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My Name is Earl: Who was the Crab Man?

What Happened To the Crab Man

Eddie Steeples is known by a few well-known nicknames. Some call him “Rubberband Man,” while others say “Crab Man.” He has not been well-known for anything else other than his last name. He starred in My Name is Earl with Jason Lee, Ethan Suplee, and others.

So, who is Eddie Steeples?

Born on November 25, 1975, Eddie Steeples is a successful American actor originally from St. Louis, Missouri. His passion for acting led him to study at the St. Louis Repertory before relocating to New York in the mid-1990s. In New York, he joined an experimental film collective, Mo-Freek, and became a member of the hip-hop group No Surrender.

Steeples has appeared in various movies, including Lost in the Bush, Caravan Summer, and the feature film Torque, starring Ice Cube and Faison Love. He rose to national fame for his role as the “Rubberband Man” in a series of OfficeMax commercials featuring The Spinners’ 1976 hit song, “The Rubberband Man.” This role earned him a spot among “The World’s Sexiest Men of 2004” by People Magazine.

In 2006, Steeples starred in Akeelah and the Bee alongside Laurence Fishburne and Angela Bassett. He also wrote and produced the Mo-Freek production “When Is Tomorrow” with Kevin Ford. Currently, an independent film he acted in, called Robbers, written and directed by Doug Atchison, is in post-production.

Steeples is known for his role as Darnell Turner, also known as “Crab Man,” in the sitcom My Name Is Earl. The show premiered in 2005, and in one episode titled Stole P’s HD Cart, Steeples played his character Rubberband Man. In this episode, the main characters briefly worked in an office, and Darnell was responsible for distributing office supplies from a shopping trolley.

In 2004, Steeples was in Thailand when the devastating tsunami hit, leaving 230,000 people dead or missing across the Indian Ocean region. Despite the tragedy, he survived.

Eddie Steeples

Eddie Steeples Was Crab Man On My Name Is Earl

Rubberband Man brought Eddie Steeples to the attention of many in town. He began to gain a cult-like following. Greg Garcia was one of his fans. He was beginning to assemble the cast for his new film, My Name is Earl.

Garcia, a big fan of Steeples, asked him if he would be interested in auditioning to play Darnell, an easy-going, humorous character who eventually marries Earl’s former wife, played by Jaime Pressley.

Surprise, surprise again. He got the role. Steeples recalls, “[after I got the role, Greg] said he loved the character and the commercial. He thought they were hilarious.” He even claimed to have written OfficeMax. He saw on a website that someone said the commercial was offensive. He replied, “What are you saying? “Those commercials were funny!

Steeples continued to play Darnell for the entire four seasons of the series. His character was a classic: a clueless, new dad nicknamed Crab Man for working at a Crab Shack.

The big reveal of the Crab Man character was revealed as the series was concluding. He was a former secret government agent and was now in witness protection.

It’s a pity the series was canceled because it would have been interesting to see Crab Man’s storyline unfold for a little longer.

My Name is Earl: Was That Crab Man’s Real Family?

Calling the cast of characters on My Name Earl Strange might be one of the greatest understatements of all time. Despite their lack of intelligence, they were endearing in their good intentions. One of the members had a secret that raised questions about the entire story. In Season 1, was the family of Crab Man who appeared at Joy’s wedding his own?

Earl Hickey was initially portrayed as a criminal who married Joy. However, he was not the biological father of either child. This was particularly evident with Earl Jr., who was Black, while both Earl and Joy were white. Despite Joy’s infidelity, Earl didn’t mind as long as it was kept under wraps.

Joy’s true love was Darnell Turner, who worked at a local restaurant called The Crab Shack, where he earned the nickname Crab Man. In the first episode of Season 1, Joy leaves Earl after he gets hit by a car. It is then revealed that Earl Jr. is Darnell Jr. The season finale ends on a cliffhanger, revealing that Darnell is not Earl Jr’s father.

Darnell’s backstory was the most perplexing. Harry Monroe was a former agent turned state’s witness who was placed in the Witness Protection Program in Camden to avoid retaliation from his former associates. His true identity is revealed in Season 2, Episode 7, causing some confusion in the overarching plot.

