Ashley Judd Face Accident: What Exactly Happened To Ashley Judds Face?

Ashley Judd’s facial appearance has sparked speculation as to whether or not she had plastic surgery. Some of her fans have even speculated that the famous American actress could be suffering from an unknown health condition. What many do not know is a supposed Ashley Judd facial accident that messed up her appearance.

News about Ashley Judd’s change in physical appearance first emerged in early 2020. As a result of her face looking different, speculation was rife as to what could have caused the change. But did the accident actually happen? Could Ashley Judd’s distorted facial appearance be due to Botox injections? This article answers all the questions you might have about Ashley Judd’s face accident and its probable cause.

Ashley Judd’s Bio

Full name Ashley Tyler Ciminella
Famous as Ashley Judd
Date of birth April 19, 1968
Gender  Female 
Age  55 years (as of 2023)
Birthplace Granada Hills, Los Angeles, USA
Zodiac sign Aries 
Nationality  American 
Current residence Franklin, Tennessee, USA
Ethnicity  White 
Sexuality Straight 
Religion Christianity 
Height  5’5” (170 cm)
Weight  61kg (134)
Body measurements 34cm x 24cm x 35cm (86in x 60in x 88in)
Hair Color Dark brown 
Eye color Hazel 
Marital status Divorced 
Father Michael Charles Ciminella
Mother  Naomi Judd
Ex-husband Dario Franchitti
Siblings  Wynonna Judd
Profession  Actress 
Education  University of Kentucky, Harvard Kennedy School
Net worth $14 million

Who Is Ashley Judd?

Ashley Judd is an American actress. She is the daughter of Naomi Judd and half-sister to Wynonna Judd, who are both country music singers. However, Naomi Judd has since passed on. Ashely’s had a long-acting career spanning over three decades. She’s currently involved in political activism and humanitarian efforts in the U.S. and globally.

As such, Judd has appeared in many films, notable of which include A Time to Kill (1996), Double Jeopardy (1999) , Olympus Has Fallen (2013), and A Dog’s Way Home (2019). In 2012, she starred in the TV series Missing as Rebecca Winstone, earning a nomination for an Outstanding Lead Actress in a miniseries for the Primetime Emmy Awards. 

What Happened to Ashley Judd’s Face?

For some time now, Ashley Judd has been looking worse than before. Speculation has been rife about her having undergone plastic surgery. In 2020, Twitter was abuzz with reactions to a picture showing the actress with a swollen face. Infuriated by the rumors, Ashley Judd said she had been receiving Botox injections to treat migraines.

But, as usual, netizens could heat none of it. Many still held the belief that Ashley Judd had plastic surgery. Perhaps it was because many had never heard about the use of Botox as a treatment for migraines. That has since been cleared with the Food and Drug Administrations (FDA) having approved the treatment of migraine headaches using Botox. 

It seems Ashley Judd’s medical condition was beyond migraines since she was also receiving corticosteroid treatment. Thus, she could have been suffering from any disease between cancer, migraines, allergic reactions, lupus, or arthritis.

Corticosteroid treatment has many side effects, including bulging eyes, fat dispersion, and inflammation of the hands, arms, throat, face, feet, and tongue. Soon after learning about her condition, some of her fans, who have used the drug before, rallied behind her. After all, many of them had interactions with the drugs too.

ashley judd

Early Life before the Ashley Judd Facial Accident

Ashley Judd’s birth year is 1968. Her birthplace is Granada Hills, Los Angeles. She is the daughter of Naomi Judd a country singer and Michael Charles Ciminella, who worked as a marketing analyst. Ashley was born when her mother was a housewife. Her parents divorced in 1972. In early 1980s, her mother returned to Kentucky and started her career as a country singer.

Due to her mother’s busy schedule as a country singer, Judd attended 13 schools. She then joined the University of Kentucky, where her major was French and minors were theater, anthropology, women’s studies, and art history. Although she had joined Kappa Kappa Gamma as a student, she was nominated to Phi Beta Kappa after graduating from university with honors.

