Get Ready for an Adventure: 32 Offbeat Places Near Kolkata

Do you fancy an exciting adventure filled with discovery? Are offbeat places offering unparalleled experience something that sparks your interest? This article is here for exactly this purpose! This article leads you on a journey through some of Kolkata’s unexplored hidden gems where nature abounds along with cultural & historical significance. Whether it be North Bengal or Sikkim, Jharkhand, or West Bengal – these refreshingly different travel options will stun even frequent travelers around Kolkata. Decide on a whim; pack any essentials required; open up limitless opportunities surrounded by these mysterious locales.

1. Bagora, North Bengal

Experience tranquility at its best with a visit to Bagora – an unspoiled hill station located amid the splendid Himalayan range of North Bengal. This serene destination boasts breathtaking scenes of snowy mountainscapes blending into vibrant greenery-laden valleys that’ll leave you spellbound! Furthermore, explore thrilling experiences such as camping or trekking set against these beautiful backdrops, or take to new heights with a paragliding adventure. Nature enthusiasts and adventure-seekers, Bagora is waiting for you!

2. Baguran – Jalpai, Medinipur – West Bengal

If you’re after exclusive offbeat places near Kolkata for adventure that guarantees beauty and tranquility, go to Baguran-Jalpai, located within the Medinipur District of West Bengal state. Hidden away from plain sight yet widely known among avid travelers, this undiscovered wonder boasts majestic natural sceneries and culturally engrossing heritage sites – enough reason to witness firsthand! Embrace yourself with prolific sightings ranging from rare birds of the wild to impressive mangrove forests while resting your feet on sparkling golden sands that make up for an ideal retreat. A breathtaking and rare splendor, Baguran-Jalpai awaits your discovery.

3. Bangriposi, Odisha

The tranquil yet adventurous town in the heart of Odishas’ rolling hills- Bangriposi- awaits discovery by every travel buff looking for an experience like no other. Thick forests, sparkling waterfalls, and picturesque landscapes encircle it making it every nature lover’s dream destination. It provides many activities, such as tiger spotting expeditions through vast greenery or trekking along serene hiking trails, while offering the chance to explore surrounding tribal villages for an authentic cultural encounter. Undoubtedly Bangriposi is a priceless jewel brimming with wonders and waiting to be discovered by seekers of all kinds.

4. Baranti, Purulia – West Bengal

Wishing to escape from the daily busy life and immerse yourself in nature? Consider exploring Baranti – a picturesque village set amidst sprawling greenery located off Purulia district in West Bengal. Blessed with pristine lakes reflective of clear skies above them while surrounded by dense foliage merging into rolling hills, its beauty will leave you spellbound! Adventure enthusiasts can explore boating options or grab a fishing rod, all while admiring surroundings on foot at a leisurely pace. The place’s serenity acts as therapy, revitalizing your inner self effortlessly.

5. Bhalukhop, North Bengal

Amidst a backdrop of mighty Himalayan peaks lay Bhalukhop Village, a peaceful haven offering captivating views of snowcapped mountain crests nestled amidst lush rolling hills below. Tucked away from the commotion, it’s ideal for anyone who wishes to seclude themselves from mundane life activities to immerse in nature’s grandeur. Wander through cedar woods or mingle with welcoming village residents for an enjoyable interlude; immersing yourself in panoramic vistas undoubtedly evokes lasting memories about this sublime paradise.

offbeat places near kolkata

6. Bidyang, North Bengal

Nature lovers and escapade seekers looking for an unforgettable experience should immediately add North Bengal’s Bidyang to their travel list! It’s an exceptional getaway spot famous worldwide for its uncultivated woods & wilds alongside abundant prehistoric flora & fauna encircling thriving streams that showcase their scenic charm to the fullest. Bidyang offers a never-to-be-forgotten adventure by facilitating various options, from trekking or bird watching in natural settings to casting in lines and hooking fish. A trip to Bidyang provides guests with the ability to connect with nature at its finest while thoroughly enjoying sensational outdoor activities.

7. Bijanbari, North Bengal

Untouched elegance and rich heritage converge seamlessly in Bijanbari, nestling cozily in North Bengal’s stunning Darjeeling district. Its serene vistas are surrounded by expansive tea plantations with scenic orchards adding accents throughout, making this tranquil valley a sensory haven. A visit here is complete with experiencing the well-known tea estates offering glimpses into tea production techniques variously followed for generations. Those seeking to explore its cultural heritage can opt for monastic visits while experiencing nature’s beauty on scenic hiking trails through lush green valleys. Overall, Bijanbari humbly captures the hearts of all who venture to explore it.