In episode 8 of Season 1, Joy and Darnell got married. Joy’s family members were nowhere to be found. However, Darnell’s family members were there. Particularly his sister and mother attended the wedding. However, even if Darnell were in his Federal Witness Protection Program, his family likely wouldn’t have been aware of which state he was in or invited to a wedding that was part of his protection. The situation got more complicated in Season 2.

The show had two episodes that focused on some of the events in Camden from the perspective of the television program Police. Season 2, Episode 12 revealed Crab Man, who lived in Camden, and his mother, who was selling drugs out of her home. The incident occurred after he joined the Witness Protection Program. It’s difficult to believe that the Witness Protection Program could place one up with their grandmother and then be okay with the sale of drugs.

It was not stated whether anyone in the group was Harry Monroe’s relative or pretended to be Darnell Turner’s family to protect his life. However, it is quite unlikely that the show could have created a fake family to provide a false identity. The sudden cancellation of My Name is Earl following Season 4 has left many unanswered doubts.

Darnell Turner, aka Crab Man, was the best character on My Name Is Earl

When deciding the best character in the show, My Name is Earl, Earl Hickey might seem like the obvious choice since he is the protagonist who strives to improve his life. However, for several reasons, the Crab Man, also known as Darnell Turner or Eddie Steeples, stands out as the clear winner in this category. Darnell exhibited a very relaxed and laid-back demeanor throughout the show, rarely getting flustered or anxious. Despite being highly educated and living in a Trailer Park due to Witness Protection, he never tried to show off his intelligence. He often downplayed it to fit in with the other characters. This ability to blend in while keeping his true self hidden made him a natural gem among the cast.

My Name is Earl is known for its cartoonish nature more than most tv shows, but it still features memorable characters that are easy to relate to and root for. Darnell’s relationship with Joy Turner, played by Jaime Pressly, was awkward since he was still friends with Joy’s ex-husband, Earl. Joy was a complicated character to deal with, often showing her nasty side, but their pairing was still hilarious because it put the most aggressive character with the most docile one, at least on the surface. Despite this odd pairing, their dynamic worked surprisingly well, adding charm to the show.

Darnell was a remarkable character, as he genuinely tried to befriend everyone. He had his preferences and dislikes, such as his distaste for guns. While he understood their value to the residents of Camden, he didn’t believe they were necessary. Darnell was also the type of person who seldom held grudges unless the offense was truly egregious. His laid-back demeanor made it challenging to provoke him. Once, Earl briefly reverted to his old ways and tipped Joy and Darnell’s trailer, along with Ralph, Randy, and a few female companions they had picked up. Darnell was annoyed but didn’t lash out like Joy, who threw knives.

Instead, he was more concerned that his pet, Mr. Turtle, had been left on his back all night. While many people would have reacted violently to finding their home upside down, Darnell wanted to allow Earl to explain himself.

Out of all the characters in the show, Darnell is known for being the most forgiving. This was fortunate for everyone else as he was also one of the most dangerous characters, given his high level of training, which was rarely mentioned. Crab Man was generally well-liked, did his best to get through each day, and was there to just get through each day, doing the best he could with what he was given.

 One of the most fun things about Darnell was that he wasn’t a flawless character, and he displayed emotions throughout the show. However, he was the type of guy who rolled with the punches and didn’t stress about much. There were moments when he showed more emotion, such as when Joy had a nasty infection in her big toe. Darnell reacted in a way that didn’t help, as he was scared to even touch Joy, despite her bandaged foot, constant cleaning, and being kept in a plastic bubble.

There were plenty of great characters on My Name is Earl, but Darnell beats them out for the best character since he was the type of person that was fun to watch and listen to without being challenging or dumbed down for anyone. When it came to being a supporting character, he was great since he was the kind of guy everyone managed to get along with, and he was always down to help his friends as much as possible.

Eddie Steeples Was On The Chris Rock Show And Torque In His Early Career

Aspiring actors and actresses often search for any opportunity to enter the industry. They usually start with minor roles to gain recognition and enhance their portfolios. Eddie Steeples’ journey was no different.

He began with a minor appearance on the Chris Rock Show, portraying a man pulled over by the police. This plot may not be as well-received in present times. Steeples’ career progressed slowly, with rare chances to perform. Despite the gradual pace, Steeples had known for a long time that acting was his true calling.

