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Rediscovering Hazel K Jackson- Jasper Carrott’s Wife

A Journalist Living in the Shadow of Her Husband’s Stardom

Bio Summary

Full Name: Hazel K Jackson

Age: 63 Years

Date of Birth: 15 April 1960

Place of Birth: Birmingham, England

Zodiac sign: Aries

Nationality: British

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

Children: Jenny Davis, Jake Davis, and Lucy Davis

Spouse: Jasper Carrott

Parents: Not Applicable

Jasper Carrott is a renowned television personality and his family is under the media scrutiny. Hazel K Jackson is his wife and mother of his three children. Jasper Carrott and Hazel K Jackson got married in 1972 and have remained married since then. Their marriage is described by the couple as loving, joyful, and nothing but love and happiness together. The couple is enjoying marriage in love and sharing happiness and the joy of their family.

Hazel K Jackson is a biographer and a journalist by profession and she has managed to keep her personal life very private. She was born on 15 April 1960 in Birmingham, England. She is a British national and an Aries.

However, her husband Jasper Carrott and, her daughter Lucy Davis are household celebrities thriving in the entertainment industry. Hazel K Jackson’s life is in the limelight because of her husband and daughter.

Jasper Carrott

Jasper Carrott
Jasper Carrott

Jasper Carrott born Robert Norman Davis is an English comedian. Robert Norman Davis goes by the alias Jasper Carrott as his stage name. He is triple ups as a comedian, actor, and television presenter.

Robert Norman Davis was born on 14 March 1945 in Birmingham, England. Jasper Carrott began his career in the entertainment industry by singing. He transitioned to acting and currently, he is more of a comedian than an actor or a singer. Jasper Carrott began as a singer in 1969 up to around 2005. He has been a comedian from 1975 to the present.

He acquired the nickname Jasper when he was 9 years old and later added the surname Carrott when he was 17 years old. The full identity of the alias Jasper Carrott was gained in his teenage years.

Music, Comedy, and Film 

Jasper Carrott began to perform folk songs in 1969 and started his folk club where he would double up as a singer and an MC. He recorded an album in 1973 by the name Jasper Carrot – In the Club. He was a musical agent who collaborated with his then-manager to manage other musical acts. His record “Funky Moped” topped the UK Top 5 chart in 1975.

At the end of his active music career, he wrote and published books about his life on tour and his skits. In 1979, Jasper Carrott published an autobiography A Little Zit. The book was full of comedy and the humorous acts he was involved in at that time. He later published another second book Sweet and Sour Labrador. 

Jasper Carrott also wrote a novel called Shop! Or a Store is Born. In 1993, Jasper and Me was written by his former manager John Starkey about their lives together and their involvement in music and comedy.

Jasper Carrott’s comedy prowess is depicted in his stand-ups and sketches. His stand-up performances include The Unrecorded Jasper Carrott performed in 1979, Beat the Carrott in 1981, and Carrott’s Lib. His sketch and skits show include 24 Carrott Gold, Carrott Confidential, and Canned Carrott.

Jasper Carrott appeared on television in August 1975. His first tv series was in 1978. He was featured in the series An Audience with Jasper Carrott. He was in the 1987 comedy film Jane and the Lost City. Jasper Carrott was featured in The Detective, All About Me, and The Mikado.

Man of Many Accolades

The multi-talented Jasper Carrott has many awards and accolades under his belt. He is truly a man of many hats. On September 15, 2007 he was inducted into the Birmingham Walk of Stars. He has honorary degrees from two prestigious universities. Jasper Carrott was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Birmingham in 2004. He had previously been awarded the same by Aston University in 1995. In 2003 he was named Officer of the British Empie (OBE) New Years Honors for charitable services.

Jasper Carrott is a winner of the Writers Guild of Great Britain Award for Canned Carrot. He won the award in 1994. He later won a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008.

Net Worth

Jasper Carrott is estimated to be worth $50 million. Hazel K Jackson and Jasper Carrott sold their shares in the production company Celador. Celador is the company behind the markers of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. The couple sold their shares for £10m to 2waytaffic.

