New Stargate Series and Movie are Under Development; Amazon Confirms

New Stargate Series is Happening

Great news for Stargate fans! Thanks to Amazon Studios, the popular series is set to make a comeback as a movie and TV show. According to Deadline, Amazon is in early discussions to revive the worldwide sensation that began with the original Stargate film in 1994. The franchise has since produced several hit shows, including Stargate SG-1, and has amassed a loyal fanbase. Despite director Roland Emmerich’s comments three years ago that a return to the screen was unlikely, Amazon’s recent purchase of MGM has presented an opportunity to revisit and reinvent the series for a whole new generation.

The original Stargate film, directed by Roland Emmerich, tells the story of archaeologists discovering clues to a mysterious portal in Ancient Egypt. They soon uncover a nefarious plot involving an alien posing as the Egyptian god Ra, who seeks to extract resources from humanity to maintain his youthfulness. The Stargate is ultimately shut down to prevent aliens from returning to Earth, but they must be stopped before causing further harm.

Starring Kurt Russell, James Spader, and Jaye Davidson, the movie was a box-office success and spawned a franchise that included sequels and TV shows. However, subsequent films failed to replicate the original’s success, and the series was eventually relegated to television. But with Amazon’s backing, Stargate may soon reach new heights again.

New Stargate Series is Happening, Confirmed

Joseph Mallozzi, a seasoned writer, and producer, recently confirmed that a new Stargate series is in the works for Amazon Prime Video. When a user on the Stargate Reddit asked whether the new show was just speculation or if it was being planned, Mallozzi confirmed that Amazon was “definitely planning” a new Stargate series.

This news has left Stargate fans feeling excited and nervous, as they have experienced disappointment after years of speculation led to nothing. While rumors of a Stargate sequel have been circulating for some time, this official announcement is the first we have heard from anyone in the know.

 However, some fans are already disappointed, as Mallozzi confirmed that none of the original creators would be involved in the new Stargate project. This could mean doom for the show if it fails to attract viewers who are loyal to the original team or if it doesn’t live up to the quality promised by the franchise when it abandons its creators.

While the possibility of a new life for the series is exciting, we have seen how the absence of the people who created or nurtured a specific character or world can cause a show to go off course.

 Stargate alumni have been generating a lot of buzz lately, thanks to the premiere of a new space adventure on SyFy. This channel initially hosted most of the Stargate series. The Ark, created by SG-1 showrunner Jonathan Glassner and writer/producer Dean Devlin, had a successful debut on SyFy.

Sadly, the show hasn’t received commensurate reviews, which could mean the show could do worse. If this happens, maybe Devlin and Glassner could be allowed to join the new Stargate production on Amazon, or maybe the show’s failure would cause executives–if they had ever thought of including any of the former guards — to worry that the show’s creators are past their best.

It’s hard to remember that Stargate already has an impressive number of media on the screen, including the original film, the 214 episodes of SG-1 and three SG-1 films, 100 episodes of Atlantis, and 40 episodes of Universe. There is a huge fan base, even making a subtle reference to the recent Quantum Leap episode–and a world of stories awaiting to be shared if there is a way to get productions together to share these stories.

However, we’re optimistic that the constant hype surrounding Stargate on Amazon Prime Video indicates a positive direction for the well-loved franchise. The possibility of seeing stars from earlier shows or in the form of a brand-new show is hard to determine; however, Amanda Tapping and Richard Dean Anderson met for the table reading of an AI-written Stargate script just a few months ago despite having both abandoned acting. Of course, new worlds and characters are coming soon, and we’re looking for a chance to encode some chevrons and cross new horizons of events shortly!

Stargate Is on the Heels of its 30th Anniversary.

In 1994 Stargate, directed by Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich, received mixed reviews from critics offering lukewarm movie reviews. However, the film was well-received by audiences and even set a record for the highest-grossing opening weekend of a film that premiered in October. This marked the beginning of the Stargate fandom, and the film was later recognized as Emmerich’s first significant work.

Stargate went on to become a successful sci-fi adventure franchise with both film and television adaptations. Stargate SG-1, the first installment of the franchise expansion, premiered in 1997 and skyrocketed in acclaim following its debut. The military-themed series won numerous awards and nominations throughout its ten seasons, making it one of the longest-running sci-fi series in American TV history.