“Since I was 4 years old, acting has been something I’ve desired,” he said in an interview with Chron. “Make-believe comes naturally to me, it’s effortless for me to transform into a character and become one with them, while other things are more difficult for me.”

Not only did Steeples want to act, but he also saw himself up there with the best. “I went to Santa Cruz to become an actor within two years. That was the plan. I would be co-starring with Tom Cruise and doing big films.” He had big goals at the time.

Following appearances in People Are Dead and Torque, he landed his big break, which he initially tried to reject. This was because his idea of acting did not align with what his big break entailed. He once stated, “I aspired to become an actor, so I believed that was my ultimate goal. I trusted that the opportunity would come to me when the time was right,” as Steeples reflected. Unlike others who prioritize job security, he never thought in such a manner and instead trusted his instincts.

Eddie Steeples Is On Instagram Though Not Working In Acting

Eddie Steeples, unfortunately, hasn’t had many acting opportunities since the conclusion of My Name Is Earl in 2009. Even during his brief stint on Raising Hope as the “Gas Man,” he was typecast. Although Eddie Steeples was last seen on-screen in The Guest Book series in 2018, he hasn’t acted since and has no upcoming opportunities.

However, he keeps an active Instagram account with over 12K followers where he posts about his life, current projects, and his daughter, Luna Steeples, an actress set to appear in The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. Whether or not Eddie Steeples will return to acting in the future remains uncertain.

Why My Name Is Earl Was Canceled

From 2005 to 2009, “My Name is Earl” was a beloved comedy that followed the story of Earl Hickey (Jason Lee) as he tried to fix his past mistakes. The Season 4 finale left viewers with a “to be continued” message, giving hope for a Season 5 that would wrap up the storyline. However, the show was ultimately canceled, leaving fans wondering why. In a recent interview on the “Slick and Thin” podcast, Ethan Suplee (who played Randy Hickey) revealed that the cancellation was due to communication issues between NBC (the network) and Fox (the studio that produced the show).

The network had their hearts set on another season of the show. But contrary to their vision, the studio’s expectations included hefty fees to be paid for their agreement. After two agonizing weeks with no response, the studio finally complied. However, it was alas too late; their decision had come too late to even influence the show’s finale. The ensuing disappointment was palpable, eclipsing the previously outlined ideas for a proper conclusion.

There Was a Sweet Ending Planned For My Name Is Earl

According to producer Greg Garcia, “My Name is Earl” could continue for another season with an effective ending that would have tied up the entire show. Earl Hickey, the central character, wrote a list of 200 mistakes he intended to correct after learning about Karma. However, Garcia believed that Earl was never meant to complete the list.

In a Reddit AMA thread, Garcia revealed his vision for the show’s ending, where Earl meets someone who has their list with Earl’s name on it. They pay for a wrong they had committed to Earl, and Earl learns that his idea of creating a list has triggered an unintended chain reaction of people who have listed. He realizes that he has done better in the world than harm.

There is no news about new content for “My Name is Earl.” However, the show’s star, Jason Lee, expressed his desire to bring Garcia’s last idea to life in a limited series. Lee stated that this idea was discussed with the creators and actors, and it is being considered to complete the universe as best as possible.

Who is Crab Man?

Steeples was Darnell Turner’s character in the NBC comedy show My Name Is Earl, which debuted on September 20, 2005, and was on air for over four seasons. Steeples in the show was referred to for his role as Darnell Turner (witness protection name) or Harry Monroe (real name), a.k.a. “Crab Man”.

Why is Darnell called Crab Man?

Darnell Turner works at the Crab Shack as a cook. When Earl lost his father’s name, Darnell got the name “Crabman”. Earl and Darnell’s friendship has been mostly based on: “Hey Earl.”

His real name is Harry Monroe, but he was enrolled in the witness protection program in which he had to change his identity and avoid eating cheese. He married Joy, Earl’s ex-wife and the father to Earl Jr. and Joy’s son. He was also an ex-CIA agent and expert with an IQ of 180.

Who is Crab Man’s dad?

My Name is Earl’s Witness Protection story will involve the villain from Witness. The series Creator, Greg Garcia, tells exclusively that Danny Glover has been tapped to appear later in the season, playing Crab Man’s father, Thomas, as the story of how Darnell is in a secluded area is finally unveiled.