8. Charkhole, North Bengal

The lap of the Himalayas holds within itself a hidden gem known as Charkhole – a sanctuary for those enamored with wonders of nature and drawn to challenges that test their limits. With lush green forests all around and enchanting sights of soaring Kanchenjunga range at every turn, this pristine location beckons to those seeking refuge from the frenetic pace of urban living. Embark on expeditions along paths less taken, bask in sightings of rare birds, or surrender yourself to tranquillity emanating from every crevice of this sublime village.

9. Chuikhim, North Bengal

If you’re looking for a truly offbeat experience, Chuikhim should be on your list. Tucked away in the pristine forests of North Bengal, this remote destination offers a glimpse into the raw beauty of nature. Trek through the dense forests, visit the nearby tea gardens and interact with the warm and welcoming locals to get a taste of the local culture.

10. Daringbadi, Odisha

The beautiful hill station known as Daringbadi can be found nestled among the Eastern Ghats; its’ often compared to Kashmir due to its picturesque landscape. This coveted destination offers magnificent coffee and spice plantations near enchanting waterfalls that make it a true hidden gem worth discovering. Make your visit complete with invigorating nature walks through this unique location while exploring surrounding native villages that offer remarkable insight into their way of life along with opportunities to try some authentic local delicacies that won’t disappoint.

11. Gangani, Paschim Medinipur – West Bengal

Gangani provides an exceptional experience for those seeking an unconventional and idiosyncratic location nearby Kolkata. Its most distinguished feature is its uncanny natural rock formations that bear resemblance to the popular Stonehenge site. Witness stunning views during sunset hours while indulging in thrilling zip-lining activities; lose yourself to the overwhelming charm of Gangani’s mystic atmosphere that takes you on a journey beyond imagination.

12. Kewzing, Sikkim

Avid bird lovers dreaming of immersing themselves in natural beauty must add Kewzing in Sikkim to their bucket list. As a leading eco-tourism destination renowned for its diverse avian population, it offers breathtaking glimpses into the world of birds alongside incredible wildlife photography opportunities. Take strolls immersed within calming sceneries or gaze at cascading views encompassing magnificent mountain ranges such as Kanchenjunga- perfect locations ideal for snapping unrivaled photos!

13. Kiriburu-Meghataburu, Jharkhand

For an extraordinary amalgamation of untouched nature and industrial past, Kiriburu-Meghataburu must not be overlooked when visiting Jharkhand. Nestled amidst vibrant forests and mineral reserves, this atypical gem introduces visitors to impressive landscapes and significant historical contexts. Embrace your curiosity with visits to ancient temples or submerge yourself in nature trails, all while watching a captivating sunrise over rolling hills.

14. Kolakham, North Bengal

Kolakham -a hidden paradise sheltered within the lap of the Eastern Himalayas- is an extraordinary treat for any avid nature lover. Thickly forested surroundings flourishing with wildlife supported by gushing streams and awe-inspiring snow-cloaked cliffs provide visitors with a tranquil escape from urban turmoil. For adventurous souls seeking captivating explorations that unveil vibrant birdlife along lush green trails amidst dizzyingly peaceful environs- it’s time to head toward Kolakham!

15. Kumai, Dooars

Avid lovers of nature can find solace at Kumai, located in Dooars near Kolkata- a hidden gem waiting to be explored. It proudly showcases remarkable wildlife sanctuaries and elephant safaris, making it a must-visit destination for any adventurous soul. Traverse through its dense forests laced with exotic birdlife and mingle with indigenous elephants wandering freely amongst their fellow companions in their natural habitat – an experience bound to inspire reverence for Mother Nature’s creations.

16. Latpanchar, North Bengal

Latpanchar in North Bengal is the place to be for a unique blend of adventure and tranquility. This offbeat destination is famous for its diverse birdlife, including the rare and endangered Himalayan Salamander. Embark on birdwatching trails, visit the nearby Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, and indulge in the peaceful ambiance of this hidden gem.

17. Lindsey, North Bengal

If you’re craving a serene and unhurried getaway away from busy city life, head to Lingsey – located in the charming Kalimpong district of North Bengal. Hemmed by idyllic tea estates on one side and spectacular mountainous vistas on another, this quaint setting encapsulates sheer peace nowhere else found! Stroll along picturesque manicured fields brewing fresh with fragrant teas, immerse yourself in the spirituality of local monasteries, or surrender to the serenity Lingsey provides for complete rejuvenation. Whatever you seek, Lindsey will steal your heart and soul.

18. Lossing, East Sikkim

Lossing in East Sikkim is an ideal choice for a unique cultural exploration near Kolkata. This offbeat destination is home to the Lepcha community, known for its rich heritage and traditional way of life. Immerse yourself in their culture, visit the ancient monasteries, and witness the vibrant festivals that showcase the region’s unique traditions.

