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Meet Harry Wentworth-Stanley, Cressida Bonas’s Husband

Everything You Need to Know About Harry Wentworth

Who is Harry Wentworth-Stanley?

The 34-year-old is an avid sports enthusiast, as well as his Instagram, which is packed with visits to Twickenham and Wembley, as well as evenings spent watching football and cheering on his team, Spurs.

Harry loves the great outdoors, as seen in his Instagram photos, where he is often found boating, skiing with friends and his lovely wife Cressida, or taking strolls in rural areas. In 2016, Harry rowed in a four-person crew across the Atlantic, covering 3,000 miles and raising over 650,000 pounds for the James Wentworth Stanley Memorial Trust.

Born to Clare Milford Haven and Nick Wentworth Stanley, Harry has two half-siblings: Lady Tatiana Mountbatten, 29, and Harry Medina, 27. Unfortunately, Harry’s older brother, James Wentworth-Stanley, passed away tragically at 21, just before Christmas in 2006. In a 2016 interview with The Telegraph, Harry reflected on the loss of his brother, saying, “I couldn’t picture living without James. I realized that as the oldest, I had to step on his shoes, get used to them, and be comfortable with them. I needed to ensure that I looked out for my parents.”

In honor of James, Harry and his parents set up The James Wentworth Stanley Memorial Trust, which seeks to raise awareness about depression, anxiety, and suicide in young people.

Who is Harry’s mom, Clare Mountbatten, Marchioness of Milford Haven

Meet Clare Milford Haven, Harry’s mother and former social media editor at Tatler. She tied the knot with Nick Wentworth Stanley in 1985 but parted ways in 1997. Clare later remarried George Mountbatten, 4th Marquess of Milford Haven, the same year. Although Cressida is not married to a royal family member, her family has several connections to the monarchy. Harry’s stepfather George is the Queen’s uncle, and Clare is a close friend of Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York.

Having lost her eldest son, Clare has tirelessly worked to raise awareness about mental health and suicide prevention. Her efforts led her to establish James’ Place, the UK’s first non-clinical suicidal crisis center in Liverpool. Clare’s dedication to suicide prevention caught Harry’s attention, and he attended the launch of James’ Place with her when Prince William opened the center in August 2018.

He is Married to Prince Harry’s Ex, Cressida Bonas

After the announcement of her wedding in August 2019, the actress Cressida Bonas (who famously was a lover of Prince Harry!) married her long-time boyfriend, Harry Wentworth-Stanley, in July 2020.

According to the Daily Mail reports, the couple chose to keep their wedding simple, choosing intimate and private ceremonies in the English countryside. Bonas and Wentworth-Stanley, an estate developer, hosted their wedding in Cowdray Park, Midhurst, West Sussex, in an intimate setting with just 30 guests.

“It was a beautiful ceremony, and they are just so happy,” one family member said in the Daily Mail. “It was a very private and intimate ceremony, and that is what they wanted. Cressida looked stunning and radiant. We are all so happy for them, and it was a great day, but they requested that no one talk about it.”

The wedding details are unavailable (the bride was keen to keep it as simple as possible! ); Bonas’s brother Jacobi Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe shared an Instagram of the newlyweds, presumably from their wedding day. In the photo, they can be seen on horseback along with Bonas wearing a bridesmaid-like look in a white dress and the groom in a navy suit.

Bonas and Wentworth-Stanley’s union was a few years after the making. The couple began dating during their time at The University of Leeds. When they split, they were reunited when Princess Eugenie was the first to introduce Bonas to her younger cousin Prince Harry. Bonas and Harry were in a relationship that was highly publicized and continued until 2014. In the end, Bonas returned to Wentworth-Stanley again, and the property developer proposed the question on holiday in Nantucket this summer.

