Prepare for Adventure: 26 Offbeat Destinations Near Kolkata

Do you crave an expedition brimming with exhilarating revelations? Do enthralling escapes that pledge exclusive adventures beckon you fervently? This article presents some undiscovered enclaves in Kolkata which exude nature’s magnificence while preserving cultural traditions and intricate history. The regions of North Bengal, Sikkim, Jharkhand, and West Bengal proffer sights and encounters whose charm has yet to be experienced by well-travelled visitors. Kicking off on a whim, you can pack bare necessities, stumble upon an unheard-of world roiling within these unusual abodes. These places hold marvellous chances; ready for you to explore.

1. Bagora, North Bengal

This area of Sikkim is exceptionally close to the town of Jorethang. The landscape is stunning, with farms dotting the landscape. From the settlement, you can see for miles across multiple mountain ranges. You will view the Himalayas and feel drawn to them. The sunrise is stunning from the village as well. The endangered pika (scientific name: Ochotonasikkimaria) can be spotted in Zoom. It’s a cross between a rat and a bunny.

2. Baguran – Jalpai, Medinipur – West Bengal

If you’re looking for a unique, peaceful, and offbeat destinations near Kolkata area to go on an adventure, you should check out Baguran-Jalpai, in the Medinipur District of West Bengal, is the place to go if you’re looking for a unique, off-the-beaten-path destination close to Kolkata that offers both adventure and peace & quiet. Tucked away from the public eye yet well-known among adventurers, this hidden gem is home to breathtaking landscapes and fascinating historical buildings. Relax on the glittering golden sands and take in the abundant wildlife, including rare birds of the wild or spectacular mangrove forests. Baguran-Jalpai, with its uncommon and stunning beauty, is only waiting to be discovered.

3. Yangsum, Sikkim

The West Sikkim settlement of Yangsum is quaint and rural. The Kanchenjunga Mountains are unrivalled in their beauty. Without the hectic pace of the city, living here is more relaxed. Stroll among the orange groves, rice paddies, and cardamom fields. Many different kinds of flowers bloom in the spring, giving the area a vibrant colour. The town is home to both an old chorten and an overlook with panoramic vistas of the surrounding mountains.

4. Baranti, Purulia – West Bengal

Want to get away from it all and spend some time in the great outdoors? It would help if you visited Baranti, a lovely village in West Bengal’s Purulia district surrounded by lush vegetation. Its natural splendour will astound you with crystal-clear lakes that mirror the blue skies above them and its dense forests that give way to gentle slopes. Outdoorsy can take to the water in a boat or cast a line while strolling through the area. The calm atmosphere here is like a shot of adrenaline for your soul.

5. Temi, Sikkim

Sikkim’s lone tea estate is the Temi Tea Garden. The undulating tea garden between Damthang and the Temi Bazar on the road to Singtam is a sight to behold. The lone tea estate of Sikkim is stunning, with its 440 acres of manicured tea gardens and breathtaking views of the Kanchenjunga peaks and the Teesta River gorge, 8,000 feet below. Spend the weekend among the tea gardens and at one of the homestays, where you’ll be treated to the warm hospitality of the hosts.

6. Bijanbari, North Bengal

Bijanbari, tucked away in the beautiful Darjeeling area of North Bengal, is a haven of natural elegance and ancient heritage. This peaceful valley is a paradise for the senses because of the enormous tea estates that surround it and the picturesque orchards that dot its landscape. Experience the world-famous tea farms and learn about the different methods used to make tea for years. Hikers can enjoy the region’s natural beauty while exploring its rich cultural history by visiting ancient monasteries and wandering through verdant valleys. In sum, Bijanbari’s modest charm wins over the hearts of those who visit.

7. Tarkhola, North Bengal

Tarkhola is a charming village near Kalimpong that sits at an elevation of 4,000 feet amidst the Delo hills. Tarkhola can be a terrific offbeat weekend getaway from Kolkata due to its immense natural beauty and spectacular vistas of the Kanchenjunga peaks and the Teesta Valley. Close to both NJP (80 km) and Kalimpong (12 km), the village is easily accessible. This small community has a limited number of available homestays. Come to Tarkhola to experience the warm welcome of the local mountain people and marvel at the stunning natural scenery. Tarkhola might be the spot for you if you need some quiet time alone. The village is a fantastic Kalimpong alternative since it retains the city’s splendour without any tourists. From the charming town of Kalimpong, a half-day hike takes you to the outlying settlement of Sangsey, from whence you can continue to Tarkhola. This beautiful hike leads you through verdant meadows and thick forests, where you can observe hundreds of butterflies.

