary hurt his ankle on their first date after she made the first move and invited him to ice skating. According to the magazine, the two met at the Tory Party Conference in 1997.

Three years later, they married. According to BBC News, O’Leary grew raised in the northwest before moving to London to study mathematical economics at the London School of Economics.

“His mathematical mind may well have been what attracted Ms Truss, who is the daughter of a mathematician and is said to be passionate about the subject,” the BBC added, referring to Truss’ father, John Truss.

  • Truss’s husband, Hugh O’Leary, is an accountant who stays out of the spotlight.

Hugh O’Leary is an accountant who has stayed out of the spotlight as his wife’s political career has progressed. His public appearances are so seldom that The Guardian printed a column joking that he might not exist.

“Do you have faith in Hugh O’Leary?” Catherine Bennett, a columnist, wrote about it. “I do, although at this point, after an entire leadership campaign in which Liz Truss’s rumoured husband has gone unseen and barely mentioned, it’s understandable if some people have concluded he enjoys the same figment status as her inborn Yorkshire values or hardship years in Leeds.”

Bennett praised O’Leary’s decision to avoid the spotlight as “admirably progressive.”

Did Liz Truss mislead the public over Hugh O’Leary work?

As the PM fights hard to remain in power, deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner asks she comes clean over her interests. MPs and transparency campaigners have requested Liz Truss to explain her husband’s links to a property fixer after information emerged in her official transparency records.

The findings come as Liz Truss, who has held the position for only 38 days, fights to hold on to power after abandoning the tax ideas that served as the cornerstone of her leadership campaign and ousting her chancellor and close colleague Kwasi Kwarteng. Truss, who has informally disclosed almost no financial or familial interests throughout her career as a minister, claimed in a submission to the List of Ministers’ Interests that  Hugh O’Leary worked at a company called Arrakis Investments Limited, even though records filed with Companies House show the company at the time had only one director and no other employees.

The ministerial code requires British cabinet members to disclose any potential conflicts of interest, including those involving the employment of family members. While serving as the chief secretary to the Treasury in 2017, Truss first mentioned her husband’s profession. However, according to the company’s statements from that year, Jonathan Raymond, the director, is the only employee listed as being paid. Arrakis Investments, which shares its name with the made-up desert planet depicted in the science fiction book Dune but needs a website, is a company with little public information. The director, Raymond, is reportedly the godson and former personal assistant of Jack Dellal, one of the most well-known real estate moguls in Britain.

The duplicate entry has been made on the record every year since: “Arrakis Investments Ltd employs Ms Truss’ husband.” However, Arrakis Investments has consistently only identified one employee in its director’s Companies House records. Despite being contacted several times, Number 10 could not explain the disparity even though it wasn’t denied. The List of Ministers’ Interests has yet to be updated since May due to Truss’ failure to name a separate ethics minister following Lord Geidt’s resignation.

Will Mr. Hugh O’Leary remain in the background?

Mr. O’Leary is expected to follow in the footsteps of Denis Thatcher since he remained in the background throughout Margaret’s ten-year presidency as he served her. He was ready to keep a low profile and allow his wife to handle leading the nation. Mr. Thatcher steadfastly adhered to his “always present, never there” philosophy and was highly reticent to speak to the media.

Mr. O’Leary follows suit and discreetly continues his accounting work, just as he did when he claimed to himself as the “most shadowy husband of all time.” Mr. O’Leary is known to participate less actively than Philip May did in the Brexit deal negotiations that dogged the final months of his wife, Theresa May’s premiership.

He said he assisted Mrs. May in persuading Brussels to pursue a solution that may win over Tory Euroskeptics and the DUP. But it will take time to see what type of PM spouse he will become.

Frequent Asked Questions:

What does Hugh O Leary do for a living?

Hugh O’Leary is a British accountant who was born in 1974. He is the husband of Liz Truss, the United Kingdom’s prime minister, from September to October 2022.

What age is Liz Truss?

Liz Truss was born on July 26, 1975 and as of now she is 48 years old (2023).

What is Liz Truss real name?

British politician Liz Truss Elizabeth Mary Truss was born on July 26, 1975. From September 2022 to October 2022, Truss served as both the UK’s Prime Minister and the Conservative Party’s Leader.

Where is Liz Truss from?

Mary Elizabeth Truss, whose parents are John Truss and Priscilla Truss (née Grasby), was born on July 26, 1975, in Oxford, England. She is a direct descendant of Charles Truss, for whom Truss’s Island on the River Thames is named.

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