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The Los Angeles Mansion: Blueface House

Style and class are vital aspects of one’s personality. The truthfulness of this sentiment is amplified when discussing prominent individuals like celebrities or renowned figures. The desire for these individuals in the entertainment sector to cultivate and protect their image commonly involves accumulating opulent, pricy items which add substance to their overall persona. A rich lifestyle, complete with pricey and magnificent residences and branded luxurious cars, adds a feeling of style and class to a celebrity’s profile.

Blueface, an American rapper, also owns a stunning mansion in Los Angeles that is beyond the goal of possessing a stylish, sophisticated, yet comfortable residential property.  Do you want to learn more about Blueface House? Check out the specifics of the rapper’s stunning property and learn where Blueface resides.

Who Exactly is Blueface?

Blueface is the stage name of Johnathan Jamall Porter, an American rapper. January 20th, 1997 marks the birthdate of this notable person who hails from Los Angeles, California situated in the United States. With the debut of his music video proceedings for “Respect My Cryppin'” during October in the year of our Lord two thousand eighteen (2018), he quickly skyrocketed into viral meme popularity. His rapper technique was well-liked by fans, and he immediately became a rapping superstar across the country.  

The rapper grew raised in Los Angeles’ Mid-City. He attended several elementary schools in his area before going to Santa Clarita Valley to live with his mother. He did, however, eventually settle in Oakland with his father.

The transition to life in San Fernando Valley opened up new opportunities for Blueface during high school. By signing up for both marching band and football teams at Arleta High School he was able to cultivate different aspects of himself through these unique experiences simultaneously from an early stage of youthhood. Among those experiences were playing an important role as quarterback when they won the East Valley League championship title in 2014 – this success would later pave way for him to pursue sports further at Fayetteville State University while gradually fostering interest towards rap music.

Where Does Blueface Call Home?

The Blueface house in Los Angeles features three bedrooms and three bathrooms distributed across 3,544 square feet. The house has a wonderful modern ranch-style design. It was built in 1979 and has been restored and altered multiple times since then.

Blueface purchased it for $1,220,000 in January 2020. Blueface’s Los Angeles property had only 1.5 bathrooms when he bought, refurbished, and modified it. This breathtaking home has an open floor plan, a renovated kitchen, and bespoke tile work. Furthermore, Blueface house has a private pool with a specialized spa area, as well as a wide concrete porch.

Where does Blueface call home? Blueface has made his home in Chatsworth: a charming Los Angeles enclave located amidst the breathtaking beauty of San Fernando Valley. The areas’ reputation as having one of LAs’ smallest population densities only adds to this neighborhoods’ appeal – making it a natural fit for individuals seeking tranquility and seclusion. Living in Chatsworth brings about an unparalleled sense of satisfaction among locals because it includes an added perk: residing near none other than The Iverson Movie Ranch. This impressive and vast property extends over an area that measures up to 500 acres and holds records for having been used as a filming location on over two thousand occasions throughout its existence – making it deserving of its esteemed recognition as the most filmed movie ranch ever witnessed by humanity.

Summary of Specifications for the Blueface Los Angeles Mansion  

In January 2020, the Blueface mansion was worth $1.22 million at the time of acquisition. The price has lately increased, although no reliable data on the mansion’s current value is available on the internet. On another financial note, the skilled artist Blueface, proves his success with a notable net worth standing at an estimated amount of $5 million. Here are other specifications:

  • Three bedrooms are available.
  • Three bathrooms are available.
  • 3,544 square feet of living space.
  • $400 per square foot.
  • Blueface House is located at Dale Ct, Chatsworth, CA 91311.

Blueface Mansion is Now Available on Airbnb.

Blueface surprised his fans by announcing the news of his Los Angeles residence becoming an Airbnb on his Instagram Stories. On his social media account, he even divulged the name of his house, “blueGC mansion,” as well as a link to his Airbnb rental.

blueface house
blueface house

For those seeking accommodation at this property overnight as an individual guest is charged at $2,500 per night – something that might appear too steep for some visitors’ budgets. But when traveling with larger groups consisting of ten members or more can make use of combined funds making it worth considering. Still needful is an awareness that supplementary expenses like occupancy tax and the customary service fee are applied eventually leading up to an end amounting to approximately $3,274. The listing photos illustrate the house’s vast but opulent nature, which includes a hot tub and a piano. With a mezzanine-style construction and particularly impressive bathrooms, it’s easy to understand why someone with disposable cash may be persuaded to stay at Blueface’s little apartment.

