Lingtam Tour Is An Offbeat Destination Now In Sikkim 

Explore the landscape view of Lingtam In Sikkim

Lingtam is a place geographically situated in Sikkim. It is a small hamlet which is covered by lush greenery all around. The pleasant weather makes this place a worthy tourist destination for all. Lingtam is a place which is known for its spectacular view of mountains, forest as well as streams. 

The pincode of Lingtam is 737131. If you check the Google Satellite map, you will definitely be able to spot the place quite effectively. If you check Google Lingtam reviews are always there to help you guide with the best Lingtam tourism reviews which will not only help you frame a good sketch about the place but also help other travelers understand how they can map their trip to the remote village of Lingtam. 

Essential Things To Know About Lingtam In Sikkim 

If we talk about the main income of Lingtam, the tourism industry contributes almost 90% of the gross income of this place. People who plan to visit Sikkim never miss out on exploring Lingtam, as it is the entry point of the silk route of Sikkim. People here are very friendly and provide homestay accommodations to travelers with all the luxury amenities and facilities. 

Thus you can say that Lingtam’s primary source of economy is calculated mostly by the industry of Tourism. There are places here in this place that are still economically backward. And a huge part of the place is indulged in agricultural activities. 

Standing at the height of almost about 2100 feet under the Kalimpong district, Lingtam is a tourist destination which offers a major attraction of the village. Shimmering River Reshi offers a pristine sightseeing view of the village. Moreover the sightseeing places near the hamlet are known for Ghambari fall, Rongli, Zuluk, Padamchen. 

  • Summer Climate in Lingtam: 16 to 30 degrees Celsius. 
  • Winter Climate in Lingtam: 5 to 16 degrees Celsius. 

What Are The Major Attractions of Lingtam To Visit?


The major attractions of Lingtam are considered to be its sightseeing places. Here they are- 

  • Keukhola waterfalls. 
  • Arbitrary lake.
  • Padamchen.
  • Zuluk.
  • Rongli.
  • Ghambari falls. 
  • Ganesh Tok. 
  • Ban Jhakri Falls Park.
  • Hanuman temple.

How many monasteries are there in Lingtam? 

There are two monasteries in Lingtam. One is the old monastery, and the other is the new monastery. There are some nice murals on these walls, whereas the new monastery is more spacious, and there is a meditation hall for people to spend quality time in the light of God.      

Lingtam is a village in Sikkim. It is a very peaceful hamlet with sparkling weather guarded by a river named Bakhuter Khola. This village is located at around 5240 feet above sea level. Lingtam is also known as Lingtum. It is the first hamlet with a check post after Rongli. The tourist spot is mainly popular for its sunshine and pleasant weather throughout the year.             


What are the places to visit nearby Lingtam?

  • Lingtam village.
  • Lampokhari Lake.
  • Mankhim hilltop.
  • Shanti View point.
  • Kalimpong Tours. 
  • Shiv mandir. 
  • Rishikhola.
  • Sillery gaon.
  • Icchey gaon.
  • Rongli.
  • Padamchen. 
  • Zuluk.
  • Ghambari Fall. 
  • Reshi River. 
  • Rumtek Monastery.
  • Mayfair gangtok casino Mahjong.
  • Saramsa garden.
  • Do Drul Chorten Stupa. 
  • Tsuk La Khang Monastery.
  • Nathang valley.

Situated in the eastern part of Sikkim, Lingtam offers a beautiful view of the picturesque landscape with the most splendid scenic beauties amidst the natural landscape and other Himalayan peaks. Mt. Kanchenjunga can be viewed from here very clearly. Moreover Lingtam itself is one of the best offbeat suburbs in the entire region. It is known for being the best gateway of the Old Silk Route. 

Which is the best time to visit Lingtam? 

Summer months are the best time to visit Lingtam. These consist of the months from March to mid-June. The temperature here in Lingtam grows up to 10 to 15 degrees. But when there is monsoon season, the temperature of the weather drops. Besides this, October and November are the best times to visit there.  

In the winter months, the temperature at Lingtam reduces to almost 17 degrees. Thus, traveling in the winter can be risky as there is a chance of getting frostbite. Therefore the village in winter will be risky if you are not aware of the timing of this place. Winters are chilling in this part of Sikkim. 

How to reach Lingtam? 

Travelers cannot reach Lingtam through any direct transport facility. NJP railway station or from Bagdogra Airport to Lingtam. Suppose you pre-book a car from these places. It can lead directly to Lingtam. If you are traveling in a group, you may also think of hiring a car to Rongli, and then you will need to change the transport to a local taxi in Lingtam

Nearest Airport: Bagdogra Airport is the nearest airport to Lingtam. The distance from Bagdogra to Lingtam is almost about 124.5 KM by road. If you take the NJP road, you must travel about 117 KM by driving less than 7 hours to reach Lingtam. The Pakyong Airport is supposed to be the nearest port in Lingtam. It is not accessible from all the cities. 

Distance of Lingtam from-

  • Gangtok: 78 KM, 3 Hours. 
  • NJP/Bagdogra: 114.8 KM, 5 hours.
  • Kalimpong: 75 KM, 3.4 hours. 
  • Rongli- 9 KM, 30 minutes. 

Where should one stay in Lingtam?

There is a single homestay in Lingtam. If you are planning to explore Lingtam, you will need to book a place, hotel, or resort nearby Lingtam at an affordable cost. Homestays are quite peaceful as well as clean, and hygienic. 

In these homestays, travelers are given all kinds of requirements, which include cozy rooms with pre-installed heaters. Other amenities include western bathrooms, heaters, and home-cooked food with the best feeling of home, which can create an everlasting memory of the trip.  


Is this place good for Bird lovers?

Yes, Lingtam is a great place for those who love bird watchers. It is a paradise for travelers. Tourists can enjoy watching birds like blood pheasant, oriental honey buzzard, crested laughingthurst, Khalij Pheasant and many other birds. 

If you want you can check out the google photos of Lingtam which is sure to provoke the travelers instincts in people with which they will book the tickets and backpack their luggage for an exciting Lingtam trip. 

In addition to this trekking through the several trekking routes one can relish the view of the magnificent view of the peaks and ranges of Himalaya. Lingtham is a place which is still untouched in some parts of the region. It is mainly located in the Rorathang nathula route. 

Phone Numbers & Name Of The Homestays In Lingtam

  • Triveni Residency Homestay: 9830133511/9804979414
  • Moktan Homestay: 9563491910/9609810710.
  • Pasting Road Homestay: 9831917408/7047981082.
  • Ume Homestay Lingtam: +44 (0) 1775843417 (online booking).
  • Alaffia Lingtam Homestay: 7407700920. 
  • Silk Route Resort: 09231943060. 

These accommodations are surrounded by the hills and are wonderfully located in the midst of the natural beauty. The rooms are spacious and enough for a family group to set up for their trip. The food is also served here three times (breakfast/Lunch/Dinner). Arrangements of campfires are also available in the open space in front of the homestays. 

Final Thoughts 

Lingtam is a village which is located in a remote area of Sikkim. It is covered by forests, mountains, and greenery all over. It is the door to the old silk route course that associates with India, Tibet, and China. In addition to this, the sight of Lingtam at midnight is an added pleasure part of your trip.  

Thus it is advised to book a place which can make your stay comfortable. Moreover, booking a trustworthy travel agency or agent will help you plan a trip after checking the travel packages. For further details, enquire about a nearby travel agent so that you can save good deals on your next journey. 

Please share your travel experience and share with us so that travelers can get a complete guide about traveling to Lingtam

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