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The internet is saturated with information, but sadly, most sites simply promote their products and services. Finding genuine advice and honest insight into different topics without ulterior motives is almost non-existent today unless you’ve tried 101desires.com!

We’ll explore this website and its features and help you decide whether it’s worth your time.

What Is 101desires.com?

101desires.com is a website that gives you all the information you need concerning various topics like health, insurance, tax, computer, crypto, and more under one platform. This way, you don’t have to open different sites just to find the best and most honest articles. 

101desires.com Categories

Check out the following exciting categories on 101desires.com:

  • Cloud Storage Services
  • Computer
  • Crypto
  • Google Drive Info
  • Google G-suite
  • Health & Fitness
  • Insurance
  • Internet
  • Review Post
  • Software Info
  • Tax
  • Tips & Tricks

Cloud Storage Services

One of the key articles here is “Top 10 Benefits of Cloud Storage and Disadvantages,” where you’ll learn the incredible advantages of storing your data in the cloud. For instance, you’ll discover how it frees up your local storage, making your devices faster and more efficient. Imagine never worrying about running out of space on your smartphone or laptop again! You’ll also understand the potential security risks and privacy concerns associated with cloud storage. It’s like having a guide that helps you navigate the cloud terrain safely, ensuring your data remains protected.


The Cloud Storage Services category can also teach you about customized solutions for businesses, like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. These articles will show you how to seamlessly integrate cloud storage into your operations, boosting efficiency and collaboration among your team.

Or perhaps you’re just a casual user looking for ways to make your life easier. Articles like “How to Automatically Backup Photos to the Cloud” or “Cloud Storage Tips for Beginners” offer step-by-step instructions on keeping your photos or documents secure.


Are you confused by the many different processors available and don’t know which one to get yourself for your next project? No worries, this category breaks down the differences between processors to help you understand their different capabilities and how they impact your computer’s performance. For example, if you’re building a PC from scratch, the articles here will guide you through the process, from selecting the best components to assembling them like a pro.

If you’re looking for the best VPN, you’ll discover the intricacies of VPNs – how they work, why you need one, and which one suits your needs best. Many articles here will teach you how to safeguard your sensitive information from prying eyes in your local coffee shop. You can also learn about SMPS (Switched-Mode Power Supply) and its role in maintaining a stable power supply to prevent such annoyances. This way, you’ll choose the right SMPS for your computer setup and avoid power-related headaches.

But it’s not just the hardware; you’ll also read about AI and the ever-evolving landscape of computer technology. Discover how AI is transforming industries, learn about the latest advancements, and stay informed about the challenges and potential dangers lurking in our digital age. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or just want practical advice, this category is your digital companion. It has something to offer everyone, from troubleshooting hardware to computer product reviews.


Cryptocurrencies are sensitive investments notorious for their price swings and security risks. Entering the crypto space blindly is like gambling with your money. So, you ought to learn about the crypto you’re interested in and understand the technology, risks, and market dynamics. If you’re new to crypto, you’ll find articles that break down the fundamentals. You’ll learn what cryptocurrencies are, how blockchain technology works, and why they have the potential to revolutionize finance. This way, you can grasp the concept, explaining how it’s a decentralized digital currency that operates independently of traditional banks.


You’ll also discover more advanced topics like how to store your crypto assets securely, analyzing market trends, and the risks associated with crypto investments. If you want to invest a lot of money into a new cryptocurrency, the articles here will explain how the crypto market is highly volatile and emphasize the importance of doing your research.

In a nutshell, this section gives you the knowledge to navigate the exciting but risky world of cryptocurrencies wisely. It’s your go-to source for staying informed, making informed decisions, and avoiding costly investment mistakes. So, before you throw your hard-earned money into the crypto market, arm yourself with the information and expertise on 101desires.com.

Google Drive Info

If you need more room for your files but want to avoid investing in expensive external hard drives, this category will teach you all you need to know about Google Drive. You’ll find articles like “How to Turn Google Drive into a Hard Drive on Your Computer with RaiDrive” that’ll walk you through transforming your Google Drive into a seamless extension of your computer’s storage.

