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Archita Patel, Harshal Patel Sister: A Tragic Demise Shrouded in Mystery

On April 9, 2022, tragedy struck when Archita Patel, the beloved sister of cricketer Harshal Patel, left this world. Reports of her sickness had been steadily increasing in recent times, leading to this sorrowful conclusion. As we mourn her passing and offer our condolences to her family in this unbearable time, it remains unclear what underlying medical condition ultimately caused her untimely departure. Our thoughts remain with her loved ones during this devastating period.

During the 18th IPL 2020 match between Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore at the MCA Stadium, RCB’s finest bowler Harshal Patel got some surprising news.

Harshal Patel’s loving sister Archita passed away on Saturday when he was participating in an IPL game versus MI. He instantly left the game after learning this to spend the day with his family.

Archita Patel: Who Is She?

Being the captain of the Haryana state squad and the sister of RCB’s star bowler Harshal Patel, Harshita Patel is highly known.

Hailing from Gujarat, an Indian state nestled near the Arabian Sea. This individual’s birth date remains undocumented. Nevertheless, they were born within the boundaries of Gujarat and are assumed to be currently in their late twenties. Her real name is Archita Patel.

Her mother’s name is Darshna Patel, and her father’s name is Vikram Patel. Her only siblings are her two brothers, Harshal and Tapan Patel. 

This person completed their early schooling at privately run institutions for both grade school and high school before pursuing further education at a private university. At the same time, there is information available regarding their occupation; it’s worth noting that indications from their Instagram point towards involvement in running an online shop focused on jewelry and other accessories.

Cause of Death For Harshal Patel’s Sister

The late Archita Patel, beloved sister of Harshal Patel, on April 9, 2022, was bereft by her untimely passing. The cause of her death, though still not disclosed, was rumored to have been due to a fatal medical condition. Her family, though distraught, maintained a dignified silence about the details of her death. In spite of their tireless efforts, a dedicated team of medical practitioners were unable to save her life. As the family now mourns the loss of their beloved Archita, they respect their right to privacy in the matter.

How did die Harshal Patel Sister?

Gujarat, India, a vibrant culture rich in tradition, was the birthplace of Archita Patel. Her loving family included Darshna and Vikram, her devoted parents, and two talented cricket players, Harshal and Tapan, her brothers. Unfortunate news struck on April 9, 2022 – Archita had passed away in her home after being ill for some days before her life was tragically cut short. Harshal Patel, an IPL 2022 player, dropped everything to be with his family during this difficult time. Although Archita has gone, she will remain missed by her beloved family and remembered for years to come.

What Caused the Death of Harshal Patel’s Sister?

According to reports, Archita Patel, Harsha’s sister, passed away on April 9, 2022, on a Saturday. Many people were devastated when Vidhu Pal Singh revealed her death on Twitter. As was previously reported, Archita was ill for a number of days. The news of her passing is undoubtedly upsetting for Harshal and his family. Her family describes Archita as a good person. Nearly every RCB supporter, especially those who admired Harshal, is paying respect to Archita and offering the family their sincere condolences. 

Death of Archita Patel

According to rumors, Archita Patel passed away while the Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians match was in progress. Everyone was shocked when word of Archita’s passing quickly circulated. Now, a few others are honoring her and giving their heartfelt sympathies. Harshal Patel will reportedly return to the bubble before the following match against Chennai Super Kings on April 12.

What happens to Harshal Patel’s sister?

Archita Patel, who was Harshal Patel’s sister, died on April 9, 2022. She had been sick for a long time and had a lot of health problems. Harshal Patel left the IPL bio-bubble when he found out that his sister had died. He was playing for the Royal Challengers Bangalore. He wasn’t on the team for the game against Chennai Super Kings, but he was back for the game against Delhi Capitals. Harshal Patel wrote a moving letter to his sister and posted it on his official Instagram account. He also shared a picture of himself and his sister, along with a sweet note. Harshal Patel said in an interview in March 2023 that he was sad for a week after his sister died.

Who is the sister of Harsha Patel?

Harshal Patel has two other brothers and sisters. Tapan is his brother, and Archita is his sister. In 2005, their family moved to the US, but Harshal stayed behind to follow his dream of becoming a cricket player. Archita, his sister, is the youngest member of the family. She is said to be between 26 and 30 years old. Vikran Patel is their father, and Darshana Patel is their mother.

