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Croxyproxy YouTube: The most secure proxy to unblock YouTube  How to watch restricted YouTube videos using Croxyproxy  

The most common method today to access blocked websites is proxy websites. These proxy websites  allow users to browse through any website despite being blocked by content filters and cannot be  viewed normally.  

These proxy websites help hide a user’s IP address which is the most important information you carry  while browsing the internet. When IP addresses are exposed, internet users can land into hot soup  because hackers use IP addresses to track and steal. That is why proxy sites are important to help avoid  being targeted by hackers. 

This article will discuss everything we need about using Croxyproxy Youtube. We will know its  educational uses, importance, and why you should use it, among many more. It is also best to note that  Croxyproxy Youtube is used only for educational purposes and should not be used to harm or attack  websites. 

What is Croxyproxy  

Croxyproxy proxy is a free and reliable web proxy service that allows you to access blocked websites and  surf the web anonymously. You might be blocked from accessing certain videos in many cases due to  relatable issues such as your geographical location or other features. 

However, the secret to solving that problem is the popular croxy proxy, which masks the user IP and  creates a gateway between the user and the website you want to access. These proxy has become one of  the most popular and best alternative to VPNs, as it is free and easy to use. 

Apart from unblocking YouTube, it supports various websites, including video hostings, search engines,  social networks, and e-mail services. But that is not everything you need to know about this proxy  service. Keep scrolling through these sections to learn more and get satisfied before trying. 

Croxyproxy Features that you need to know.  

In this segment, we will cover the key features that make croxyproxy one of the best web proxy services  that have taken over the internet by storm. Below are all the features of this proxy that you need to  know. 

1. Anonymous Browsing 

Today, Croxyproxy is one of the most used and best web proxy services because of its ability to hide the  location and IP address of users browsing through the internet. When a user accesses a certain website  using this proxy, the website only sees the croxyproxy IP address, which is the best solution to hiding the  user’s IP address and identity. 

This way, a website cannot track a user’s online activity, which is a great way to protect your privacy and  security. 

2. Bypassing geographical restrictions

Another main functionality of Croxyproxy is its ability to assist a user in bypassing the regional restrictions or bans on some websites. This proxy routes the internet traffic through servers in different  regions and allows its user to access the contents blocked in their country or their network cannot  access. 

3. Access blocked content  

You might have encountered videos, images, or other internet resources blocked or filtered by your internet service provider or local network administrator. Sometimes these resources might be important  to you, but it can be frustrating when you cannot view them. 

But now, with the awesome croxyproxy service, it is just a click away, and you access all of these  materials. This proxy bypasses these filters and allows users to access restricted content. Note that this is  helpful in educational or corporate settings where certain websites may be restricted. 

4. Security and Encryption  

Another key feature of this popular proxy is its ability to provide an added security layer by encrypting  the connection between the user’s device and the proxy server. This helps protect sensitive data from  potential eavesdropping or interception on unsecured networks. 

5. User-friendly interface 

Croxyproxy has a simple and attractive interface, making it easy for beginners and experienced users to  navigate and use the service effectively. 

6. Easy to use 

Easy to use is another key feature of Croxyproxy. It has emerged as the top of the proxy niche because  it’s not as complex as other proxies. To use Croxyproxy, you simply need to enter the URL of the website  you want to visit into the search bar and click “Go.” CroxyProxy will then proxy your connection and  redirect you to the website. 

7. Compatible with various Operating Systems  

When we talk about croxyproxy, you might think it is only limited to one operating system, but that is not  true. This service is available and operates perfectly on all major operating systems, such as Windows,  macOS, Linux, and Android. 

8. Fast speeds 

CroxyProxy uses high-speed servers to ensure that you get the fastest possible speeds.

9. Unlimited bandwidth 

CroxyProxy offers unlimited bandwidth, so you can browse the web as much as you want without  worrying about running out of data. 

10. No downloads or configurations required 

Because Croxyproxy is a web-based service, you are not required to download or install any software.  You only need to open your browser, open the proxy’s link, and type in the website you want to visit.

How Croxyproxy operates.  

