Summer 2023 Style: 8 Instagrammable Outfits Crop Top and Knit Dresses

Summer is here and instagram has the evidence! There are countless stylish outfits this year from the most savvy of fashionistas sporting summer-ready looks. Take a page from their book and learn how to level up your style this year. Here are the top 8 instagrammable outfits to redesign your wardrobe. 

1) The Three Piece

The three piece outfit is a simple formula that’s guaranteed to look chic everytime. It consists of a crop top (or bikini top), shorts, and a lightweight button up shirt. To look super polished, make sure the set matches. There are plenty of sets sold together in stores, or you can simply opt for items that are the same color. Pair this with your favorite pair of sandals and get ready for the compliments to pour in!

2) A Colorful Maxi with Sleek Hair

This outfit formula is incredibly easy to pull off. All you need is a bright, fun sundress, and the rest is all in the styling. Pairing a flowy dress with a sleek hairstyle like a bun or a slick ponytail not only keeps you cool in the heat, but it adds a flattering contrast between the neat hair and the billowing dress. Opt for a dress that expresses your personal taste and the carefree colorful vibe of summer. 

A Colorful Maxi
A Colorful Maxi

3) Tube Top + Skirt

Tube tops have been around for ages, but they’re particularly trendy this year. Pairing them with a skirt instead of shorts or pants is a great way to put a more fashion forward twist on your outfit. Matching colors always look great, but you can also mix and match complimenting colors to add extra interest. This is a perfect look for hot weather, so You can carry this look in your favorite sunny weather, can highlight your hair and get ready to shine. 

4) Vest as a Top

Wearing vests as a top has been popular for a few seasons, and it’s staying strong for summer. Opt for a solid color and lightweight fabric to make your vest suitable for the warmer weather. Try pairing your vest with shorts in a similar color palette and don’t forget to finish off the outfit with accessories. This look can be dressed up to business casual with heels and a structured bag. 

Vest as a Top
Vest as a Top

5) Knit Maxi

You can never go wrong with a knitted maxi dress for summer. Knit dresses are extremely breathable because of their open structure, and depending on how see-through your version is, it can be a sexy way to show off your favorite bikini underneath. This outfit is best for beach settings since it may be a little too revealing for most day time settings. Add a sunhat to your beach look for extra style.

6) All White Outfit

This is a perfect versatile outfit for the coming summer season. Try using breathable fabrics like a white or cream linen pant with a white top. The key to pulling off any monotone outfit is all in the accessories. Make sure to break up the white and add waist emphasis with a belt. 

7) Big Pants + Tiny Top

Wide leg pants aren’t just for the Fall, they’re actually a wonderful summer staple to have in your wardrobe. The spacious legs allow for enough air flow to keep you cool while providing ample coverage for the days you don’t feel like wearing short shorts. To balance out the heavy looking bottoms, pick a smaller flirty top so you don’t get swallowed whole by a totally baggy outfit! A halter crop top or tube top is perfect.

Big Pants + Tiny Top
Big Pants + Tiny Top

8) Matching Short Sets

The final instagrammable summer outfit is a matching short set. These are raging hot right now so you’ll have plenty of options to pick from while shopping. Many short sets come with a front tie top which is a girly and fashionable take on this trend. Choose your favorite colors and patterns, grab your friends for a few photos, and watch the likes roll in!


The top 8 Instagrammable outfits mentioned above serve as your style guide to create a sizzling summer look that is bound to turn heads. If you’re aiming for a fashion-forward twist, the tube top and skirt combo is the way to go. On the other hand, the big pants paired with a tiny top strikes a balance between comfort and style, offering an alternative to the usual summer shorts.

Express yourself through these outfits, and don’t be afraid to add your personal touch to make each look uniquely yours.

As the sun shines brightly and the temperature rises, it’s time to revamp your wardrobe with these eight Instagrammable summer outfits. And don’t forget about the versatility of vests worn as tops or the breezy allure of a knit maxi dress, perfect for those beach getaways.Lightweight and solid-colored vests bring a touch of elegance to your outfit. 

By combining a crop top or bikini top with matching shorts and a lightweight button-up shirt, you effortlessly achieve an elegant and put-together look.Wide-leg pants are not reserved solely for fall; they’re a summer essential too.Pair them with a flirty and smaller top, like a halter crop or tube top, to strike the perfect balance between comfort and style. Get ready to make this summer your most stylish one yet!

Don’t forget to accessorize with a sunhat to complete the beach-ready look. Also,the timeless charm of an all-white outfit can never be overstated. So, step out in your chosen ensemble, let your personality shine, and make this summer one to remember for your impeccable style. From the effortlessly chic three-piece ensembles to the bold statement of a matching short set, there’s something for everyone to revel in the sun-soaked glory of summer fashion.

Wear what makes you feel fantastic, and the world will undoubtedly take notice. As you slip into that colorful maxi or confidently strut in those big pants and a tiny top, remember that each outfit has the power to become a part of your summer story. The allure of knit maxi dresses is undeniable.

So, as the sun kisses your skin and the days stretch out lazily before you, let your wardrobe become a reflection of your vibrant spirit.

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