Following the success of SG-1, several new projects were developed, including Stargate Atlantis (2004), Stargate Universe (2009), Stargate Infinity (an animated show from 2002), and Stargate Origins (a web-based television series released in 2018). The Stargate franchise also had two direct-to-video films, The Ark of Truth and Stargate: Continuum, released in 2008.

The Stargate franchise has left a long-lasting legacy in the sci-fi genre and is among some of the greatest science-fiction novels in the present. The 30th anniversary of the franchise is just around the corner; it’s the ideal moment to revive the Stargate franchise to a new generation. Although Amazon did not provide a timeline for when the Stargate project for television or film will debut, 2024 could be the perfect year to celebrate the return of Stargate as it will honor a series that has helped shape the modern science fiction genre and been a massive hit with viewers for years.

Stargate’s Complicated Comeback

Due to the franchise’s potential for expansion, it was an ideal fit to be a part of the current environment focused on creating film universes. The problem was that plans for a reboot were repeatedly canceled for various reasons, which prevented the portal from providing more action for cinemas or on the big screen. With Amazon’s ownership of all MGM offers, this time of year is better for creating and launching new projects set in the universe of Stargate and for allowing the next generation to become familiar with the idea of the series.

While you wait for any updates on Stargate’s future Stargate and Stargate, you can look at an official trailer of the film from 1994.

Stargate: The Future of Stargate has reported that Amazon and MGM are considering three options for the future of the Stargate franchise. The first option is to work with writer Brad Wright to explore his original pilot script for a potential fourth Stargate series. Another possibility is to ask Wright to create a new pilot script from scratch. The third option involves seeking out fresh creative talent to either continue the existing Stargate storyline or create a complete reboot of the franchise.

According to The Popcast, Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, the creators of The Expanse, have expressed interest in taking on the Stargate franchise. They may have the opportunity to create a Stargate reboot, sequel, or spinoff featuring lesser-known but beloved characters from the original series. However, Sci-Trek has reported that Fergus is requesting a budget of $100 million to produce ten episodes, while Amazon can only offer $50 million. This financial discrepancy may have caused Amazon to reconsider its plans for a Stargate revival.

A recent interview with marketing and TV expert Jenny Stiven on the YouTube channel Dial the Gate revealed that Amazon has three potential options for reviving the popular franchise, Stargate. One possibility is, to begin with a new Stargate film and then transition it into an ongoing series. This approach seems sensible given Amazon’s recent announcement to produce 8-10 films annually. As Stargate originally began as a film, this strategy could bring new life into the franchise. Another alternative is to start with an existing series and utilize the first TV show’s canon to extend the Stargate universe while also honoring the previous universes that preceded it by possibly introducing various related or unrelated characters.

The third possibility is, to begin with a new cold reboot that could pay tribute to Brad Wright and Roland Emmerich’s work and then proceed by introducing something entirely new they would like to create. Steven has stated that Amazon would prefer the first option, and the second option is the least likely because Amazon does not intend to seize the fan base. While Amazon has not yet announced an upcoming Stargate, Steven stated that it is among Amazon’s and MGM’s most popular IPs, and they’re hoping to make it an iconic franchise, similar to Star Wars and Star Trek.

Steven believes a Stargate reboot or sequel is coming soon, particularly now that many behind-the-scenes Stargate supporters have critical roles at Amazon. These supporters include Chis Ottinger, Chris Brearton, and Michael Wright. MGM’s previous director of worldwide distribution and acquisitions, Ottinger, was recently added to the Amazon team. Brearton was recently appointed to oversee MGM’s unscripted TV and streaming service, and he also serves as the VP of corporate strategies and strategy for Prime Video and Amazon Studios. Additionally, Wright is now the director of MGM+. Steven notes that all three executives report directly to the same people who make content development decisions for Amazon or MGM. She is aware that all three executives supported Stargate while she was working for MGM and has been told that they still support the franchise to this day.

Why Stargate: SG-1 is One of the Best Sci-Fi Shows of All Time

The 1990s brought new life to the science-fiction genre. There were sequels to excellent sci-fi films made in the ’80s, and new concepts were created by the ever-changing technology of the time. Several great TV shows were created in the 90s, like The X-Files and 3rd Rock From the Sun. One of the greatest shows released was Stargate: SG-1. The TV version of the film Stargate was a major hit and became one of the most popular sci-fi shows, and it is ranked with Star Trek.

The show debuted in the year 1997 and was broadcast on Showtime. After the events of the film Colonel Jack O’Neill, played by Richard Dean Anderson, is pulled out of retirement to investigate whether Goa’uld is threatening Earth. He discovers that the Stargate is a device that lets interplanetary space travel operational because of a secret operation division of the United States Air Force.

