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Carving His Own Groove: Mathew Thomas Clemence Unique Artistry

Who is Mathew Thomas Clemence?

Mathew Thomas Clemence is Phil Collin’s son, commonly known as Mathew Clemence. His parents, Phil Collins and Orianne Cevey are famous figures in the entertainment world. Despite belonging to a well-known celebrity family, Mathew has surprisingly been able to maintain a low profile and live a private life away from the media and public limelight, unlike his popular siblings.

Although Mathew Thomas Clemence comes from a very popular and wealthy family, he is an ambitious individual determined to carve his own groove to success. Mathew is recognized as a goal-oriented person who makes remarkable efforts to follow his goals and dreams. Born under the Capricorn astrological sign, Mathew depicts the core qualities associated with the zodiac sign, including resolve, strong work ethic, and discipline. 

How Old is Mathew Thomas Clemence?

Mathew Thomas Clemence was born in London, England, on December 1, 2004. He is currently 20 years old. 

Mathew Clemence’s Parents and their Marriage

Mathew’s father, Phil Collins, Married a Swiss translator Orianne Cevey in 1999. At the time of their marriage, Cevey was 22 years while Phil was 49 years and despite their vast age gap, they rapidly gained a reputation. Phil Collins met Cevey when she was working as his translator during his tour around 1994. Orianne Cevey was Phil’s third wife. Phil was first married to Canadian-born Andrea Bertorelli from 1975 to 1980. They divorced and, in 1984, married Jill Tavelman. Later, Phil divorced Tavelman. In 1992 while still an active member of the Genesis band, Phil started dating Lavinia Lang, his former school but never got married. 

However, their marriage was not all rosy, as they encountered some difficulties that led to their divorce in 2008. As a result, Orianne received a hooping settlement of $46.76 million, the record highest divorce payment in Britain at the time. When discussing their divorce, Phil Collins said it was a big mistake, and he still loved Cevey. 

Despite the breakup, Mathew Thomas Clemence’s parents reunited in 2016 and tried to mend their relationship. Sadly, even their second relationship didn’t work out, and they eventually split again in 2019. In 2020, it emerged that Orianne had secretly married another person. The second breakup was bitter, and it resulted in a lawsuit. Phil claimed that Orianne got secretly and resided with her new lover in his Miami home. Orianne refused to vacate Phil’s residence claiming that she was entitled to get half of the property’s value since they had been cohabiting, sparking the court drama. 

Mathew Thomas Clemence’s father, Phil, is a famous multifaceted English musician and singer with an outstanding career spanning several decades. He has excelled as a songwriter, singer, actor, drummer, and record producer. Phil is best recognized as one of the most drummers of his generation and for being the main star in the band Genesis.’ Phil’s extraordinary musical talent has earned him numerous honors, including eight Grammy Awards. 

On the other hand, Mathew’s mother, Orianne Cevey, is a Swiss Jewelry designer. She was spotlighted mainly because of her high-profile marriage to Phil Collins. Soon after divorcing Phil, Orianne married Charles Fouad Mejjati. 

Mathew’s parents may have had a complicated relationship, but they have remained among the most recognizable personalities in the music and fashion industries.

What is Mathew Clemence’s Father’s Current Situation?

Mathew Collins in his last Genesis performance
Mathew Collins in his last Genesis performance

Fans of Phil Collins, the father of Mathew  Thomas Clemence, have recently raised concerns about his health situation and are keenly looking forward to updates. The legendary musician was recently hospitalized, and Mike Rutherford updated the public about Phil’s health status.

According to the available reports, Phil has been struggling with health issues after sustaining a spinal injury in 2007. As a result, the vertebrae of his upper neck were damaged, leaving him with a damaged nerve that significantly affected his performance. His last performance in a  Genesis show was in March 2022, and he performed in a wheelchair, which left most of his fans saddened. This is why most of them seek to know about his well-being. 

While promoting the 2023 Mike+ The Mechanics  tour, which took place from April 12 to May 18, in an interview on BBC Breakfast, Rutherford responded to the fans’ concerns and updated them on Mathew’s father’s health condition. He confirmed that Mathew Clemence’s brother Nicholas would play drums on the tour. Rutherford revealed sad news to the fans that Phil’s condition had worsened, and he had become more motionless than before. Nonetheless, he reassured the fans that Phil was in good spirits but enjoying his home life. 

In the final Genesis tour, Nicholas and Rutherford played the drums together, which was a refreshing experience. In his interview on BBC Breakfast in 2021, Phil revealed that he has not been able to play drums since the time he sustained an injury. 

Where is Mathew Clemence’s Mother Now?

Orianne Cevey, mother to Mathew Thomas Clemence, now lives in Bay Harbour, Florida, after losing his legal battle against Phil Collins to keep the house in December last year. On the  2023 New Eve, Cevey posted a somber reflection on what she says was a disastrous year on Instagram. In the post, she said her dogs, Billy and Tony, were her only companions during the year. She added that her third husband, Thomas Bates, a musician was only interested in the money and lifestyle she gave him. She claimed that Bates was only with her out of self-interest and had decided to give him a hard time, what she terms as trial and betrayal. 

She divorced Bates at the beginning of this year after getting into an unusual romantic relationship that sparked during the pandemic. She claimed that their relationship was mainly fueled by the COVID-19 circumstances. Orianne had earlier on given a statement in legal papers stating that she had engaged in a romantic relationship because of the pressures of the pandemic. She said, “I believe the emotional stress of the COVID quarantine caused me to act in ways to things that were out of character.” 