Later, she moved to Hollywood and joined Playhouse West to study acting under Robert Carnegie. She has taken up a waitress’s position at The Ivy Restaurant. She lived for a while in a rented house in Malibu before returning to her mother and sister in Williamson County Tennessee.

Did Ashley Judd Have an Accident in Congo?

Speculations about the Ashley Judd face accident happened soon after an incident she experienced while visiting Congo in February 2021. She had a terrible fall in Congo, which left her severely hurt. She was part of a research team searching for bonobos in a rainforest. For reasons that Judd has been unable to explain in her many media interviews, she said she stumbled upon a log and fell. In the accident, fractured her tibia I’m multiple places.

According to media reports immediately and after the accident, Judd had multiple fractures in one of her legs. A team of local Congolese men had to carry her in a makeshift hammock back to the encampment. Speaking to the media after revering from the accident, Judd said she had to be carried to an airfield on a motorcycle. 

For nearly 55 hours, Judd said she had to be mentally strong to withstand the overwhelming pain. But she said she wasn’t the only one who had to be strong. Her rescuers also had to be strong for her. According to media reports, she eventually arrived at a hospital in South Africa. Judd said she was admitted in intensive care where she even got transfused. So, all evidence suggests that Ashley Judd’s accident had nothing to do with the swellings on her face. It was her leg that got injured.

What Happened After the Ashley Judd Face Accident? 

Her experience shuttering her led in Congo not only left Judd traumatized but also nearly cost her her life. In an interview with People magazine, she reflected on how she could have lost her life if she didn’t get timely help. In an earlier interview, she’d said she barely survived for 55 hours as Che waited for the rescue team to arrive.

Judd said she didn’t know how her mind, body, and soul managed to work together to endure the pain. Soon after the accident, Judd could hardly endure the pain. She said she bit a stick, screamed, howled, and convulsed, but “never did pass out.” 

She lay on the forest floor for nearly five hours before her group was located by a group of rescuers. The rescuer reset her bones before a team of Congolese Men lifted her into a hammock. According to media reports, their camp was over one and a half hours away, across a river and beyond several hills. 

She couldn’t have gotten there without the help of the two Congolese men. In what seemed like scenes out of a movie script, a motorcycle carried her for six hours to a spot where she could fly to a hospital in South Africa.

Judd stayed in the South African hospital for nine days as doctors struggled to stabilize her. Once her shape had improved significantly, she was airlifted to a medical facility in Tennessee. But, according to media reports, she wouldn’t have made it without help from the doctors in South Africa. They had to transfuse her and ensure she had a pulse in her injured leg before they could allow her to leave. If she had been airlifted to Europe earlier on, Judd would have bled to health.

During her 55-hour rescue, Judd got through the life-changing experience thanks to her “pretty skilled” mind. She said it showed her that “all the work” she’d put into “the development of” her “meditation process” helped her through those 55 hours. As she waited to reach a hospital, she worked hard to have her mind reframe her situation.

Judd says she knew she couldn’t expect to get any help, even a painkiller. She decided to have no expectations but take her situation “one breath at a time.” All she could say was “please” and “thank you.” At times, she asked for a glass of water. She refused to blame others for what had happened to her or to “take it out” on those around her.

Ashley Judd said she had reached her edge. But, by engaging her mind, she made sure she never slid over. She spent her time in hospital and got fully healed. She went back to the Congo in January 2023, signaling she had fully recovered and could as well face her fears head-on.

Did Ashley Judd Have a Facelift or Plastic Surgery?

Ashley Judd had no facelift or plastic surgery. It was soon after appearing in an Elizabeth Warren video with a swollen face that speculations emerged about her having possibly undergone cosmetic plastic surgery. Elizabeth Warren was a presidential hopeful in the last U.S. elections.

