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7 True Facts of Family Life Justine Gotti Agnello, Daughter to the Famous Victoria Gotti, Never Knew

Many of us would say that life is precious. Unluckily, getting the chance to live never happens to others. And if it happens, it is said to be a gift. Below is every detail about the best and bad side of life lost by Justine Gotti Agnello.

Who Is Justine Gotti Agnello?

As the last of her two names go by Gotti Agnello, Justine Gotti Agnello is the daughter of the famous writer and television personality Victoria Gotti Agnello. She is Victoria’s first child. Her father is Carmine Agnello, who only was married to her mother for 19 years.

Take a look at Justine Gotti Agnello’s parents 

Justine Gotti Agnello’s parents
Justine Gotti Agnello’s parents

Here Is the 7 Facts of Life Justine Gotti Agnello, Missed in Her Family 

1. Brim of Life Justine Gotti Agnello Never Saw, About Her Brothers

Come to learn of the Agnello family. Both Victoria and Carmine Agnello had four children. Justine Gotti and her other three brothers namely Carmine Gotti Agnello, aka Camine Jr., Frank Gotti Agnello, and John Gotti Agnello.

  • Oldest Brother to Justine Gotti Agnello

The boy who Justine Gotti Agnello preceded is Carmine Gotti Agnello. Camine Jr. was born on April 8, 1986, in Long Island, New York, NY. He is not married and traces this due to his fatherly negligence for more than 12 years.  

This older brother to Justine once said he underwent a challenging childhood due to his father’s crooked life. At 15 years of age, his dad started missing in her life. Justine Gotti Agnello’s dad’s first arrest was in the year 2001 to 2008. Besides this, the now 37 years old is rarely seen in public.

  • Other Two Cute Brothers to Justine Gotti Agnello

Now follows the third born, John Gotti Agnello whose birth was a year after Camine Jr. Born on May 5, 1987, John G. Agnello follows in his mother’s footsteps in the entertainment industry. He is a well-known American actor. As of now, John is 35 years old.

At times being called the “Gentle Giant”, Frank is the youngest sibling in the family. He is of quiet and mild nature. Frank Gotti is into music and acting, a place where his star shines. He is now 23 years old.

Here is Justine Gotti Agnello‘s brothers and mum

Justine Gotti Agnello's brothers and mum
Justine Gotti Agnello’s brothers and mum

2. Best Performed Shows of Justine Gotti Agnello’s Mother

Determined in building up her career, Justine Gotti Agnello’s mother never liked her family background to deter her career. Nicknamed the “Mafia Princess”, Victoria built a name for herself and that of her family in film production. Her movies are part of the most-watched shows in New York, America. 

  • Examples of Justine Gotti Agnello’s Mum Best Displays

  • The Wendy Williams Show
  • Mob Wives
  • Larry King Live
  • Celebrity Apprentice
  • Live With Kelly and Ryan
  • Real Housewives of New Jersey
  • The Tonight Show with Jay Reno

Besides this, Justine Gotti Agnello’s mother was also featured in the American TV, show “Growing Up Gotti”, aired in A&E Network. The Gottis got the show moving. It was produced at the family’s old mansion in Westbury, Long Island, New York. 

The show was a hit. It made Justine Gotti Agnello’s brothers be nicknamed the “Hottie Gottis” Together with her boys graced the show for two years.

Here is a clip of the best-known movie to have existed, “Growing Up Gotti”

Growing Up Gotti
Growing Up Gotti

3. Notorious and Glamorous Life of Justine Gotti Agnello, Three Siblings

Despite their family background, Justine Gotti Agnello’s brothers have experienced two famous lives; life of fame as entertainment celebs and gangs. Below are how their lives transpired from bad boys to entertainers.

  • Illegal Business Carried Out by Justine Gotti Agnello’s Brothers

The Gotti family was famous for its illegal spare parts business. Not only was the business carried out by their grandfather, but also was inherited by the father and grandsons as well. The boys had learned about the business as their dad used to send them for business errands.

Together they continued the family auto–spare business after their father Carmine Agnello got arrested. Does the business still exist? No, in 2016 the business was raided by the feds due to tax evasion. And this explains why Justine Gotti Agnello’s brothers decided to explore the world of music. 

  • Celebrity Life of Justine Gotti Agnello’s Singer Brothers

All of Justine Gotti Agnello’s brothers are involved in showbiz. Led by her younger brother John Gotti. The boys are into acting and music. They started this journey to air their experiences and shed light as a way of accepting reality.

Started by John Gotti who first appeared on television in 2011. John Gotti played in two shows. First as “Frank Spazznelli” in the show “The Cardia Crew” and then as “James” in the show “Love Written in Blood”. Later on, Justine’s younger brother became a film controller and took part in other films like, “Run”, “VH1 Big in 05”, “Growing Up Gotti” and “WTF with Marc Maron”.

