Hawaiian Telcom: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Hawaiian Telcom is one of the most understated ISPs in the country, successfully serving target audiences with a wide range of reliable digital services. Even though it serves only one state, Hawaii yet the internet provider is ranked among the best internet providers in the country. And for good reason too! Despite being far away from the mainland U.S., Hawaii has top-of-the-range internet tech infrastructure set up on the island state, making sure that you are always connected! So, if you are thinking of relocating somewhere in the country, Hawaii is a great option to begin with! 

An Overview

Hawaiian Telcom successfully offers two diverse kinds of internet networks, namely DSL and Fiber Internet. However, to opt for either one of the two, you need to check if these are available in the area where you live. If you are located in any one of the well-connected cities like Honolulu or any other city, then you will probably get access to the ISP. And will also get access to several internet options in the area as well. If this sounds like you, then we suggest always going for a fiber-based internet connection as it offers better speeds and a connection that simply doesn’t disappoint! However, if you are not that lucky and don’t even have other super-fast internet connections in the vicinity (like a hybrid coax cable connection, for instance), we suggest that you opt for DSL. Fortunately, Hawaiian Telcom offers both fiber and DSL and fiber internet service. So, if fiber isn’t available to you, go for DSL because you will still get a decent speed range of around 100 Mbps, which is usually considered more than enough to support basic internet usage!

Here’s What You Need to Keep in Mind Before Getting Hawaiian Telcom

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Who should go for Hawaiian Telcom?

If you are in search of a decent internet connection in Hawaii that’s super fastsuper-fast and highly reliable, then we suggest that you get your hands on Hawaiian Telcom. Besides its fiber-rich broadband (it’s among the top eighteen ISPs in the country), the ISP also offers DSL internet to nearly 1.3 million Hawaiian residents!

Is there a Price Lock?

Hawaiian Telcom offers monthly bundles, which come with a one-year or two-year price lock so that when you sign up, you would never have to worry about internet prices skyrocketing at your end!

Should customers expect any extra charges for data overage?

Customers should expect an overage fee to be charged if they cross the monthly data limits set by the provider. So for every 1GB data overage, you would have to pay a minimal fee of $15. However, it also depends on the monthly plan or package you chose for your home. We suggest that you call up Hawaiian Telcom service center and speak to one of the experts to know more about this. 

Should customers expect any bundle discounts?

One drawback that probably all Hawaiian Telcom customers face is the absence of attractive discounts with bundles. So if you opted for a service bundle that pairs two different services together (internet and TV), know that the ISP doesn’t offer any further discounted prices.

Does Hawaiian Telcom’s fiber internet come with impressive speed ranges?

The internet speeds offered by this Hawaiian ISP are impressive. You can expect the download speeds to skyrocket to nearly 940 Mbps, while its uploads shoot as high as 300 Mbps! 

Do customers have to pay for the internet equipment?

Yes, Hawaiian Telecom does charge its customer with equipment fees. However, they usually vary from region to region, so if you are to pay equipment charges, it probably depends on your location. That’s why it’s best to check if you are to pay any extra charges at your address.

Hawaiian Telcom
Hawaiian Telcom

Can customers use their previous modem instead of getting a new one with Hawaiian Telecom?

Yes, Hawaiian Telecom does allow its target audiences to use their previous internet equipment, only if it is compatible with the service network. If not, then they would have to purchase the equipment from the provider. 

Does this internet provider offer a money-back guarantee?

Hawaiian Telecom does provide its customers with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which begins from the day your service starts. Hence, if the customer is not satisfied with the service and wants to cancel their selected package and the subscription in general, they can expect a full refund. If you opted for equipment, just make that it’s in good working condition. 

Does Hawaiian Telcom charge any fee for the early termination of its service contract?

Early termination fees (ETFs) don’t necessarily apply if you decided to cancel the service under the 30-day window. If that’s not the case and you did cancel under the 30-day slot, then you can receive your money back.

The Bottom Line,

As we wrap up this article, we hope that it proves to be useful for customers in the longer run! The article runs down some basic concerns that every internet user may have with the service network. So, what are you waiting for? Get Hawaiian Telcom now!

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