Images on Airbnb provide evidence of the immaculate monochromatic interior of Blueface’s home which is structured like a mezzanine style. The outdoor area boasts facilities such as an outside pool and basketball hoop alongside indoor amenities such as a large hot tub and home theater.

Additionally guests will find provisions including Wi-Fi connectivity alongside household essentials like air conditioning unit,s laundry machines,towels ,bed linens ,a supply of soap /sanitizer,toilet paper plus central heating & hot water on their arrival at Blueface’s residence. Furthermore, complimentary provisions like free access to swimming pool/hot tub & parking conclude the benefits attached to this place.

Potential lodgers will need to take precautions due Blueface’s public comments about his sexual activities with 10k partners lately; thus carrying along black light seems advisable.For historical purposes the only review visible on Airbnb is from January 2018, pre-dating his song “Thotiana”.

Nonetheless renting age restriction should be noted; guests must be over 21 years of age in order to lease this house. Second, you must adhere to certain house rules, such as no smoking within the house, no pets, no parties or activities without prior clearance from the host (Blueface himself), and no loud music after 10 p.m. Third, because Chatsworth is a quiet and tranquil area, you must respect your neighbors and the neighborhood. Finally, you must use caution when handling Blueface’s valuables and furniture, as he may not appreciate any damage or theft.

How Wealthy is Blueface? His Wealth and How He Got It

Blueface is well-known not only for his house and music, but also for his fortune. His rap career, endorsements, products, and investments have netted him a fortune. He enjoys flaunting his money and goods on social media, particularly his jewelry, automobiles, and cash. He also enjoys giving back to his fans and community members by tossing money at them or donating to charities.

We’ll tell you how much Blueface is worth and how he got it in this part. Here are some figures and facts about Blueface’s net worth:

Blueface’s net worth is projected to be $5 million USD123 as of June 2023. This is an incredible accomplishment for someone who began rapping in 2017 and rose to fame in 2018.

Blueface’s rap profession is his primary source of income. He has multiple singles and albums that have charted on the Billboard Hot 100, including “Thotiana”, “Bleed It”, “Daddy”, and “Viral”. Having worked alongside the likes of Cardi B, YG. Rich The Kid NLE Choppa and DDG can truly be considered a crowning achievement for him. He has garnered an expansive fan base with his music fetching millions of streams on leading platforms like Spotify Apple Music YouTube and SoundCloud. Additionally he has had several opportunities to perform his eclectic sound across numerous international concerts and festivals.

Blueface’s endorsements are his secondary source of revenue. He has worked with brands such as Fashion Nova Men, Ethika, Cash App, Ciroc, and others. He has also starred in TV and internet commercials and advertisements for these firms. He has also promoted these products to his millions of followers on social media.

Blueface’s products is his secondary source of revenue. He has his own clothing company called “Blueface Merch” that offers t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, masks, and accessories with his emblem and phrases. Blueface’s collaborative efforts with different businesses have enabled him to offer his merchandise via diverse platforms like their websites or storefronts. The singer-songwriter also creates limited edition products in the form of signed posters, CDs/vinyl records or other collectibles that become veritable masterpieces thanks to their rarity. Blueface mainly derives income from smart investments which include a range of genres like real estate to equities; bitcoin being another one such industry too.

Additionally following an experimental approach – he’s dabbed into multiple industries like acting or modeling apart from showcasing prowess in domains like podcasting & gaming to expand opportunities furthered by exploring yet unknown pathways at every point further elevating net worth indicators skillfully albeit adequately branded as well as responsive monitoring pivoted as opposed to reactive actions signifying an astute commercial acumen and perceptive attention… Notwithstanding all the fluidity commensurate with futuristic rationale considered on merit Blueface happens be equally known for displaying courage generosity galvanized into altruism characterizing visible empathy outreach programs played out alongside engagements that render significant impact made towards social welfare.

blueface house
blueface house

Famous People Who Have Visited Blueface’s Mansion

Blueface is well-known not just for his residence, music, fortune, and house tour, but also for his celebrity guests. He has hosted various celebrities, both for business and pleasure, at his estate. At his estate, he has also held some of the most epic parties and events, attracting more celebrities and media attention.