19. Makaibari, North Bengal

Nature enthusiasts will surely be thrilled by Makaibari in North Bengal’s breathtaking Darjeeling district – an awe-inspiring spectacle! Amidst majestic hillsides lies this serene vacation spot surrounded by lush vegetation providing panoramic views of splendid foot-hills infused with natural beauty| Take advantage of opportunities to witness sustainable farming methods. At the same time, you traverse endless greenery at every turn| Indulge your sensibilities with tantalizing tea unique flavor inherent only to the world-famous Darjeeling blend| As you stroll through this idyllic area, remember how quickly tranquility restores, breathe, let allow yourself rejuvenation amongst natural surroundings.

20. Martam, West Sikkim

Escape to the idyllic village of Martam in West Sikkim, where time seems to stand still. Martam is a haven for adventure seekers, surrounded by dense forests and mist-covered mountains. Trek through the pristine forests and discover hidden waterfalls, vibrant orchids, and rare bird species. The region is also known for its rich culture, and you can engage with the local community to learn about their traditions, music, and dance forms. Experience the warm hospitality of the locals by staying in traditional homestays and indulging in authentic Sikkimese cuisine.

21. McCluskieganj, Jharkhand

For those seeking to embark on an adventure into a place that exudes historical charm and natural peacefulness. McCluskieganj in Jharkhand may be just what you’re looking for. Established by Anglo-Indian settlers during the early 20th century, this serene haven encapsulates “Little England” with its intact colonial-era structures, such as bungalows and churches adorning its tree-lined lanes. A stroll around town provides ample opportunity to be transported back in time while learning about how early forefathers built this picturesque landscape from scratch at McCluskieganj Museum. Seek refuge in nature’s warm embrace amongst like-minded creatives- writers or avid artists with a penchant for isolation – all gather at these tranquil corners where serenity is their prime preference here!

22. Monchasa (Paushi), East Medinipur – West Bengal

Monchasa, located in the East Medinipur district of West Bengal, offers a unique experience that blends adventure, art, and heritage. This eco-tourism village is known for its distinctive mud houses and vibrant wall paintings that depict local folklore and rural life. Engage in bullock cart rides, pottery workshops, and traditional dance performances. Explore the surrounding paddy fields, cycle through rustic pathways, or ride a boat on the nearby river. Monchasa is a treasure trove of cultural exploration and offers a glimpse into the rural traditions of Bengal.

23. Mozauley, North Bengal

The hidden gem known as Mozauley awaits amidst North Bengal’s thriving forests – a remote haven inviting for those in search of unconventional adventure. Trekking aficionados are sure to find themselves enchanted by its untamed magnificence. A hike up towards magnificent Mozauley Falls bounding down majestic cliffs engulfed by pristine wilderness is an opportunity that should not be passed over! Partake in the exquisiteness of your surroundings while camping under twinkling stars- it will surely leave a delightful memory engraved within your heart. If solitude and serenity wrapped with greenery soothes your soul, Mozauley should definitely top your list!

24. Muruguma, Purulia

For those seeking a getaway with some action packed fun make your way to Muruguma in Purulia district! This adventurists paradise offers thrilling experiences such as rock climbing, rappelling and hiking amidst stunning rocky cliffs nestled within this rugged terrain. Reach the top of these magnificent cliff formations to witness jaw dropping panoramic views below! Explore the surrounding nature by visiting Ayodhya Hills famed for their dense forests and gushing waterfalls offering fantastic opportunities to connect with nature at its finest. Indulge yourself in thrilling experiences only found in Muruguma – its’ sure not to disappoint!

25. Nagi Village, Sikkim

Nestled amidst the Eastern Himalayas, Nagi Village in Sikkim offers adventure, culture, and spirituality. Trek through scenic trails leading to monasteries perched on hillsides, offering panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Experience the spiritual side of Sikkim by staying in traditional monastic lodges and participating in meditation sessions. Indulge in local cuisine and learn about the age-old Buddhist traditions followed by the residents. Nagi Village is where adventure and spirituality come together in perfect harmony.

26. Okhrey, Sikkim

If you delight in nature and favor being surrounded by beautiful scenery without disturbances, remember to include Okhrey in Sikkim in your travel plans. Tucked away at an altitude exceeding 10,000 feet lies Okhrey, an entrance to the magnificent Varsey Rhododendron Sanctuary. Mosey, through the picturesque emerald woodlands covered with vibrant rhododendrons that adorn the path while beholding marvelous sights of Kanchenjunga range stretching into the horizon’s depths. Wildlife enthusiasts or bird watchers can expect diversity throughout this sanctuary, home to various flora and fauna. The stillness of Okhrey will immerse you into its calm embrace, leaving you feeling reinvigorated.

