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From Manchester’s Streets to a Financial Elite: Astonishing Aitch Net Worth”

Who is Aitch?

Aitch is a famous British rapper whose real name is Harrison James Armstrong. Born in Moston, Manchester, on December 9, 1999, Aitch started rapping at a tender age. He started uploading his music to YouTube in 2015. His first tracks became popular locally and eventually caught Stormzy’s attention, who signed under his record label #Merkey Records 

He rose to prominence in 2018 after realizing the track “Straight Rhymez.” The track went viral, gaining more than 25 million views on YouTube, and established Aitch among the most promising young rappers in the UK. He followed up in quick succession a series of successful singles such as “Taste (Make It Shake),” “Baby,” and “1989”. 

In 2022 his first studio album, “Close to Home,” hit the airwaves and ranked number two on the UK Albums chart. The record was an immediate commercial hit and gained critical acclaim, with the Guardian labeling it “a confident and assured debut.’

Aitch is renowned for his witty lyrics and ability to narrate stories through his music. He has also amassed an enormous fanbase for his energetic live performances. Aitch has widely traveled in the UK and Europe and performed at major festivals.

Aitch’s entertaining releases have positioned among the most popular rappers in the UK. He has gained a large following on social media, with more than 10 million Instagram followers. He also features regularly in the British press.

Aitch Net Worth

With all the critical acclaim, what is Aitch net worth? Within just four years into his music career, Aitch is making millions. The fact that he could pay off his parents’ mortgage shows his financial success. In his interview with GQ, the famous rapper revealed that was the first thing he did with his first earnings. He is now happy that his mum lives like a queen. 

Aitch Net Worth
Aitch Net Worth

Ever since he rose to the public limelight, the Mancunian has earned critical acclaim and has remained at the top since his maiden appearance in the mainstream media. In his short stint in the music industry, the rapper boasts seven top singles, rightly positioning him as a force to be reckoned with. 

Additionally, Aitch has released Eps, including Polaris and AitcH2O. He has a contract with Capital Record and has released most of his works under the label. At just 23 years, Aitch has earned himself a position on the prestigious 30 Under 30 list. Aitch’s net worth is estimated at $2 million. 

3 Revenue Streams that Build Aitch Net Worth

With several revenue streams, Aitch net worth has grown significantly since his debut in the entertainment industry. Here are the 3 major Aitch revenue streams.

1. Music

The numbers prove that Aitch’s talent for making hits is unquestionable. His music has racked up billions of streams. Thus, his music is most probably his major revenue stream. Business Insider says artists earn approximately $0.005 for every Spotify stream. However, Spotify revealed that the money is not paid out stream-by-stream. According to the latest Spotify Top Songs Chart, Aitch’s songs have amassed about 1 billion streams, with his single track “Rain” leading with almost 200 million streams. 

2. Brand Endorsements

Aitch net worth has been boosted by the various brand endorsements he has landed, thanks to his top releases that have earned him a remarkable following. In 2022, he landed a deal with Relentless Energy (of caffeinated drink fame), where consumers would participate in a competition and even win a day with him. Additionally, Aitch is the face of JD Sports and is featured in the brand’s glitzy 2021 Christmas advert. 

3. YouTube

Aitch began uploading in 2015, even before he made a mark in the mainstream media. But he gained a significant local following that led to his recognition. Aitch has consistently uploaded videos on YouTube for years, building a formidable fanbase. Aitch has uploaded 176 videos on his channel, with more than 961,000 subscribers. As of August 2023, his YouTube channel is estimated to have a net worth of $393,000. According to Statsmash, he made about $ 6,080 as advertising revenue last month based on his channel’s audience. This adds significant weight to Aitch net worth.

Aitch Spending Habits that Concerned His Dad

The celebrated rapper revealed to The Face that his father helps manage financial things and property. The young rapper revealed his struggles adjusting to fame and fortune after his first album, “Close To Home.”  

In one of the hits “Money Habits,” Aitch raps, “Right now, I’m richer than ever/But I can’t lie, I’ve felt better.’ In another track, “BelgraveRoad_1,” he shares the joy of spending cash, such as buying “Rollies” and booking flights. However, he ends the track with a stern voice from his dad, “Ey, kn*bhead. I need these receipts, Rapido, you know?” The warning from his father made him aware of his bad spending habits. 

Aitch’s Assets

Aitch posses with elegant Audi R8
Aitch posses with elegant Audi R8

Given Aitch net worth, several elegant assets are attached to his name. As a successful celebrity renowned for his rapping talent and exceptional songwriting, Aitch has achieved great heights in his career, amassing a decent fortune. He possesses a house in Manchester, where he spends most of his time.

Additionally, Aitch owns a fleet of elegant cars that he enjoys riding. Among his cars are a beautiful Aston Martin, a Jaguar, Subaru, and recently an Audi R8.

Aitch’s Early Life and Entry into the Music Industry

Aitch grew up in Manchester together with his parents and younger twin sisters. He spent most of his childhood in Manchester, frequently watching football. Aitch became an avid Manchester United fan and barely missed any football club match. He played football in school and participated in other sporting activities.

As a teenager, he joined St. Matthew’s RC High School in Moston, and it was during this time that he started rapping. His talents attracted the attention of other students, who encouraged him to press on and consider pursuing a music career.

