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Diane Plese: Everything You Should Know about Robert Herjavec’s Ex-Wife

Getting married to a celebrity is one of the best ways to put your name out there. For Diane Plese, her marriage to Robert Herjavec came with a fair share of fame and fortune. But she didn’t marry him for his money. The two met and fell in love way before he became rich and famous. She had to support her ex-husband to build his first company from the bottom up. 

But that’s a detail that many do not know about. That’s why, at the mention of Diane Plese’s name, the first person that comes to mind is Robert. After all, it’s him that appears on TV and is always in the limelight. 

The two were married for 25 years before a divorce triggered by a cheating incident involving Robert. The two have lived apart for at least nine years now. Diane currently lives alone. Robert has since remarried and started another family with Australian dancer Kym Johnson.

Robert’s inclusion on Shark Tank put him into the limelight, tagging Diane along. By 2014, the two were Canada’s richest and most famous couple. They were often photographed together during public events; Diane having quit her practice as an optometrist.

But who exactly is Diane Plese? What’s her early life? What kind of marriage did she have with Robert? Where did she go after the divorce? Does she still practice medicine? How many children does she have and where are they? This article outlines Diane’s past and present knowledge, according to publicly available information. Keep reading for more details.

Diane Plese’s Bio

  • Full Name: Diane Plese
  • Date of Birth: 1959
  • Diane Plese’s Age: 64 years
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Diane Plese’s Religion: Christian
  • Diane Plese’s Ex-Husband: Robert Herjavec
  • Diane Plese’s Children: Brendan, Skye, and Caprice
  • Diane Plese’s Marital Status: Divorced
  • Diane Plese’s Height: 5 feet 19 inches (178 cm)
  • Diane Plese’s Net Worth: $25 million
  • Famous for: Being Robert Herjavec’s ex-wife

Who is Diane Plese?

Diane Plese is Robert Herjavec’s former wife. The two were married for 25 years before an acrimonious divorce in 2016. She is a Canadian-born Caucasian, whose parents immigrated from Croatia. Diane was born in 1959 and lived with her parents in Parkdale, Toronto, Canada.

As a devout Christian, Diane spent a quiet early life with her immigrant parents and successfully acquired a high school graduation equivalent. Diane joined medical school where she pursued a pre-medical bachelor’s degree. She later qualified as an optometrist, a medical specialization that focuses on the eyes.

diane plese

Diane and Herjavec had three children from their union. After the divorce, she kept off the limelight and remained unmarried. It is also unclear whether she still works as an optometrist. It was while working as an eye specialist that she first met and fell in love with Herjavec. Later, she quit her practice in 2000 when her ex-husband made a fortune after selling his first company.

What is Diane Plese’s age, height, and weight?

It’s widely known that Diane Plese was born in 1959. However, her exact birth date is obscure, making it difficult to pinpoint her exact age. If you consider 1959 in general terms, she is 64 years this year (2023). Diane is 5 feet 10 inches (178cm) tall and has maintained a great physique for someone her age.

Diane has maintained a healthy weight as reflected in her physical appearance. She weighs 60kg or 132 pounds, which is a reasonable weight, given her height. Consequently, she has a gorgeous appearance, complete with a trim physical appearance. Judging from her boundless vitality, you would be mistaken to think she has borne no child. Yet, she is a mother of three grown-up kids.

Where Was Diane Plese Born?

Diane Plese is a Canadian citizen. Her parents had just immigrated from Croatia before she was born. Incidentally, Herjavec, her ex-husband also has Croatian roots.  Diane grew up in Parkdale, a community in Toronto.

Here, she went through her high school education in record time. Being an exceptionally brilliant student, Diane later joined college to study medicine. She became a practicing optometrist, a career she held for decades.

Diane Plese’s Early Life, Childhood, and Education 

Little is known about Diane Plese’s early life. Although she has revealed her birth year as 1959, Diane hasn’t said much about how it was growing up in Parkdale. That could be because she is largely a private person. Also, her parents and siblings haven’t divulged much information on the same. So, unless she speaks about it, any information about her early life is a conjecture.

Besides commonly known facts about Diane’s completion of the equivalent of a high school diploma, there is little to say about her education. All that’s clear is that she was educated in a school in Parkdale. 

Diane is reputed for having been intelligent and enthusiastic to learn from an early age. After high school, she did a pre-medical bachelor’s degree. She later joined medical school in the late 1970s. Diane pursued a medical degree, specializing in optometry. She graduated in the early 1980s and became an eye doctor.

