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Dylan Michael Edmonds: Son of Tracey Edmonds and Babyface

Dylan Michael Edmonds is the son of Babyface and Tracey Edmonds. Babyface is the father of Dylan Michael Edmonds, while, Tracey Edmonds is his mother. Babyface, the father of Dylan Michael Edmonds is an American singer, producer and songwriter. He has written many songs in his career and produced several recordings. 

Babyface has won 12 Grammy Awards in his career. In addition, he has written and produced many hits throughout his career. Babyface has also been ranked 20 number in The Greatest Producers Ever list.

The mother of Dylan Michael Edmonds, Tracey Edmonds is known as an American Businesswoman. She is a television producer and personality. She has hosted a famous television show Extra. Tracey Edmonds is the CEO of Entertainment Group Inc. She is also the CEO of Tracey Edmonds, the mother of Dylan Michael Edmonds is a director in the national board for the Producers Guild of America. 

Dylan Michael Edmonds has only one brother and a half-sister and no other siblings. He is not the only child of his parents. Brandon Edmons is the other brother of Dylan Michael Edmonds. He is famous as the son of Babyface and Tracey Edmonds.

Any information related to Dylan Michael Edmonds such as his date of birth, place of birth, and age, is not available in the public domain. 

Bio Summary of Dylan Michael Edmonds

Let us discuss a short bio summary of Dylan Michael Edmonds. 

  • His full name is Dylan Michael Edmonds
  • He is known as the son of Tracey Edmonds
  • His nationality is United States of America
  • Baby (born on April 10, 1959) is the father of Dylan Michael Edmonds
  • Tracey Edmonds (born on Feb 18, 1967) is his mother
  • Pelon Nicole Edmonds (born on Sept 9, 2008) is known as the sister of Dylan Michael Edmonds
dylan michael edmonds
dylan michael edmonds

Dylan Michael Edmonds Parents

Dylan Michael Edmonds’s father Babyface Edmonds was a famous artist in the music industry in the era of 1970s. His father is not only a singer. He is also a songwriter, music producer and composer. Babyface, Dylan Michael Edmonds’s father is known for his songs Two Occasions, Where Will You Go, I Care Bout You and many more songs. 

Dylan Michael’s father’s Babyface Edmonds has sold millions of his recordings and won many Grammy Awards for his music and songs. He was one of the best R&B legends. His uncle Kevon Edmonds was also a talented singer and songwriter. 

Now let us discuss Dylan Michael Edmonds’s mother Tracey Edmonds. Tracey has produced two superhit TV shows and movies. She was considered the backbone behind some successful projects which include Soul Food, College Hill and Jumping the Broom. Tracey is also a founder of Edmonds Entertainment Group. It is a production company which has produced many shows, music, and movies. She is a woman who knows how to succeed in the field of business. 

Dylan Michael Edmonds’s parents are very talented. Therefore, the talents flow through his veins. He has also achieved incredible success in the entertainment industry. Dylan Michael Edmonds is likely to make a serious wave in the entertainment industry.

Dylan Michael Edmonds’s Parents’ Relationship

Let us discuss how Dylan Michael Edmonds’s parents met and how their relationship started that led to their marriage. 

Babyface married Denise, his first wife during his adult age. In the year 1990, Baby met Tracey Edmonds. Tracey Edmonds came to give an audition for the music video of Babyface. The song was “Whip Appeal”. Later, the couple married and blessed with two children. One was Brandon and another was Dylan Michael Edmonds. 

Their married lasted for 13 years until they moved for divorce. On January 7, 2005, Tracey instituted a suit for filing a divorce in Los Angeles County Superior Court. She stated that she had to file the divorce because of his irreconcilable differences with her husband.

Post-divorce, Dylan Michael Edmonds’s father, Babyface started dating Nicole Pantenburg, popularly known as Nikki. Nikki Pantenburg was his backup dancer. The couple married and blessed with a daughter in the year 2008. The daughter was named Payton. However, after seven years, in July 2021, the couple promulgated that their marriage would be ending soon. 

Dylan Michael Edmonds is the younger brother of Brandon and the youngest child of Babyface. Dylan left his move and shifted to New York to get college admission.