But that’s not all. Maybe you need a foolproof way to back up your files automatically. In that case, you’ll find articles like “How to automatically sync data from your computer to Google Drive – Backup and sync” to help you set up automated backups, ensuring your files are safe on the cloud, even if disaster strikes. And if you’re running a business or organization on Google G-Suite, you’ll appreciate the insights offered in “Google Admin: We gut the tool from 0 to 100.” The article takes you through the intricacies of Google Admin, helping you manage user accounts, permissions, and security settings efficiently.

Beyond the basics, this category delves into advanced features like “Collaborative Document Editing on Google Drive.” It shows how multiple users can collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real time. And when you encounter issues, “Troubleshooting Common Google Drive Problems” is your troubleshooter’s guide. You’ll get solutions to common hiccups like sync errors, file-sharing issues, and storage concerns.

Google G-Suite

The Google G-Suite category is a valuable resource if you want to harness the full potential of Google’s suite of productivity and collaboration tools. One of the key topics you’ll find here is video calling apps. If you own a small business and need the best platform for virtual meetings, articles like “Video calling apps: Google Meet vs Zoom vs Skype” will provide a detailed comparison, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each option.

The category also explores lesser-known gems like “What is Google Voice?” Google Voice lets you make calls and send text messages and voicemails from a single phone number, making it perfect for individuals juggling multiple devices or small businesses aiming to maintain a professional image. 

For businesses, the category offers insights into Google Workspace, formerly G-Suite, explaining how to set up and manage email accounts, calendars, and cloud storage. You’ll discover tips and tricks for improving workflow, data security, and team collaboration. The category provides step-by-step guides on leveraging Google Drive, ensuring you can access your files on the go, share them with colleagues, and collaborate seamlessly.

Health & Fitness

Staying healthy and maintaining fit is vital for your physical and mental well-being. When you’re healthy, you have more energy to work, feel better, and are less likely to get sick. You also have a lower risk of developing chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. The articles in the Health and Fitness category will teach you about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how to make healthy choices.

The section goes beyond physical exercise. To teach you about nutrition, making it an excellent source to improve your overall health. You’ll find articles guiding you in creating well-rounded meal plans tailored to your individual needs and goals. For example, if you want to lose weight, you’ll get calorie control and portion management strategies to help you achieve sustainable and healthy results. The section also discusses dietary preferences and alternatives to help you get essential nutrients from plant-based foods and provides creative recipes to make your transition enjoyable. 

When it comes to your mental health, the resources in this category emphasize its connection to physical well-being. If you’re struggling with stress or anxiety—common problems today, you’ll find refuge in the many articles that teach you how to manage these concerns. The overarching message in the category is clear: Your mental and physical health are deeply intertwined. 


Insurance is all about protecting yourself, your loved ones, and your assets from sudden disasters. Think about it – life is unpredictable, and you never know when a sudden illness, a car accident, or even a natural disaster might strike. Diving into the insurance category will teach you about the different insurance policies available, like health, car, and home insurance. For instance, if you’re shopping for car insurance, you’ll find articles explaining the differences between comprehensive and liability coverage, saving you a lot of money in the long run. 

As you explore the category, pay special attention to health insurance because healthcare costs today have skyrocketed, and even routine medical procedures will put a big dent in your wallet. When you understand the right health insurance policy to buy, you’ll open doors to a wider network of healthcare providers and specialists. This means you’ll be able to get medical attention when needed, not when you can afford it, saving your life in emergencies or improving your quality of life in chronic conditions.

The insurance category has many resources to teach you how policies protect your loved ones and assets. You’ll be empowered with the knowledge to select trustworthy insurance providers and policies while being informed about potential pitfalls and scams.



Here, you’ll find valuable insights into the online world. You can learn about the dynamic world of social media and discover how to use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for personal use or to boost your business. The articles in this category will give you the skills to create engaging content, build a loyal following, and maximize your social media marketing efforts. You’ll also explore emerging technologies like 5G, IoT, and AI and how they’re shaping our digital future and impacting your daily life, from faster internet speeds to the potential of smart homes.

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows online, and this section will teach you about online dangers and how to protect your personal information from cyber threats, recognize phishing scams, and secure your online accounts effectively. This way, you can navigate the web confidently, knowing you’re protecting your digital identity. Whether you’re a social media enthusiast, a tech-savvy individual, or someone concerned about online safety, you’ll find invaluable articles here to help you flourish in our ever-evolving digital world. Explore this category on 101desires.com and unlock the skills and awareness necessary to thrive personally and professionally in the vast landscape of the internet.

