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Clara Chia Marti, Gerard Piqué’s New Girlfriend, Who Is She?

Even though legendary Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has given up playing soccer, his private affairs continue to make news. The public has taken a keen interest in his connections with his most recent partner Clara Chia Marti as well as his ex-girlfriend, popular music artist Shakira. Many people are interested to learn more about Clara, given that Pique and Shakira are well-known celebrities worldwide. After their 12 years long marriage, Shakira and Gerard Pique disclosed their separation in June of last year without sharing much about the reasons. Here is all the information you require regarding Gerard Pique’s latest love interest, Clara Chia Marti and an update about their romantic lives. 

Clara Chia Mart Biography
Name Clara Chia Mart
Year of Birth 1999
Place of Birth Barcelona , Spain.
Profession Waitress,Model
Nationality Spanish
Religion Christianity
Net Worth £ 25,000 approx.


Physical stats
Height 5’ 6’’ inches
Weight  53 Kg
Eye color Grey
Hair color Blonde


  • Clara Chia Marti, Gerard Piqué’s girlfriend age 
  • Clara Chia and Piqué have traveled around the world together. 
  • Clara worked for Gerard’s production business.
  • Clara is generally a very private person. 
  • When was Clara and Gerard’s relationship announced to the world? 
  • Clara Chia and Piqué attended a wedding together in Spain. 
  • Clara Chia and Piqué were first spotted together in August 2022 
  • Clara Chia and Piqué made their relationship on Instagram official in January 2023 5
  • Shakira left Gerad Pique in a dilemma! 6
  • Shakira mentions her in two of her most recent songs. 7
  • Conclusion 8

Clara Chia Marti, Gerard Piqué’s girlfriend age

Clara Chia Marti was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, and studied at a local prestigious middle school. Presently she is enrolled in a private institution in Spain pursuing the field of public relations. At the same time, she handles an administrative role at Kosmos, Pique’s sports and entertainment production firm. In addition, to her event planning job, her lean body makes her a model where Marti met the former professional soccer player.

Marti has participated in several modeling endeavors and seems to be practicing yoga in addition to other physical activities to stay in shape. As such, she gained notoriety as soon as she started dating veteran Spanish superstar Pique.

According to her Instagram description, Clara is now 24 and comes from a well-to-do household that includes her father, a civil law practitioner and her younger sister. Her father additionally supports FC Barcelona, Gerard Pique’s team, where he played for most of his professional career. Her family resides in the heart of Barcelona’s richest districts. 

The 36-year-old soccer legend Gerard is 12 years older than his girlfriend; on the other side, Shakira is ten years older. Therefore, this relationship would probably be significantly different from their previous one. The 12 years age difference between the couple seems to be such a change for the Spanish football player and a sign that it may differ.

Clara Chia’s gender?

According to rumours, Clara Chia Marti is a transgender woman. In other words, he would have transitioned to a woman years ago since he was once a man.

Clara Chia Mart is a man, as was revealed in a video posted on the TikTok app. whose real name would be Esteban and whose transformation into a woman would take years.

The shocking news has shocked the media and social media, which have already spread rumours based on some tests that have been made available and would confirm the accuracy of the secret that the young Catalan has kept very well.

How did Pique meet Clara?

The footballer may have begun his relationship before June 4, when he announced his split from Shakira.

This is supported by Vanitatis, which asserts that Pique “had turned the page long before the separation” while citing sources close to the player.

Due to Chia’s employment at the footballer’s company, Kosmos, it was initially assumed that the two were acquainted. The truth about this was recently made public by the website Vanitatis.

“Clara worked as a waitress in one of the bars Pique frequented with Riqui Puig and other teammates to party. It was an instant crush, according to the source.

The source claims Pique and Chia may have connected because of fellow Barcelona teammate Puig. Riqui is a member of Clara’s gang, along with his sister Carlota and girlfriend, Gemma Iglesias. In addition to the privacy benefits of having Clara behind the bar, they went out to this place in part so that Clara would feel more accompanied.

Who is richer Pique or Shakira?

Shakira unquestionably has a much higher net worth than her ex-husband Gerard Piqué. To keep custody of their kids, the pop star is reportedly willing to contribute to the $2.5 million debt owed by the Barcelona defender and ex-boyfriend. Even now, she is prepared to pay him to see the kids.

The singer elaborately proposed that she would pay Gerard to fly first class five times yearly to Miami. Additionally, she has promised to allow him to spend each summer with their two children. The football star, whose personality suggests that he might feel disrespected by her offer to pay off his debts, declined the offer.