However, despite having a challenging year, Cevey acknowledged his sons Nic and Mathew Clemence and several friends who supported her during the hard times. She posted, “To my dear friends who supported me in these difficult times and made me want to live, fight, and love for real again. I am so grateful, and I love you so much…” 

In the spring of this year, Mathew Clemence’s mother lost custody of her son fathered by her second husband, Charles Mejjati. She did not mention his third son in her lengthy Instagram post where she thanks his sons Nic and Matt, her sons with musician Phil Collins. She spent the 2022 Christmas with them in Switzerland, where Phil lives. 

Who are Mathew Clemence’s Siblings

Mathew Thomas Clemence has only one biological brother, Nicholas Grev Austin Collins. Austin Collins took after his father as he pursued a career in music as a songwriter, guitarist, drummer, songwriter, and pianist. Besides Austin, Mathew has other step-siblings, including Simon Collins, Joley Collins, and Lily Collins. Mathew’s step-siblings are born of Phil Collins from his previous marriages. 

Lily Jane Collins
Lily Jane Collins

Lilly Jane Collins is an older half-sister of Mathew Thomas Clemence, born to his father’s second American wife, Jill Tavelman. She has established herself in the entertainment industry. She is a renowned British-American actress, a model married to director and writer Charlie McDowell. She was born in 1989. She entered the career at just 2 years old when she starred in the BBC sitcom “Growing Pains.” After her debut in the entertainment industry, Lily has been featured in numerous widely-known films and TV shows such as ‘Les Miserables,’ ‘To the Bone,’ ‘Emily in Paris,’ and ‘Tolkien’ among others. 

Joey Collins, Mathew’s eldest half-sister born to Andrea Bertorelli from her previous relationship but was adopted by Phil Collins after their marriage in 1975. Born in August 1972, Joely is a British-Canadian actress and producer. She attended Canada’s Vancouver Youth Theatre and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. She has made a name by making significant contributions to the entertainment world. She won Canada’s Best Leading Actress award at just 22 for her role in the hit TV series Madison.’ She is famous for starring in various films, including ‘Brahms: The Boy II,’ ‘Coded,’ ‘What Could Have Been,’ ‘Becoming Redwood,’ and ‘Dead Zone.’ 

In 2018, Joey Collins married his Dutch fiancé Stefan Buitelaarhe Leiden, and in 2019, they welcomed their first child, Zoe Amelie. Phil revealed his joy after setting sight on his first grandchild and said, “Life has gone to a new level for me. Am absolutely thrilled, and I’m so happy for Joely and Stefan. They are truly happy.” While speaking about the joy of becoming a mother to the Urban Moms, Joely said, “I love being a mum! I think it is the most rewarding job you can have.”

Mathew’s brother Simon Performing
Mathew’s brother Simon Performing

His brother, also born to Andrea Bertorelli, Simon Philip Nando Collins, is a British-Canadian drummer and a member of the Sound of Contact. In this progressive rock band, he performs as the lead vocalist. He has recorded numerous hits such as ‘Becoming Human,’ ‘Unconditional’ and ‘Pride.’ With his band, Simon is credited for several albums, including ‘U-Catastrophe,’ ‘Time for Truth,’ and ‘All of Who You Are.’ 

Mathew’s Clemence’s Education

Mathew Thomas Clemence attended local schools in the neighborhood of Greater London County for her elementary and high school education and received his diplomas. Mathew lives a low-profile life, unlike his parents and siblings. Still, it is alleged that he is pursuing his degree at one of the most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom. 

Mathew Clemence’s Unique Career Path

Mathew Thomas Clemence on field
Mathew Thomas Clemence on field

Mathew’s father and four siblings are established entertainers. Despite being born into a family deeply rooted in the entertainment industry, to everyone’s surprise, Mathew Thomas Clemence has chosen a unique career path in football. Mathew started his professional football career as a Hannover 96 U19 team midfielder, representing the International Center of European Football (ICEF). 

The German side decided to release Mathew Clemence earlier this summer and went for a trial with Austria’s top side WSG Tirol where he impressed. WSG Tirol plays in Austria’s top-tier league, but Mathew will first represent the club’s reserve side, WSG Tirol Juniors, competing in the fourth division. 

He got to play in his current club, not because of his connections. His new manager revealed that the club had no information about his celebrity father when they contemplated signing him. Coach Manuel Ludwiger remarked in his statement, “We Google the players we take on trial to learn about their past careers. Only then did we find out that Mathew was Phil Collins’s son” Ludwiger explained that they did not sign him as a publicity stunt but purely due to his ability to play football. WSG Tirol signed twelve new players, including Raphael Gschosser, Raphael Rauch, Mathew Thomas Clemence, and Aldin Jeina, hoping to strengthen their midfield. 

It is alleged that his choice to pursue sports was greatly influenced by his interests and his biological brother Nicholas Collin’s earlier involvement in football. While living in Switzerland, his brother Nicholas used to play football before they relocated to Florida following their parent’s divorce. However, he dropped his career in football and followed his father’s footsteps in music, and joined his father’s band, where he played drums after being trained by Jean-Pierre Espiritusanto. 

Besides being a footballer, Mathew Thomas Clemence is also a visual artist. But little information is available about his unusual artistry. 

What is Mathew Clemence’s Net Worth?

Mathew Thomas Clemence does not have an estimated net worth at the moment. However, his dad Phil Colling is estimated to be worth about $300 million. 


Mathew Thomas Clemence has maintained a relatively private life. As a result, only limited information about his personal pursuits and interest is available. Being the son of legendary Musician Phil Collin obviously put him in the spotlight. Nonetheless, Mathew doesn’t seem to be influenced so much by his father’s fame and has decided to carve his own groove by pursuing a career in sports and visual artistry. 

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