The Couple Welcomed a Kid Last Year

A couple, Harry Wentworth-Stanley and Cressida Bonas, were spotted happily strolling with their baby in West London. This outing marked the first public appearance of the 34-year-old actor with his infant. The duo previously had a relationship between 2012 and 2014 but kept their dating life private. Reports suggest that Bonas found it difficult to handle the constant attention that came with being romantically linked to a royal family member. Despite this, the two reunited and married in 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown in a ceremony held in Cowdray Park, West Sussex. The photographs from the ceremony show the couple riding a horse. In October, Bonas, an actress, shared her thoughts on the special bond between humans and their pets in an article for The Spectator Magazine. She spoke about how her dachshund, Budgie, has changed their lives and how nothing compares to the feeling of being greeted by their furry friend after coming home.

Who is Cressida Bonas

Cressida Curzon Stanley (nee Bonas; born 18 February 1989 is an English model and actress from England. The model is well-known for her relationship with Prince Harry between 2012 and 2012.

Bonas is born in Winchester, Hampshire, the sole child of the 60s “it girl” Lady Mary-Gaye Georgiana Lorna Curzon[ (daughter of 6th Earl Howe’s marriage to his second wife) as well as her husband of three years, Old Harrovian entrepreneur Jeffrey Bonas. Bonas was a member of the Bonas family, once butchers and grocers who operated textile factories in Castle Gresley and Burton-on-Trent, built looms for themselves, and later produced them to sell to different businesses. They also owned the “Bonas Brothers” company, closed operations in the early 1980s, and manufactured elastics tights for women as its last line.

She has seven half-siblings. Three paternal half-brothers from the father’s first marriage, one maternal half-sister from her mother’s initial marriage, two maternal half-sisters, and a maternal half-brother of her second husband, including the actress Isabella Calthorpe.

Bonas was a ballet student from nine years old at Royal Ballet School. Then, Bonas won a sports scholarship to Prior Park College in Bath, Somerset, then completed her formal training at Stowe School. She then pursued dance studies at the University of Leeds, graduating with a 2:1 degree and taking postgraduate dance classes at The Trinity Laban Conservatoire in Greenwich.

What Does Cressida Do?

Cressida attended The University of Leeds and studied dance at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire. She was a star in musicals and plays throughout her school years. Her first appearance on screen as an actress came in 2009 when she landed an unimportant television role. She made her performance appearance in 2014. The talented dancer appeared in the role of Daisy Buchanan in the musical version of The Great Gatsby in 2017. She also appeared in the one-woman production playing Laura in An Evening with Lucian Freud. She was also a part-time actress in the upcoming film White House Farm.

After beginning her acting career, Cressida started acting in 2014. She was featured in the pages of Vanity Fair, photographed by Mario Testino after being included on their International Best Dressed List. She has modeled on the runways of Burberry and Mulberry and also.

Cressida Bonas Dated Prince Harry

Once there was a time. Before Prince Harry was married to Meghan Markle, the prince was a mate of Cressida Bonas for two years.

The couple started dating in 2012 following their introduction by Harry’s sister Princess Eugenie. In his memoir of January 2023, Spare, the Duke of Sussex, recalls the “painfully awkward” moment from their first date.

“I leaned in to kiss her, but my aim was off,” the writer wrote. “She turned, I tried again on the return trip, and we managed something like a graze.” When the prince called Eugenie to complain about the less-than-smooth kiss, he discovered that his friend had had the tale from Bonas.

“But then came the good news,” Harry continued. “Cressida was game to try again.”

After a somewhat messy first date, the couple’s relationship blossomed, and they were able to enjoy two more years of dating. In a piece for Spare magazine, the CIO of BetterUp recounted a touching moment with actress Bye Bye Man, who helped him grieve his mother’s passing years after the tragedy occurred. (Princess Diana passed away in August 1997 at 36 in a car crash.)

During a ski trip in Kazakhstan in 2014, Harry’s former girlfriend asked him about his mother with a perfect mix of curiosity and empathy. Harry’s response left him in tears, but the moment of intimacy was cathartic and brought the couple closer together. “It accelerated our bond and added an element rare in past relationships: immense gratitude,” he wrote.