After reading the key features of this proxy, you might be asking yourself how does it operate? Here, I  will explain how it works to successfully help its users access blocked websites, surf the web  anonymously, and protect their privacy.  

Like any other proxy, when using Croxyproxy and you want to access a website, such as YouTube, you are  required to start the process by entering the YouTube URL into your browser. At this point, your device is  already connected to the proxy service, and the URL serves as a request to access the specific web page  or content hosted on the target website. 

After receiving the user request, the Croxyproxy server paves the way in as an intermediary, better  known as a proxy. A proxy simply means that the server has taken the role of a representative of the user and can interact with other servers on the internet. 

The croxyproxy server processes the user request, and instead of sending the request directly to the  target website, it chips in and performs the connection on behalf of the user. In this process, the user’s  IP address gets hidden, and the target website only interacts with the proxy server’s IP address. 

After the user request is forwarded to the proxy’s server, the server sends the request to the target  website with the user’s IP hidden. The website gets the information from the forwarded request and  identifies the request as coming from the proxy server’s IP address, not the user’s IP address. 

This way, the user is safe as their identity and location are hidden by the proxy server. The website  targeted will continue providing the results as usual, as it would with a normal unrestricted user. It  retrieves the requested web page or content and prepares to send it back to the entity that made the  request—the proxy server. 

Now that the proxy server has the target website’s response, it takes another role as a messenger and  returns the response to the user. The user can now access the website they were blocked without any  problems and interact with it as if they had made a direct connection to the target website. 

How to use YouTube with Croxyproxy  

Croxy proxy is one of the best and most advanced websites that come in handy when you want to access  restricted content on internet platforms such as YouTube. Besides being fast and safe to use without any  trace leading to you, it is also free to use the proxy services with no ads or pop-ups. 

It can be used by people living in countries with strict internet censorship laws, students who need to  bypass school filters, workers who want to access certain work-related sites from their computers, or  those who want to bypass any restrictions on certain content. There are also no restrictions on whoever  wants to use the croxy services and no limits on how many times you can access the croxy services. 

To use the croxyproxy, you only need a good internet connection and a web browser. You can use these  simple steps to access the blocked content on YouTube without any trace using croxy proxy. 

Step-by-step guide on how to set up and use Croxy Proxy to access YouTube. 
  1. The first step is to open a web browser. You can use any browser that you like. It can be Chrome,  Edge, or Firefox.
  2. Visit the official website of croxy proxy. You can either type the word ‘croxy proxy’ in the search  bar or by typing the website’s URL address ‘’ and press the enter button,  which will direct you to the official website of croxy proxy. 
  3. Locate the menu bar on the croxy proxy website and click on the Youtube support to enable it.  This ensures that your requests are specifically associated with YouTube proxy servers. 4. In the croxy proxy website, you will see another search bar where you will type in the URL of the  YouTube video or channel you wish to access. Press the GO button and wait for the YouTube  video or channel to load; it will fetch your content. 

However, croxy proxy websites sometimes fail to load the videos or channels or have errors. This  might be caused by either your internet connection or the croxy proxy website is having issues.  In that case, you are advised to contact croxy proxy support for help. 

  1. You can enjoy the content without restriction when the YouTube video or channel has finished loading. 

With the simple steps highlighted above, you can enjoy YouTube unblocked on any device you wish,  whether a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. However, it is not suitable for high-definition videos. 

How to change the server on Croxyproxy  

Changing from one proxy server location to another in Croxyproxy is simple. All you need to do is follow  these few steps. 

When you are on the Croxyproxy website, enter the URL of the website you want to access in the URL  bar on the Croxy Proxy website. Press the “Enter” key to initiate the connection. After that, you need to  locate the server selection option. Depending on your operating system, it can sometimes be displayed  as a dropdown menu or a list of locations. 

Once you have located the change server button, click the dropdown menu and view the available  servers. In the view panel, you will see various proxy server locations from different countries. 

Now you are free to select the server of your choice. From the list, pick a location of your choice. You  should note that all servers available in Croxyproxy represent different locations, and selecting a specific  server will make it appear as if you are browsing from that region. 

After selecting the server, the next thing to do is to apply the changes. Click on the Connect or Go button  to apply the changes. 

