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Everything you need to know about Josh Winterhalt

Meet Sarah Wayne Callies’s Husband, Josh Winterhalt

Who Is Josh Winterhalt?

Meet Josh Winterhalt, a humble man who never sought fame even though his name became increasingly popular after marrying Sarah Wayne Callies. Josh is a martial arts specialist, trained in grappling, boxing, jiu-Jitsu, and kickboxing, and we’ll learn more about his professional life soon.

Josh was born in New Hampshire, USA, in August 1976, but there isn’t much information about his early years, which isn’t surprising given that he’s not a celebrity. Sources suggest that Josh developed an interest in martial arts at a young age and became a skilled fighter in sports like K1, MMA, and Jiu-Jitsu.

After completing high school, he pursued higher education at Dartmouth College in Hanover, where he met Sarah Wayne Callies, the love of his life, during his senior year. Josh used to have long, straight hair when he was younger, but now he prefers a more casual, shorter hairstyle.

His wife even stated that one thing that drew the couple to Josh was his gorgeous long hair! The lack of information on Josh is a pain. However we do know that he participated in MMA for a while; however, when his age began to catch up with his age, Josh started training young MMA athletes.

Josh is a trainer for young MMA fighters. He does this to get them ready for the fights that are to come and teach them basic skills regarding training in martial arts and competing with other athletes. Unlike his gorgeous wife, who has an Instagram following of more than two million people, Josh doesn’t use social media platforms, and I could not locate one new picture of Josh from his partner’s Instagram page.

It’s true that even when Sarah is famous, she is still a fan of hers and keeps her profile low. You can then imagine how low a profile Josh keeps. In 2022, Josh’s estimated net worth was around $500,000, whereas his wife has considerably larger pockets, with nearly $5 million.

Josh was introduced to his lovely wife in 2001 when they both went to Dartmouth College. They were in love immediately, and after just one year of being together, the beautiful couple married in an intimate ceremony on the 21st of July 2002.

Sarah and Josh were careful to ensure that news was not spread about their wedding since they only invited their closest friends and family members in the years since this beautiful couple has widened their family to include two more members. Their first child, a gorgeous little girl named Keale Winterhalt, was born into the world in 2007.

Although both Josh and Sarah have their children, Keale is their only biological child. Keale, their second baby boy named Oakes Wayne, was adopted in 2013. The entire Winterhalt family lives in their family home in La Grange, Illinois.

Josh Witherhalt’s Young Life And How He Met Sarah Wayne Callies

Despite having limited details about him, we have managed to gather sufficient information on Josh Winterhalt. He was born and raised in New Hampshire, where he developed an early interest in martial arts. Over time, this interest blossomed into a passion, and he pursued a martial arts degree at Dartmouth University. Here, he met his future wife, Sarah Wayne Callies, who was studying acting.

After completing their studies, Josh became a martial arts instructor and trainer, specialising in Russian-based martial arts, according to some sources. He teaches self-defence and martial arts, helping others maintain their physical fitness. Because of the nature of his work, Josh can remain in good shape, and age has little impact on him.

josh winterhalt

Josh Winterhalt and Sarah Wayne Got Married in 2002.

As you can see, Josh Winterhalt and Sarah Wayne are a couple who have made significant strides. They first met in the latter part of the 90s when attending Dartmouth College and soon became friends. They would then begin a relationship which saw the couple get married on the 21st of July 2002 at an intimate marriage ceremony in the United States.

After their wedding, they relocated to Canada and have been in good contact ever since. Their marriage has lasted for more than two decades and is still going despite their efforts to keep their privacy during all of these decades.

While Sarah excels as an actress famous for TV and movie series like “The Walking Dead” and “Prison Break,” her husband, Josh, is an instructor of mixed martial arts.

Josh Winterhalt’s wife on The Walking Dead

Josh Winterhalt didn’t star in The Walking Dead, but rather his wife, his wife, Sara Wayne Callies, did. In 2010 Josh Winterhalt’s wife played the lead part of Lori Grimes on the AMC horror/drama show The Walking Dead, based on the comic book series that has the same name. The drama was rated the highest show in that channel’s history. Callies was the main character from the show’s beginning until season three.

She continued to be a part of the show through the final season, where her character was killed in the same manner as the comics. The producers for The Walking Dead reached out to Josh Winterhalt’s wife, Sarah, and said that it was possible that her character wouldn’t be killed off. However, Sarah encouraged viewers to observe the story of her dead character, much as in the comics.

Jennifer Winterhalt’s spouse Sara remained on Sara Winterhalt’s involvement with the Walking Dead TV show was enough to propel her career into other significant projects. She appeared in several films afterward, such as “The Celestine Prophecy” and “Whisper.” She also wrote the script for “Elena’s Serenade” and among the latest plans is to return to TV as a leading actress in the series “Colony.” A lot is unknown about Josh Winterhalt’s films and tv series.

Josh And His Wife Are Proud Parents Of 2 Children.

Since they were wed, Josh and his wife Sarah have welcomed a biological daughter and adopted one son.

The first of their children, Keala Winterhalt, was born five years after the wedding in August 2007, and she is currently 16 years old. As her mother, Keala is also enthusiastic about acting.

