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Joan Alt: Everything About Dick York’s Wife

Introducing Joan Alt, the wife of retired American actor Dick York who was the first person to play Darrin Stephens character in the television series ‘Bewitched’. Joan Alt and Dick York met on a radio program where the latter was working on a radio show known as ‘Jack Armstrong, All-American Boy’. After a courtship, Joan and Dick got married in 1951 and had five children. 

Despite Joan being a committed wife and mother, she actively helped her husband, Dick York in his career. During auditions and preparation, Joan Alt often accompanied Dick York to help him in his acting roles. After Dick York died on Feb 20, 1990, Joan remained in the entertainment industry as a casting director and producer. As a result of Dick York’s death, she penned a biography about his life and profession.

Introduction to Joan Alt, Dick York’s Wife

Joan Alt was born in Chicago, Illinois. She is famously known to be the wife of Dick York. TV programs such as Bewitched, Mary Tyler Moore, and The Partridge Family were among the shows she produced, wrote, and directed. For the honour of Dick York, she wrote a book called ‘’Dick York Biography’’ (2001). She was also the producer of “The Woman Who Willed a Miracle’’, a television movie produced in 1984.

Joan Alt’s fame came to shoot when she became the wife of Dick York. His real name is Richard Allen York, a retired and late American actor in film, radio, and television. Dick York was the first person to portray the character of Darrin Stephens on the ABC sitcom Bewitched. 

Though much of Joan Alt’s relevant details have not been fully disclosed, below is a summary of Joan Alt, Dick York’s spouse biography:

Bio Summary: Joan Alt

Full Names Joan Barbara Alt York or ‘’Joan Alt’’
Famously known  Dick York’s spouse
Sex Female
Citizenship American
Date of birth Sep 26, 1931
Age 80 years at the time of death
Place of birth Cook County, Illinois
Parent John P. Alt and Cleonia Alt
Children Mandy, Matthew, Stacy, Christopher, and Kim 
Spouse Dick York
Date of death January 20, 2012
Place of death Plainfield, Michigan
joan alt
joan alt

Personal Life

Joan Barbara Alt York better known as Joan Alt was born on September 26, 1931, in Illinois, Chicago. She was the wife of the famous retired and late American actor in television, radio, and film, Dick York. She was also a radio performer and even mentioned in Dick York’s memoir “The Seesaw Girl and Me”.

Joan Alt’s Education Background 

Joan Alt’s educational background is not disclosed but what is known is that she attended Northwestern University where she pursued theater and other related courses.


Upon graduating from Northwestern University, Joan Alt became a casting director for different TV programs like, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Bewitched, and The Partridge Family. While working on a radio program, she met Dick York who later became her husband. Though her career was on the radio, she often supported Dick York in his acting roles.

Marriage life

Joan Alt and Dick York got married on November 17, 1951. They had five children together, that is, Kim, Matthew, Christopher, Mandy, and Stacy.

joan alt
joan alt

Family Life 

Joan Alt’s parents were John Paul Alt and Cleonia Coultas.

Joan Alt’s Achievements

Joan was a vibrant advocate for women. She wanted all women to be given an opportunity to showcase their talent in the entertainment industry. In 2001, she was awarded the Casting Society of America’s President’s Award.


Joan Alt passed away on January 20, 2012, at the age of 80 years old. She was buried in Plainfield Cemetery, Michigan, United States.


Joan Alt is widely recognized to be Dick York’s spouse. Dick York became the first person to portray Darrin Stephen’s character in the Bewitched TV series. Joan and Dick met while Dick was working on the radio show ‘Jack Armstrong, All-American Boy’. Joan Alt’s role as a radio performer, producer, and director in the entertainment industry is an integral part of her successful journey.

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