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How old is ja morant dad? A Comprehensive Guide

Tee Morant Bio/Wiki

Parameter Finer Details
Full real name Temetrius Jamel Morant
Famous Name Tee Morant
Date of Birth 1978
Age(As of 2023) 45 years
Place of birth The United States of America
Current residence Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Profession Basketball player, Celebrity Family Member, Entrepreneur, Athlete and a Media Face.
Net Worth $2-3 million(Approximately)
Zodiac Sign Will be updated soon
Education Graduate 
School/College Claflin University

How old is Ja Morant dad?


To start with Ja Morant is one of the popular American basketball player who is known to play for the Memphis Grizzlies of the National Basketball Association. Compared to his peer players, Ja Morant is exceptional. This can be attributed to the fact that he is super talented and skilled in playing basketball. While we are at liberty to discuss his remarkable prowess in basketball, we cannot afford to acknowledge that his dad has played a major role towards his wellbeing. The father of Ja Morant is known as Tee Morant. Other people know him as Temetrius Jamal Morant. In this article, we shall take a closer look at how old is Ja Morant, his age, how he has contributed towards Ja Morant’s basketball career, among other related facets.

When was Ja Morant dad born?

Ja Morant’s dad was born on August 26 1974. As far as his birthplace is concerned, it is imperative to note that he was born in Sumter, South Carolina. His love for basketball was not only witnessed in high school but also in college. 

In fact, his passion for basketball did not only shape him as an individual but also greatly influenced his son’s career. Unlike other dads, Tee Morant has been very supportive towards his son’s success.

How old is Ja Morant dad

How old is Ja Morant dad?

Currently, Ja Morant dad is 48 years. As we speak, he lives in South Carolina and still offers the much-needed support towards Ja Morant’s career. In fact, he always features on the courtside whenever Ja Morant is playing his games. 

From offering support to cheering him, there are many activities that Tee Morant does to show that he is strongly behind his son’s career. Additionally, he has been very instrumental in offering advice and insights to his son so that he can be successfully in his basketball career.

Who is Ja Morant’s dad?

Ja Morant dad is known as Tee Morant. His full name is Temetrius Jamel Morant

The early Life of Ja Morant Dad

Well, there is very little information that is known about Tee Morant’s early life. However, like we have mentioned above, he is 45 years old and was born in 1978.His father is known as Mr. Morant and his mother is Saundra E. Dawson. Tee Morant was not raised alone as he has a brother. However, the name of his brother is unknown. 

They grew in Memphis, Tennessee in the United States. Tee Morant’s mother used to work at the Prisma Health Tuomey Hospital while his father was a dedicated entrepreneur. His ethnicity is missed as it is African-American. Currently, his nationality is American and professes the Christian faith.

Education life of Ja Morant Dad

When it comes to education, Tee Morant has had a good background. First, he attended a local high school that is located in Tennessee before transitioning to Claflin University, where he pursued high education. 

Besides pursuing education, Ja Morant dad was very active in playing basketball. Some of the basketball players that Ja Morant dad interacted with in high school was Ray Allen, former NBA star. Due to his success in basketball, he was able to win a few accolades in school.

Ja Morant Dad’s career

Since his days in high school, Ja Morant dad has been a star in basketball. However, that career was limited to his days in school and during local performances. Although he was a pro in playing basketball, he was not able to make it to the big league. This can be attributed to the situation that he was going through back then.

After school, Ja Morant dad opted to try to play basketball overseas. Thankfully, he was able to play for a number of local teams. However, this never went long as his wife got pregnant and had to abandon that career. Although he was not able to continue playing basketball, he was happy that his son took over from him. Like we have mentioned above, his son, Ja Morant is a superstar in NBA. Currently, Ja Morant dad wears many hats as he is a basketball coach, entrepreneur and a sportsperson.

Ja Morant dad’s personal life

Ja Morant dad is a family man as he is married. He is married to Jamie Morant and both of them have 2 children. They include Ja Morant and Teniya Morant. Although it is not known when these two tied the knot, it is true to say that they have been together for many years. In fact, the couple welcomed their first born Ja Morant on August 10, 1999.