A new connection with the new server will now be established. The connection process may take a few  seconds to complete. You can confirm whether have been applied successfully by checking if the  Croxyproxy interface indicates the new location. 

If the changes have been updated, you can now enjoy browsing the internet with the new server. Likewise, to stop or turn off the croxy proxy server you need to click on the ‘stop’ button and the server shall stop. Croxy proxy website displays results according to the query despite the regional restrictions.


Benefits of using Croxyproxy services for YouTube  

Croxyproxy services for YouTube have lots of advantages for the user. The service plays an important role  in ensuring users can access YouTube and enjoy YouTube without being restricted or censored. But apart  from the mentioned advantages, users benefit from using this proxy with YouTube. Below we will discuss  all the major benefits of Croxyproxy for YouTube. 

1. Access content blocked by region 

Users who use Croxyproxy services can easily bypass YouTube’s geographical restrictions effectively.  Users only need to submit their YouTube URL to the Croxyproxy website, where the service will forward  it to its multiple proxy servers located in different regions and unblock the restriction allowing the user  to access the region-specific content that was initially restricted.  

This is helpful to people who wish to watch shows, live streams, or channels that are only region specific.  So if your favorite show is blocked in your region, you know what to do. 

2. Privacy and anonymity 

This is another importance of using Croxyproxy services. The service hides the user’s information and  allows them to access YouTube anonymously, which is great because many people see it as protecting  their privacy. Croxyproxy hides the user’s IP address, and there is no way YouTube or any other website  can trace the user’s online activities. This enhances overall privacy and reduces personalized tracking.  

3. Escaping censorship 

Many users worldwide use this service to circumvent censorship and filtering. In many regions, YouTube  may be subject to government censorship or network filtering, which is annoying and frustrating.  However, the only way to evade that is by using Croxyproxy services. With the service, users can access  YouTube and enjoy uncensored content without being hindered by imposed limitations. 

4. Secure connection 

Croxyproxy uses SSL encryption to ensure a secure connection between its servers and the user’s device.  This way, a user can be confident while using the proxy and input confidential information, such as  passwords, without fearing that someone might steal them. 

5. High-speed streaming 

Users who use Croxyproxy services are most likely to experience a high boosted sperm streaming. With  these benefits, a user who can even access YouTube videos without restriction still uses this proxy  because of the high streaming speed.  

6. Accessibility 

The portal of CroxyProxy is accessible through multiple devices such as mobile phones, tabs, laptops,  desktops, etc. 

These are just but a few uses of Croxyproxy for YouTube. And as mentioned, it does not matter whether  you are using the service for personal, educational, or professional purposes. Croxy Proxy proves to be  an invaluable tool for YouTube enthusiasts seeking a more open and enriched online video experience.

Croxyproxy security features and how it protects users’ data and identity.  Many people frequently want to know how Croxyproxy protects their data and whether it is safe to use  on their devices. The proxy service has implemented various security features that aid in protecting  users’ data and identity while using the service. 

These security features allow users to browse safely and privately without interruptions from any  parties. In this segment, we will explore some key security measures Croxy Proxy offers. 

One measure the company has put in place is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. This SSL ensures a  safe, secure, and encrypted connection between the user and the proxy server.  

The Secure Sockets Layer’s main function is to block unauthorized access to data transmitted between  the user and the server. It helps secure any sensitive data or information from potential spies and  hackers.  

Another way that Croxyproxy uses to secure users’ data is by masking the user’s original IP address.  When a user accesses YouTube through croxyproxy, YouTube only sees the IP address of the proxy. This  ensures that the real user remains anonymous and can browse any content without the target website  collecting or tracking the user’s online activities. 

Another measure put in place is data encryption during transit. All data, such as URLs, cookies, login  credentials, and any other information exchanged between Croxyproxy and the user, are encrypted  during browsing. This way, the data can not be readable even if spies manage to intercept them during  transit.  

Croxyproxy also does not require users to log in so that they can use the service. A no-login policy is  great because it shows that the website does not collect or store users’ browsing activities, IP addresses,  or any other personal information. With this functionality, users can securely browse YouTube without  fear of being monitored or that their data can be stored. 