Clara Chia and Piqué have traveled around the world together.

Clara Chia and Gerard Piqué have been spotted taking different vacations and in various events. After Shakira left, according to Spanish sources, the two traveled to a secluded area of the Middle East to celebrate Clara’s 24th birthday in a private setting. After opting to take some time to unwind, the couple loved their Abu Dhabi trip. While on vacation, the couple ran into some admirers who were happy to see them spending a tender time together, despite the fact that the paparazzi did not catch them. The celebrity pair can be seen in the video strolling around the hotel pool as Clara clutches two red roses that appear to be present from the soccer player.

Clara Chia Martí

Clara worked for Gerard’s production business.

Indeed, the Spanish soccer player had rapidly returned to the relationship scene. Gerard Piqué’s current partner Clara Chia Marti is making this new love interest, something that began at the business specialized in events management. According to a press source, Clara and Gerard first crossed paths when collaborating on functions at Kosmos, the athlete’s business. The publication has also been informed by people connected to the couple that the two had been dating one another for quite some time.

Even though it’s unclear exactly how Clara and Gerard originally connected to one another, the sportsman felt some attraction to her prior to the two began dating. According to Newsweek magazine, she coordinated special events at Kosmos, Gerard’s film and television productions firm. According to the DailyMail, Clara additionally happens to be allegedly a PR graduate. 

Likewise, The Sun stated in August of that year that Clara and Gerard started dating. She managed special events in the company even though she was attending a reputable college and pursuing public relations career. On the corporate website, Gerard has been listed as the company’s founder, chief executive officer, chairman of the board of directors and president. In addition, Gerard Piqué seemed to have rejoined the dating world after parting with Shakira, the lead singer of Hips Don’t Lie, barely three months after the two separated relations.

According to Bolavip, she was a waiter during an event Kosmos hosted when both of them are said to have first interacted. This meeting at the party has fueled rumors suggesting the beginning of this love story began prior to Piqué’s and Shakira’s breakup. British media also made this claim, which revealed that the couple met through the group while they had allegedly been seeing each other for some time, as mentioned by their closest sources.

Clara is generally a very private person.

As of April 2023, she maintained just a handful of postings on her official Instagram profile. Additionally, she has 173 followers and follows 174 individuals, consequently giving her a follower-to-follower proportion equally about one-to-one. Regarding the people who view her online, she is choosy. The former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué continues his dating life with Clara Chia Marti after the end of his relationship with Shakira. And his new girlfriend, following their split with the world-famous musician from the 12-year-long relationship, is an attractive student.

Chia Marti’s Instagram profile shows her Latin slogan, “Carpe Diem,” which means “Seize the Day.”  But now, she has several private social media and Instagram accounts bearing her username. On the other hand, her postings might not have been readily available, although the bio is visible. Typically, Clara seems an exceptionally reserved personality since she has only one Instagram post, according to her account. It is currently unknown which of Clara’s numerous private profiles on Instagram is the official one.

Several supporters created social media identities in Piqué’s girlfriend’s identity when the general public learned who she was. According to Newsweek, one of Clara’s well-known Instagram fan groups goes under the pseudonym @clara.chiamartii, which purports her approval. On this profile, many pictures and selfies featuring the 24-year-old beauty unwinding on vacation and at the beach in Greece have been uploaded.

Followers could access her photographs until their access was impeded, although she deliberately kept her Instagram private. While her account on Instagram is not public, Clara is frequently spotted enjoying herself with Gerard, something she appears to like staying away from being the center of attention. She does not provide a lot of information on her Instagram handle, which remains secret. While she sticks herself privately, some of her potential admirers have started making fictional profiles to express their affection towards her.

On the other account, she only follows 27 accounts on Instagram, which are hidden from public view, and her page has been configured to be private. The profile has around 20,000 of her fans. Although Clara only has a single post shown plus possibly deleted her profile, the brunette beauty has no Instagram page for fans, which she seems officially approved shows her private images, particularly in multiple events wearing different stunning swimsuits. The fan account is limited to the following 108 accounts: Kosmos Studios and Kosmos official accounts, and Gerard’s account.

When was Clara and Gerard’s relationship announced to the world?

However, Gerard and his new love interest, Clara, never maintain the quietest profile after making their romance public for those unaware. Three months after, Shakira and Gerard made the world know about their breakup, and the two were attending the Summerfest Cerdanya music celebration. Here, Gerard was spotted kissing Clara in footage obtained through the Spanish press Socialite. The media outlet recorded the video and made it available, making the couple’s video become a viral sensation on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Clara Chia and Piqué attended a wedding together in Spain.