Review Post

Here, you’ll get honest insights into a product, service, or experience before buying, trying out new software, or choosing a service provider. Say you want to buy a phone on a budget but have no idea where to start. If you look up smartphones that fit within your range, you’ll be overwhelmed by the number of options. And the worst part is that everyone’s promoting their product, giving you the good side alone. It’s hard to find an honest opinion that isn’t also a promotion. But with the review posts on 101desires.com, you can get an honest opinion of everything from the latest gadgets and software to travel destinations and books.

The section extends beyond just product reviews. You’ll also discover assessments of services, software, and lifestyle choices like fitness apps or insurance providers. This diversity ensures you have access to well-researched information to help you make educated choices in various scenarios. You can trust the platform to be honest, reliable, and up-to-date with the latest reviews on everything that matters to you. 

Software Info

If you’re a tech enthusiast, a small business owner, or just someone trying to make sense of the software landscape, this section is just for you. You’ll find in-depth articles, reviews, and guides on various software products and services. For instance, if you want to move your team to a new project management tool, the articles in this category will compare different software options, highlighting their features, pricing, and user experiences. This way, you’ll feel empowered to make informed decisions tailored to your needs, saving you time and resources in the long run. 

Or suppose you want to improve your video editing skills with Adobe Premiere Pro. In that case, you’ll find articles that walk you through the software’s interface, tools, and advanced techniques, helping you become a more proficient user. The section usually covers software security, ensuring you’re up-to-date on the latest cybersecurity threats and how to protect your devices and data. With such knowledge, you can protect your personal and business information from hackers. 

The Software Info category is a goldmine for everyone, teaching people how to choose the right software for their needs and master its features. You don’t have to feel old just because you can’t use the latest version of Android or iOS anymore because you’ll learn everything you need to know about software on 101desires.com.


If you’re earning a salary or want to open a new business, taxes can be confusing. A simple mistake may cost you a fortune in fines, and it doesn’t help that the relevant authorities want you to figure it out on your own instead of just billing you at the end of every month. In this section, you’ll learn about a wide range of tax-related topics, from the basics of income tax to more complex issues like deductions, credits, and a tax haven.

For example, if you’re unsure about the difference between a tax deduction and a tax credit, you’ll find clear guides that break down these concepts. This way, you can maximize your tax savings, putting more money back into your pocket. But the tax section isn’t just about decoding tax jargon; you’ll find practical tips for preparing your returns efficiently. For instance, you’ll learn about the benefits of tax-filling software or discover strategies to organize your financial documents throughout the year. 

Whether you’re an individual taxpayer, a business owner, or somewhere in between, these insights will empower you to navigate the world of taxes and save money in the process. So, take advantage of these articles to make your tax season a little less exhausting and more rewarding. 

Tips & Tricks

If have too many unread emails, decluttering your Gmail inbox can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to begin and how to do it. The Tips & Tricks section has articles like “How to Declutter Your Gmail Inbox in 5 Easy Steps” to provide a clear, straightforward guide to creating filters, managing labels, and streamlining your email management process. With these tips, you can transform your chaotic inbox into a well-organized platform.

Or suppose you’re planning a vacation and want to ensure you get the best deals on flights and accommodations. You’ll find articles like Top 10 Hacks for Finding Affordable Travel Deals” and discover tips on using fare comparison websites effectively, utilizing rewards programs, and booking at the right times to save big on your next adventure. If you want to master common apps like Microsoft Excel, you can explore articles like “Mastering Excel: 10 Advanced Tips for Data Analysis.” to learn how to use Excel’s advanced functions and pivot tables to analyze large datasets.

The category can also help you improve your online presence with articles like “Boosting Your Social Media Engagement: 5 Proven Strategies.” Here, you’ll find actionable tips on creating engaging content, understanding algorithms, and growing your social media following. The Tips & Tricks category gives practical advice that empowers you to conquer various challenges and seize opportunities.


Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a world of clarity with 101desires.com. Browse the different categories and discover a ton of knowledge and information at your fingertips. If you still need convincing, head on to the site and discover more than you could if you opened multiple web pages. 

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