eClinicalWorks vs iKnowMed EHR

eClinicalWorks EHR

In recent years, many medical practices and hospitals have been adopting eClinicalWorks EHR, which provides healthcare professionals with a wide range of tools that enable them to provide better care and increase efficiency. With eClinicalWorks, physicians can ensure that they provide high-quality, personalized care to patients in the most cost-effective way. Moreover, the eCW software system can be integrated with other applications to make sure that healthcare workers can easily manage patient records and billing in an efficient manner. Besides, the eClinicalWorks web-based EHR software makes it easy to access and edit records from any location.

Mobile browser

eClinicalWorks is a medical practice management and healthcare information technology company that offers solutions for hospitals, physicians, and patients. Their software provides a cloud-based, mobile, and telemedicine solution that is geared toward increasing patient engagement and improving the delivery of care.

eClinicalWorks Cloud is a secure, web-based solution that allows users to run their practices from anywhere in the world. Its mobile app offers a variety of features. For instance, providers can transcribe and sync notes, share information with other staff members, and check patients’ claims. Patients can also access their health records and request prescription refills.

Healthcare organizations need a solution to measure and manage the risk associated with their patients’ care. eClinicalWorks’ Care Coordination Medical Record (CCMR) is one such solution. CCMR can provide analytics to monitor cost utilization and provide an understanding of the health patterns of individual patients. In addition, it can be used for population health management.

iKnowMed EHR
iKnowMed EHR

Telemedicine solution

The eClinicalWorks EHR telemedicine solution offers an integrated way for patients to communicate with their healthcare providers from anywhere. This includes two-way text messaging. Patients can also schedule virtual appointments. With this technology, healthcare professionals can provide better care while ensuring that patient data is accurate and safe.

As a certified cloud-based EHR, eClinicalWorks provides comprehensive patient medical records management. Users can manage scheduling and rescheduling, prescriptions, lab results, insurance verification, and more. Moreover, eClinicalWorks offers various tools for population health and patient engagement.

eClinicalWorks provides free initial training for up to nine providers. Users can also request for a refund if they are dissatisfied with the product. In addition, eClinicalWorks provides exceptional customer support. However, many users reported bugs and difficulties in navigating the software.

eClinicalWorks is compatible with all EHRs. Moreover, it allows for HIPAA-compliant, two-way communication between a patient and a healthcare provider.

High patient satisfaction rates

With a mission to improve the delivery of care through the use of technology, eClinicalWorks offers a suite of technologies and solutions for medical practices. They include patient engagement, revenue cycle management, population health, and telehealth.

Their products are designed for today’s healthcare sector, offering value-based care and mobile-first solutions. In addition, they offer solutions to address key industry challenges such as value-based payments, reducing administrative tasks, and optimizing physician-patient engagement.

The eClinicalWorks platform is best suited for medical practices looking to implement an integrated EHR with a practice management and population health management model. It is available on both Android and iOS.

eClinicalWorks is also committed to facilitating the improvement of data streamlining and care efficiency. Through a suite of technology solutions, eClinicalWorks is able to provide healthcare organizations with an easier workflow and real-time access to longitudinal health records.

eClinicalWorks offers telemedicine solutions to help primary care providers attend to their patients virtually. This solution allows primary care providers to make appointments safe and secure.

Healow app

eClinicalWorks, an electronic health record (EHR) provider, has announced the launch of its new business unit called Healow. It aims to provide a platform for patients to manage their healthcare and communicate with their doctors.

The eClinicalWorks Healow app will be available on both iOS and Android mobile operating systems. It will allow patients to request refills, view lab results, and schedule appointments. In addition to these features, it will also allow for two-way communication between patients and their doctors.

The healow app can help providers streamline the front office workflow. For example, it will automatically convert cancellations to new patient appointments, making it easy for new patients to find and book their appointment.

Patients can use the app to request a medication refill, keep a health journal, and keep track of their child’s appointments. They can also send notes to their clinicians.