Twitter went abuzz with people posting to ridicule her new looks. However, many others defended Ashley Judd. While many thought the change was due to a face accident, others said she could have had plastic surgery. One person even laughed at Ashley Judd’s “puffy-rubber surgery…yikes.” Some even said she was trying to hide signs of aging. Others said she could have been on a steroid called Prednisone, which is thought to cause facial swelling.

In February 2020, according to media reports, Ashley Judd spoke in a statement on Facebook. She explained that her facial swelling was due to a Botox treatment for migraines. According to online platforms that publish medical information, the FDA has approved the use of Botox injection for treating people like Judd, whose migraines are nearly uncontrollable. 

In the Facebook post, Judd said she had suffered from chronic migraines for more than a year before a physician recommend the Botox treatment. Therefore, she was on regular Botox injections. “Have I had Botox? It is a standard treatment for the ailment that I experience,” she wrote on Facebook.

She said she was supposed to have 31 injections, which her insurance pays for. Ashley Judd called out the misogynists on Twitter who had been “slaughtering” her by comparing her to her “pre-weight idealized self.” She did like that people wanted her to look the way she did years back when she was much younger.

Ashley Judd went on to blame those obsessed with assessing her female appearance and desirability for basing their opinions on long-held gender norms. But she said other people’s opinions don’t get to her at all. After all, she said, she doesn’t take compliments and slurs seriously. So, what could affect her?

She encouraged other women not to fear speaking out against people who have bad things to say about their appearance. They should “speak up anyway,” since their voices and bodies are “beautiful, courageous, powerful, and necessary.” 

What Are Ashley Judd’s Health Issues?

Several unconfirmed media reports indicate Ashley Judd’s struggle with several health issues over the years. As early as 2004, Judd was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, which have been recurrent issues in her life. According to media reports, Judd was able to live normally after receiving medication for the two conditions.

Perhaps her predicament emanates from her unstable childhood. As a teenager, Judd is reported to have to changed schools more than 19 times due to her mother and older sister’s newly acquired fame as country rock stars. She would spend many days at home alone, especially when her singing relatives went on tour.

To make it worse, an unnamed relative sexually abused her when she was a child. The first time she was molested, Ashley was 7. At 14, she was raped twice. She also suffered covert sexual abuse by having to listen to her mother and stepfather make it out in a thin-walled house.

Did Ashely Judd’s Face Accident Make Her Sick?

It’s already clear that Ashley Judd had an accident in which she fractured her leg. The February 2021 accident happened during a hiking trip in the Congo rainforest. That definitely affected her health in significant ways. 

But Judd braved the ailment for the next six months, getting back on her feet in August 2021. In a report appearing in the USA Today, Judd said she had managed to stroll a verdant meadow in a Swiss national park.

She wrote in Instagram, “Dear Friends, it is with reverence and quiet awe I offer this update. Today, five months and three weeks after the accident…, I walked again, and in what fashion! I hiked in the #SwissNationalPark.”  Accompanying the post was a gallery of videos and photos showing Judd walking on her own.

Judd added that her heart was open and eager to return to the Congo soon. She announced she looked forward to meeting the individuals who had stroked her face and carried her in a hammock while weeping with her. 

ashley judd face accident

How Did Ashley Judd’s Face Change?

Before coming out to explain that she’d been taking Botox injections, Ashley Judd had appeared with an overly puffy face. Botox helps reduce the pain she would suffer due to a migraine headache. Additionally, her neurologist recommended mild walking exercises as part of the treatment regimen.

Publicly available information indicates that Judd had been dealing with migraines for a while. At some point, she’s reported to have endure painful migraines for over four months. Judd says she had no choice but to take medication, including Botox injections. Around that time, it was reported that Judd could no longer exercise. Therefore, she ended up gaining weight. So, that could be another reason why she looks puffy.