How did Harshal Patel’s sister age?

Archita Patel was born in Gujarat, India, but no one knows the exact date. Most people think she is in her late 20s or early 30s. In an Instagram post, Harshal Patel said that his sister was the youngest person in the family.

Did Harshad Patel’s sister die?

People say that Archita Patel died when Royal Challengers Bangalore was playing Mumbai Indians. Soon, word got out that Archita had died, which shocked everyone. Some people are now remembering her and offering their deepest regrets. Also, Harshal Patel is said to be going back to the bubble before the next game on April 12 against Chennai Super Kings.

Did Rajat Patidar get married?

Yes, Rajat Patidar put off his wedding so he could play for the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022. He was going to get married on May 9, 2022, but when RCB called him out of the blue, he chose to put off the wedding. Rajat Patidar’s father said that Rajat didn’t get bought in the IPL 2022 super sale and was supposed to get married, but when he got a late call-up to play for RCB, he put off his wedding. Now that he has finished his duties with the Madhya Pradesh team in the Ranji Trophy knockout rounds, he will get married in July.

Who was the founder of the family of Harsha?

His father, Prabhakar Vardhana, started the family of Harsha Patel, who is also known as Harshavardhana. The Pushyabhuti, or Vardhana Dynasty, was started by Prabhakar Vardhana. Harsha Patel was the son of Prabhakar Vardhana, who was a member of the Pushyabhuti or Vardhana family.

Who kidnapped Rajyashree Harshvardhan’s sister?

The king of Kanauj, Dhruv Verman, married Harshavardhana’s sister, Rajyashree. Rajyashree was Harshavardhana’s sister. But it is still not clear who took Rajyashree. In the 7th century, when her husband, the Maukhari king Grahavarman, was killed by the winner, King Devagupta of Malwa, Rajyashree was sent to prison. Harshavardhana’s brother, Rajya Vardhana, marched against Devagupta and beat him because of what he had done to his family. Shashanka, the king of Gauda in Eastern Bengal, came to Magadha as a friend of Rajyavardhana, but he was actually working with the Malwa king behind the scenes. Shashanka killed Rajyavardhana out of spite, which made Harshavardhana the new king.

Who was Harsha’s elder brother?

Rajyavardhana was Harsha’s older brother. Rajyavardhana was a king of Thanesar, present-day Haryana. He was the son of Prabhakaravardhana, who had fought off the Alchon Hun attackers. Rajyavardhana was killed, which was a shame, and Harsha took over as king.

Harshal Patel Residential Career

Harshal Patel made headlines when he single-handedly took 23 wickets in the 2008-09 Under-19 Vinoo Mankad Trophy, with an astonishing average of 11 prompting many to sit up and take notice. His performance was so impressive that he was offered an exclusive chance to join India’s formidable Under-19 cricket team for the much-coveted 2010 ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup. Fate, however, seemed to have other plans as he was unable to make it for the competition. Nevertheless, the previous year provided a glimpse of his potential as he made his Gujarat one-day debut. It was clear that he was headed for greater heights.

Harshal had to endure a great setback: his failure to make it through this challenging period. But instead of giving up and losing all hope, he chose to remain courageous and move to Haryana to keep striving for his dream. His courage paid off in 2011–12, when his Ranji Trophy season debut was met with back-to-back eight-fours in the quarterfinal and semifinal against Rajasthan and Karnataka, respectively – an early indication of his determined spirit to succeed despite being overlooked by the Gujarat First Class Selection committee.

With 52 wickets in 9 games during the 2019 Ranji Trophy season, Harshal Patel set a new Haryana record that had stood for 36 years.

The batsman, who was born in Ahmedabad, also made 292 runs at an average of 22.46 during the just concluded Ranji season while playing mostly at No. 8. Patel scored 374 runs at an average of 31.17 runs per game while starting 12 T20 matches for the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy.

IPL Career of Harshal Patel

During the Indian Premier League auction of 2010, Mumbai Indians successfully secured Patels’ services for a sum of Rs.8 lakhs. Unfortunately for him, though. He wasn’t given any opportunities to display his abilities at that time. Nevertheless, several years later, when Patel was already aged around twenty-nine or so, he became a member of Royal Challengers Bangalore by joining them in their crusade for success, a quest that still continues today!