Optometry is a medical specialization that focuses on the eyes. It is concerned with curing and correcting eye defects and abnormalities. Thus, Diane specialized in treating eye-related diseases. She can diagnose eye defects and correct eye focus using spectacles. 

What is Diane Plese’s Profession?

Once she obtained her medical degree, Diane started her medical practice. Therefore, Diance works as an optometrist. She specializes in treating all kinds of ocular diseases. Through her, profession, she has earned significant amounts of money, contributing to her net worth.

However, after becoming a mother of three, Diane chose to stay at home and take care of the kids. But that was only made possible after Herjavec made a fortune from the sale of his company BRAK Systems in 2000. Diane could afford to leave her professional practice and focus on raising the children. After divorcing Herjavec in 2016, it’s unclear whether or not she went back to her medical practice.

Who Was Diane Plese Married To? 

Until 2014, Diane Plese was married to Robert Herjavec, a successful businessman and TV celebrity. Herjavec was born on September 14, 1962 in Varazdin, Croatia. He spent his early life in Croatia but later immigrated to Canada, together with his parents, who found life unbearable under a repressive communist regime.

Herjavec and his parents had a difficult time settling in Canada. As an immigrant child, who could hardly speak English, he suffered at the hands of bullies. Also, strangers took advantage of his parents. As a boy, Herjavec decided to work hard to rescue his family from the prevailing tough circumstances. He later started and sold BRAK Systems for a fortune, became a TV celebrity, and currently works as a cybersecurity expert.

What Is His Profession?

Herjavec earned a university degree in 1984. In his early quest to make a living, Herjavec worked as a production assistant. When the 1984 Winter Olympics came to Canada, he briefly joined a TV station as a field producer. Since his work in showbiz was a little sporadic, Herjavec took many odd jobs like debt collection and waiting tables. He did all he could to make ends meet.

Later, Herjavec joined Logiquest, a tech-oriented firm. Having joined as a salesman, he rose to general manager in a few years. Later, the company fired him. Herjavec was done with working for other people. He established BRAK Systems, a firm specializing in internet security software, in 1990. He solely focused on running BRAK Systems until 2000, when he sold the company for $30.2 million.

It was a welcome windfall for a man who was itching to tremendously grow his wealth. He used the fortune to diversify his investments by building several IT companies. A notable example is the Herjavec Group, a leading information security conglomerate. Today, he could easily sell the company for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Herjavec is a globally-recognized cyber security expert. The U.S. and Canadian governments have variously consulted him on cybersecurity issues. As an astute investor, Herjavec features on Shark Tank, a popular ABC production. Here, he listens to aspiring entrepreneurs as they pitch their ideas to him and other investors. Many consider Herjavec a nice shark after years on the show.

When Diane Plese and Herjavec’s Meet?

Diane Plese and Robert Herjavec met in 1988 in her eye clinic. As she attended to him, the two started a conversation that would eventually lead to several dates. Of course, their interest in each was initially spurred by their common Croatian heritage. That marked the beginning of a relationship that would culminate in marriage.

As they dated each other, the love birds took time to learn about the things that brought them together. Diane Plese is thought to have kept Herjavec grounded. On the contrary, Herjavec’s charm made Diane fall madly in love. For some reason, she couldn’t resist his exciting, happy, and motivated personality. 

Their wedding was in 1990, two years after they started dating. They tied the note at a church frequented by Croatians in Mississauga, a city near Toronto, Canada. After settling down in marriage, the couple embarked on a life together. 

As such, Plese worked as an eye doctor. Herjavec had just lost his job at Logiquest and had embarked on establishing BRAK Systems. For the first few years, he worked from their basement. Difficult as it seemed, he was able to stabilize the company. With the support of his loving wife, the company grew from a humble establishment to a profitable venture in a few years.

diane plese

How Long Did Their Marriage Last?

The couple’s marriage lasted for 24 years, within which they had three kids. Their first child, Brendan was born in 1993. The couple had daughters Skye in 1996 and Caprice in 1998. As they worked to build BRAK systems, the family largely led a modest life. However, after the sale of BRAK Systems in 2000, they grew super-wealthy and could afford to take their kids to high-end schools.

It was a great shift for a family that had gotten used to making ends meet. Now, they could afford to go on vacation to the world’s most exotic places. Herjavec even bought several expensive cars and luxurious boats. Finally, Diane could afford to quit her medical practice in 2000 and focus solely on raising her children. As a stay-at-home mom, her sole focus was on tending to the three fast-growing children.