Croxy Proxy uses Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP). This functionality establishes a secure tunnel  between the user’s device and the proxy server. 

Croxyproxy uses HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), an encrypted version of HTTP. This way,  users can safely browse through YouTube without compromising data security. HTTPS means that when  users visit YouTube, their data is encrypted before it is sent to YouTube. 

In summary, croxyproxy has prioritized user privacy and data security, as seen in the above discussion.  Users can confidently explore YouTube’s vast video library while maintaining anonymity and enjoying a  safer online journey. 


Limitations of Croxyproxy YouTube  

While Croxyproxy YouTube has many benefits and advantages, it has potential downsides and  limitations. Some of these limitations include; 

Speed and performance: Using Croxyproxy can result in extremely lower speed, unlike other direct  connections to YouTube. The speed becomes super slower because the croxy proxy server acts as an  intermediary and can introduce latency which causes a decrease in video loading and streaming speeds.

Video Quality: As with any other web proxy, when using Croxyproxy Youtube, a user is most likely to be  provided low-quality videos that are not as clear and smooth as in the direct connection. The low video  quality is caused due to potential speed limitations.  

Compatibility Issues: Sometimes, accessing your favorite show or channel from YouTube can be difficult,  even using Croxyproxy. This happens because popular websites such as YouTube use anti-proxy measures  to prevent users from accessing the content with proxies. With these measures, YouTube might fail to  work as the user expected when using Croxy Proxy, and users may encounter compatibility issues. 

Limited functionalities: Another disadvantage of croxyproxy YouTube is its limited functionalities. Some  YouTube features, such as live chats, annotations, or some interactive elements within the videos, are  unavailable when using the proxy.  

Potential Abuse: These free proxy services, including croxyproxy, can be open to abuse by spies or  hackers. This behavior leads to IP addresses associated with Croxyproxy being blocked by the target  website and marked as spam.  

Is Croxyproxy YouTube worth it?  

The worthiness of this famous proxy depends on a user’s preferences and needs. As discussed in the  segments above, you most likely clearly understand the merits and demerits of Croxyproxy.  

On its advantages, we mentioned that this proxy allows you to access restricted YouTube content or  content from any other website, it has enhanced privacy and security, is cost-effective, and has a user friendly interface. 

We also mentioned its disadvantages, such as limited support for certain YouTube features, slow  connection speeds, and security risks associated with public proxies. 

So when deciding whether to use this service, you must consider all the features we discussed. You must  also understand your personal requirements and whether it is worth using the service.  

In my opinion, if you are a user who wants to prioritize privacy and security, it is better to opt for a VPN  service, but if you only want to use the unblocking service once, you may use the Croxyproxy servers,  and it can be a suitable solution. 

Is Croxyproxy YouTube premium membership worth it?  Croxyproxy introduced a premium membership, and users who have used it have praised it while others  trashed it. Some users say that the premium membership is not worth it because the services provided  are similar to that in the free version of Croxyproxy YouTube.  

The benefit reported to have been added to the premium package is the ads-free viewing. However, the  worthiness of a product depends on a personal view, and I would advise you to do thorough research on  social media or maybe buy a subscription to try it out. 

The cost of croxyproxy YouTube premium membership per month is $3.50. The cost has been bashed by  users who think it’s too high.

Is Croxyproxy YouTube safe?  

Using Croxyproxy Youtube unblocker offers various ways to protect users’ information by implementing  all the abovementioned features. These features are way better and can help one access their favorite  YouTube show without restriction or censorship.  

But, even though they have specified all those security measures to protect users’ data and information,  a user is advised to be extra careful when using the service as sometimes it can expose their online data  to potential misuse by proxy site operators and cyber criminals. 

It is best to avoid submitting sensitive information, such as login credentials or bank details to these  proxy websites at all costs. Ensure to employ essential precautions to recognize potentially hazardous  YouTube proxy sites. 

Why YouTube videos get blocked  

As you interact with YouTube, you may find a video indicating ‘video unavailable ‘ or ‘this video is not  available in your country ‘ error. This means that network filters or geo-restrictions block the YouTube  video or access has been denied. This may be due to various reasons, such as community guidelines  violations, legal issues, and copyright infringement. 