Currently, Ja Morant is the modern-day basketball player who plays for Memphis Grizzlies in the NBA. Jamie on the other hand used to be a softball player. However, she works at the Prisma Health Tuomey Hospital. Before she became a softball player, she used to play for Hillcrest High School in the position of point card.

Teniya Morant was not left behind as she grew playing basketball since her tender age. In fact, Ja Morant and his sister used to play basketball in their home’s backyard. Currently, Teniya plays for the Dalzell’s Hillcrest Middle School.

How old is Ja Morant dad

Ja Morant dad’s net worth

It is important to note that Ja Morant’s dad is leading a comfortable life with his family. This can be attributed to the fortunes and fame that he has earned over the years. Currently, it is estimated that Ja Morant’s dad is worth $5 million.

Ja Morant’s Net worth

As of 2022, Ja Morant had an estimated net worth of about $80 million. On an annual basis, he earns more than $11 million. When it comes to his assets, they are estimated to be more than $27 million. Since he is a star in basketball, he is not only generating an income from that sport but also from other brands that want him to be their ambassador.

Ja Morant dad’s physical Appearance

As far as Ja Morant dad’s height is concerned, it is important to note that he measures 5 feet and 11 inches tall. When it comes to his weight, it stands at 81 kgs. Additionally, he has black eyes and a black hair.

What does Ja Morant’s dad do for a living?

As we speak, Ja Morant’s dad is an entrepreneur. However, he used to be an avid basketball player in the yester years. Besides being an entrepreneur, he works a basketball coach and a sportsperson. All these occupations make him to be a person who wears many hats.

Ja Morant relationship with his dad (Do they have a good relationship?)

Currently, Ja Morant enjoys a good relationship with his dad. In fact, Ja Morant dad has been an inspiration to Tee Morant from his childhood. The good news is that Tee Morant has played a pivotal role in making his son shine in the world of basketball sport. 

To start with, Ja Morant’s dad, Tee Morant supports his son’s activities both on and off the basketball pitch. Whether his son does well on the basketball pitch, he goes ahead and praises him. However, whenever Ja Morant makes mistakes, his father is not hesitant to correct him.

Such acts leave fans more confused as they wonder whether he still supports his son. However, he makes deliberate efforts to make Ja Morant succeed in basketball by offering him the much-needed insights and guidance. While this has gained media attention for quite some time, it has gone a long way in polishing Ja Morant’s basketball playing skills.

Tee Morant and Ray Allen were Teammates

Like we have previously mentioned, Ray Allen is a veteran NBA player. Surprisingly, Tee Morant used to play together with this veteran basketball player during his college days. However, after graduating, Tee Morant did not become a professional basketball player as he wished.

Instead, he quit his basketball career upon hearing the news that his wife was pregnant. After quitting basketball, he choose to work as a barber in order to provide for his family at that moment.

Other interesting facts about Ja Morant dad

Apart from the facts that we have mentioned, here are other interesting facts about Ja Morant dad:

1. He played overseas and almost missed playing in the National Basketball Association (NBA)

After school, Ja Morant dad continued to play basketball overseas. However, there was a time when he almost missed playing in the National Basketball Association. This came after he discovered that his wife was pregnant with Ja Morant.

He has to cease playing basketball and support his wife during this period. After ceasing his playing career, he worked as a barber so that he could support his family financially. It was during this time that his mother, ‘Mama Lin’ Smalley offered the much-needed support so that they could go through that tough economic situation.

2. He used to play with Ray Allen in High School

During his days at Hillcrest High school, Ja Morant dad used to play alongside Ray Allen. Both of them were actually mentored by Dwayne Edwards, who was their high school coach by then. Currently, he is the heads the Crestview High, which is located at the Carolina coastal town of Sumter.

Dwayne Edwards, in his own words acknowledges that he has never encountered a player whom he can trust, such as Ja Morant dad. Also, he says that he acknowledged that Ja Morant dad was also a hard worker and a team player.