A notable development after the sale of BRAK Systems was the couple’s interest in the real estate market. Together, Diane Plese and Robert Herjavec bought several homes. While some were in Canada, others were abroad. In 2000, they spent a whopping $7 million on a mansion in the upscale Toronto neighborhood of Bridle Path.

The massive house had 10 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and measured 33,650 square feet. It has exquisite features such as a home theater, tea house, indoor pool, sports center, and a large ballroom. The garden outside has a pond on it. Many celebrities including John Travolta and Bono have rented the mansion to sample the many amenities it has to offer.

Despite their relative success, the couple spent a quiet life until they were thrust into the limelight with Herjavec’s appearance on Dragon Dens, Shark Tank, etc. Therefore, since the mid-2000s, Diane Plese and her ex-husband Herjavec have been persons of great interest to the public in Canada, the U.S., and globally.

Thus, they have attended the People’s Choice Awards and other ceremonies, where they basked in the limelight. As a married couple, they worked on initiatives aimed at giving back to society. One such initiative is the University of West Indies Canada program, which sponsors the education of less fortunate students through scholarships.

What is Diane Plese’s Net Worth?

Unlike modern couples that sign prenuptial agreements, Diane Plese and Robert Herjavec had none. Thus, after their divorce in 2016, the court ruling granted her millions. Currently, Diane is thought to be worth more than $25 million. Besides the $25 million loan, Herjavec pays Diane $125,000 monthly in alimony.

The payments by Herjavec to Diane included some of the homes they’d bought together. For instance, Diane owns the couple’s home in Florida and their Caledon ski chalet. Diane was granted the payment and other properties after an acrimonious divorce that put everything on the line.

Before marrying Herjavec in 1990, Diane had already accumulated assets worth over $20 million. These kept growing for the 25 years they were married. She also earned an additional $2.6 million in equalization payment compensation. After selling the family’s Florida property, she could net $2.4 million on top of what she already has.

Diane doesn’t own the entire Caledon ski chalet. Instead, the court awarded her one-third of the shares. Since the property is worth $400,000, her share tremendously added to her fortune. Therefore, in total, Diane Plese is worth $25 million.

When and Why Did Diane Plese and Herjavec Divorce?

Like any couple, Diane Plese and Robert Herjavec had numerous issues in their 25 years together. But none of these issues could make them think of divorcing for that long. That’s one of the reasons why many admire the couple for staying together for a long time. Many had assumed they would always be together.

On July 25, 2014, Diane and Robert announced their separation. Robert had cheated on Diane, triggering her to sue for separation. But even as they separated, Diane said that despite Robert being a loving and caring person, she didn’t want to live with him anymore. In March, 2015, Diane filed for divorce.

It was a difficult moment for Robert, who said he would have wished for the family to stay intact. At the same time, he observed how difficult it was for human relationships to work seamlessly. He said he wished his family would enjoy peaceful coexistence amid the divorce.

At the time of announcing the divorce, none of the two was willing to reveal the actual trigger of the move. However, as divorce proceedings progressed in court, it emerged that Robert had cheated on Diane with Danielle Vasinova, an actress in 2014. As soon as Diane learned of the affair, she decided to separate from Robert and subsequently file for divorce.

During the divorce proceedings, she did all she could to squeeze the last coin from her ex-husband. But Robert could hear none of that. Hence, he contested Diane’s demands, leading to an acrimonious divorce. 

How Long Did the Divorce Battle Stretch Out?

It would have been easier for Diane Plese and her ex-husband to divorce if they had a prenuptial agreement. Unfortunately, they had none. As a result, they had long-drawn divorce proceedings due to disagreements concerning finances. For once, they couldn’t agree on Herjavec’s true net worth and the actual value of the property and houses they owned. 

In 1996, Herjavec had established a trust fund. The first major investment was worth $21 million in 2000. Over the years, he had withdrawn money from the fund to pay his children’s tuition fees and other family expenses. By 2014, when Diane filed for divorce, the trust was virtually depleted. So, she asked the court to find her ex-husband to be in breach of trust. She wanted the court to order Herjavec to replenish the trust.

However, the court couldn’t agree with her. After protracted proceedings that lasted until 2016, the court ordered Herjavec to pay $167,000 monthly as spousal and child support. The court also ordered that she be paid $25 after the sale of some family assets.

Diane Plese wasn’t satisfied with what seemed as the conclusion of their divorce. She still believed that Herjavec had understated his net worth. So, she teamed up with Danielle Vasinova, her ex-husband’s former mistress. Herjavec had confided in Vasinova about his decision to undervalue his assets by more than half. 