Her debut came in the 2014 action film “Into the Storm,” in which she played Grace. Then, she portrayed Mya Sanders in the tv show “Unspeakable.” Before her role, her mother told her Keala hoped to become a surgeon.

Their second son was adopted by the couple Oakes Wayne through transracial adoption in 2013. The boy is 14 years old today. Although not much is available about the boy, Sarah revealed that she maintains contact with his mother’s biological parents. Sarah also revealed that Oakes would like to be an architect, and she’s prepared to help him every step of the way.

Sarah Wayne Callies’ once said she would like her children to follow their passions and give their all to it. She also spoke about her ability to strike an equilibrium between being an actress and a mother.

Josh Winterhalt Professional Skating Career

Josh Winterhalt’s career as a professional skater is undoubtedly among the most impressive of recent times. He began his career as a martial artist who competed. However, he soon realised that his passion was different. In 2001, He switched to figure skating and never looked back.

Winterhalt competed nationally for several years, earning numerous awards during the course. Many people recognize him for his skill on skating ice and his ability to do difficult jumps without difficulty. People across the nation were amazed by his shows which often caused a riot.

Alongside skating in the individual category, Winterhalt also participated in various pairs events during his time. He proved to be an athletically versatile player who could be successful regardless of who he was partnered with.

Even though he quit competition a few years ago, Josh Winterhalt remains heavily involved in the world of figure skating in the present. He has a strong relationship with the newest athletes across America to help them improve their skills and realise their goals, just as his success several years ago.


Winterhalt’s Martial Arts Journey

Winterhalt began his training in martial arts at just seven years old. He was learning Tae Kwon Do under Grandmaster Hee Il Cho. He continued to train in TaeKwonDo before achieving the first-degree black belt around 14. He also took classes in Hapkido grappling, Hapkido, and Judo.

Then, he began training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with legend Royce Gracie and received his black belt in the sport. Winterhalt is also Black Belt in Judo and has participated in various grappling and Brazilian JiuJitsu tournaments.

Josh Winterhalt’s Net Worth

You might be interested in knowing how much the man is the husband to American actor Sarah Wayne Callies, Right? Let’s get straight to the point. Most of his wealth was built up through his experience in martial arts.

Josh Winterhalt has a net worth of more than $4 million. While Sarah Wayne Callies has earned herself more than $3 million. Both are making great progress in their careers, which means it’s inevitable that they’ll be earning more money.

Is Josh Winterhalt On Social Media?

Like celebrities’ partners, Josh Winterhalt has maintained an unassuming appearance. There is a rumour that he may be similar to this when Sarah Wayne Callies became famous. He’s not even on the most popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This is the reason finding information on Josh isn’t easy. In the end, Josh is oftentimes misunderstood. Colton Haynes, an American model, actor, and acrobat, is well recognized for his roles in the American television series “Teen Wolf” and “Arrow.”

josh winterhalt

If we talk about Sarah Wayne Callies, she’s highly open to social media platforms. Maybe it’s due to her being a member of the industry, and she may even understand how important it is to be present on these platforms to keep the fans following.

However, a picture of her family is not often published on her account. A majority of her pictures are of her projects that are uploaded by various sources. Also, don’t forget to join the site and follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

What does Josh Winterhalt do?

Josh Winterhalt is a famous American mixed martial artist and MMA trainer, best known for being the spouse of Prison Break actress Sarah Wayne-Callies.

Josh Winterhalt appears to be one of those spouses with celebrity status who doesn’t use their spouse’s fame to become famous since he’s lived a private life, and it’s difficult to find out much about his life.

Does Sarah Wayne Callies have kids?

Sarah Wayne Callies has two children: one son Oakes Wayne, and an infant daughter named Keala Winterhalt. Their first daughter Keala was born in 2007. Similarly, in August 2013, the son of Oakes Wayne, their second child, was born.

Callies has spoken about the challenges of managing her family and acting career in the public eye.

Who is Sarah Callies married to?

Josh Winterhalt, Sarah’s spouse Josh Winterhalt, is an instructor in martial arts and a wushu practitioner in Chinese martial arts. Winterhalt has also been involved in charity work as an officer on the board of directors for the non-profit environmental organization Global Green USA.

Callies and Winterhalt met when they were both at Dartmouth College and have been together since then. Sarah talked about the husband’s place in their family in an interview in People magazine, saying he is our family’s rock. He’s provided us with security and roots and has helped keep our family together.

Furthermore, Winterhalt has supported Callie during her acting career even though he doesn’t work in the entertainment industry.

Is Josh Winterhalt married?

On the 21st of July in 2002, Sarah married her long-time partner, Josh Winterhalter. Sarah hasn’t spoken much about their relationship. However, they did meet at Dartmouth. She had her first child, a daughter, in 2007 and then her second son, a son, in 2013. In addition, she had been a bit slack about previous relationships before her wedding to Josh. She has also been hesitant to discuss the reports or concerns of the media regarding her.

Who is the husband of Sara Tancredi?