On the other hand, Carmine Gotti was working on his music album. Together with rappers like Fat Joe and Khia, Carmine got into music collabos. As a bad boy, he appeared in videos like, “Been a Bad Girl” by Khia and “Ha Ha Slow Down” 

Frank was also not left out. He joined his brother Carmine Gotti, and participated in the final scenes of the show “But Can They Sing” which was aired in 2006. It was sad at some point he struggled with weight loss. And through his published book, “The Gotti Diet”.

Frank decided to air out some experiences of his journey to losing weight. It was on record as he lost 80 pounds. This Justine Gotti Agnello’s brother is also an ambitious businessman. He owns a processing company known as the Gotti Tans in Huntington, New York. Frank Gotti also says he will enroll in college to study business management. Yet again, here is the three grown-up brothers.

grown-up brothers
grown-up brothers

4. Life of Fame for Justine Gotti Agnello’s Mum

Despite her mum’s tough background, she never stopped to see her dreams come to reality. She had a passion for reading books. It was a way Justine Gotti Agnello’s mother found comfort.

  • Bright Side of Justine Gotti Agnello’s Mother

Her mum’s education life was inspiring. Justine Gotti Agnello’s mother was creative, focused, and had a passion for reading. Also, she skipped two grades in high school which indicated that Justine Gotti Agnello’s mum was intelligent. 

After she clicked 15 years in 1977, Justine Gotti Agnello’s mum entered St. John’s University. Here she studied law but due to her shyness, she stopped. She thought the character to be a hindrance to becoming the best legal practitioner.

  • Start of Justine Gotti Agnello’s Mum’s Career

Due to her interest in reading, Justine Gotti Agnello’s mother decided to further express her knowledge in reports and writing. As people say, Justine Gotti Agnello’s mum started as a columnist for the New York Post. She also was into reporting for the WNYW, Fox Television Network, in New City.

It was then she started her writing career. Justine Gotti Agnello’s mother wrote her first book in 1995. The book was titled, “Women and Mitral Valve Prolapse”. She talked more about her journey with the ailment in the book.

After two years, Justine Gotti Agnello’s mum continued with her writing spirit. It was in 1997 that she let out her enigma novel, “The Senator’s Daughter”. This puzzling novel was followed by her other published books namely:

  • Hot Italian Dish in 2006
  • The Superstar in 2000
  • I’ll Be Watching You in 1998

Later on, her published works were followed by a memoir that she wrote about family. In “This Family of Mine: What It Was Like Growing Up Gotti”, Justine’s mum narrated her life growing up as a child of the Gottis. She published the journal in 2009.

In addition, she formed part of the creating team for the continuance film, “Victoria Gotti: My Father’s Daughter”. She was part of the crew that transformed her childhood events into action. She worked as the executive producer, co-writer, and narrator as well.

  • Renowned Moments: Justine Gotti Agnello’s Mother Top Times

As a desire for more recognition, Justine Gotti Agnello’s mum returned to T.V. in 2012. This time round she wanted to win more money. Why? She had to find a way to extend a helping hand to society. And this is why she came back on TV.

She participated as a contestant in the Donald Trump show, “The Celebrity Apprentice”. The show only hosted celebrities in the U.S. who wished to win money for donations. Together with other celebs like George Takei, Clay Aiken, and Teresa Giudice, Justine Gotti Agnello’s mother graced the show. 

She chose, “Association to Benefit Children” as her work of charity.

  • Current Life of Justine Gotti Agnello’s Mum

Where is the whereabouts of Justine’s mum? To get far from gossip, Justine’s mum is now living a sound and quiet life with her children. She now focuses on building her family and spending more time with her kids and grandchildren to provide the care she never got.

She seems to take life from another angle. She makes most of her everyday activities with her family and enjoys a relaxed life. However, she is not out of the public eye. Now she is else mentioned on T.V. or seen as a quest anchor in other shows. 

She is also active on Instagram. Justine Gotti Agnello’s mum constantly uploads pictures, family events, and current things about her. To top it all, she is a fascinating businesswoman. 

Little is known of her exact location but she is said to have moved from her prestigious mansion in Westbury. What happened? Rumors had it that the big family house was on sale after a tussle with a bank. Justine’s brothers too had the feds following them regarding claims of illegal activities with their auto spares business.

Due to this, Victoria Gotti and her sons relocated to a home they never disclose.

5. Grandpa to Justine Gotti Agnello’s Crime Life

Also known as “The Dapper Don”, Justine’s grandpa was known as John Joseph Gotti Jr. He was born in South Bronx, New York City by his parents John Joseph Gotti Sr. and Philomena “Fannie” DeCarlo. Including Justine Gotti Agnello’s mum, John Gotti had other four children with his wife Victoria DiGiorgio.