Despite his deep affection and loyalty to the model, the Archewell co-founder and Bonas split soon after their vacation. Harry explained that while they shared a strong connection, it wasn’t a love that would last forever. He also noted that Bonas was always clear about not wanting to take on the stresses of being a royal, and she wasn’t surprised when he said he wanted her to take charge.

Their love story may have ended, but Harry and Bonas remain on good terms. She even attended Harry and Meghan’s wedding in 2018, wearing a custom Eponine London wedding dress and a pink feathered crown. Bonas married Harry Wentworth Stanley in 2020, and they welcomed their son Wilbur in 2022. Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan have two children: Archie, born in 2019, and Lilibet, born in 2021.

What Happened To Prince Harry & Cressida Bonas?

When Harry and Cressida started their relationship, Harry found out that he had to go to the war zone. Cressida promised Harry she would be there for him, but not indefinitely. She also said it was easier for her to convince herself and others that they were not together. Although Harry was not involved in any other relationship, she assured him they could revisit their public image upon returning from the war.

After Harry returned, he felt “detachment” and “awkwardness” with Cressida. He also noted that she quickly pointed out how “different” he appeared. According to Harry, whatever was bothering Cressida seemed scary or off-putting to her. They chose to start over instead of trying to pick up where they left off. They continued to date privately and only became known as a couple in March 2014 when Cressida was invited to her first wedding with Harry.

The ski trip on which Harry admitted to his feelings about Diana was scheduled shortly after. Harry stated that he felt grateful for his time with Cressida to help him to open up. However, he returned from the ski trip feeling “miserable” because he also realized they “weren’t a match.” Harry said, “I just knew. Cress, I believe, also knew that. There was a huge affection, a deep and long-lasting loyalty but not love that lasted forever. She was always upfront about not wanting to accept the burdens of being an heir to the throne, and I never was certain I wanted to ask her to accept this responsibility.”

Harry got into a fight with Cressida soon after the ski excursion. “She nodded. It didn’t seem to be a surprise,” he admitted. “These things had been on her mind, as well.”

Cressida Attended Harry & Meghan’s Wedding

Despite their separation, Harry and Cressida remained in good standing. Cressida attended in attendance of guests at St. George’s chapel when Harry got married to Meghan in May of 2018. Cressida kept a journal for The Spectator after the wedding. However, she did not discuss her feelings about overseeing her ex-husband taking a walk. Instead, she wrote about her concerns about wearing the wrong dress to the wedding. “I opted for a minimal feathered number — and can only hope I got it right,” Cressida said.

What does Harry Wentworth-Stanley do?

Harry Wentworth-Stanley is a property developer and Associate Director at Savills, a leading global real estate service provider. He is based in Savills’s London office and is a specialist in developing residential properties and investments. The company has participated in several notable projects, including renovating Battersea Power Station and revitalising Nine Elms.

He is also a fervent advocate for mental health awareness and suicide prevention since the loss of his son James to suicide in 2006. He co-founded James’ Place, a non-clinical facility that provides help for those who are in a suicidal state.

Who is Cressida’s husband?

Harry Wentworth-Stanley

On July 25, 2020, Bonas was married by property investor Harry Wentworth-Stanley in a small ceremony privately held in West Sussex. The Wentworth-Stanleys belong to a Hertfordshire family of landed gentry; the mother of Harry, Clare (nee Steel), was a former social editor of Tatler journal, has the married to George Mountbatten, 4th Marquess of Milford Haven.

What is Cressida Bonas baby called?

Cressida Bonas and Harry Wentworth-Stanley named their child Wilbur James Wentworth-Stanley. The name is a tribute to Harry’s brother, James, who committed suicide in 2006.

How much is Meghan Markle and Harry worth?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s financial situation significantly shifted when they stepped down from their positions in the British Royal Family. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex resigned from their royal duties in 2020, meaning they no longer have access to the substantial funds from the royal family’s $28-billion estate. Consequently, they have had to rely on their own earnings to sustain their lifestyle. According to Forbes, they have a net worth of $60 million and have been adapting to their new financial reality.