Michael Scofield, the main character of the series, is Michael, the younger brother of Lincoln Burrows, a death row inmate Sara helped escape to Fox River State Penitentiary. Sara and Michael were in love in the first season and eventually engaged in Season 4. Also, they had their son, Michael Jr., But Michael was believed dead at the close of season four, leaving Sara widowed.

Why was Sarah not in season 3?

Callies were signed up to return, but only for all 22 episodes, which means that both the producers and Callies were required to change their terms. The fact that she was pregnant and living in a remote region of Canada may have prevented Callies from wanting to come back. However, Olmstead suggested bringing cameras to her.

Why did Sarah Wayne Callies leave The Walking Dead?

Lori Grimes died while giving birth to Judith in prison. Only accompanied by Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Carl (Chandler Riggs), Lori died delivering the infant via a caesarean section, eventually ending her life.

In a heartbreaking scene, she gave her goodbye to her son Carl when she knew the predicament that she had been in. Carl then shoots his mother in the forehead to stop her from becoming Walker.

Her death, which occurred in the third season, in episode four, may seem brutal, but it wasn’t as horrific as her destiny in Comics.

In the comic book series, Lori is shot in the back by one of the Governor’s soldiers, Lilly. Additionally, she gets smashed by Judith, which results in her baby being killed. The story of Lori in the comics led actor Callies to end the show.

In an interview with Collider in 2012, Callies told Collider 2012: “I was aware from the beginning that Lori passed away in the comics, and I landed this position assuming she was on an expiration date.

“There were deaths of Shane (Jon Bernthal) and the passing of Lori. For me, these were extremely difficult to deal with.

What happened to Sarah Wayne Callies?

After having a role in popular TV series such as The Walking Dead and Prison Break, which brought her to a broad audience Sarah Wayne Callies is now taking on a brand-new role and the world of a different kind in The Company You Keep, which airs on Sundays on ABC. The character Sarah plays in The Company You Keep, “Birdie”, is the sister of “Charlie” played by This is Us actor Milo Ventimiglia.

Some of her most recent and upcoming work are:

  •       The Company You Keep is an ABC series wherein the actress plays Birdie Nicole Nicoletti, a renowned lawyer and the main character’s best friend. The show is scheduled to premiere in 2023.
  •       Letterkenny is a Canadian comedy series in which she is Anita Dyck, a Mennonite woman who is in love with Wayne, who is Wayne, the protagonist. She has been featured in five episodes in the last year.
  •       Aftershock is a science-fiction podcast she wrote, created, directed, and recorded. The show is set in an apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic universe where a considerable earthquake has devastated Los Angeles. Season 2 is scheduled to come out in April 2023.
  •       Fire Country, a Netflix series that she directed, in which she wrote an episode. The show is about firefighters from the city fighting wildfires in The Pacific Northwest.

Who is Rick wife in The Walking Dead?

In 2010, Sarah Wayne Callies was chosen to portray Lori Grimes in the AMC adaptation of The Walking Dead, a post-apocalyptic comic book. She discovered the project while browsing an online comic bookstore in Vancouver. In the show, she played the role of Rick Grimes’ wife and mother to Carl and Judith. The character finds herself in a complicated love triangle after her first encounter with Rick’s lover, Shane Walsh. She later discovers that Rick, who she thought was dead, is alive. Despite breaking up with Shane and feeling joy at the news of Rick’s survival, Lori struggles with her feelings for both men.

How old is Lori in The Walking Dead?

The script book states the age of Lori’s age is 27. This has been modified without issue since it was never mentioned in the book comic that she was her age. She’d be 32 in 2003. This is because she is younger than Rick, who is 34 years old, by two years

How tall is Sarah Wayne?

1.74 m


Josh Winterhalt is a talented instructor and athlete who has significantly contributed to martial arts. From his beginnings as a skater who wanted to be a pro in his current position as a renowned teacher and coach, he has always displayed dedication, passion, and determination in all he undertakes.

The personal life of Winterhalt is as impressive as his professional accomplishments. His wife is Sarah Wayne Callies, with whom he has two children. His devotion to family and his determination to be an influence on people around him is evident in his public appearance and his private life.

As for Josh Winterhalt’s net worth? Although exact figures differ based on the source used, it’s evident that he’s accumulated an impressive portfolio of assets over time, thanks to his numerous wins in skating competitions and teaching positions.

Josh Winterhalt is an inspiration not just to people in the martial arts community but to everyone who wants to realise their goals with perseverance and hard work. We wish him the best in whatever goals come his way!


Is Sarah Wayne Callies married?

The American actress Sarah Wayne Callies has married the American martial artist Josh Winterhalt. They have been married for over 20 years.

Does Sarah Wayne Callies have children?

Josh Winterhalt and Sarah Wayne Callies have two kids. They have a daughter named Kaela Winterhalt and a son called Oakes Winterhalt.

Are Sarah Wayne Callies related to Jon Bernthal?

Even after meeting Jon Bernthal on The Walking Dead, Sarah Wayne Callies and Jon Bernthal were close friends.

How old is Josh Winterhalt?

Josh Winterhalt, the American combat artist Josh Winterhalt was born in 1976. He will be 47 years old in 2023.

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