But before 2020, there had been reports of Ashley appearing to have a puffed face. In March 2012, there were speculations that she’d had plastic surgery. at that time, she’d appeared on a talk show in Canada to promote Missing, one of her TV series. She had a rather bloated face, sparking rumors that she’d done plastic surgery.

Ashley Judd’s Career

Her acting career started I’m 1991 with an appearance in two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The same year, she acted in Darmock and The Game. Then for three years until 1994, she appeared in NBC’s Sisters as Reed. It was after playing Ruby Lee Gissing in Ruby in Paradise that her acting career took the turn for the best.

She appeared in Smoke in 1993 and received critical acclaim for her role in it. The same year, she starred in The Passion of the Moon, a fairy tale. In 1996, she played Marilyn Monroe in Norma Jean and Marilyn. That was before getting a supporting role in A Time to Kill. By 1999, she had gotten lead roles in major box office heats such as the 1997 film Kiss the Girls and Double Jeopardy in 1999.

The 2000s came with a mixed bag with Judd starring in many major films. Examples include the 2000 film, Where the Heart Is and the 2001 production, Someone Like You. In 2002, Ashley Judd starred in High Crimes and Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, which had runaway box office success. She was nominated as Best Actress for the Golden Globes following her performance in DeLovely in 2004.

In 2011, Judd was Patrick Dempsey’s costar in the film Flypaper. This was followed by her costarring role in Missing, an ABC series. In 2014, she starred in Divergent as Natalie Prior and narrated the documentary film, Love Is a Verb, which focused on the life of Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish preacher. The following year she made history with being the first woman to make an opening narration for the Kentucky Derby telecast.

Is Ashley Judd Married?

No, Ashley Judd isn’t married. She’d been married to Dario Franchitti in December 2001 at Scotland’s Skibo Castle. Judd had been engaged to the Scottish racing driver since December 1999. The couple had no children because of Judd’s decision not to carry a pregnancy in solidarity with the “children who are starving in impoverished countries. 

What Are Ashley Judd’s Interests?

Ashley Judd is, reportedly, a fitness enthusiast. Multiple sources indicate that the American actress is a martial arts practitioner with interests in judo, kung fu, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, taekwondo, and kickboxing. When she’s not exercising or participating in her favorite martial arts, Judd follows up on the sports exploits by students from the University of Kentucky, which happens to be her Alma Mata. Over the years, Judd has attended many basketball games by the university team.

She is also a car racing enthusiast, which could explain her entering into a relationship with Dario Franchitti. In 2007, she wasn’t happy with the decision to allow, Milka Dunno, a rookie onto the race track. “She shouldn’t be out there. When a car is 10mph off the pace, it shouldn’t be racing.” She’s more thrilled watching fast cars.

Was Ashley Judd Sexually Harassed?

Like many women in the movie business, Judd has said she was sexually harassed. She first came out in 2015, telling Variety that a studio mogul had sexually harassed her. Although she didn’t name the concerned personality, Judd later revealed that it was Harvey Weinstein. She said the co-founder of Miramax had sexually harassed her while filming Kiss the Girl.

Judd sued Weinstein for defamation and sexual harassment on April 30, 2018. She alleged that Weinstein had spread lies about her when she said no to his sexual advances. Weinstein’s motion to dismiss the case, which he filed in July 2018, was allowed by the court. However, the court allowed Judd to carry on with the defamation suit about Weinstein having sabotaged her acting career.

During a 2019 Women in the World summit, Judd said she had been raped thrice and caught pregnant twice. She said she has always been open about being a three-time rape survivor. Judd said she conceived in one of those instances and was thankful for being able to “access safe and legal abortion” services. She couldn’t imagine co-parenting with a rapist had the pregnancy held.

Is Ashley Judd Involved in Humanitarian Work?

Away from the Ashley Judd face accident, it’s critical to speak about her involvement in humanitarian work. She is mainly involved in activities focusing on gender equality and women’s and girl’s reproductive health. 