Below we have discussed some of the reasons that get YouTube videos blocked.

1. Copyright infringement 

Copyright infringement is one of the most common reasons for blocking YouTube videos. This is due to  its strict copyright policies against copyright infringement, and any video that violates the policies is  blocked or removed. When users upload videos without the appropriate copyright authorization from  the owner, the original copyright owner can issue a copyright claim. YouTube’s ID system automatically  identifies the copyrighted material, and the video may be blocked. 

2. National censorship 

In some countries, certain videos have been blocked, while in others, the videos have not been blocked.  This is due to a licensing agreement, regional censorship laws, or other legal constraints. Countries like  China, Eritrea, Iran, North Korea, and Turkmenistan have issued a ban on YouTube, while other countries  ban YouTube videos due to religious or political reasons.  

3. Regional restrictions 

Some owners may restrict their videos in certain regions because of licensing rights. This means that  users from the blocked region cannot view the videos. This is referred to as geo-fencing, and only the  creators of the videos have the restrictions right when uploading their videos. 

4. Inappropriate content 

YouTube has a set of community guidelines that its users must follow. These community guidelines  prohibit content such as violence, hate speech, deceptive practices, sensitive content, and sexually  explicit content. When a video is reported for violating these community guidelines, YouTube 

moderators analyze the content of the video. If it is found to violate the guidelines stated in the  community guidelines, the video is either blocked or removed. 

5. Age restrictions 

Age restrictions are implemented to prevent the youth from accessing videos considered age inappropriate. YouTube community guidelines state that age restrictions may be placed on videos  unsuitable for viewers under 18. This protects viewers under 18 from accessing inappropriate content  such as sexually explicit content, vulgar language, violent content, or harmful activities. 

Comparison between Croxyproxy with Similar Proxy Services  Croxyproxy is a web proxy hailed as the most advanced, free, and secure service. The web proxy  supports YouTube and other sites such as video hostings, search engines, social networks, e-mail  services, etc. 

This web proxy allows you to access your favorite resources without restriction and censorship. However,  Croxyproxy is not the only web proxy available in the market. It has its competitors, which also give a  user the best services they want. In this segment, we will compare Croxyproxy with other alternative  web proxies.  

Croxyproxy vs. HMA (Hide My Ass) proxy  

When we compare Croxyproxy with HMA, the former win because of its great features, Croxyproxy has a  nice and appealing user interface that is simple and easy for all users, either beginners or daily users.  This allows users to navigate the website easily, unlike in HMA. 

Also, when compared, Croxyproxy has a no-login policy to ensure that the user’s information is securely  hidden and in no way can be retrieved.  

Croxyproxy also supports various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, but  HMA can sometimes fail in some Operating Systems.  

Croxyproxy vs. Kproxy  

Both proxies are awesome. They have similar features, such as IP masking and anonymity. Croxyproxy is  known best for its ability to hide a user’s original IP address, and the target website only sees the proxy’s  information and not the user’s. This makes it challenging for target users to track or store a user’s data. 

Anonymity and masking are also seen in Kproxy. This method ensures that users using Kproxy to browse  the internet can do with peace of mind knowing they are safe. 

In both Proxys, SSL encryption is used to secure the connection between the user’s device and the proxy  server, protecting sensitive data during transit. 

These two web proxy services’ user interfaces are also simple and intriguing. Kproxy also has a browser  extension for both Chrome and Firefox. This extension allows quick access to the proxy service directly  from the browser. 

In addition, Kproxy, like Croxyproxy, does not require one to log in, and this great policy prioritizes user  privacy.

Croxy Proxy vs. Proxysite  

When compared, these two popular Proxies have major similarities and functionalities. Croxy Proxy and  Proxysite allow users to easily access region-restricted and blocked content on YouTube and other  websites. 

They also have set up measures to secure users’ data and information through their privacy and security  features. These Proxies hide these users’ IPs in a way that YouTube or other targeted websites cannot  see. 

It is also evident that Croxy Proxy and Proxysite offer multiple servers. Users can change from one server  to another in a different location with only a few clicks.  