Tracey Edmonds revealed in her post that Dylan’s father and she were on the same page with regard to their son’s move. She also posted the pictures of her family and disclosed in her caption that Dylan’s Michael Edmonds’s parents were helping him in packing. 

She wrote: “#ProudMama moments,” the “Extra” host writes in her caption. “Fam… GRAB SOME TISSUE FOR ME… my youngest son Dylan has FLOWN THE COOP and arrived at #SaraLawrence in New York to start college!!”

Babyface was designated at number 20 in NME’s 50 of the Greatest Producers Ever list. 

NME wrote: “One of the founding fathers of all the best bits of modern US R&B. And so you can’t hate him if some of the schlock can be traced back to him also. Babyface was a pioneer of New Jack Swing in the 80s, before setting up LaFace with old mucker Antonio ‘LA’ Reid to give the world TLC, Usher and Toni Braxton under their guiding hand. There’s barely a prominent artist in the genre he hasn’t worked with, and as a result he’s clocked up a mammoth 26 R&B number ones.”

Babyface, the father of Dylan Michael Edmonds once revealed upon his breakup with Tracey and stated that he holds high respect for Tracey’s current partner Deion Sanders. He stated that “I knew that Deion, Mr. Prime Time, seems like a nice guy. But he became a classy guy when he called me and said he didn’t want to meet my children until he sat down and had lunch or breakfast with me, so he knew me before he met my children”.

dylan michael edmonds
dylan michael edmonds

Dylan Michael Edmonds’s Siblings

Brandon Edmonds is the elder brother of Dylan Michael Edmonds. They both share the same parents. His mom and dad are famous personalities in the entertainment industry. However, Bradon has kept his profile lower than his family. He is not in the public eye. People hardly know him. 

Dylan Michael Edmonds has a younger half-sister Peyton Nicole. Babyface is her father. However, she is the daughter of Babyface’s second wife. 

Tracey, Dylan Michael Edmonds’s mom has a great relationship with both of her children. She usually shares their picture with her on social media. They share a great bond.

Dylan Michael Edmonds’s Professional Life

Dylan Micheal Edmonds is a son of talented parents. His father is a successful singer and a songwriter. At the same time, his mother Tracey Edmonds, is a powerful and a great businesswoman and a producer. 

Dylan Michael Edmonds has grown up surrounded by talented parents and music. Dylan is not likely to put his step into the musical world. He has a different plan ahead. 

Dylan is studying the production of the film. He is completing his study at the California University in Los Angeles. He has a plan to step into the movie world. Therefore, he is learning the magic that he is about to create in the world of films. 

However, nobody knows where Dylan Michael Edmonds’s future is likely to take him. But, he is likely to step into the entertainment industry and follow the path of his parents. He may do wonders in the entertainment stream.

dylan michael edmonds
dylan michael edmonds

Dylan Michael Edmonds’s Relationship Status

Dylan Michael Edmonds is the youngest son of Tracey Edmonds and Babyface. The couple’s marriage status lasted for thirteen years. In the year 2005, they decided to move on and got separated. However, they are still a best friend and incredible co-parents of their children. This is known as a mature breakup.

Babyface tied the knot with Nicole Pantenburg and was blessed with a daughter named Peyton. On the other hand, Tracey romanced Eddie Murphy in 2008. However, their relationship lasted for a couple of months. She later found Deion Sanders in 2012. 

Tracey usually shares pictures of Dylan on social media pages. She is the proud mother of Dylan Michael Edmonds.

Dylan Michael Edmonds’s Net Worth

The total net worth of Dylan Michael Edmonds is not available in the public domain. He is a young kid of his parents. He is yet to achieve a lot of success in his life. Hence, his net worth is also likely to grow by 10 or 15 times or even more. 

Dylan Michael Edmonds has earns a serious stake over the years. According to some sources, his total net worth stands at $ 200 million. 

Dylan’s mother has also made an incredible net worth throughout her life. She has also made her move into the entertainment world as a producer. She has produced many films and TV series. However, the exact figure of her net worth is not available in the public domain. Yet, her net worth can be estimated based on her films and works. She has an estimated net worth of $ 60 million.

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