In the franchise setup, he was still mostly regarded as a backup seamer rather than a primary choice. He was denied a game in the 2013 IPL; however, the franchise purchased him back for INR 40 lakh during the 2014 player auction. His performance peaked in 2015 when he participated in 15 games and claimed 17 victories.

He was signed by Delhi Capitals in 2018. The Delhi Capitals have placed their trust in Harshal Patel. Recognizing his exceptional talent as a seamer who has consistently impressed on the domestic circuit for Haryana. Having played 43 IPL games and bagged an impressive tally of wickets – 43 to be exact – Patel is keen on making an impact this season with his skills honed further under the supervision of coach Ricky Ponting.

Harshal Patel played for the Delhi Capitals and only got three wickets in five games, with an over nine percent economy rate. In 2021, the Royal Challengers Bangalore purchased Harshal Patel, and it was when his financial situation drastically changed.

Harshal played in fifteen games and recorded the season’s most wickets with 32. His economic rate decreased as well, falling to 8.14. Royal Challengers Bangalore kept Harshal for the most recent IPL season. His season-long wicket total was 19, and his outstanding budget rate was 7.66.

A Career in T20I for Harshal Patel

A strong 2021 IPL season led to Harshal Patel being selected for the New Zealand-India T20I series. Mohammed Siraj was replaced by Harshal for the second T20I of the series. Glenn Philips and Darryl Mitchell, both competent batters, were both struck out by Harshal in his debut.

Harshal once more dazzled everyone with a few more wickets in his second and series’ last game. The most impressive feature of his bowling abilities was his low economy rate while being a death bowler.

Harshal Patel then participated in a few series in 2022 against the West Indies and Sri Lanka. Harshal’s performances were inconsistent; he had a very high economy rate of nine and got a total of five wickets in three T20Is against the West Indies but just two in three matches against Sri Lanka.

This T20I series consists of five games against South Africa’s national cricket team (Proteas). Harshal Patel shone as a right-arm bowler on India’s side. Initially, things did not go well for Patel as he could only manage to obtain one wicket and give up an expensive total of 43 runs during game One. This commendable cricketer revealed exceptional results: although he secured only one wicket and permitted opponents to score just seventeen runs when playing Game Two, Patrick courageously captured four scalps while giving up merely twenty-five points during Game Three.

Harshal then participated in a T20I series against England that lasted three games. Harshal took four wickets in three T20I games in England while averaging 8.45 with the ball. Harshal was forced to miss both the 2022 Asia Cup and the West Indies series due to a rib injury.

Harshal’s path to victory seemed hard to achieve as the Australian side was formidable; his first two outings were handicapped by 49 runs in the opener and an absolute disaster of 32 runs in just two overs of the second game. In the dying moments of the match, however, Harshal’s determination to succeed paid off as he took one wicket for only 18 runs given in two overs, thus emerging triumphant from his arduous journey.

The right-arm pacer was named for the three-match Twenty20 international series against South Africa in September–October 2022. In the first game, Harshal bowled brilliantly, removing two hitters for just 26 runs in 4 overs. Harshal played poorly in his most recent outings, giving up more than ten runs per over while going with nothing.

harshal patel sister

Harshal Patel’s Family History

Harshal has an American green card. He remained in India despite his family moving to the USA in 2005 because he wanted to play cricket. After joining the Aggressive Cricket Club in 2008, he began participating in the Cricket League of New Jersey (CLNJ).


Tragedy struck on April 9, 2022, with the passing of Archita Patel – dear sister to cricketer extraordinaire Harshal Patel – whose lingering illness took a fatal turn leaving loved ones grief-stricken. Surrounded by countless supporters that will remember her kind spirit for ages to come, it comes as no surprise that Archita’s passing raises questions amongst those who admired her zeal for life. Regrettably, despite sharing immense consolation during this challenging time, details surrounding the specifics of Architas’ passing remain undisclosed by family members, causing speculation about its mysterious nature. Harshal Patel’s brilliant cricket career is not only reflective of his skill but evident in his contributions to both domestic and IPL teams, where he is adored by fans worldwide for his great talent on the pitch. The profound impact of Architas’ sudden demise leaves a poignant reminder that life is precious.

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