We’ll tell you about some of the celebs that have visited Blueface’s estate and what they did there in this part. Some celebrities that have visited Blueface’s house include:

Cardi B: Blueface’s close collaborator and buddy is Grammy-winning rapper and former stripper Cardi B. She appeared on his chart-topping hit “Thotiana” remix. She also went to his estate to film the remix music video, which featured them dancing and rapping in front of his blue entrance and pool. On social media, she also lauded his residence and hospitality, saying he treated her like a queen.

YG: Another regular collaborator and friend of Blueface is Compton rapper and Crip associate YG. Apart from being highly talented musically, it is noteworthy that he also put his skills into action as a contributing artist for remixes like “Thotiana” and hits such as “Stop Cappin” and “West Coast.” Furthermore, he paid a visit to a friend’s palatial dwelling in order to create the visual accompaniment for one of their collaborative works. The video ultimately showcased opulent displays of wealth alongside weapons while reveling in the opulence brought forth by both a sleek blue Ferrari and crackling fire before them. Moreover, he shared in several social occasions held at that particular individual’s elaborate mansion; including attendance at an extravagant celebration held on their special day back in 2019.

Jimmy Fallon: Jimmy Fallon’s multifaceted skills have allowed him to reach great heights as a late-night talk show presenter and comedian with utmost respect from peers in the artistic community. An ardent fan of young talent, he has discovered one such gem called Blueface who went on to captivate audiences worldwide with his music. In 2019; Finding it worthy of enhanced publicity for his audience; Fowler invited Blueface to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where he performed impeccably alongside a live band while rapping “Thotiana.” His admiration for this superstar did not stop there; soon after that eventful night, he paid him a visit at his mansion where they partook in candid discussions about Blueface’s personal life- ranging from shoes that held sentimental value to music genres that inspire creativity and warm abodes that emanated comfort. As a token of this unforgettable meeting marked by mutual appreciation towards their passion for sneaker fashion; Jimmy walked away gifted with exquisite custom-made sneakers embellished precisely with Blueface’s signature brand name and face – symbolizing nothing but camaraderie between two kindred spirits bound by remarkable talent expressed through different creative pursuits.

Dwyane Wade: Dwyane Wade, NBA legend and retired basketball player. Has recently relocated to Chatsworth with his family. While filming a documentary about his sons journey in basketball at nearby Brewster Academy Wade had the pleasure of meeting Blueface – thanks to their close proximity as neighbors. The meeting between these two residencies proved mutually beneficial; amidst discussing their respective accomplishments and homes (which Wade admired) Wade welcomed Blueface to join him in some good-natured pick-up games on Brewster Academys courts. As for Blueface himself he currently has NLE Choppa under Cash Money West label as one of his protégés. The Memphis based artist earned this coveted position after impressing Blueface with his breakout hit “Shotta Flow” in 2019. He came to his mansion to make music with him, including their collaboration “Holy Moly,” in which they rapped about donuts in front of a doughnut truck. He also visited his pool, hot tub, and home theater.

These are just a few of the celebrities who have visited Blueface’s mansion and what they have done while there.

Blueface Online Contact Information

Don’t worry if you don’t have the money or the time to rent Blueface’s mansion on Airbnb. You can still contact him online via his social media sites. Blueface can be reached via the following web channels:

  • @bluefacebleedem is his Instagram handle. He shares the majority of his updates, images, videos, tales, and live streams here. He has over 6 million Instagram followers and frequently engages with his fans in the comments section or via direct messages. If you wish to grab his notice, you may also tag him in your articles or tales.
  • @bluefacebleedem is his Twitter handle. He tweets his ideas, opinions, jokes, and announcements here. This individuals significant social media following is evidenced by their nearly one million Twitter supporters. While they don’t engage with every fan interaction. They do occasionally respond and share posts made by their supporters. To reach out directly. You may consider mentioning them in your own tweet or sending them a personal message.