After the event, they walked, holding each other’s hand in Catalonia, Spain, while at a wedding. From that time, they have been sighted traveling together in numerous photographs to destinations. One of the pictures shows them in the Czech Republic, during which Marc, the former footballer’s brother and Maria, his wife, joined them. Again, another picture of them featured while in Paris, France, stopping over to explore the city and ride electric motorcycles with a few pals. 

Clara Chia and Piqué were first spotted together in August 2022

Long rumored to be dating, Gerard and Clara finally announced their relationship on Instagram on January 25, 2022. Gerard shared a picture of the couple cuddling without adding a caption with the public display of love caught on camera as they were seen kissing passionately in the stands.

When Gerard invited Clara as his date to a friend’s marriage ceremony in Costa Brava, Spain, on the 20th of August in 2022, he demonstrated the seriousness with which their affairs had grown. The couple, alongside Gerard’s parents and other friends, was seen in a picture publicly holding their hands, dressed up, and appearing extremely pleased. As time passed by, the football player affectionately embraced Clara in his arm while strolling beside each other during their event. 

Additionally, on the 16th of November, 2022, they went for another date in Barcelona. The athlete was spotted carrying Clara’s purse as she was adjusting her shoes.  Even though the couple has not publicly acknowledged their relationship, Clara and Gerard have remained very close since she was photographed with him in multiple photos. At the ceremony in Catalonia, where the soccer star was wearing a blue suit, the two could be seen walking side by side. Clara looked stunning in a rainbow dress. He put his arm around her, and they held hands in the pictures, illustrating how intimately close they had become.

In the following events where Gerard invited Clara as his date to a friend’s wedding and other occasions, demonstrating his dedication to the union. The couple held hands throughout the event and appeared gorgeous in their formal wear. Gerard even gave Clara a tender embrace as they strolled together.

Clara Chia Marti

What do sources say about the romance between Clara and Gerard?

 Clara Chia Marti and Gerard Piqué displayed PDAs ahead of the time they began seeing each other. While not much has been reported regarding their romantic lives in the mainstream press, the couple’s photographs appeared while kissing at a musical performance. Even though the footballer publicly declared the end of their relationship with Shakira more than two months prior, an insider connected to the musician exclusively disclosed to HollywoodLife how witnessing them kissing another woman soon left her feeling heartbroken. 

The source stated that Shakira couldn’t comprehend how Gerard could have done something like that immediately following their separation. Undoubtedly, nobody enjoys seeing their ex-partner sharing an intimate relationship with another person. 

However, she had to move on before the two broke the news to their children or the public. Her primary focus is the welfare of her kids, and although the couple agreed to keep their separation private for an entire year, Shakira had little influence over what her boyfriend Gerard does while remaining aware that it was inevitable at a point in time.

Clara Chia and Piqué made their relationship on Instagram official in January 2023

Despite the fact that Gerard and Clara had been seen together countless times, they only became an official Instagram couple on January 25, 2023. Gerard merely posed for the photo next to his new love interest with no hint-giving message. According to Spanish media outlet Socialite, the couple was first seen kissing passionately in the audience at the Summerfest Cerdanya festival in Catalonia, which was held on August 19, 2022. The couple made out while Dani Martin, a musical performer, performed.

According to a trusted companion of Clara, the relationship between Gerard and Clara had been going on for some months. In addition to being a student, she works as an event planner at his office. Despite remaining silent over their love affair, everyone in their immediate surroundings knew what was happening. Many other people helped him maintain the relationship under wraps and even deleted Clara’s online accounts so the public could not find her photos. Based on the move made, his friends believe his intentions are sincere to be with her.

Shakira left Gerad Pique in a dilemma!

He first appeared in her music video for the FIFA World Cup anthem “Waka Waka,” which is how this powerful couple first met. She announced their relationship on Instagram in a passionate message dated March 2011. Milan and Sasha, the couple’s two sons, were born on January 22, 2013, and January 29, 2015, respectively. Barcelona was home to a four-person family, where Gerard played football while raising their sons.

However, after eleven years of dating, the former soccer star Gerard Piqué recently announced their breakup with Shakira. On June 4, 2022, Shakira and Gerard shocked their fans by announcing their separation after twelve years of being together. Their joint statement showed remorse feeling on the announcement of their separation while requesting respect and patience for their privacy because of the top responsibility to ensure kids’ safety. 

While the performer, 45, and her 36year old former spouse disclosed their separation in an official announcement. But the former couples requested privacy in the matter and during this particular moment considering their children’s wellbeing, which remained their most important thing. While the couple truly appreciates the public’s concerns and attention to such details, the new couple seems to be becoming more acquainted and spending much leisure time alongside his new girlfriend. 