He was quite good at sports, especially football, but later dropped from school and did not continue his studies. After getting dropped from school, he joined his grandfather and started working in construction. Nonetheless, his parents were opposed to his decision making him join college, where he studied sports and continued with rapping as his side hustle. 

His singing prowess emerged when one of his tracks went viral online. Later, Aitch entered the limelight, and rapping abilities were widely recognized by rappers from London. He decided to work as a rapper and songwriter professional and has never regretted the decision.

In 2015 he gained much local popularity when his video rapping with his friends emerged. He was originally opposed to uploading it but changed his mind when the video got over 10,000 views. His friend continued uploading Aitch’s lifestyle videos to see if they would gain more views.

Aitch’s Rise to Fame and Mainstream Recognition

By early September 2016, Aitch had featured several freestyles on the P110 YouTube channel. In June 2017, he premiered his track “Back to Basics” on the channel. On December 9, the same year, he released an EP titled “On Your Marks.” He released his breakthrough hit song, “Straight Rhymez,” in May 2018. 

He had gained rhythm and released hit after hit, leaving his fans gasping for more. In August 2019, Aitch released another song, “Taste (Make It Shake.” This hit became his biggest song at the time and was ranked No.8 on the UK Singles Chart. In September, he released his second EP, “AitcH2O,” a song that ranked No.3 on the UK Albums Chart. 

In March 2020, Aitch released his first collabo, ‘Rain’ with AJ Tracey and Tay Keith. The hit peaked at No. 3 on the UK Singles Chart. He released his third EP, “Polaris” and in June 2021 released another single, “Learning Curve.” He added another single, “Party Round My Place,” in September of the same year. 

Aitch featured on ArrDee’s single “War” on February 3, 2022. The single became an instant hit on its debut, ranking No. 6 on the UK Official Singles Top 100 Charts and No.21 on the UK Official Singles Chart Top 100 on February 11, 2022. He released another single, “Babe,” featuring American singer Ashanti, on March 10, 2022. This was a phenomenal release because it debuted at No.65 on the UK Official Single Sales Chart Top 100 in less than a day. It debuted on the UK Official Singles Top 100 on March 18, 2022 at No.2. 

Aitch would then feature Ed Sheeran in the hit “My G,” released in August 2022. On August 19, 2022, he released his first studio album, “Close to Home,” and ranked No.2 on the UK Albums Chart. 

Aitch’s Music Career Awards 

Aitch has established himself as one of the most promising rising rappers in the UK music industry. He gained a lot of fame at a very young age, and if he continues on the same path, he will undoubtedly become a top superstar in the United Kingdom. 

Aitch took the UK music industry by storm. A series of lifestyles attracted the attention of industry gurus earning him a deal with Northern Quarterz Entertainment, under which he released his debut EP, “On Your Marks,” in 2017. His fame skyrocketed after his viral freestyle “Straight Rhymez.” The song got more than 25 million YouTube views. Aitch’s effortless flaws, ironic bars, and charismatic attitude made this song his first major hit. It garnered him millions of audiences across various streaming platforms. 

Aitch's Music Career Awards 
Aitch’s Music Career Awards

Aitch capitalized on the success of the viral song and immediately landed spots on Kenny Allstar’s 1Extra radio residency, Daily Duppy (a popular freestyle series), won a dedicated fan base, and earned co-signs from Wiley and Skepta. The release also caught the attention of a renowned British rapper Stormzy. 

Since his maiden debut in the entertainment industry, Aitch has never looked back. The charismatic rapper made his mark in the UK’s music charts in 2019 with his release “Taste (Make it Shake)” and the “AitcH2O” EP. The gifted rapper has earned multiple top 40 UK singles, 5 ranking in the Top 10. The official video of his release “Taste (Make It Shake)” garnered over 3 million views in just 10 days bringing him into the UK hip-hop spotlight. 

 Besides his singles, Aitch has featured in some of the most prolific releases in the UK. In 2019, he rose from “one to watch” to a major star in the UK music industry after his special appearance on Russ Splash’s viral song, “Keisha &Becky Remix.” It helped him rank No. 7 on the UK charts, while his “Strike a Pose” with Young T and Bugsey debuted at No.9. 

Before releasing his sophomore EP “AitcH2O,” Aitch landed his biggest placement ever as he featured with Stormzy and Jaykae on Ed Sheeran’s remix “Take Me Back to London. Ed Sheeran’s co-sign with features from ZieZie and MoStack promoted the EP, making it peak at No.3 on the UK albums charts. He released another Top 10 hit, “Polaris” in 2020, which featured top singles “Rain” with AJ Tracey and Tay Keith. The song became a major hit not only in the UK but also in Australia.

Over the years, Aitch has consistently ranked on the UK charts thanks to his entertaining music and collaborations with top stars in the industry, such as Avelino and Arrdee. 


Music, including the sale of albums, collaborations, singles, and guest features for other musicians, is the major source of Aitch net worth. The young rapper has made steady progress in establishing himself as a star in the UK music industry in just a few years. The rapper has amassed an enormous following thanks to his style, which keeps them grasping for more. The rap star’s YouTube channel has gained almost a million subscribers earning him a fortune over the years. 

Additionally, he has landed contracts with various labels such as Northern Quarterz, Since 93, and Capital Records. He has also promoted brands like Relentless Energy and Slazenger, which contribute to his net worth growth. 

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