27. Paren, Dooars

Nestled within the majestic peaks of West Bengal’s Dooars region rests Paren – an idyllic haven for those seeking a peaceful escape amongst the splendours of nature. Surrounded by sprawling tea gardens, dense green forests, and meandering rivers, this offbeat destination offers a harmonious balance between serenity and inspiring adventures away from the urban clutter. Take it slow as you stroll across the stunning tea plantations or engage with neighbouring villages to observe indigenous ritual sand ways-of-life in their most natural state. Wildlife enthusiasts will find Gorumara National Park fascinating, as they explore its colourful biodiversity and thrilling jungle safaris that will undoubtedly make lasting impressions on them. Paren presents an enchanting mix of natural wonders, cultural immersion, and exotic wildlife encounters – making it a truly unforgettable experience.

28. Parkha, Sikkim

In Sikkim, Parka defines the meaning of a hidden treasure. This gorgeously quaint village is where the rare Limboo community resides. Exploring will give one an opportunity to be immersed in its rich culture and famous hospitality through their homestay arrangements. During your visit to Pahka, you’ll have an unforgettable chance to observe traditional festivals with mesmerizing dances and songs. The village’s cultural strength lies in its deep roots that celebrate ancient practices and beliefs while weaving them into daily life. A beautiful trek through lush cardamom plantations awaits those who look; the nearby verdant trails offer fantastic views of its scenic beauty rarely found in urban environments. Not far off alone travelers can also visit Rinchenpong Monastery that remains awe-inspiring due to its legacies dating back many centuries. All this emphasizes how vital it is for people to cherish cultural diversity as they embark on new journeys – lessons taught by Parkha are ones you won’t want to miss out on while visiting Sikkim.

29. Rangaroon, North Bengal

Perched discreetly amidst North Bengal’s picturesque backdrops, lies the enchanting hideaway of Rangaroon – a haven for those who seek nature’s solace mere hours away from Kolkata’s urban chaos. Cloistered within dense tea plantations, this concealed jewel offers sublime landscapes and pacific retreats that will evoke feelings of utmost serenity within you. Immerse yourself in thrilling activities such as traversing mossy trails or spotting fluttering wings against melodious avian choruses while bird watching here at Rangaroon. Embark on a journey that promises to recharge you, far from the maddening crowd!

30. Rangeet Majuwa, North Bengal

In North Bengal lies the enchanting destination of Rangeet Majuwa – one of Kolkata’s lesser-known getaways with an exceptional promise. This hidden haven boasts rustic allure and natural beauty that will entice any admirer of flora and fauna alike. Traverse through dense forests to indulge in an adventure-filled journey that unveils the magnificent Rangeet River – your gateway to adventurous water activities like kayaking or river rafting. Step into this tranquil respite from reality, relishing untouched landscapes saturated with scenic wonders.

31. Rongo, Dooars

Escape city life’s frantic pace by heading to tranquil Rongo – an enchanting village amidst thriving tea gardens and wildlife sanctuaries in the Dooars region. Surrounded by lush green vistas extending into rolling hills and boundless tea estates offering stunning views- this place perfectly harmonizes nature’s magnificence! Visiting nearby Buxa Tiger Reserve lets you delve into indigenous plants’ biodiversity plus wildlife spectacles such as glimpses at Royal Bengal Tigers! Local tribes thrive here, adding cultural diversions that are worth exploring upon visiting. Rongo – where you can expect an unforgettable, immersive travel experience!

32. Singi, Barddhaman

Located in the Barddhaman district, Singi is a quaint village brimming with historical significance and natural beauty. This offbeat destination near Kolkata is known for its ancient temples and architectural marvels that reflect the region’s rich heritage. Walk through history as you explore the intricate carvings and sculptures that adorn the temples. The serene atmosphere of Singi makes it an ideal place for a peaceful retreat away from bustling city life. Immerse yourself in the spiritual aura and witness the cultural heritage of this lesser-known gem.


If you leave Kolkata’s city borders behind, an abundance of offbeat places awaits you offering adventure, tranquillity, and glimpses into West Bengal’s precious jewels. Whether you savor mesmerizing vistas like those provided by Rangaroon or seek calmness at more subdued sites like Rangeet Majuwa or Rongo – every destination boasts its own set of distinctive encounters waiting for you to discover them. Venture onwards with a sense of curiosity as you pack your bags and embark on a journey towards exploring these uncommon locations located near Kolkata – get ready for unforgettable memories.

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