blueface house

  • @bluefacebleedem is his TikTok handle. Here he shares his viral challenges, dances, and skits. He has over 5 million TikTok followers and frequently duets with his fans or other celebs. In case you want to make contact leaving a comment on his videos or sending a direct message are available channels for communication.
  • Blueface can be seen on YouTube. Get lost in the world created by this YouTuber by checking out the range of audio-visual treats on offer–including music videos across genres alongside supplementary material such as behind the scenes glimpses into their craft through clips and short-form documentaries as well as interviews dissecting their creative process! Having attracted over three million subscribers it is clear that they have developed quite a following indeed! For fans seeking interaction with the creator there is hope; comments left under video uploads present opportunities for viewers’ contributions whilst emails offer another means for reaching out directly.
  • Blueface can be followed on Spotify. For those seeking access to one artist’s musical genius they’ll be pleased to know that it is simple matter indeed. Inclusive across several platforms, is an extensive catalogue featuring songs, albums, and playlists. To date, this musician counts over 10 million regular streamers from just one avenue i.e. Spotify. This platform alone offers not just accessibility but the latest and greatest work with regular updates as well as collaborations. Having said that, also take an opportunity to indulge in this artist’s work across other notable platforms including Apple Music, SoundCloud, Tidal, and Pandora.

Blueface’s Greatest Hits: His Favorite Songs and Albums

Although Blueface’s estate is undoubtedly lavish; it is eclipsed by the magnitude of success he has gained through creating music. As one of the most notorious yet prosperous rappers alive today thanks to various singles as well as multiple hit albums under his belt; he cultivated an artistic voice with a sense of humor via peculiar beats interspersed with striking vocalizations alongside witty rhymes connected to themes about being unknown regarding romance or opulence-yet intertwined within cliches generally portrayed within rap music culture blending into subgenres such as satire or parody influencing an overall diverse sound for himself that sets him apart from others in the game- making him someone worth listening to across these highly-rated tracks:

Thotiana: This is undoubtedly Blueface’s most popular song, and it propelled him to fame. In 2018, it was released as a single off his debut mixtape Famous Cryp. An exuberant tune lauds Thotiana’s liberation in embracing her sexuality through twerking performance and multiple sexual exploits. The song became an instant hit across diverse social networks including Instagram and TikTok communities where members shared their dance moves or dubbed themselves singing it out loud. Excitingly enough, notable music icons such as Nicki Minaj, YG Tyga and Cardi B jumped at the opportunity to give this viral sensation their unique touch by producing remixes that have further cemented the appeal of the original. As of June 2023, the remix that Cardi B collaborated on managed to acquire an impressive 250 million views across YouTube.

Bleed It: Within Famous Cryp, Blueface’s heralded debut mixtape, lies yet another chart-topping tune produced by Mike Crook back in 2018. The song is characterized by Blueface’s aggressive delivery that touches on gang affiliations as well as disregard for authority figures while mixed with somewhat boastful lyrics that chant praises to his own success as an artiste. Additionally, attributed to its unconventional structure is its utilization of ad-libs like “bop” or “yeah aight” that aid in showcasing the rapper’s pioneering skills on display here. The video generated more than an impressive hundred-million views on YouTube come June of 2023.

Daddy: Blueface’s album debut took a while to come out due to delays but when it finally did hit in 2020 one popular track stood out – “Daddy”. Scum Beatz produced the beat behind it while R&B star Rich The Kid lent vocals with lyrics that describe their prowess when it comes to pleasing women who refer them as “daddy”. However, what gives this catchy song an extra edge is its humorous innuendos and cultural references. Blueface manages to add comedic value, making the track entertaining especially with the inclusion of characters like Spongebob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer and socialite Kim Kardashian. Crowds couldn’t get enough of it as is shown by its over 50 million YouTube views as of June 2023.


Blueface’s name resonates across America today as one of the finest rappers the industry has had produced; he now represents Triumph combined with Luxury that anyone could aspire towards today in any field. His majestic mansion located in the heart of Los Angeles speaks to his class and sophistication with sheer beauty and awe-inspiring designs that cater to his acquired taste. From his Art dealer works, ongoing rake sale, to successful rap music career revenues exceeding $5 million make it clear he is not only talented but also astute in all areas of wealth creation. 

Fans today have a unique chance for an unprecedented experience as Blueface’s Mansion is now open for them via Airbnb- A rare opportunity to immerse themselves in pure luxury while being surrounded by sheer beauty that speaks volumes about Blueface’s taste. A historical venue chosen by glamor industry elites like Cardi B and YG, who’ve enjoyed its celestial atmosphere while reveling on one of its many luxurious private parties.

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