Now, Vasinova was willing to testify in court in favor of Diane’s case. Thus, Plese amended the divorce pleadings to include Vasinova as a witness. In 2019, she got an additional $2.6 million award as an equalization payment. She also got $2.8 million, being proceeds of the sale of the family properties in Florida and Caledon.

diane plese

Did Diane Plese Remarry? What About Her Ex-Husband?

Diane Plese has never remarried after the divorce. She remains single and has chosen to stay out of the limelight. However, due to her obscure life, it’s difficult to tell what exactly she’s up to. With a $25 million settlement from the divorce and three children to take care of, she should have her hands full. 

But that cannot be said about Herjavec, who has since moved on and started another relationship. Soon after the divorce, Robert couldn’t imagine living without his family. At some point, he contemplated taking his own life. Diane had left with the children, who no longer wanted anything to do with him. 

So, Herjavec is in a relationship with Kym Johnson, an Australian pro dancer. It seemed he couldn’t wait to start a new relationship, hooking up with Kym in July 2016. They met Dancing with the Stars in 2015 and soon developed an interest in each other. The couple has twins, Hudson and Haven, born in April 2018.

Kym, Herjavec’s latest wife is an actress, book author, and TV host. The couple lives with their two children in Hidden Hills, where they have a home. It seems that, between the two, Robert has reservations about having more children. But who knows what the future holds?

Unconfirmed media reports indicated that Herjavec had, in mid-2017, sued an ex-girlfriend for extorting money from him. The ex-girlfriend filed a counter-claim, accusing Herjavec of sexual assault. Although no details have emerged from the cases, the suits were dismissed without financial settlement. Diane wasn’t in any way affected by the suits since she continued to lead a private life.

So, who are Diane Plese’s Children?

In the 25 years Diane Plese was married to Robert Herjavec, she bore three children. The first is her son Brendan, followed by daughters Skye and Caprice. When their divorce was concluded in 2016, the children were teenagers. So, they had issues with their father for causing the divorce by being unfaithful to their mother.

For some time, they couldn’t speak with their father. During the court proceedings, the children stood firmly behind their mother. It was long after the divorce that they contacted their father and started communicating with him. Here are Diane Plese’s children and what they do individually and professionally.

1. Brendan

Brendan was born in 1993 and is the eldest of the three children. The 30-year-old grew up in Canada living with both parents. Between 2014 and 2016, when his parent’s acrimonious divorce was ongoing, Brendan was in college. Despite the things happening in his family, he completed his studies at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, obtaining a bachelor of business administration degree. 

Later, he joined the University of British Columbia and Yale School of Management for some graduate programs. His career has seen him work for various companies in Canada. Currently, he works at Inkblot Therapy Memoryz as a client manager. The company’s clients are individuals with mental health issues and dementia.

2. Skye

The 27-year-old Skye was born in 1996, three years after Diane’s first child. She grew up in Canada and went to Havergal College, where she completed her high school education. At USC, Skye obtained a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management. She was so brilliant that her name appeared on the honors roll.

Besides her impressive academic credentials, Skye was an athletic girl who participated in cross country and 5,000-meter races. Since leaving school, Skye has been a JP Morgan Chase summer analyst. She also runs a private business of three Lululemon pop-up stores in Ontario.

3. Caprice

Caprice is Diana Plese’s last child. The 25-year-old grew up with her parents in Canada since her birth in 1998 until the divorce. In 2016, Caprice obtained a high school diploma from Havergal College. Thereafter, she enrolled in Columbia University’s Barnard College. 

She graduated with a double major in human rights and psychology and an economics minor. As a student, she led the college’s rowing team to winning a bronze medal in 2019. She’s currently consulting with a New York executive compensation firm FW Cook.

Diane Plese’s Lifestyle

According to reliable reports, Diane Plese is a devout Christian. Therefore, she doesn’t smoke. However, it’s unclear whether or not she drinks alcohol. Diane has a lean appearance and weighs only 60kg. How she manages to maintain such a lean figure is unclear. Does she swim, go to the gym, or jog in the morning? For someone who prefers to lead a private life, it is difficult to know details about her life. But that won’t stop people from speculating on these issues. 

Final Verdict

Diane Plese has led a private life since divorcing Robert Herjavec. For nearly 19 years after separating from her ex-husband, she has managed to raise her three children and see them through college. Although it’s not clear what her current occupation is, Diane is a trained optometrist. She previously worked as an eye doctor before Robert built and sold his first company. With the fortune she got from the divorce and her advanced age, it’s doubtful if Diane would ever want to work again.

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