The UNFPA appointed Judd as Goodwill Ambassador in 2016. She was tasked with promoting sexual and reproductive health on behalf of the agency. Judd represented the UNFPA during humanitarian crises in Bangladesh, Ukraine, Turkey, and Jordan. She has also done some development work for the UN agency in India.

Judd has also gone on foreign trips with YouthAids to some of the most affected countries, including Rwanda, Kenya, and Cambodia. Thus, she is an international poverty prevention and awareness advocate. She has spoken to political leaders on behalf of poverty-stricken people. Judd seeks to change people’s lives by driving social and political change.

She has also worked with Equality Now, Women for Women International, and International Center for Research on Women. Judd also serves on the Apne Aap Women Worldwide advisory board, where they fight sex trafficking and child prostitution in India. She also gives speeches on sexual abuse, gender equality, and humanitarian topics.

Is Ashley Judd Involved in Any Political Activities?

Ashley Judd is politically active. In 2008, she supported the presidential campaign of Barack Obama. She did a one-minute video advertisement on behalf of the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund condemning Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s support for aerial wolf hunting. Responding to the advertisement, Sarah Palin referred to the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund as an “extreme fringe group.” She said that wolves are short to protect Alaska’s caribou population.

In 2010, Judd was involved in a bid to protect homeless animals in Kentucky. She signed and presented a petition by the Animal Legal Defense Fund urging the state’s governor to enforce the local Humane Shelter Law. 

Judd is actively involved in several political and humanitarian causes. For instance, she is the Global Ambassador of Youth AIDS, an initiative by Population Services International (PSI) to educate youth about AIDS and help prevent it. Thanks to her work with PSI, she earned the Hollywood Hero award by USA Today in 2006.

In 2010, she worked with the Enough Project, which sought to end all sorts of crimes against humanity. She had to travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo to raise awareness of the role of conflict minerals in fueling sexual violence in the war-torn central African country. Judd visited hospitals dealing with victims of sexual violence, civil society organizations, mines, and camps housing displaced persons.

She has published several op-eds on the CNN website condemning several social issues. The first appeared on September 30, 2010. It concerned how the production of electronics using rare earth minerals fuels conflict in Congo. She followed up with another op-ed on November 26, 2010, calling upon electronics manufacturers to be mindful of the sources of their minerals.

Besides, she participated in the 2012 Democratic National Convention, representing Tennessee. In 2014, she considered challenging the reelection of Senator Mitch McConnel in the 2014 mini-election. Instead, she chose to support Alison Lundergan Grimes, who was the Kentucky Secretary of State.

In January 2020 she endorsed the presidential bid of Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic senator. It was in one of her video advertisements that people started speculating about a possible Ashley Judd face accident. Some said she had undergone facial plastic surgery. Since 2020, Ashley hasn’t involved herself in political activities.

Key Takeaways from Ashely Judd’s Face Accident

There was no Ashley Judd face accident. Rather, the famous actor’s face changed due to Botox injections and the use of corticosteroids. The Botox injections acted as a treatment for her issues with chronic migraines. Thus, she ended up with a swollen face. Doctors also used corticosteroids to treat anxiety and depression. This medication also causes changes in the distribution of fat in the hands, feet, throat, arms, tongue, and face.

However, Judd had an accident while on a working trip in Congo. She tripped on a fallen log in the Congo Forest and fell, breaking one of her legs in four areas. She eventually received medication in South Africa and the United States. Judd has since recovered and can go hiking. She has since been back to Congo as proof of having recovered fully. 

Over the years, Judd has struggled with several health issues. They include chronically painful migraines, depression, anxiety, ovarian cysts, and fibromyalgia. Of course, she has received treatment and even had surgery for these conditions. She keeps going strong with each passing day, despite visible physical changes in her body and facial expression.

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