In addition to the app, patients can join the eClinicalWorks network to gain access to their medical records. However, if your practice doesn’t utilize the eClinicalWorks EHR, you can still use healow to offer patients a personal health record.

iKnowMed EHR
iKnowMed EHR

McKesson iKnowMed EHR for Oncology Practice

The McKesson iKnowMed EHR is a software system that allows health care providers to record and retrieve data in a user-friendly format. It is designed for oncology practice and offers support for both MIPS quality measures and Meaningful Use certification. Moreover, it is fully integrated with the suite of McKesson technology solutions.

Meaningful Use certification

The Meaningful Use program is a federal initiative to improve the clinical delivery of health care. It aims to improve quality, efficiency, and privacy. As part of this initiative, certified electronic health records (EHRs) are required for eligible healthcare services. In addition, providers that don’t comply with the program are subject to reimbursement-related penalties.

When a provider’s EHR is certified, it means it meets the standards set by the government. This makes it possible for these providers to receive incentive payments, as well as avoid penalties under ARRA. However, these incentives taper off over time. For example, a provider that receives ARRA funding can only receive a limited amount of meaningful use incentive payments in a given year.

Meaningful use was enacted as part of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act. It focuses on improving the exchange of data between providers and patients. Specifically, it aims to improve patient-centric preventative care and strengthen collaboration between private and public healthcare.

Integrations with McKesson’s suite of technology solutions

McKesson offers a wide range of health information technology solutions designed to enhance patient care and help reduce costs. They provide software, services, and clinical expertise to help improve the coordination of care.

McKesson’s Enterprise Information Solutions division is a leader in consulting for healthcare providers. Infor has teamed up with McKesson to provide a suite of technology solutions to assist healthcare organizations in reducing cost and improving workflow. The McKesson Strategic Supply Sourcing solution will help identify and manage supply cost savings. It integrates with McKesson CloudSuite Healthcare, a set of supply chain management apps.

McKesson High Volume Solutions offers centralized fill services for hospitals. This system allows health systems to maintain control over staff and inventory without having to invest in new equipment. A small per script fee enables health systems to realize the benefits of central fill.

McKesson’s suite of integrated disease management solutions are designed to address key success factors in patient care. These include workflow, cost, and patient safety.

iKnowMed EHR
iKnowMed EHR

Oncology focus

iKnowMedTM is a leading electronic health record (EHR) system for oncology practices. It is designed to help practices deliver high-quality, evidence-based cancer care, improve patient safety, and reduce costs. With the iKnowMed platform, physicians can customize EHR features to meet their specific practice needs.

Oncology presents unique challenges with regard to an EHR. Because of the complexity of care a patient receives, it is crucial to have a tool that can help manage clinical data across settings. To meet the needs of oncology practices, McKesson Specialty Health developed iKnowMed. This solution allows oncologists to monitor cancer treatment, manage chemotherapy order management, and more.

The iKnowMed solution has been implemented in over 200 sites of care nationwide. In addition to providing a comprehensive cancer regimen library, the software offers a unique oncology-focused portal and mobile access. iKnowMed is designed to be easy to use for clinicians and administrators alike.

The iKnowMed EHR also helps physicians adjust their treatment pathways to reduce costs. Physicians can monitor the efficacy of drugs and identify adverse drug interactions with intelligent alerts. They can also submit their practice’s data to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for meaningful use.

Support for MIPS quality measures

If your oncology practice is using McKesson’s oncology-specific iKnowMed EHR, it is ready for the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). It will help your practice comply with MIPS requirements. This EHR is fully integrated with the QCDR reporting platform to provide you with actionable insights.

The Practice Insights reporting dashboards enable you to compare your provider and practice-level results against national benchmarks over time. These metrics can be utilized to determine which areas in your practice are most important for improving patient outcomes.

In addition to the dashboards, McKesson’s EHR supports all three MIPS practice-reported categories: Promoting Interoperability, Improvement Activities, and Quality. Additionally, McKesson’s reporting platform includes additional metrics for other value-based care initiatives.

With iKnowMed’s support, practices can capture MIPS quality measures and submit them to CMS. By submitting these measures, providers improve their quality scores from CMS.

The reporting platform is a secure, web-based solution that supports all practice sizes, specialty types, and submission methods. It also supports a variety of data formats, including Comma Separated Value (CSV), QRDA I, and Manual Encounter upload.

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