O’Neill takes over the command of the team SG-1, which comprises Captain Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping), an astrophysicist with great talent when they are tasked with identifying threats. They travel to the alien space of Abydos to find Daniel Jackson, played by Michael Shanks, after Goa’uld, the lord of systems Apophis, takes his wife. Teal’c (Christopher Judge), the Primate of Apophis, is a defector and helps save his team members from being taken by the same force. On Earth, Teal’c pledges his allegiance to the group and is welcomed into the team. Following the events of Abydos, the team concentrates on using Stargate to explore the universe with the hopes of stopping the Goa’uld.

Guest Appearances

The program primarily focused on exploring uncharted territories and discovering new cultures. It was an incredible opportunity to feature many talented actors as guest stars, including familiar faces from the iconic 90s era. In season one’s episode “The Gamekeeper,” Dwight Schultz portrayed the character of The Keeper on a fictional planet with an alien civilization in a virtual life.

Schultz is a remarkable actor and is recognized by science fiction enthusiasts for his character Reginald Barclay in the Star Trek series. Another unforgettable guest appearance was in season three’s episode “Urgo,” where the AI character Urgo entered the team’s minds, played impressively by Dom DeLuise. The renowned comedian is regarded as one of the program’s most exceptional guest stars, and his performance in this episode has been hailed as one of the show’s best.

Sarcasm and Humor

The show featured some of the most sarcastic comedies and comebacks on screen. The show shaped the entire generation’s sense of humor. It also shaped how comedy was written in real-life situations. Peter DeLuise, son of Dom DeLuise, was a writer on the show starting in 2000. He was a hilarious voice, which raised the comedy level throughout the first two seasons.

Another reason the show could entertain was the characters simply being themselves. The character of O’Neill (Anderson) is a retired Colonel who has experienced the worst and best of the world offers. His sarcastic, dry remarks make for some of the most hilarious moments in the show. This, combined with Teal’s and his utter lack of understanding, is the perfect comedy gem. The whole cast made the show appear like a crazy family that was comprised of every member of the viewership.

Historical Lessons

The concept behind the narrative is that the Goa’uld, a fictional race derived from Egyptian mythology, traveled through time to abduct numerous individuals from various civilizations. These individuals were then transported to different planets for various purposes. For instance, people from Abydos were treated as though they hailed from Ancient Egypt and were subjected to enslavement. In another world, people from Greece utilized the latest technological advancements. This storyline provided an excellent opportunity to showcase the distinct cultures and eras in an educational setting.

In season one’s “Emancipation” episode, the show depicted a Mongol-like tribe to demonstrate what might happen if a traditional Mongolian group was isolated and reformed for centuries. Despite the possibility of certain inaccuracies, the episode was incredibly realistic, enabling viewers to understand the cultural norms of different societies.

Magical Science

The TV show featured an array of technological breakthroughs and extraterrestrial beings. It aimed to highlight the contrast between what we perceive as mystical and the scientific explanation behind it. Although some Goa’uld weapons couldn’t be replicated with Earth’s technology, their energy storage and transformation into a potent blast were studied thoroughly.

Despite encountering technological advancements beyond their comprehension, researchers could trace their source and the underlying principles of their capabilities. The Stargate was a prime example of an ancient technology stumbled upon by aliens and subjected to extensive scrutiny. The program explained it in detail, comparing it to the functioning of computers and the electronic transmission of phone calls. The use of scientifically precise models to describe it was truly impressive.

Are they making another Stargate?

Deadline has reported that Amazon is discussing how to handle its newly acquired MGM franchises, specifically the Stargate TV and film franchise. According to sources, Amazon is considering both television and film plans for Stargate, with a movie likely being the first to be produced. 

The report also mentions that “A-list creative auspices” have expressed interest in adapting MGM IP, which they are fans of. Also, Amazon relies on its partners for creative input on certain projects. With a well-established science fiction series like Stargate, it is likely to receive a big-budget blockbuster treatment. Amazon plans to allocate over $1 billion annually towards films, with 12 to 15 films set to be released in theatres.

What is the most recent Stargate series?

The television series Universe ended in 2011 after only two seasons on SYFY. Throughout the show, the Destiny crew remained frozen in apathy as they journeyed through various galaxies searching for new adventures. Unfortunately, viewers were never able to witness what these new adventures entailed. 