8. Daringbadi, Odisha

Daringbadi, Odisha, is a hidden gem in the Eastern Ghats and is often called the “Kashmir of Odisha.” This picturesque hill station is well-known for its mild weather, coffee and spice farms, and beautiful waterfalls. To fully immerse yourself, hike through the wilderness, visit some tribal settlements, and try regional delicacies.

9. Gangani, Paschim Medinipur – West Bengal

Gangani is the best option for individuals who want to visit a place close to Kolkata that is both unusual and interesting. Natural rock formations here are sometimes compared to Stonehenge, another well-known landmark. Let the mysterious atmosphere of Gangani whisk you away as you take in breathtaking sunset views and a thrilling zip-lining adventure.

10. Kewzing, Sikkim

If you’re someone who’s passionate about avian life and wants to explore new places that offer breathtaking vistas. Then visiting Kewzing in Sikkim should definitely be on your bucket list! This picturesque destination is famous for its extraordinary birdlife making it a much-loved hotspot among green travellers. Spending time here allows you the precious privilege of witnessing a variety of rare and exotic birds amidst lush green forests -a paradise even for photographers! You can opt to take peaceful walks amidst tranquil surroundings or simply admire the sights of stunning mountain ranges including Kanchenjunga -all while capturing beautiful moments with your lens.

11. Takdah, North Bengal

Takdah is a paradise for dreamers and romantics due to its ethereal atmosphere. Keeping with its moniker, this area is frequently shrouded in mist, featuring winding roads and paths through dense coniferous forests. There are numerous restored British bungalows in this former cantonment neighbourhood from the turn of the century. The tea gardens are an attractive feature.

12. Kumai, Dooars

Kumai, located in the Dooars not too far from Kolkata, is a natural paradise waiting to be explored. It proudly displays impressive wildlife sanctuaries and elephant safaris, making it an absolute must-see for every intrepid traveller. Travelling through its lush forests teeming with diverse birdlife and rubbing shoulders with free-roaming native elephants will make you appreciate Mother Nature’s handiwork.

13. Sribadam, West Sikkim

In addition to its natural bounty and beauty, Sribadam is well-known as a place of meditation. About 300 families call the village, which is located in a well-kept forest, home. Most residents are members of the Bhutia, Subba, and Gurung ethnic groups. The Reshi River runs through the village, and the villagers can see the Namchi neighbourhood of Samdruptse from up on the hills to the west. The meditation centre at Sribadam Monastery is well-known in Sikkim and neighbouring Nepal and Bhutan. The monastery’s monks are renowned for their ability to cure any illness.

14. Lossing, East Sikkim

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind cultural adventure close to Kolkata, Lossing, East Sikkim, is a great option. The Lepcha people are the proud inhabitants of this unusual location and still adhere to many of their ancient customs. Explore the historic monasteries and attend colourful festivals to experience the local way of life fully.

15. Makaibari, North Bengal

Makaibari, located in North Bengal’s stunning Darjeeling district, is a beautiful natural spectacle likely to impress even the most jaded of nature lovers. Take advantage of the chance to see sustainable farming in action while on vacation at this tranquil area set among spectacular hilly terrain and surrounded by lush flora offering panoramic views of splendid foothills with natural beauty. As you stroll through this idyllic area, keep in mind how quickly calm is restored, breathe deeply, and allow yourself to be rejuvenated amidst natural surroundings, all the while indulging your senses with tantalizing tea with a flavour unique to the world-famous Darjeeling blend.

16. Martam, West Sikkim

Martam, a stunning picture-perfect village situated in West Sikkim that appears unaffected by modernization offers visitors an opportunity for serenity like no other place on earth thanks to its misty forested mountains. Venturing into these unspoiled woods affords travelers glimpses of some of the world’s most unique birds, flowers, and waterfalls. A visit here also includes experiencing splendid cultural activities which will acquaint one with local customs peculiar only here such as traditional dances & music. To be more immersed ,it is recommended that traveler stay at residents’ houses which offer delicious homemade Sikkimese meals along with insightful conversations.

17. McCluskieganj, Jharkhand

Those looking to explore a place steeped in history and surrounded by natural beauty. You might find what you need at McCluskieganj, Jharkhand. Founded in the early 20th century by Anglo-Indian residents, this tranquil sanctuary epitomizes “Little England” with its colonial-era buildings, such as bungalows and churches lining its tree-lined pathways. On tour through town, you may step back and learn how ancestors created this beautiful setting from scratch at the McCluskieganj Museum. Find solace in the bosom of Mother Nature alongside other artists and writers who, like you, value solitude. These hidden spots are popular with those who value peace as much as you do.