Lucy Davis

Lucy Davis
Lucy Davis

Lucy Davis was born on 17 February 1973 in Birmingham, England. She is 50 years old. Lucy Davis is the daughter of Jasper Carrott and his wife Hazel K Jackson. She is a British actress and comedian who has followed-in in her father’s footsteps. She is popularly known for her role in the British comedy The Office. Lucy Davis plays Dawn Tinsley in the BBC comedy and she featured in the show from 2001-2003. She has made a name in the entertainment world and has notable roles in the TV and the movie industry. Lucy Davis made guest appearances in The Detectives. This film was created for and starred Lucy’s father Jasper Carrott. Lucy Davis appeared in the popular fashion comedy Ugly Betty from 2006- 2007. She played the role of a fashion TV anchor for two episodes. She also guest-voiced as Joanne Fin in Family Guy for a single episode and played Etta Candy in Wonder Woman 2017. Her other notable role is the one in The Mentalist where she played the character of Daphne Valiquette. Lucy Davis also appeared in popular series such as The Neighbours, NCISS, Bette Things, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Bob’s Burger, Carmon Sandiego, and currently in The Villains of Valle.

Lucy Davis got married to Owain Yeoman in 2006. Her husband Owain Yeoman is a Welsh actor. The couple had their wedding ceremony taking place in Saint Paul’s Cathedral, London on 9 December 2006.

However, in January 2011, Lucy and Yeoman separated and their divorce was finalized in December the same year. The couple does not have or share any off-springs together.

A Mothers Love

After Lucy Davis was diagnosed with kidney failure, her loving mother Hazel K Jackson donated her kidney to her ailing daughter. Way to go, Mom!

Lucy Davis underwent a kidney transplant and thanks to her mother’s selfless and lifesaving donation, the procedure was successful and Lucy got her life back. Unfortunately, in 2005 December, she was hospitalized again for kidney failure but luckily, she recovered. Lucy Davis has type 1 Diabetes.

Hazel K Jackson’s generosity does not only extend to her family but she is a renowned philanthropic. Her giving and selfless nature are portrayed by her engagement in philanthropy and charity initiatives. She is involved and is behind many successful fundraising events which are dedicated to charity. Hazel K Jackson is a strong advocate for women’s rights and champions campaigns for the same.

Dad’s Health Scare

In 2017 August, Jasper Carrot’s health was in danger and his wellbeing was compromised. Jasper Carrot underwent an operation to clear a blocked artery. The operation was later followed by a quadruple bypass. Due to his health complication, his 30-day tour was canceled.


Jasper Carrott made a joke about Alzheimer’s disease. The joke was not received well and multiple complaints from BBC were bought forth. He also made a joke bashing Birmingham’s City Club’s current leadership. The joke was not well taken by the administrates and they threatened to take action against Jasper Carrot.

Lucy Davis had a campaign against the Guards Division in which she posed nude. The campaign was towards animal mistreatment. She was fighting for the ethical treatment of animals. Guards Division has continuously been involved in the handling of caps made from bearskin.

hazel k jackson
hazel k jackson

Facts About Hazel K Jackson

  • She attended the University of Birmingham and pursued a degree in Business Administration.
  • Has three children.
  • She is the CEO of her production company.
  • She has worked as a producer and director in many films.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hazel K Jackson

Who is the mother of Jasper Carrott’s daughter Lucy Davis?

The mother of Lucy Davis is Hazel K Jackson who is also the with to Robert Noman Davis alias Jasper Carrott.

Is Jasper Carrott Having Extra-Marital Affairs?

Jasper Carrott is happily married to Hazel K Jackson since 1973 and has been reported to be enjoying married life together with their three children.

What Does Jasper Carrott’s Wife Do?

Jasper Carrott’s wife, Hazel K Jackson is a journalist and biographer. She is also a producer and director in her production company. Hazel K Jackson is a mother and a philanthropist who devoted her time to helping those in need. She is constantly involved in charity.

Hazel K Jackson is described as the beautiful wife to Jasper Carrott and the mother to his children. She has made a career for herself in the entertainment industry by being involved in managing a production company and even directing and executively producing numerous films. She is a philanthropist and an advocate of women’s rights.

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