  • Commencement of Justine Gotti Agnello’s Grandfather Crimes

His crimes started when he was a teenager. He was part of a teen Mafia known as “Fulton Rockaway Boys Gang” in the same city. This crew was well known for its illegal mastery acts and luxurious life. As part of the gang, Justine’s grandpa used to carry errands like stealing merchandise, money, and cigarettes for the Mafia boss, carjacking, and illegal gambling. 

Why did he engage in crime as a teen? Justine’s grandpa wanted to be rich since his family background was poor. He never wanted to be like his dad who only worked as a laborer. As a result, he saw crime as the only way to better his life since he had already dropped out of school.

What did he achieve? John Gotti became the boss of the famous gang group Gambino in New York, America. A position he got by force after planning the murder of the group’s former leader, Paul Castellano. He took over after the hit succeeded in December 1985. He ran the gang for 6 years which made him a criminal celeb.

Not only did Justine Gotti Agnello’s grandfather become the gang boss, but also became rich and invested in fields like boxing.

  • Heinous Crimes Justine Gotti Agnello’s Grandpa Committed

He first murdered Paul Castellano after the Gambino leader went on banning drugs from his team, the Gambino. Why did John Gotti kill his boss? Rumors had it that he was engaging in heroin trafficking. An offense prohibited in the gang team. And Castellano had ruled out that if anyone was found guilty, it was punishable by death.

As this was true, Justine Gotti Agnello’s grandpa decided to cut the chase. He could not deny some incriminating videos found by his heroine friends. Therefore, he decided to kill his boss. An evil act he succeeded on December 14, 1985.

In March 1986, he was accused of assaulting and stealing a refrigerator mechanic, Romual Piecyk. A crime he was never convicted of. Why? Or did something happen to Romual Piecyk? It is said, the victim failed to testify since he feared John Gotti.

Romual Piecyk even at some point confronted John Gotti, making clear to him it was not his face he saw at the time of the robbery. He could not imagine what would have transpired if John Gotti was found guilty. Even though it is true that John Gotti was a famous and brutal gangster.

In the same year, on August 1986, Justine Gotti Agnello’s grandfather faced his second trial. He was being charged with racketeering this time. He walked out free for some time after the FBI who raided him failed to co-operate. Yet, the same year the retrial began, and Gotti was denied bail. And due to his other conflicting charge with Romual Piecyk, Justine’s grandfather got jailed. 

But he was later released in 1987 further owning the “New Jersey DeCavalcante Crime Family” group. With this, Justine Gotti Agnello’s grandfather continued to carry out his crimes. Below is a list of other people murdered by Justine Gotti Agnello’s grandfather.

  • John Favara (neighbor)
  • Liborio Milito (FBI informant)
  • Robert Di Bernando (car salesman)
  • Vincent Jimmy Rotondo (DeCavalcante capo)
  • Francesco Oliveri (Gambino man)
  • Freid Weiss (real estate developer)
  • Thomas Bellotti (Castellano underboss)

Funny as it seems, John Gotti also stole her daughter from the hospital. It was the best heist by a gangster. Why did this happen? After his wife gave birth to Victoria Gotti. She incurred a huge bill at the hospital that John Gotti never wanted to pay. Thus, John Gotti decided to steal Justine Gotti Agnello’s mum while she was still a baby. 

  • Countless Times Justine Gotti Agnello’s Grandpa Got Imprisoned

On many occasions, Justine’s grandpa was in and out of jail. Due to his crimes, the courtyards became his place of battle. When Justine Gotti Agnello’s mum approached the age of 6 years in 1968. Justine’s grandpa had already been imprisoned three times.

On another occasion, on January 23, 1989. John Gotti got imprisoned for one night. He was found guilty of assaulting a trade union official, John O’Connor in 1986. He was released the following day with $100, 000 bail.

Again, he was found guilty on April 2, 1992. This was the time when the secret juror’s team led by Antony Quinn and Mickey Rourke wanted to stop the Mafias. Gravano and John Gotti was being investigated for many accounts of murder. It was until then, his crime buddy Gravano decided to confess.

Why did Gravano rule out doing this? Gravano was still saddened by his former boss Paul Castellano’s murder. He felt betrayed as it was John Gotti who had planned his death. Gravano also faced multiple charges. He thought after cooperating with the jury, he would get a reduced sentence.

Therefore, he disposed himself to the panel. He pleaded guilty to 19 murder charges while incriminating his friend John Gotti with four murder counts. As a result, the judges found Justine Gotti Agnello’s grandfather guilty of all charges. Leading to his arrest in April 1992.

He was sent to prison for life with a fine of $250, 000 without pardon. Justine’s grandpa’s life in prison was hell. He was isolated and lived alone in a tiny cell and only his relatives and lawyers were allowed to visit him. Justine Gotti Agnello’s grandfather met his demise on June 10, 2002, while still in prison due to throat cancer.