When did Harry meet Meghan?

Harry and Meghan first met in the summer of 2016 at Dean Street Townhouse in London, which Soho House owns. They were introduced by a mutual friend named Violet von Westenholz. Before their meeting, Harry had seen Meghan in his Instagram posts.

As per Harry’s memoir, Violet connected him with Meghan, who was then an actress in the TV series “Suits”. They started talking and arranged their first get-together over dinner at Soho House’s 76 Dean Street location. This happened while Meghan was in London to attend the Wimbledon event.

Did Cressida date, Prince Harry?

Actress Cressida Bonas dated Prince Harry from 2012 until 2014 after being allegedly presented by Princess Eugenie. The relationship was reportedly cut off because Bonas did not like the scrutiny of being in a relationship with Harry. She later spoke out about the incident in an interview on BBC Radio.

Did Cressida split from Harry?

In 2014, Harry met Princess Eugenie, who was in a two-year relationship with Cressida. However, according to a book, Cressida ended the relationship after feeling overwhelmed following a royal tour led by Harry’s twin brother, Prince William, and sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. She reportedly became “spooked” by the pressures of being a royal and decided it was too much for her.

Who is Cressida ex of Prince Harry?

Cressida Curzon Stanley, also known as Cressida Bonas, was born in England on February 18, 1989. She is a well-known model and actress. Cressida gained media attention for her relationship with Prince Harry from 2012 to 2014. Princess Eugene introduced the couple, and rumors of a potential engagement put Cressida in the spotlight, causing her to feel overwhelmed. However, the two eventually decided to end their relationship in 2014.

Who is Harry’s unknown sister?

Prince Harry and Prince William share a half-sister named Laura Lopes, formerly known as Laura Parker Bowles. Their relationship has been strained since their youth, largely due to the tumultuous love triangle involving their father, King Charles, their late mother, Princess Diana, and now Queen Camilla. The fallout from this scandalous affair caused much hurt for the siblings, and their relationship has suffered as a result.

Is Chelsy Davy married?

Chelsy and Sam Cutmore Scott are happily married and secretly tied the knot in 2022, five months after the birth of their first child, Leo. Sam, an Oxford graduate, works as the director of his parents’ Bijou Collection hospitality business.

Recently, the Cutmore Scott family celebrated the grand opening of their first luxury hotel in Norfolk, adding to their impressive collection, including a chateau in the South of France and an abbey in Buckinghamshire. Sam has been a full-time employee of the company for about ten years, having previously received training in accounting.

Who is Harry’s girlfriend, Bonas?

In 2012, Prince Harry started dating Cressida Bonas after being introduced to her by his cousin, Princess Eugenie. The couple had a great sense of humour and were often photographed together, appearing as a perfect match. There were speculations of a royal wedding, but Cressida was reportedly uncomfortable with the media attention. In 2014, the couple broke up, but they remained good friends. Cressida even participated in Harry and Meghan’s wedding in 2018.


Who is Cressida Bonas’s spouse?

Harry Wentworth-Stanley

Who is Harry Wentworth-Stanley?

Harry Wentworth-Stanley is a property developer and the spouse of Cressida Bonas, a performer and a model who was in an affair with Prince Harry. Harry is his mother’s son, the daughter of the Marquis of Milford Haven (a former Tatler Social Editor), and her first husband, Lloyd’s List underwriter Nicholas Philip Wentworth-Stanley.

Where and when did he tie the knot with Cressida Bonas?

He married Cressida Bonas in an intimate ceremony in the English countryside in July 2020, following the couple’s wedding was delayed due to the coronavirus lockdown. The couple rode off into the sunset on horses in a photograph from the celebrations shared by Bonas’s half-brother, Jacobi Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe.

How did he come across Cressida Bonas?

He was introduced to Cressida Bonas at the University of Leeds, where they both studied. He began dating her before she began to see Prince Harry, and they broke up when they went on a trip to the country in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They were friends and rekindled their romance following Bonas becoming a part of the couple. Prince Harry broke up in the year 2014.

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