Why was Crab Man in Witness Protection?

Crab Man was placed in Witness Protection because he was an assassin in the past who witnessed the commission of a crime by a corrupt politician. He was required to testify against the politician later murdered by a different assassin. The government gave him the new name of Darnell Turner and relocated him to Camden County, where he was married to Joy.

His cover was exposed when he got a message from his father, Thomas Monroe, who was also an assassin. Thomas was seeking to reconnect with his son. Thomas was played by the actor Danny Glover, who co-starred alongside Mel Gibson in the Lethal Weapon films. Crab Man and his entire family were forced to flee from Camden County, leaving Earl and Randy with syringes around their necks. They returned later following Earl helped them clean their names and obtain new identities.

What is crab in personality?

Darnell was a fantastic persona since he could make friends with almost every person. Darnell had his likes and dislikes. He also had his pet peeves, like guns. Darnell was aware of the need for guns and why they were popular for those living in Camden; however, he did not believe in the necessity of firearms. Darnell is also the kind of person who didn’t have grudges over anything horrible, as he was so relaxed that getting an attitude change from his was difficult to accomplish sometimes.

Who is the crab killer?

The House of the Dragon character is known as the Crab Feeder. The actual name was revealed as Craghas Drahar during episode 1. Drahar has declared himself Prince of the Triarchy in the episode, with House of the Dragon explaining that he is a killer of injured Westerosi sailors and then putting them in Stepstones for the crabs to eat.

Who is Earl Jr real father?

The TV show My Name Is Earl did not reveal Earl Jr.’s real father. But Earl knew that Earl Jr. wasn’t his baby when the child was born, as they both have different skin colours. Earl was a part of raising Earl Jr. for the first time. However, Joy quits Earl to be Earl Jr.’s actual father, Darnel, the Crab Shack chef Darnel.

How many kids does Darnell have?

Earl Hickey was the crook who got married to Joy. They had two children together, and Earl was the father of neither of the children. This was especially evident regarding Earl Jr., who was Black, and the two of them, Earl and Joy, are white. Earl knew that Joy was cheating on him, but it did not bother him that much as long she kept her mouth shut.

Who is the Crab Man villain?

Ernie Belcher owned the Crab Shack in the NBC sitcom My Name Is Earl. He mysteriously disappeared and was later found to be killed at the hands of Earl and Randy after they accidentally threw over his oxygen tank when getting his television. Beau Bridges played his character.

Who is the crab leader?

Drahar the head of the Triarchy in the Stepstones is Craghas “The Crabfeeder” Drahar, A warlord taking on the Stepstones and thwarting houses like Velaryon. The House of the Dragon character is known as the Crab Feeder. The actual name was revealed as Craghas Drahar during episode 1. Drahar has declared himself Prince of the Triarchy in the episode, with House of the Dragon explaining that he is a killer of injured Westerosi sailors and then putting them in Stepstones for the crabs to eat.

Who is the King of the Crabs?

The Crab King is an inferior god of Rhoynar. He fights against the Old Man of the River for the supremacy of all life below the water flow. According to the legend, the Long Night ended when a hero urged the people to stop their arguments and join in singing a song that brought the day back.


Who is Crab Man?

Crab Man is the nickname of Darnell Turner, a main character on the NBC comedy series My Name is Earl. He is Joy’s current husband and works at the Crab Shack. He keeps a tortoise called Mr. Turtle. Eddie Steeples played him.

What is Crab Man’s real name?

Crab Man’s real name is Harry Monroe. He was a former assassin for a mysterious government organization, where he was trained by his father, Thomas Monroe. He left the organization, testified against it, and was placed in the Witness Protection Program, where he was named Darnell Turner.

Who is Crab Man’s family?

Crab Man is the head of a bustling household, which includes his beloved wife, Joy Turner; his adopted sons, Dodge Hickey and oftentimes confusing Earl Hickey Jr.; and his own loving family- his father Thomas Monroe, his mother Crabman’s Mother, his caring sister Daneesha Monroe, and unfortunately the deceased Pam Monroe. Shockingly he was unaware that Earl Jr. was not actually his biological son and this discovery caused him tremendous disillusionment. But, no matter what, there is nothing that can break the bond that he shares with his family.

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