6. Mother to Justine Gotti Agnello’s Family Background

This television personality, Justine Gotti Agnello’s mother was born in Brooklyn, New York, on November 27, 1962. She was the quiet and the shyest among Gotti’s children. To some point, her parents thought she was autistic due to her behavior.  

  • Hard Background of Justine Gotti Agnello’s Mother

As people say home is better. It was unusual for Justine Gotti Agnello’s mother. Her father John Gotti was a gang leader. He regularly got arrested and to some point missing in her childhood. At four years of age, Justine Gotti Agnello’s mum started to experience this.

At some point, Justine Gotti Agnello’s grandpa was beyond parental care. He was a controller. He often screened her mum’s boyfriends and impose curfew on her. What exactly happened? He automatically made Justine Gotti Agnello’s mother’s teenage life a living hell.

Now came the bitter side of her grandmom, Victoria DiGiorgio. Justine Gotti Agnello’s grandmother made everything easy. Her traditional life never had a good vintage of fashion. She made all of Justine Gotti Agnello’s mum’s clothes and cut her hair. A habit Justine Gotti Agnello’s mum disliked.

  • Modest Look for Justine Gotti Agnello’s Grandparents House

They say one good way to impress quests is a good house. Was this what Justine Gotti Agnello’s mama found? Likely, it was. Justine Gotti Agnello’s mum together with her parents lived in Howard Beach, New York. Her family owned a staired house of two floors.

Her grandfather working as a plumber stayed out of the house most of the time. Did this make Justine Gotti Agnello’s mother ask about his dad’s job? Yes, she did. But most times Justine Gotti Agnello’s grandmom would answer that the old man went out for more plumbing work.

  • Maternal Relatives to Justine Gotti Agnello

Though not liking to identify herself with her father’s side, Justine Gotti Agnello’s mum was born into a big family. She has three brothers and one sister. Her sister Angela Gotti is a well-known figure with whom she shares a very close relationship. Her eldest brother Peter Arthur Gotti worked for the Gambino family.

One of the feared and existing crime families in New York City, U.S.  However, Peter died of natural causes in a hospital in North Carolina, on February 26, 2021. Her youngest uncle, John Angelo Gotti acted as the Mafia boss after Justine Gotti Agnello’s grandpa got imprisoned. 

He was initiated into the sect in 1988. John A. Gotti was later jailed but in 2010, he evaded trials which led to his release. He eventually changed his bad life and wrote a book, “Shadow of My Father”. He was jailed later in other accounts and was later released. He has now changed and is into business.

Another uncle to Justine Gotti Agnello was Frank Gotti Agnello. Frank was born on 18 October 1967, five years after Justine’s mum. Frank liked riding bicycles, playing football but never knew about his father’s business. One day he went for a ride on his friend’s motorbike, and there he met his death.

Frank G. Agnello steered off the road and got hit by his neighbor’s car, John Favara. How ironic it was. John Favara never noticed Frank Agnello getting off the bike’s trails at the time. Afterward, John Favara was disgraced and intimidated leading to his life missing possibly because of revenge. Frank Gotti Agnello died at the age of 12.

Take a look at Justine Gotti Agnello’s famous uncles, Peter and John Gotti.

Victoria gotti
Victoria gotti

7. Sad Story of Justine Gotti Agnello’s Mum’s Health Life

Maintaining good health comes with its ups and downs. This is exactly what happened to Justine Gotti Agnello’s mum’s tender age. While at the university, her mum got diagnosed with  valve heart disease. A rare condition that causes the heart valves not to close properly.

It makes the blood go back causing irregular heartbeats, fatigue, dizziness, and chest pains. This is what Justine Gotti Agnello’s mother had to go through. Due to this, she had to constantly use drugs as well as monitor her heart. Justine Gotti Agnello’s mother was on careful health watch.

To add salt to the injury. After losing Justine, her doctor once told her that she cannot conceive again. Justine’s mum never gave so much thought to this. However, she went ahead and tried to conceive again at the age of 25.

Luckily, Justine Gotti Agnello’s mum gave birth to her three brothers. Later in August 2005, her news spread fast in all media stations. Why? Justine’s mum declared publicly that she was suffering from breast cancer. Afterward, she dismissed the claims terming it as a fake story. 

However, this was true since her breasts had been diagnosed with precancerous cells.

What Happened to Justine Gotti Agnello?

In 1985, as every mother longs for a child, Justine’s mum went into labor and got out empty-handed. As sad as it is. Justine Gotti Agnello was born stillborn at 9 months. An incident her mum termed as painful and devastating. It was one of the reasons she dyed her hair blonde. She says to always commemorate her birthday every May.

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