How old is Ja Morant dad

3. He believes that Ja Morant is better than Zion Williamson

Ja Morant was able to witness his son play the same league as Zion Williamson. From his observation, he states that his son outshone Zion Williamson. This means that Ja Morant has the potential to do better in the coming NBA competitions.

4. He is very close to his family

Unlike other conventional families, Morant family is very close. In fact, their closeness is fueled many things such Christina faith among others. This can be seen by the kind of support Ja Morant has received over the years.

Whenever, he felt challenged in the basketball games, he used to get the much-needed support from his dad and mum. This goes a long way to show that Ja Morant dad is a very supportive father to his son.

Vital lessons learnt from Ja Morant dad

From his life story discussed above, there are a number of lessons that we can learn from the life of Ja Morant dad:

  • Parents should support the talent of their children. Whether your child is good at making meals or does well in sports, there is a need for you to support his or her talent. After Ja Morant supported his son’s talent, he was able to shine even in the NBA competitions.
  • Parents should critic when necessary. For instance, Ja Morant dad used to criticize his son whenever he went wrong at the basketball pitch. This went a long way in making his son to avoid making mistakes whenever he is on and off the pitch. Consequently, he was able to shine and become better than his peer basketball players.

Despite not being in the game, Tee Morant is a celebrity in his own right

Currently, Tee Morant does not actively play basketball. However, he never bid the game goodbye for good. Instead of being active on the pitch, he take part in analyzing various matches and also participates in banters. Unlike other analysts, Tee Morant’s analysis is known to be controversial.

This attribute has made him to become more popular among basketball enthusiasts. For instance, he became relevant during the NBA playoffs that took place in 2022.Both him and the father of Karl Antony-Town had placed a bet during the first round of Grizz against Timberwolves.

Here, losers would wear the jersey of the other man’s son. Thankfully, this bet caught the attention of the media. In fact, that footage was recorded on camera and when the match came to an end, T-Wolves lost against Memphis. If these results were anything to go by, it showed that Tee Morant won the bet. This is just one instance that made Tee Morant a celebrity in his own right.

What does Ja Morant’s father do for a living?

Although Ja Morant’s father used to be an avid basketball player, he currently does not play this game actively. Currently, he is an entrepreneur. Since he does not actively play basketball, he works as a basketball coach. Additionally, he is a sportsperson, thereby making him to be a man of many hats.

What is the estimated net worth of Ja Morant’s dad?

According to reports, Ja Morant is worth a whopping $5 million. This can be attributed to the fact that he used to play basketball in the past. Since he is now an entrepreneur, his networth is bound to have increased by a large margin, thereby enabling him to lead a comfortable life with his family.

Who is Ja Morant’s dad?

Ja Morant’s dad is known as Tee Morant.

Who is Ja Morant’s parents?

Ja Morant’s parents are known as Tee Morant and Jamie Morant.

Why is Ja Morant so rich?

Ja Morant is rich due to many attributes. To start with, he earns more than $11 million annualy. Besides this, he has assets worth millions of dollars. To put this into perspective, his assets are estimated to be more than $27. Finally, many brands always want him to be their ambassador so that they can be able to make more sales. Consequently, he is able to earn an extra income through marketing. All these money making ventures have made him become richer than his peers.

What was Ja Morant’s father’s job?

Before becoming an entrepreneur and basketball coach, Ja Morant’s father used to play basketball. Due to his prowess in playing basketball, he went ahead to play professionally overseas. However, this never went on for long as his wife got pregnant and had to cease his careers and started working as a barber.

Who is Zion’s real dad?

Zion’s real dad is known as Lateef Williamson.

What shoes is Ja Morant wearing?

During games, Ja Morant used to wear Nike Ja 1. It is imperative to note that he showed up wearing these shoes at Memphis Grizzlies after he finished serving a 9-game suspension as a result of showing a gun on March 4 in a Denver nightclub.


From the home environment to Tee Morant’s age and life experiences, there are many factors that has contributed to the success of Ja Morant’s basketball career. Also, the moral support that he used to receive from his dad made him whom he is today. With Tee Morant’s personal insights and wisdom in place, there is hope that Ja Morant will continue to shine in the basketball area for many years.

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