In separate interviews with Sidewalks Entertainment, Universe stars Robert Carlyle (Nicholas Rush) and Brian J. Smith (Matthew Scott) acknowledge that the show’s ending has left many fans speculating about what could have happened in future episodes. However, it has been 12 years since the cast was last seen on screen, making any continuation of the show highly unlikely.

Will the Stargate universe ever be finished?

It is unlikely that Stargate Universe will continue, but there are reasons to be optimistic about the franchise’s future. In 2021, Amazon purchased MGM, the studio that holds all rights to the Stargate franchise. There have been reports of Amazon planning to launch a new Stargate project, and it would be unreasonable for them to exclude one of the world’s most popular sci-fi series. 

Therefore, the question is not whether there will be another Stargate film or series but rather when it will happen. It has been over ten years since the last Stargate show (excluding Stargate Origins, which most viewers did not consider a true continuation), making this an ideal time for a reboot or new series.

Why was Stargate Universe season 3 cancelled?

Although fans of the show enjoyed its darker style, it struggled to maintain viewership. As the number of viewers steadily declined during the first season, the show’s time slot was changed for season 2, but this only resulted in further ratings drops. In 2011, SYFY announced that they would not renew the show for another season, leading to its cancellation.

The final episode of Stargate Universe ended with a twist: the ship was severely damaged, and the crew had to redirect it to a different universe. To make the incredibly long journey, the crew entered a state of suspended animation, except for Eli, who had to stay awake due to a damaged pod. Eli had just two weeks to repair his pod before the life support systems failed. The show ended with Eli looking out into space, uncertain of his future.

Will Stargate return to Amazon Prime?

According to Deadline, Amazon Studios is reportedly in the early stages of discussions to bring back the popular Stargate franchise as a film and TV project. The franchise began with the release of the original Stargate movie in 1994 and has since spawned several successful spin-off shows, including Stargate SG-1, which has garnered a loyal fan base over the years. Although the film’s director, Roland Emmerich, stated three years ago that a return to the Stargate universe was unlikely, the recent acquisition of MGM presents a new opportunity to introduce the franchise to a new generation and reimagine it for modern audiences.

Why did Stargate fail?

Stargate Universe’s spin-off was a solid attempt, but it did not succeed because it couldn’t comprehend the audience it was targeting; it was too different to the traditional Stargate fans, and new viewers would not visit a show they’d not seen since 1997.

Is Netflix dropping Stargate?

The show on Netflix is licensed annually from MGM Television and was lastly renewed for a second year in December 2021. However, the license expired, and the show will no longer be available on Netflix. This is a common practice as distributors prioritize their own streaming services and aim to maximize the value of their shows.

Can I start with Stargate Atlantis?

There’s no need to weave the episodes together, but it’s better to begin watching Stargate SG-1 season 8 and Stargate Atlantis season 1 together. After the conclusion of Stargate SG-1 season 7, the show introduces a mysterious city known as Atlantis. The crew members locate the location of the city that is deep in space.

Is Stargate one-way?

A Stargate only works in one direction while making a stable wormhole or Einstein-Rosen bridge. It is necessary to dial the correct coordinates from the other side to go back. This is the basic plot of the original movie.

Is Stargate being revived?

The Stargate TV and film franchise is making news today, thanks to an update from Deadline on Amazon’s discussions regarding how to handle the newly purchased MGM franchises.

The report says that Amazon is considering TV and film initiatives in the direction of Stargate, “with a movie likely going first.”

Did Stargate Atlantis have a finale?

It has been over ten years since Stargate Atlantis ceased airing on TV, and the show’s sudden end still pains its dedicated fan base. The last season of Atlantis was one of its finest, featuring innovative storytelling techniques and new villains from alternate universes, such as the hostile Asgard and Replicators, who portrayed themselves as heroes. 

The Wraith leader, Todd, also grew in power while a coalition of Pegasus Galaxy planets tried to hold us accountable for our actions. These were just a few of the many exciting plot points in the series.

Why did Stargate Atlantis end?

There is much uncertainty surrounding the cancellation of Stargate Atlantis. The show was beloved by viewers in both the United States and Europe, and even though season 5 was currently being broadcasted, it was declared to be the final season. Initially, the producers had planned to conclude the Atlantis story with straight-to-DVD films. However, when the off-shoot series Stargate Universe was cancelled after just two seasons, plans for the films were also put on hold.

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