Although Gerard is carrying on dating Clara, the “She Wolf” star acknowledged that she had been finding it harder to accept the end of their relationship. In a discussion with Elle on September 21, 2022, Shakira mentioned putting everything into their family and relationship, emphasizing how everything remains new and raw in her life. 

The singer of “Whenever, Wherever” admitted that experiencing their breakup was one of the toughest experiences she has ever gone through. Ultimately, she saw her big desire of being able to have a loving family always as a broken dream. Gerard’s move into another relationship ripped her into pieces, making it likely among the most difficult experiences she could endure. On the other hand, she believes that all women are strong and possess this intrinsic capacity for resilience.

Earlier on, Shakira clarified that she didn’t want to be a wife, so the couple never married. For reasons well-known to her, she was honest about being terrified of getting married. Subsequently, Gerard should not have been thinking about herself being a spouse, in my opinion. She prefers for him to think of herself as his romantic partner.

Pique disclosed that Shakira’s attitude was why they did not get married during an interview on The Overlap. He stated his contentment with the current state of affairs, noting how they get along well and have two kids who are seven and nine years old. Likewise how Shakira says she appreciated if Pique perceived her as his lover and girlfriend instead of his wife just as they continued their relationship. She did this to keep him on his toes and give him the impression that everything could happen based on how they acted.

Clara Chia Marti

Shakira mentions her in two of her most recent songs.

One of Shakira’s first major songs after separating from Piqué got into the “BZRP Music Session #53,” available earlier than “TQG.” On March 14, Shakira released the smash hit song “TQG,” in which she compared herself to Mart: “I wish you luck with my supposed replacement / I don’t even know what happened to you / I’m worth two of 22 [year old] / I don’t even know what happened to you.” You exchanged a Ferrari for a Twingo, a Rolex for a Casio, or a Rolex for a Twingo. You’re moving too quickly; slow down. Spend a lot of time working out, but your brain also needs a little exercise.

Shakira’s new single, “BZRP Music Session #53,” released in January 2023, features harsh criticism of her previous lover, Gerard, with his current love interest, Clara. The music star explains in the song’s lyrics, “I’m not coming back here, I don’t want another disappointment / So much that you pretend to be a champion / And when I needed you, you gave your worst version.” She further details that she ought to have tossed that cat aside. So a she-wolf such as her is not a complete newbie as she apologizes to her sweetheart since it was quite some time. She additionally stated categorically that she is “not coming back.” She sang, “You thought you’d hurt me, but you gave me more fortitude.”

On March 14, Shakira dropped the smash hit song “TQG,” which made an allusion to a previous love interest who moved on IMMEDIATELY with a different partner. The superstar’s song probably alludes to Clara and Gerard’s new relationship: “Seeing you with the new one hurt me / But I’m ready to move on / What we had is now forgotten /, And that’s what’s bothering you.” The singer goes on to sing, “And even my life has improved / You’re no longer welcome here / What your girlfriend said about me / Doesn’t even make me angry, I laugh,” afterwards bringing up the ex-partner’s new girlfriend and pointing out she cannot “compete for men.”

Several days after the publication of Shakira’s “BZRP Music Session #53,” a sweet picture of a Gerard and Clara was posted on social media without any notice, a caption, or many comments. Even though there isn’t much information about the couple, rumors abound a few days later as Pique uploaded a photo of himself and his newly acquired partner to his Instagram page. In the picture, Clara is seated on her boyfriend’s lap while Gerard is bare-chested. Clara is wearing a black t-shirt without makeup, leaving her hair freely, and the couple smiles at the selfie and squeezed their faces together. Gérard used an orange heart emoji as the caption while sharing the picture.


This article highlights all you need to know about Clara Chia Marti, who following the breakup between Shakira and Gerard, has been photographed spending much leisure time with the legendary soccer player. Shakira and Gerard dated for an eleven-year period and were blessed with two children together. In the present, Shakira’s ex, Gerard, recently shared a photo of his new girlfriend, Clara Chia Mart, a few months following that separation. In many instances, the athlete has been regularly caught kissing the 24year old since the end of his relationship with the “Hips Don’t Lie” Cambodian musician.

In addition, Gerard and Clara are seen out and about attending events jointly while traveling about Paris on bikes, demonstrating his commitment to this different relationship. Interestingly, they were sighted together at a music event in August 2022, confirming that Gerard and Clara seem to have been dating based on the former couple’s statement confirming their parting. 

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