Other best free Croxyproxy alternatives  

If you are unsatisfied with Croxyproxy or looking for other alternatives to try, this segment is mainly for  you. Here I will list a few best alternatives to Croxyproxy. 

1. Hidester 

Hidester Proxy tops the list. Like Croxyproxy, it is simple and easy to use. Users are only required to  submit their URLs and hit enter.  

2. Hide. me 

This proxy service also has key features that promise the safety of a user’s data. If you have already used  Croxyproxy and want to try a different proxy, then should be your pick. 

3. Vpnbook 

Another excellent web proxy service is the VPN book. It works perfectly like Croxyproxy but has  limitations, such as a limited number of servers. Another annoying limitation of this proxy is that you  must suffer from multiple unpleasant ads. 

4. MegaProxy 

This one is also popular among users worldwide but has some limitations. According to LifeWire, you  cannot use it to submit information to forms, and you can’t download files larger than 200KB or access  https sites. It also has a limit of 60 pages in 5 hours. 

5. Proxfree 

Proxfree is another famous web proxy service that is a great alternative to Croxyproxy. It is also simple  and easy to use, meaning users of all levels can use the service. It is also free, so you don’t have to pay  for the services. 

Croxyproxy chrome extension and how to install it  

Croxyproxy is available as a Google Chrome extension and can be downloaded at the Chrome web store.  The extension is created by, and it is free for use by anyone. The current version of  the extension is, which was last updated on 2020-06-20

If you want to install the extension on your device, follow these steps. 

  • Open your browser & search for ” CroxyProxy Chrome Extension. You can also navigate to the  croxyProxy web proxy official Chrome extension repository on GitHub. 
  • You will see a button tagged “Add to Chrome.” Click it. 
  • Chrome will then send a pop-up message asking if you want to continue with the installation.  Click on “add extension.” 
  • The download process will initiate, and the extension will be added automatically. After the installation process is complete, on the right side of the browser, you will see the  Croxyproxy icon. 
  • Click on the icon to run the extension. 
  • When the extension opens, input the URL of your preferred website in the search bar and press  Go. 
  • The website will be loaded through the CroxyProxy server, and you can browse it anonymously. 

Troubleshooting and FAQs  

Troubleshooting common issues  

1. Slow browsing or streaming speeds 

Various factors, including the load on the proxy server or your internet connection, normally cause slow  speeds. You can try switching to a different network or internet connection or changing the Croxyproxy  server to solve such an issue. 

2. Blocked content and error message 

If you encounter these errors, you can try changing the Croxyproxy server because some contents might  still be restricted in other regions. 

3. Connection errors 

If you encounter connection problems, there might be issues with your internet connection. The solution  is to restart your internet connection and reload the Croxyproxy website. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

Is Croxy Proxy free to use? 

Yes. Croxyproxy is a free web proxy service that allows users to access content blocked in their region.  Does Croxyproxy offer a premium version? 

Yes. A premium version of Croxyproxy has advantages, such as ad-free viewing, unlimited bandwidth,  and access to more servers. 

Is Croxyproxy legal? 

The legality of this web proxy service generally depends on a user’s region or country of residence. In  some countries, the use of web proxy is illegal; in others, it is legal but can be restricted to certain  purposes. It is best advised to check the laws in your country or region before using Croxyproxy.

What are the benefits of using Croxyproxy? 

Croxyproxy has many advantages. Some of them are; Privacy and anonymity, Access to content blocked  by region, escaping censorship, high-speed streaming, and security, among many others. 

Final Thoughts  

If you are annoyed by YouTube or any other website censorship, croxyproxy is your solution. This web  proxy service will help you access restricted content with just a few clicks. It has options like changing  servers from one location to another. 

While using this service, you don’t need to worry about security because it uses SSL encryption to hide  your information. You can also access your preferred website via the proxy website without login. This  means that they do not store your data or any other information. 

If it is your first time using Croxyproxy, follow all the steps in this article, and you are good to go. Enjoy  viewing all the content restricted in your country. 

You should also note that this service might sometimes fail, so it is best always to exercise caution when  using any proxy service.

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