18. Monchasa (Paushi), East Medinipur – West Bengal

Monchasa, in the East Medinipur district of West Bengal, is where adventure, art, and history come together in a way that can’t be found anywhere else. The mud cottages and bright wall paintings depicting the regional culture and rural life have made this town a popular ecotourism destination. Enjoy traditional activities such as bullock cart rides, pottery classes, and dance shows. Discover the local paddy fields, bike along rustic paths, or take a boat out on the river. Monchasa is a wealth of information about Bengali culture and customs in rural areas.

19. Mozauley, North Bengal

Unveil an exclusive travel escapade tucked away within the dense woodlands of North Bengal – discover Mozauley! A treasure trove for trekking enthusiasts, experience some of Mother Nature’s most unexplored marvels. Make your way through rugged terrain towards Mozauley Falls – prepare to behold cascading waters tumbling down lofty peaks into pristine surroundings strikingly picturesque! Unwind beneath infinite skies and relish nature’s marvels amidst serene wilderness settings – all at this magnificent haven called Mozauley!

20. Muruguma, Purulia

Muruguma, in the region of Purulia, is the place to go for a heart-pounding experience. This unusual location is excellent for trekking, rock climbing, or rappelling. The jagged cliffs and uneven landscape make for a thrilling adventure. Conquer the cliffs and reward yourself with stunning vistas at the top. The adjacent Ayodhya Hills, with their lush woods and cascading waterfalls, also offer an excellent chance to get in touch with nature. Travelling to Muruguma will satisfy adventure junkies’ need for sustenance.

21. Nagi Village, Sikkim

Nagi Village in Sikkim is an exciting cultural destination in the heart of the Eastern Himalayas. Hike along beautiful paths to remote monasteries high in the highlands, where you may take in breathtaking vistas. Staying in a traditional monastery lodge and partaking in meditation sessions is a great way to experience the spiritual side of Sikkim. Try some of the regional specialities and read up on the locals’ ancient Buddhist customs. In Nagi Village, excitement and enlightenment coexist in perfect balance.

22. Paren, Dooars

Paren, in West Bengal’s Dooars district among the magnificent peaks, is an excellent option for individuals who want to relax amidst the splendour of nature. This unusual vacation spot, far from the maelstrom of city life, is hidden among seemingly endless expanses of tea gardens, verdant forests, and rushing rivers. Stroll through picturesque tea estates, or make contact with nearby towns to learn about the unique local customs and lifestyles. Gorumara National Park is a must-see for nature lovers since it is home to unforgettable wildlife and exciting jungle adventures. Nature, culture, and exotic animals all come together in Paren to create a magical experience.

23. Parkha, Sikkim

Parkha, a secluded village in Sikkim, is a cultural jewel that tourists often overlook. In this village, you can experience the customs, dances, and festivals of the Limboo people. Participate in a homestay to discover local culture firsthand and genuine hospitality. Visit the historic Rinchenpong Monastery and go hiking in the neighbouring cardamom farms. Parkha offers an exciting look into the habits and way of life of the indigenous Limboo people.

24. Rangaroon, North Bengal

Rangaroon, tucked away in North Bengal’s gorgeous surroundings, is a sight for its pristine natural beauty. This undiscovered gem is the best place to get away to the great outdoors, not far from Kolkata. Rangaroon, with its picturesque landscape of verdant tea gardens, is sure to take your breath away. Try your hand at exciting activities like bird watching among the melodic chirping of rare avian species or hiking along the lush pathways. Rangaroon offers a chance to relax and unwind in the company of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

25. Rangeet Majuwa, North Bengal

Rangeet Majuwa, a hidden gem in North Bengal, is one of Kolkata’s underrated vacation spots, yet it promises a lot. This secluded spot is a haven of natural beauty and rustic charm that will appeal to anybody who appreciates the outdoors. You may go kayaking or rafting on the majestic Rangeet River after a thrilling trek through the forest to a spot where the river opens up before you. Embrace the serenity of this haven from the outside world and take in the breathtaking natural scenery.

26. Rongo, Dooars

Find solace amidst natures beauty in Rongo- a serene village located in the Dooars region where tea gardens and wildlife sanctuaries flourish side by side. The undulating hills surrounding this picture perfect paradise make for an awe inspiring view while sipping on tea freshly picked at your doorstep. Venture to nearby Buxa Tiger Reserve for an unforgettable wildlife experience; sightings of Royal Bengal Tigers are not uncommon here! Interact with local indigenous people who offer intriguing insights into their culture as well as exciting cultural experiences during your stay here.


When it comes to discovering unusual destinations outside Kolkata, West Bengal delivers with striking panoramas in Rangaroon along with refreshing relaxation amid nature in Rangeet Majuwa and Rongo. Prepare yourself for a memorable voyage as you uncover each location’s exceptional encounters awaiting discovery. It’s time to hit the road with a curious mindset as you explore these marvelous secrets around Kolkata.

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